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February 2010
8197622Taiidan QuestWe get to see the events of Homeworld from the otherside... As the Taiidani fleet who burned Kharak. Taiidan Quest, collective game, Homeworld, Adaigo for Strings, Kharak, Kharak is burning2010-02-21 1 
January 2011
13498848Burning Wheel Character Creation/tg/ creates a Burning Wheel character.character creation, orc, Burning Wheel2011-01-13 4 
13510804Burning Wheel Character TestOP demonstrates the Burning Wheel system with our previously created character, Dianatra the scary orc lady.Burning Wheel, orc, character creation2011-01-14 0 
February 2013
23039644Burning sands solar system simulationNever forget them. They fought everything. Planets of pure crystal. The sun, monsters of both magic and metal. Illness and corruption. They lost their world and they still fought on. They lost their sun and still fought on. They fought until the final light dawned upon them.Omni, burning, sands, solar, system, galaxy, humanity, fuck, yeah, fungus, space, supernova2013-02-08 30 
23310317/tg/ Meta Quest: The Last Library 5We get past a mech fight, leave one of our guys, piss off a frenzied mob, and discover a surprise at a crash site.Collective Game, Last Library, Meta Quest, SUEpocalypse, mary sue, SUEs, Meta, Quest, post-apocalyptic. post apocalypse, mobs, mob mentality, preacher, book burning2013-02-23 0 
March 2013
23795054/tg/ Meta Quest: The Last Library 6"What are the Editors?" "LA LI LU LE LO." We find a crashed Terran Wraith. Chuck Norris, Space Ghost and GI Joe take down several Pony SUEs of the Conversion Bureau with our assistance. The Editors finally reveal themselves, and what they plan to do with Meta-Earth, and especially with the library. Collective Game, Last Library, Meta Quest, SUEpocalypse, mary sue, SUEs, Meta, Quest, post-apocalyptic. post apocalypse, Chuck Norris, Space Ghost, Ponies, MLP, Starcraft, Conversion Bureaumobs, mob mentality, book burning2013-03-22 3 
December 2014
36828165Fire Emblem: TTEQWhere our amnesiac MC fights bandits while being generated. Lots of crits are rolled and we realize we have amnesia.Fire Emblem, BurningSigil, Collective Game, The Three Empires Quest2014-12-18 11 
36860671Fire Emblem: TTEQ Part 2Our hero learns about his friends and his past tears are shed.Fire Emblem, Collective Game, BurningSigil, The Three Empires Quest2014-12-19 5 
36882806Fire Emblem:TTEQ Part 3We wake up to a new day. Enjoy a comfy bed. Then go and interrogate a bandit.collective game, fire emblem, BurningSigil, The Three Empires Quest2014-12-21 3 
36922043Fire Emblem:TTEQ Part 4Our heros finally infiltrate the bandit stronghold and discover something dark.Collective Game; BurningSigil; Fire Emblem; The Three Empires Quest2014-12-23 1 
37027591Fire Emblem:TTEQ Part 6We confront the bandit leader, Rowan has a battle of wits with Jidal, and wins. Collective Game; BurningSigil; Fire Emblem; The Three Empires Quest2014-12-29 1 
June 2015
40347604RE: Harpy Quest 02We meet our twin and explore around the nest.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-02 26 
40411954RE: Harpy Quest 03Finishing up our first day alive. Touching moments with Sis.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-05 25 
40473360RE: Harpy Quest 04Dreams and the Second Day.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-08 23 
40497567RE: Harpy Quest 05We deal with the aftermath of defeating the Snake.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-09 23 
40562372RE: Harpy Quest 06We meet more family members.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-12 23 
40623925RE: Harpy Quest 07We finish our Second Day in a manner much like it began.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-15 22 
40667691RE: Harpy Quest 08We have another dream and wake up to Twin Sister's first words. Short Session.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-17 22 
40783736RE: Harpy Quest 09We properly continue day number 3 of our young life. Many shenanigans are had.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-23 22 
40844114RE: Harpy Quest 10Flight attempts all around.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-26 23 
40932099RE: Harpy Quest 11We leave the nest to head to town with our father. We also see some local Fauna. Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-06-30 24 
July 2015
41080752RE: Harpy Quest 12We get to town and meet a friend of Dad'sCollective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-07-07 24 
41227772RE: Harpy Quest 13We meet dad's friends!Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-07-15 24 
41528606RE: Harpy Quest 14We finish the meeting with Dad's friends.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-07-29 24 
August 2015
41710961RE: Harpy Quest 15We make it back to the nest after our city adventure.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2015-08-06 24 
January 2016
44777580RE: Harpy 16Bird and Bird AccessoriesCollective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-01-14 25 
44927088RE: Harpy Quest 17We finally take flight...Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-01-21 25 
February 2016
45501775RE: Harpy Quest 18We face some music and spend time with Mom and our SistersCollective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-02-18 25 
45643511RE: Harpy Quest 19Mother decides to take the chicks on a trip.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-02-25 26 
March 2016
45784748RE: Harpy Quest 20A hunting we will go.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-03-03 27 
45926901RE: Harpy Quest 21We fight our first real threat.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-03-10 26 
July 2016
364385The Factory Recordings: Log #1The first night in an abandoned factory.Collective Game, The Factory Recordings , BurningSigil, PuddOmega2016-07-22 1 
October 2016
706669Re:Harpy Quest 22After a hiatus that lasted forever, its finally back.Collective Game, RE: Monster, Harpy, BurningSigil2016-10-18 21 
April 2019
3425209Cassus Burning: Prologue Part 1Down with the Empire! We meet the deserter and rebel Marco Riviera and his team of Imperial deserters.Collective Game, Cassus Burning, SixWingZombi, Sci-fi, Rebellion, Aliens2019-04-13 1 
July 2019
3607618Cassus Burning: Prologue Part 2Marco Riviera and a couple of his fellow deserters meet rebels from Main Port's cell. A secondary objective is added onto the heist.Collective Game, Cassus Burning, SixWingZombi, Sci-fi, Rebellion, Aliens2019-07-11 1 
3669874Cassus Burning: Prologue Part 3A brief thread. Marcus and Crew convince Blake Driscol to head back to their base. Marcus hides his feelings again.Collective Game, Cassus Burning, SixWingZombi, Sci-fi, Rebellion, Aliens2019-07-30 1 
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