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December 2009
7056624ZomCombo QuestSomething that started out as mediocre Quest turns awesome when another person starts a parallel quest in the same thread. The Adventures of Assertive Bitch and Fatguy!Zombie, Multiple Authoer, Collective Game, Quest, Zombie Quest2009-12-09 3 
September 2010
12177388Zombie QuestKilling shit like a baws and surviving hell.zombie quest2010-09-22 34 
12201589Zombie Quest IICut short due to OP bleeding but archive requiredzombie quest2010-09-24 22 
12219223Zombie Quest IIIPart three of Zombie Quest when OP finally gives in and admits Dom is a reverse trap. zombie quest2010-09-26 22 
12241780Zombie Quest IVGRainy gets a cool car. Dom continues searching for a hat she can keep. And Lucha bro drives a monster truck.zombie quest2010-09-27 22 
12262709Zombie Quest VAfter the greatest Zombie massacre so far, Dom and pals face even greater challenges....zombie quest2010-09-29 21 
October 2010
12300301Zombie Quest VIShit gets dirty and serious as Dom tries her best to counterattack the next Zombiechargezombie quest2010-10-02 20 
12342957Zombie Quest part VIIContacting the outside world about the cure proves to be difficult, with potentially devastating consequences.zombie quest2010-10-06 18 
12372424Zombie Quest part VIIIAnon proves his multitasking skills as the storyfocus shifts between one PC to the next zombie quest2010-10-08 16 
12421155Zombie Quest part IXSHIT JUST GOT REAL. zombie quest2010-10-13 16 
12464190Zombie Quest XAfter gathering a whole army around her, Dom launches the first attack of the Zombie Annihalation campaign.zombie quest2010-10-16 15 
12495804Zombie Quest THE COMICZombie Quest gets a reimagening as a comic. Chapter 1 gets newly reworked.zombie quest, comic, remake2010-10-19 15 
12530130Zombie Quest XIAfter much hardship, the survivors finally get a hour of rest. Dom uses this opportunity to go on a date with GRainy.zombie quest2010-10-22 15 
12571656Zombie Quest XIIA bond is formed between two unlikely heroines, hope is rekindled for one, and one last job for the other.zombie quest, quest, journal, quest thread2010-10-26 15 
12605238Zombie Quest XIIIOur forces engage the zombie hordes in the Stadium. After fighting through hundreds of zombies, we face the UWF.zombie quest, quest, journal, quest thread2010-10-29 15 
November 2010
12661681Zombie Quest XIVThings get hairy in the gym, and a boss zombie is confronted. Se7en does her stuff.zombie quest, quest, journal, quest thread2010-11-04 15 
12824097Zombie Quest XV EndgameOperation High Noon commences as the first book comes to a close.zombie quest, quest, journal, quest thread2010-11-17 15 
December 2010
13313223Zombie Quest XVI EndgameBeatrix is in a life-or-undeath struggle as Dom and Rainy DYNAMIC ENTRY into a bossfight.zombie quest, quest, journal, quest thread2010-12-31 11 
July 2011
15694706Zombie Quest XVII: ????Dom wakes up in the Burbs with little to no knowledge of what happened recently.zombie quest, quest, journal, quest thread2011-07-25 12 
June 2015
40740024Zombie Quest #1A human invades school and is tasty, and you sneak out at night and find a clandestine meeting between a zombie politician and some humans.Collective Game, Zombies, Zombie Quest2015-06-22 3 
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