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Archived Threads

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October 2008
2741240Living SaintDiscussion about the living saint, sisters of battle an then epic writefaggotry.Living Saint, bodyglove2008-10-06 4 
July 2010
11120613The Rousing Tale of Suicide Man!/tg/ learns the fun and productive ways that body jumping can kill Here's a hint, making 12 cops dive from sky scraper windowshero, body jump, funny, nightmare fuel, suicide, gurps2010-07-14 12 
May 2011
14881965Bodysnatcher QuestThe invasion gets of to a rocky start, with quadrupeds, a drug addict, a metal man and an existential crisis.Bodysnatcher Quest, Collective Game2011-05-11 18 
14903175Bodysnatcher Quest 2After a slow and agonizing start, OP gets his shit together mid-quest. Faked romance, alien cannibalism,and a rooftop chase concluding in a mexican stand-off follow shortly. Bodysnatcher Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Bodysnatcher2011-05-13 14 
14918005Bodysnatcher Quest 3We gain a few more abilities and do a bit of fighting.Bodysnatcher Quest, Collective Game2011-05-14 17 
14948879Bodysnatcher Quest 4An impersonation goes without a hitch, the creature is kidnapped, questions are asked but they go unanswered as the enemy begins to mass.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game2011-05-17 18 
14994394Bodysnatcher Quest 5The Doctor shows his pet project, the cyborgs get serious, we get introduced to the monster that is the HK, and all is not right with Catherine...Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game2011-05-22 14 
15027226Bodysnatcher Quest 6Massive amounts of infodump, and the vague beginning of the base infiltartion due to exhaustion.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game2011-05-24 14 
15105385Bodysnatcher Quest 7In the belly of the beast, the creature makes some strange discoveries...Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game2011-05-31 13 
June 2011
15137399Bodysnatcher Quest 8After some clever manouvering and delicious upgrades, all hell breaks loose, and the creatures finds that sometimes things are what they appear to be. Maybe.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game2011-06-04 13 
15167381Bodysnatcher Quest 9A researcher is coerced into cooperation, the creature gets almost killed, and the base is fled without much fighting.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game2011-06-06 14 
15231119Bodysnatcher Quest 10The non-hivemind alien got an almost nasty surprise from Cath. But it turns out to be nothing threatening, just our worry making Cath's post-change nervous system hiccuping. BIAJ fell asleep.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-06-14 17 
15310234BodySnatcherQuest11A little slice of alien-hybrid life. We learn a little more about Daisy, enjoy some icecream, and are horrifically surprisedbodysnatcher, quest, brain in a jar, collective game, bodysnatcher quest2011-06-19 15 
15383993Bodysnatcher Quest 12The creature sedates Cath and then also goes to sleep. Kellery wakes up. Then Brain falls asleep again.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game2011-06-26 14 
July 2011
15462422Bodysnatcher Quest 13Catherine wakes up a different person, the bodysnatcher zoom in only to flee, and the gang relocates again.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-07-04 14 
15496936Zerg Quest XLVIIIAnon brokers peace, like a civilized...swarm of bug monsters...Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Diplomacy, TossTalk, Everybody lives2011-07-07 11 
15602467Bodysnatcher Quest 14We learn how to make the best masks in the world, we save Daisy's cat, and we go to the amusement park because everyone needs some rest. Brain In A Jar falls asleep at the end.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-07-17 14 
15680442Bodysnatcher Quest 15A nasty surprise awaits in the form of a new weapon, we get upgraded, and corner the Overseer.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-07-23 14 
15727497Zerg Quest LITouring Space Disney, Anon comes upon some tasty scientists. Nom? Nom.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Space Disneyland!, Cheap doodads, Sadistic Body Horror2011-07-28 10 
15759397Bodysnatcher Quest 16The Overseer is dead, but leaves some nasty marks, mutations are introduced, and a Queen is marshalling it's forces, including three Hunters.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-07-30 14 
August 2011
15820570Bodysnatcher Quest 17New weapons and a new place to stay in this rather slow thread.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-08-05 12 
15843209Bodysnatcher Quest 18Daisy gets some upgrades, the creature gets further mutated, the cat gets larger, and we have a heart to heart with Catherine. The Wise officers start a briefing.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-08-07 14 
15903611Bodysnatcher Quest 19After a short discussion about the Fools, we get to try out the new gun, and chat a little with two tech guys.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-08-12 12 
15926200Bodysnatcher Quest 20Despite a late start and /tg/ dying a little, we get geared up for the fight, take out two Overseers and their posses, and get attacked by a Dragon.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-08-14 14 
16005033Bodysnatcher Quest 21We slay a Dragon, beat a Hunter at it's own game, and mutate further. The cyborg menace is yet to be faced, though it looms just over the horizon.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-08-21 15 
16063662Bodysnatcher Quest 22Yeat another slow thread, where some things are revealed in a not-so subtle manner.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-08-26 10 
16085652Bodysnatcher Quest 23Shit gets real with the Fools and we wake up in a Morgue.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-08-28 11 
September 2011
16133201Bodysnatcher Quest 24Everything starts to fall apart in Jack Winters' absence, and the creature faces perhaps it's deadliest foe yet, and triumphs whithout needing help from others, averting a global catastrophy in the process. Afterwards, we take sweet sweet revenge on Megan which turns bitter, the Beasts influence pushing our protagonist to unsavory lengths.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-09-01 16 
16168241Bodysnatcher Quest 25We help Megan a little, meet Eliah Gough, cyborg and founding member of the Wise, get clue in on a few things, and refuse to commit to a side.Bodysnatcher Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Brain In A Jar2011-09-04 10 
16217173Bodysnatcher Quest 26Where we deal with the demons within.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-09-07 13 
16296199Bodysnatcher Quest 27We get back home, resolve some issues, and have a video conference with Megan that goes in interesting ways. Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-09-15 14 
16343566Bodysnatcher Quest 28The shortest thread ever. Few things happen, and the hiatus is anounced.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-09-18 10 
October 2011
16604950Bodysnatcher Quest 29The target is set, Victoria and Winston make their debut, and we leave off before a battle in the first, rather short quest after the hiatus.Bodysnatcher Quest, Quest, Bodysnatcher, Collective Game, Brain In A Jar2011-10-12 10 
January 2012
17582781THEY FOUND OUT WE KNOW ABOUT THE SQUATSOh god GW's soldiers are right outside my door, I don't have much time l-Squats, Heresy, Warhammer 40k, EVERYBODY PANIC, Games Workshop, SPOILERS2012-01-18 24 
November 2013
28300637Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Pt 2Faced with a woman from your past, the impending Rite, and the horror of becoming one with something that will live inside you....Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues2013-11-15 14 
28355446Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 3On the trail of an ancient mystery, you find some measure of answers, meet new and amusing people, and might just have room in your heart to comfort a friend in spite of it all. Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues2013-11-18 18 
28394768Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 4The Rite of Sacred Union may not be a marriage, but it is far more intimate. If you survive it. Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues2013-11-20 16 
28449699Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 5Anne has become one of the most powerful Tagers....but physical power won't help her with the death of a comrade and her first mission.Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues2013-11-23 15 
28524878Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 6Your confrontation with Yen takes a abrupt turn for the worse, and secrets are divulged. Secrets that could have an awesome toll on the Eldritch Society....Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues2013-11-27 13 
28542326Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 7With the horrifying death of your fellow Tager, you are left with more questions than answers. Also, perverts.Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Voyuer, Mommy Issues2013-11-28 16 
December 2013
28594700Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 8The Elder Efreet Towern answers some questions; a funeral is held; and finally...a mission briefing is begun.Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues2013-12-01 16 
28671945Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 9The briefing is held, and to the point, but you have at least one day to prepare....or investigate other avenues of inquiry.Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues2013-12-05 13 
28853609Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 10Rechert and Viss are just as lost as you are about why Yen wanted you to stay away. A gruesome discovery ensues...Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues, Gross2013-12-14 11 
28959873Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 11Hiding from an enemy that may or may not exist, Anne and her murder of Tagers face the facts....Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues, Dimensional Sharks2013-12-19 7 
28980969Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 12Prepared for battle, Anne learns what secrets Yen had...and something does come for them. But it isn't what anyone expected...Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues, Dimensional Sharks2013-12-20 10 
29016964Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 13Something comes through the wards, but it isn't what Anne expected. Someone has it in for her...Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues, Dimensional Sharks2013-12-22 9 
May 2014
32110981In The Utter Darkness of the 56th Millennium, There is nothingAnon's Rogue Trader campaign is caught in a Warp eddie and thrown forward in time to the 56th Millennium to find that the entire galaxy is dead. Discussion, possible causes, Battlestar Galacticas and backstabbing result. Lots of backstabbing.Rogue Trader, Warp, Time Travel, Future, Rock Falls Everybody Dies, Backstabbing2014-05-13 9 
August 2014
34498343Modern Fantasy Serial Killer Quest 3 (Part 1)We get down and dirty with some ruskies and talk to a goblin, we currently considering how to or not to teach the goblin the electric boogaloo (Part 2 tomorrow after I improve format and get a new dialog style)MFSKQ, Edgy, Dark, Murder, Funny, Limblesslivingonaholeteasing, short thread, no dice, OP slightly off his game, Nobody gets shot with a 22., Collective Game, Quest, Modern Fantasy Serial Killer, 2014-08-30 1 
January 2015
37315775Esper Quest: Thread 29"The Search for Mato" Some other stuff happens, too, but that's the starting point.Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, Burnination, Freezination, Xenos filth, invasion, SCIENCE!, WHERE'S YOUR WIFE, MATO PLS, Geeze, put that thing on a leash before it glomp-maims somebody!2015-01-11 3 
February 2015
37885873Pokemon Quest #65 Part 1We spend time at the beach, reconnect with Destiny, and somehow swap bodies with friendsPokemon Quest, Pokemon, Gobble, Collective Game, Flute, Punk, Pokemon trainer, bodyswap,2015-02-07 20 
March 2015
38663934Fungi Monsters/tg/ worldbuilds mushroom monsters, fungus freaks, etc. Loads of interesting ideas are developed. Useful source of new monsters for your next game.fungus, mushroom, monster, ecosystem, dryad, body horror,2015-03-13 2 
August 2015
41812677Some Stupid Meme Fetish Smut QuestLEL TOWER GURLS!Furries and scalies and vorefags, oh my!SMUTFAGS IN BODYBAGS 2015-08-11 -10 
41809637It is actually you, who is inside the skeletonnecromancers use all parts of the body separately, wasting none.Skeleton, Nervous System, Necromancy, Body World, Low Waste, Flesh Golems, Spooky, Plastination2015-08-13 7 
41873843Giant Vore Lolis In Space Homebrew Setting Another quality thread, brought to you by Weekend Smut Thread SMUTFAGS IN BODYBAGS 2015-08-14 -9 
419138871 Flesh Civilization QuestA lump of flesh remembers its human name, gains minions, makes them sound like Morgan Freeman and lures in cats. Also hobo.Flesh Civilization Quest, Collective Game, Flesh Abomination, Body Horror2015-08-16 1 
41938450Flesh Civilization Quest 2In this, we spread more, make a Hand, remember past, and Morgan Freeman spiders go to pizzeria as we become plantflesh civilization quest, collective game, body horror, flesh abomination, civilization game2015-08-17 3 
42031216Flesh Civilization Quest 3We meet humans and find a possible Ally. On top of that, we evolve.flesh civilization quest, collective game, body horror, flesh abomination, civilization game2015-08-22 1 
42088541Minotaur Breastfeeding Civilization Fix ThreadWe did away with that awful breastfeeding fetish and replaced it with some transformation and transgender fetish bullshit~!SMUTFAGS IN BODYBAGS 2015-08-26 -10 
May 2016
10535Shadowrun Quest 1A Shadowrun Quest,we are a snake bodyguard.Shadowrun, Snake, Naga, Bodyguard2016-05-01 12 
47442369original undead monster worldbuilding/tg/ worldbuilders invent original types of undead. Nightmare fuel ensues.undead, zombie, body horror, monsters, worldbuilding,2016-05-26 10 
June 2016
268264The Paladin's Dilemma: A Question of NormalityA paladin dies in the course of his duties, takign with him a terrible menace. He is called from death to continue his duties now...Collective Game, paladin, immortals, ressurection, body snatchers, overwhelming evil, blood2016-06-21 3 
October 2016
49905799Horrible Deep Sea MerfolkAfter the success of a previous mermaid thread, Anon renews the idea that more sinister species of merfolk may live deep beneath the waves.Oceans, Deep Sea, Abyss, Mermaids, Merfolk, Abyssal Merfolk, Body Horror, Brainstorming2016-10-24 17 
November 2016
798209Starborn Quest 21: We Happy FewWith the dice fails of the past we instead look to party cohesion. With a divine chat, party tension and we cap it off by voting lewd.the dice gods are on board with her until they aren't. Luc Quest 2.0 anybody? Collective Game, Purps, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Brutal, Woun2016-11-08 2 
January 2017
1088225European Dragon Quest 49In this installment of EDQ, we start a rebellion against Vlad Tepes and get our new behemoth to help us.European Dragon Quest, Does Anybody Read the Tags, Why Don't I have More Players?, Is there a god?, Collective Game, QuestingQM,2017-01-31 1 
April 2017
52923212Tomes of Eldritch Lore/tg/ invents various books of dark magic and their effects on their readers and the surrounding world.necronomicon, worldbuilding, horror, lovecraftian, body horror,2017-04-29 2 
May 2017
1452048[PROTOTYPE]: DeviationJacob Marshal picks up his cousin from the airport, then finds himself of Florida's new redzone. Can he survive?[PROTOTYPE], Deviation, quest, survival, Jacob, Nina, redzone, blacklight, bodyhorror2017-05-15 4 
1466842[PROTOTYPE]: Deviation 2Jacob grows stronger, fights off PRIH, and learns to fart needles out of his arm[PROTOTYPE], Deviation, quest, survival, Jacob, Nina, redzone, blacklight, bodyhorror2017-05-18 3 
August 2017
1744629Wicked Waters Quest 1We were given a golden ticket by our grandpa. Soon used it to become our own boss in a new world colony, with our skills as a shipwright.Golden ticket, 1800esk, Exploring New world, Genie, Swole of body and mind2017-08-16 1 
September 2017
55292209Can Tomie join the party?NOPE. (and other fine discussion)tomie, uzumaki, hellstar remina, junji ito, immortals, eldricht horror, horror, body horror, japanese horror2017-09-09 9 
June 2018
2660435Mass Quest 2You invest your first human, and raid a military base. mass quest body horror collective game 2018-06-24 3 
July 2018
2675791Mass Quest 3I'm doing this one late and honestly I don't remember where 3 ended and 4 beganmass, quest, body, horror, collective game, mass quest2018-07-06 1 
2698481Mass Quest 4We explode in a research labmass, quest, body, horror, collective game, mass quest2018-07-14 1 
2726835Mass Quest 5They do a little more house keeping and gain a few new toys. mass quest, mass, quest, mass quest 5, Aegis, body horror2018-07-26 1 
November 2018
3048494Body Horror QuestYou wake up in a flesh-corrupted world and come to terms with powers that change what it means to be human.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2018-11-25 29 
December 2018
3068908Body Horror QuestOur protagonist fights a mad puppeteer, duels a vicious chevalier, rescues a girl from a murderous city, and makes a new friend.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2018-12-10 17 
3102295Body Horror Quest - 3rd VeinShu and her allies duel a mystery wrapped in an Enigma, share a heart to heart, and make a decision that changes their path through hell.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2018-12-14 12 
3117545Body Horror Quest - 4th VeinShu and friends begin their trek up the calcite cliffs, clear some air between them, then check out an aspiring artist's gruesome gallery.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2018-12-24 11 
January 2019
3147018Body Horror Quest - 5th VeinShu and friends negotiate an art deal, pick a new wardrobe, and encounter two ghosts...one far more disturbing than the other. Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-01-10 16 
3180375Body Horror Quest - 6th VeinShu deals with the past, fights for the heart of a city, learns a terrible truth, and reunites with old friends.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-01-21 21 
3197660Body Horror Quest - 7th VeinShu's team expands as she fights a titan, plays a drinking game with friends, and is offered a choice by an unlikely host.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-01-27 16 
February 2019
3215073Body Horror Quest - 8th VeinShu and friends traverse a swamp, learn more about their newest ally, find a relic from the past and finally look in the mirror.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-02-05 10 
3236024Body Horror Quest - 9th VeinShu and company fight an endless cycle, enter a shared dream, discover one ally's unusual skills, and have a sit-down that is long overdue.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror2019-02-11 11 
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