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2016-04-27: Oh Christ, this is a terrible idea.

Look, do me a favor: If you don't like /qst/, don't just mindlessly downvote every entry or archive shitposts. I'm only doing this to ensure QMs don't lose anything in the transition, if a transition even occurs. Take it up with 4chan moderation, don't take it out on me. Please? :(

2016-05-23: Searching tags or titles/descriptions now includes results from both /tg/ and /qst/ archives, which should make it easier for QMs to maintain continuity between boards.

Archived Threads

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April 2008
1627752Dungeon Chess1. Chess = DnD 2. ??? 3. PROFIT!Chess, DnD, Roleplay2008-04-29 18 
March 2010
8377758ChronoChess/tg/ gets shit done, timetravel chess. Send your queen back in time to save your rook, then have your queens new and old pair up to pin his queen and knight - who then captures your rook the turn before. Chess, shit gets done, Chronochess, TimeTravel2010-03-03 14 
April 2011
14586323Chess Army ListA fa/tg/uy wants to know if his army list for chess is good. Comedy ensues as people discuss pawnspam, rooks as Heavy Support, Bishops as Elites, and Knights as Fast Attack. 40k army nerdery turned into chess nerdery.chess, 40k, wargames, funny2011-04-13 7 
August 2012
20322589Chess Apocalypse Quest/tg/ elects to play as a Pawn in a sinister game between seedy factions with unknown motives. A Bishop appears to pick up a package, a Rook destroys our building and slaughters our backup, and /tg/ is left wondering who to trust when a certain someone pulls us aside for a quick chat.Chess Quest, Collective Game, Chess, Cards, Card Game, Pawn2012-08-15 10 
September 2012
20764977Chess is allowed, right?Anon starts what looks like a chess thread. Things get very weird very quickly.Chess, comic, funny2012-09-17 129 
November 2012
21565163Chess RPG GeneralQuintessential ChRPG general thread, useful for newbsgame ideas, chess2012-11-13 10 
January 2013
22605710/tg/ tries to play chess.Someone comes with a game of chess, /tg/ acts like it always does. The battle of the century ensues. Down with White!chess, /tg/, stupid, boardgame, derail2013-01-15 10 
September 2013
27429855/tg/ tries to play Chess... againA continuation of the former adventures of /tg/ and a grim look into the reality that is how little we know about this fucking gamechess, /tg/, boardgame, stupid, derail2013-09-26 22 
September 2014
34812320REBORN IN A RPG (The Quest thread) S01 Ep 04We use our soap empire to purchase Lyann's slave contract, tell our family about our powers, and start socializing with other students.collective game, Eldric Lightbringer, Lyann, chess, clubs2014-09-12 12 
October 2014
35392648Chess World World BuildingOP asks for ideas on building a grid world, kinda like Ravenloft if there were squares other than gothic horror. Lots of cool ideas come about despite the fact the abandons the thread in his faggotry.chess,checkers,world building,setting2014-10-10 1 
September 2016
601029ChessQuestIn which we play a game of chessChess, quest, Jaqk, collective game, drawquest2016-09-25 2 
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