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January 2009
3528944X-ComBringing the joy of X-COM to a new generation. X-Com Scifi 2009-01-28 6 
3551125XcomEpic X-com threadXcom X-com tftd ufo defense defence2009-01-29 6 
February 2009
3687244Marc Lecointe, the scourge of the aliensInvincible motherfucker takes down the alien scum with his last HPs, proceeds to replace Chuck Norris.X-Com TFTD2009-02-12 6 
August 2009
5351448Away missionWhat really happens when an X-Com Rookie is left in the base during a mission.Xcom X-Com Xenos2009-08-05 21 
5363368Gurps: Enemy UnknownWork is started on converting X-com into a GURPS settingX-com, Xcom, Gurps, Homebrew, setting,2009-08-07 2 
5395907GURPS: Enemy Unknown 2Continued with new work.X-com, Xcom, Gurps, Homebrew, setting2009-08-09 1 
5430644X-Com: The InvasionWritefaggotry about the early days of X-Com inspires /tg/ to start plotting a prequel.X-Com, UFO Defense, prequel, writefaggotry2009-08-12 3 
December 2009
7183230The Tales of Matthias KrauseFollow the career of the X-Com soldier Matthias Krause through the grim'n'dark world of X-COM.Matthias Krause, Matthias, Krause, X-COM, writefaggotry2009-12-18 3 
January 2010
7743011Duke Nuke-ComX-Com agent Duke Nukem takes down alien scum the only way he knows howX-Com, Duke Nukem, screencaps2010-01-24 2 
7748896FPS All Star-ComX-Com recruit the famous FPS character!X-Com, Duke Nukem, screencaps2010-01-24 1 
7836783X-Command 3The LARPers.X-Com, Duke Nukem, screencaps2010-01-30 2 
7847713X-Command 4The lost Rokkit TonkX-Com, Duke Nukem, screencaps2010-01-30 1 
April 2010
9235870Chryssalid Quest Episode 1You're the last Chyrssalid in a Snakeman terror mission, after the Snakemen killed all your bros. What do?X-COM, Quest, Collective Game, Chryssalid2010-04-17 5 
August 2010
11680631Lobsterman Quest p11The mission is successful and new shiny things unlocked. With this the first chapter of Lobsterman quest has ended.lobsterman quest, Collective game, x-com2010-08-16 11 
September 2010
12032972Lobsterman Quest p12Chapter two finally on the way, starting with a trade route attack. lobsterman quest, Collective game, x-com2010-09-10 2 
12214519Lobsterman Quest p14The bomb explodes, and number 14 dies a heroic death. RIP clawrad!lobsterman quest, Collective game, x-com2010-09-25 5 
November 2010
12824117The truth about X-Com/tg/ discusses X-Com and finds the horrible truth about a war-profiteering organization running a deadly double-game...X-Com Xcom2010-11-17 3 
May 2011
1510543619th Century X-ComDiscussion on transplanting X-Com to a 19th century setting as well as adapting it to an RPG format.x-com, steampunk, adaptation2011-05-31 3 
March 2012
18475950X-Com Mystara: Enemy UnsureX-Com and 2nd ed D&D? Campaign now underway. Drawfaggotry and fake screenshots ensue.x-com, xcom, mystara, setting2012-03-27 6 
April 2012
18560359X-Com Mystara: Enemy Unsure 2Full campaign transcript. Also, how would Leonardo design a UFO?x-com, xcom, mystara, setting2012-04-03 5 
August 2012
20544279Medieval X-COM - part 1Muscle trio of three barbarian assassins wrestle their way to the ruined castle where they kill the king.Collective Game, Medieval X-COM, X-COM, guard,2012-08-31 10 
September 2012
20567326Medieval X-COM - part 2Avant-Garde is formed, giant crabs are foughtCollective Game, Medieval X-COM, X-COM, guard,2012-09-02 7 
20595385Medieval X-COM - part 3troll bridge is conquered, Gaspard is savedCollective Game, Medieval X-COM, X-COM, guard,2012-09-04 6 
20721927Medieval X-COM - part 4hugs are given and cultists are killedCollective Game, Medieval X-COM, X-COM, guard,2012-09-14 6 
20745596Medieval X-COM - part 5merchants are saved, guards are killedCollective Game, Medieval X-COM, X-COM, guard,2012-09-16 10 
June 2013
25227267X-Com Tabletop IdeasOP asks for help with running a tabletop rpg based on X-COM. /tg/ delivers.X-com, ideas, sci-fi, game ideas, rpg2013-06-04 6 
February 2014
30339117X-CommunistA grumpy Soviet X-Com Colonel tells stories.X-Com, Collective Game, Sergei, X-Communist2014-02-19 6 
October 2014
35348532The Weapon of Humanity (Quest) 1A young girl with massive Psionic potential is tossed into the middle of the Alien War, narrowly avoiding abduction before being captured by a shady paramilitary organization.Collective Game, XCOM, X-COM, Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within, Psionic, EXALTED2014-10-07 14 
35459645The Weapon of Humanity (Quest) 2The MC makes it to extract.Collective Game, XCOM, X-COM, Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within, Psionic, EXALTED2014-10-12 13 
35612707Weapon of Humanity Quest 003We have a strange dream, officially join EXALT, and follow our new companion to the hospital.Collective Game, XCOM, X-COM, Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within, Psionic, EXALTED2014-10-19 6 
November 2016
784189XCOM Quest 2We play good & bad cop with torture rules before becoming an actual cop, reenact a scene from a Schwarzenegger film, then learn ninjitsu.XCOM Quest, X-Com, Shifty, ADVENT,2016-11-11 7 
June 2017
1579210XCOM Trooper Quest #1An FBI SWAT team gets in over their heads...XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-06-17 38 
1605745XCOM Trooper Quest #2You and the survivors of your team deal with the aftermath of the battle and meet the mysterious XCOM organization personally.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-06-24 24 
July 2017
1627836XCOM Trooper Quest #3After having been recruited into XCOM, you are sent off on your first mission to secure a crashed UFO.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-07-01 23 
1648049XCOM Trooper Quest #4An important decision is made and you meet the rest of the squad.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-07-07 17 
1667189XCOM Trooper Quest #5You respond to your second XCOM mission and things quickly escalate...XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-07-15 16 
1690407XCOM Trooper Quest #6You recover from the last mission, deal with the consequences, and then try out some new toys.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-07-22 11 
1717227XCOM Trooper Quest #7We finish testing out the beam weaponry and get to know our squad further.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-07-28 11 
August 2017
1741370XCOM Trooper Quest #8Strike One is sent to extract a certain UN General.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-08-04 12 
1764544XCOM Trooper Quest #9You return to XCOM HQ after the mission and are met with an interesting reception before you are finally christened with a nickname.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-08-12 14 
1786577XCOM Trooper Quest #10You get to know Peppermint better and increase your distaste for Thin Men even further.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-08-19 11 
1807540XCOM Trooper Quest #11You spend more time in Engineering getting before being interrupted by alien escalation. You then decide an important decision.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-08-26 11 
1793475Alien Resistance Quest 1Tactics were used, aliens were slayed, and mutants made from alien weapons turned into our weapon. X-COM, Mutants, Genie, Getting shit done with mutants2017-08-30 2 
September 2017
1831082XCOM Trooper Quest #12XCOM responds to the ongoing terror mission in the United States.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-09-02 11 
1814822Alien Resistance Quest 2We did some research and found out what happens when mutants stay locked up.X-COM, Mutants, Genie, Getting shit done with mutants2017-09-05 1 
1869278XCOM Trooper Quest #13The Terror Mission is resolved.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-09-16 12 
1840538Alien Resistance Quest 3 A chemist took some alien drugs, a mutant became to smart, and we survived a supply raid. X-COM, Mutants, Genie, Getting shit done with mutants2017-09-17 1 
1889921XCOM Trooper Quest #14The aftermath of the Terror Mission is dealt with.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel2017-09-23 9 
1867223Alien Resistance Quest 4Recruiting, it was once a simple thing. Now a weapon to surpass gauss. X-COM, Mutants, Genie, Getting shit done with mutants2017-09-24 1 
October 2017
1896296Alien Resistance Quest 5Went to down to the office for some paper work. Ended up kicking the hornet nest. Called in weeds to help. Ask the base to deliver roundup.X-COM, Mutants, Genie, Getting shit done with mutants2017-10-06 1 
1937556XCOM Trooper Quest #15You are evaluated for your actions during the Terror Mission.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel 2017-10-07 5 
1923264Alien Resistance Quest 6Not much to say. We killed the plants, we got the info, and now we gotta get our boys home. If the game ever gets picked back up.X-COM, Mutants, Genie, Getting shit done with mutants2017-10-12 1 
1962770XCOM Trooper Quest #16You start to make amends with your squad and learn more about the Commander and the XCOM project as a whole.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel 2017-10-14 6 
1991814XCOM Trooper Quest #17XCOM Deploys to extract friends in low places.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel 2017-10-21 5 
2016746XCOM Trooper Quest #18The Target Extraction mission in Hong Kong is concluded.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel 2017-10-28 3 
November 2017
2037354XCOM Trooper Quest #19You unwind from the last mission, play a game of darts, make an important decision, and are rewarded by being thoroughly confused.XCOM Trooper Quest, XCOM, X-com, Collective Game, Pixel 2017-11-04 4 
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