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May 2014
32315875Witcher Quest #1The start of Witcher Quest, players visit the Guard house, learn about the best sex spots, check out a sweet fat corpse and even meet a whore!Witcher Quest, Collective Game2014-05-24 14 
32360465Witcher Quest #2Witchin' ain't easy.Witcher Quest, Collective Game2014-05-26 12 
32403794Witcher Quest #3Witchin' be bitchin'Witcher Quest, Collective Game2014-05-28 10 
June 2014
32597458Witcher Quest #4Witchers only kill monsters.Witcher Quest, Collective Game2014-06-06 10 
32641451Witcher Quest #5How does silver taste?witcher quest, collective game2014-06-08 10 
32743533Witcher Quest #6We return home and pick our apprentice Witcher Quest, Collective Game 2014-06-13 14 
August 2014
34374803Witcher Quest #7Witcher Quest resumes after hiatus, Garland and his new apprentice embarks on a harpie-related sidequestWitcher Quest, Collective Game 2014-08-24 5 
34399225Witcher Quest #8Garland and Xander get to bottom of Calun's mysteriesCollective Game, Witcher Quest,2014-08-26 5 
September 2014
34587165Witcher Quest #9Garland arrives at Starkhaven and learns about the curse, but his adventure is cut short by 4chan dyingCollective Game, Witcher Quest,2014-09-03 5 
34799139Witcher Quest #9.5Garland begins investigating the city of Starkhaven, also magictits.Collective Game, Witcher Quest,2014-09-12 2 
34937067Witcher Quest #10Quest gettin', Herb buyan, Apprentice embarrassin' action.Collective Game, Witcher Quest,2014-09-18 4 
November 2015
43560759Witcher Quest: From Dusk 'Till Dawn Part 1Coen of Cintra, Witcher of the School of the Griffin arrives in the village of Swann in the province of Hemlock and is hired by Baron Lavarette to investigate a series of vanishings in the area.Collective Game, Witcher Quest, The Witcher2015-11-09 11 
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