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Archived Threads

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January 2009
3491186Loyal Like a DogCreepy writefaggotryChangeling, writefaggotry, not sure if want2009-01-23 12 
May 2009
4450973Changelings ahoy!A good, constructive general thread about Changeling: The Lost. Character art and ideas, possible settings and plots, and whatnot. Notable for a complete lack of trolling or idiocy.Changeling, The Lost, nWoD2009-05-01 5 
September 2009
5892848Changeling ConceptsIncludes details on how to run Little Red Riding Hood and The Perfect Maid.Changeling, nWoD, Character Concepts2009-09-17 1 
5923961Goblin Marketsctl: Goblin Markets is shared. Discussion is had, stories are shared, and ideas are fielded for how to make your market the best it can beChangeling, nWod, Goblin Markets,2009-09-19 3 
6060294Changeling MaidAnon asks for help on building a Changeling Battle Maid. /tg/ gets shit done with some discussion about the dos and donts of going over 3 dots at Character Creation.Changeling, nWoD, Maid2009-09-29 1 
January 2010
7759660Changeling/Mage Legend of Zeldafa/tg/uy comes to us in need of help making a playable version of the Zelda franchise in the WoD.Legend of Zelda, Changeling, Mage, WoD2010-01-25 12 
February 2010
8120667How to destroy ArcadiaOP comes forth with a genius plan. Details are worked out.nwod, Changeling, Arcadia2010-02-16 2 
December 2010
13332959Goblin Market ItemsMusings and ideas for goblin market barteringChangeling, WoD2010-12-30 3 
January 2011
13432314Changeling GeneralPictures and discussion relating to Changeling: The Lost.Changeling: The Lost, Changeling, nWoD2011-01-07 0 
January 2012
17600859nWoD WritefagMysterious writefag appears with creepypasta, turns out to be horrible Changeling stuff, also an awesome Promethean story.nWoD, Changeling, Promethean, Writefag2012-01-20 10 
February 2012
17810362Old World of Darkness StorytimeAlice in Wonderland in a post apocalyptic America run by Technocrats post apocalyptic, Alice, World of Darkness, oWod, Changeling, Technocrat, Storytime2012-02-05 5 
18138266Changeling is Horriblefa/tg/uy reads changeling, enjoys, finds it horrificnWoD, World of Darkness, Changeling2012-02-29 6 
October 2016
710213King of New Avalon QuestA one-shot following Arthur of the Summer Court and his quest for the CrownCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, One-Shot, Modern Fantasy2016-10-20 15 
December 2016
904794Scarred by Thorns QuestJesse the Darkling comes home to find things are not as they ought to be.Collective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, One-Shot, Modern Fantasy2016-12-12 11 
955323July At Christmas Quest - Thread 1Zoe "Zippo" Morris is asked to ensure a seasonal celebration takes place, and everyone decides to be dicks about itCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, One-Shot, Modern Fantasy2016-12-26 10 
976880July At Christmas Quest - Thread 2We meet back up with an old rival, an old enemy, and our old-ass KingCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, One-Shot, Modern Fantasy2016-12-31 11 
March 2017
1233323Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 3Jerry gets saddled with negotiating a trade deal for the Autumn Court.nWoD, Changeling, Lost in the 70's2017-03-10 12 
1253092Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 4Jerry and Terry Become Exterminatorschangeling, World of Darkness2017-03-17 12 
1189260Changeling the Lost: Prologue In the mid-70's a born again hippie, Jeremiah Bates, takes a trip through the American SouthwestNWoD, Changeling, Teller-of-Tales, Jerry Woodheart, Lost, Jeremiah Bates2017-03-17 14 
1268320Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 5/6Jerry saves a marriage and finds a family. Also gets a stalker.Changeling, World of Darkness2017-03-22 11 
1279480Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 7After some family time at the movies, Jerry goes to a nightclub.Changeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Jerry Woodheart2017-03-28 12 
April 2017
1300406Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 8, Part 1Jerry spends some quality time with Mary, finds out what Oswald's job is, and does some reading.nWoD, Changeling, Lost in the 70's, Jerry Woodheart, Teller-of-Tales2017-04-05 11 
1321440Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 8, Part 2Jerry trolls a party crasher.Changeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Jerry Woodheart, Teller-of-Tales2017-04-10 10 
1339669Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 9Jerry faces down an Asian InvasionChangeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Jerry Woodheart, Teller-of-Tales2017-04-15 5 
1356398Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 10Wyndham gets sent to the madhouse, and Jerry follows.Changeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Jerry Woodheart, Teller-of-Tales2017-04-20 3 
1371192Lost in the Seventies: School SpecialWe Mary now.Changeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Mary Freedman, Teller-of-Tales2017-04-22 2 
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