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May 2010
9692576Frost Giantess Quest 49Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Collective Game, QuestWe're resistant to the forest Shoggoth's madness-inducing fog, but not immune. Fortunately, the Shoggoth isn't at all resistant to thermite, and runs away with it's tail between it's legs. 2010-05-08 14 
9710181Sane editions discussion!It's clearly the end of the world!Editions, 4e, 3.5, pathfinder, fantasycraft, no fucking way2010-05-09 0 
February 2011
13879469Shattered Sun Writefaggotry IIIA new area is discovered in the growing world under the Shattered Sun, inspiring a plot involving scheming Masters within Terec's Alchemist Guild. Also, more ideas being bounced around for your reading pleasure! Paladins? Magic? People? Non-human races, even!?Shattered Sun, homebrew, writefaggotry, phoenix, sun, Gateway to Hell2011-02-12 7 
January 2012
17409405The Way of HitIn which /tg/ discovers that Hit is the true path.Hit, Fist, Way of Hit, Philosophy, Monks, Violence, Awesome, Funny, Fuck Yeah, 2012-01-03 37 
17701253/TG/ BOOTLEG Meta Quest thread 4While metaquest is on hiatus, we play as a requisitions looter team. With a sufficient plan, we LOOT. DOWN. EVERYTHING.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Harry Potter, Benny Hill, X-Men, Bootleg Metaquest, Bootleg, Raidah, Kali, Lesbian 8-way2012-01-28 6 
February 2012
17794854TG Quest 58:We turn around, we make a Plan, ArchSUE dies.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Sapphy, Kingdom Hearts, Holtz, DOSH, WhyOnEarthIsOrzStillATagTheyWentAway40ThreadsAgo2012-02-04 15 
17785546Another TGquest planning threadarchived so future readers can see our thought processesCollective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Sapphy, Kingdom Hearts, Holtz, DOSH, WhyOnEarthIsOrzStillATagTheyWentAway40ThreadsAgo, Orz, OrzAreStillATagBecauseWeAreWaitingForThemToComeBackAndBiteUsInTheAssForStupidity2012-02-06 6 
17830158Horus RevolutionAn alternate universe 40k. Horus is the one on the Golden Throne, barely alive, as the Legions won the war and took Terra. Those who remained loyal to the Emperor must now survive as rebels in the Webway. 40k, alternate universe, Golden Throne, Horus Revolution, Warhammer 40,000, Webway2012-02-06 10 
July 2012
19753711Whose Line is it Anyway: TG StyleAnon presents questions relating to Dorf Fortune Cookies and who should narrate games. /tg/ answers in droves.Comedy, Whose Line Is It Anyway2012-07-05 13 
19833002Chapter Quest Spin-Off III: Chasing Dark EldarBrother Montus and Sister Judith are sent with a strike force of Adeptus Sororitas to the Feudal World of Lituanica to stop the Dark Eldar slaver party. Everything goes better than expected, until they get into an ambush... The events that follow end the quest in a place a lot further away from monastery than anyone thought, A LOT FURTHER.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, Power Garrot, Strategic Girth, Spin-Off, Adeptus Sororitas, brother, sister, prisoner, Big Daddy, Dark Eldar, Feudal world, webway, Commoragh, slaves, rape, Sororitas2012-07-12 10 
20063058Chapter Quest: Deathwatch IIElegion finishes his mission and finds a way to the webwayCollective Game, Chapter Quest, Deathwatch, Space Marine, Webway Shenanigans2012-07-27 3 
February 2013
22980355Vampire Revenge QuestHe turned you. Made you eat your friends. Now you're going to get some revenge. vampire wayne revenge quest coffin baseball bat Collective game2013-02-04 -3 
July 2013
25932354Space Waifu Quest 16Sweet, sweet phonesex with our AI waifu and bondage training with our human one.ERP, Starcraft 2 sucks, Arcturus Mengsk was right, Starcraft, Space Waifu Quest, What kind of name is Delta Phoenix anyways, lesbians, robophilia, gynoid, ERP2013-07-10 9 
25959245Space Waifu Quest 19: Return of the Shitty SubtitleWherein we metagame like a dirty minmaxer, argue about nothing, and kill more characters shamelessly ripped from popular culture.ERP, Collective Game, Starcraft 2 sucks, Arcturus Mengsk was right, Starcraft, Space Waifu Quest, What kind of name is Delta Phoenix anyways, lesbians, robophilia, gynoid, You’re too slow, C’mon step it up, Rollin around at the speed of sound, Got places to go, GOTTA FOLLOW MY RAINBOW2013-07-11 8 
26135904Detergent Quest - UncappedBecause we really need more quest threads where no one actually runs a quest on this board.Collective Game, Bleach, A reference to that one shitty overblown magical girl anime, recap episodes always suck2013-07-20 21 
October 2013
28008605Washed up Villain quest 7Gunther uses Jimmy's bone to give a bad wolf more than he can chew on, gets a tatoo, and learns THE KNOTHOLE GLADE WAYMustache Twirler, Collective game, Washed up villain quest, Albion, Knothole glade, balverines, random events, THE KNOTHOLE GLADE WAY2013-10-30 11 
November 2013
28125732Washed up Villain quest 9Gunther goes Berserk, Removes a mans arm, destroys a forest, becomes a hero, kills some bandits, and encounters and beats the shit out of something not even in this setting Mustache Twirler, Collective game, Washed up villain quest, Albion, THE KNOTHOLE GLADE WAY, heroes, 2013-11-06 11 
December 2013
28647267Titanor!Crack of thunder! Howl of wind! The will of evil men! When our courage is in doubt, Titanor comes on the scene!Giant Robots, Titanor, only true way to play any D&D, pickpocketing by giant robots, all your power combined2013-12-04 74 
January 2014
29811326Girls Und Panzer: LGA Quest #--Holy shit what the hell is going on this is a crazyass dreamCollective Game, Girls Und Panzer: LGA Quest, Tanks, Don't, Lose, Your, Way2014-01-27 20 
March 2014
30982807Girls Und Panzer: LGA Quest #---fuck i should not be QMing i'm so tired so sleepyCollective Game, Girls Und Panzer: LGA Quest, Tanks, Don't, Lose, Your, Way, NUDIST, BEACH2014-03-22 12 
May 2014
32322419Runaway QuestYou've run away from home after your mother beat you one too many times. Now avoid getting beaten, robbed, killed, raped, or any other manner of unpleasant things happen to you. Runaway Quest, Collective Game2014-05-24 16 
32392794Kouga: Saint of Mars 2In which our heroes climbs the Twelve Houses Collective Game, Saint Seiya, Saint Seiya Omega, BelkanSniper, Kouga: Saint of Mars, Stairway to Hell, 2014-05-27 4 
September 2014
34676894It's Always Sunny in FATALdelphiaFATAL and Always Sunny, what more is there to say?It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, FATAL, Funny, Awesome2014-09-08 35 
October 2014
35415617Catboy Quest Part 1The freshly-named Purrwin Schrödinger is sent into a fantasy world which the whims of the dice gods have set to maximum cruelty. Things start going badly for our cuddly protagonist as soon as the game begins, as he deals with a dangerous fall, a dark forest, and unfriendly town guards.Catboy Quest, collective game, drawquest, cbqdm, catboy, Purrwin Schrödinger, cruel world, falling, cats always land on their feet2014-10-10 10 
35687091Surreal Horror Ideas: Highways and Byways EditionWhat sorts of bizarre and otherworldly experiences might a hapless group of characters encounter on a cross-country road trip, an unexpected detour or simply on the way to work?Surreal, horror, highways, roads, cars, ghosts, travel, roadtrip, brainstorming, fluff, Australia2014-10-24 8 
April 2015
39420184Night Wolves and Wayward Sons Creation/tg/ creates a couple CSM Warbands. One is made of Berzerkers riding giant daemonic bears, the other uses giant sand worms to terrorize its enemies, which include the aforementioned bear riders.Chaos Space Marines, Custom Warband, Night Wolves, Wayward Sons2015-04-18 3 
39591553Post Punk Progression Girl QuestFunk soul brother, rock it out nowChristopher Walken dancing and flying will always be better than the swill you produce2015-04-26 -1 
June 2015
40521456Edgy Grimderp Magical Girl Quest SO ORIGINAL JUST LIKE MY MADORKAS 11/10Collective Game, Edgy bullshit, Magical Girls are all sluts anyways 2015-06-10 21 
July 2015
41342242Of bunnies and /tg/interesting Ideas of how rabbit people can be a viable replacement for goblins and extra uses in settings are talked about, and then a writefag drops a feels nuke and it a good thing too.fluff, bunnies, creative, writefag, /tg/ isn't always a cruel place, world settings2015-07-20 5 
August 2015
42045781Wayfarers #1A girl from the high plateaus gets on the train to her future. Happenings ensue.Wayfarers Quest, Collective Game, Alteration, Original-ish, Fantasy2015-08-23 2 
42069416Wayfarers #2The trek in the cold snowy mountains starts. More happenings.Wayfarers Quest, Collective Game, Alteration, Original-ish, Fantasy2015-08-25 1 
November 2015
43829276Way of the Fist Quest 1You are Jian Yao, young monk on his way to becoming an exorcist and hunting the demons that curse the land. This is the start of your journey.Collective Game, Way of the Fist Quest, Monks, Kung Fu2015-11-26 8 
January 2016
44719842Gotham Quest Issue #1In which we wake up, fail to CQC, and get shotEail, Collective Game, Gotham, DC, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Powers, Superhero2016-01-12 8 
44847586Gotham Quest Issue #2In which we escape from a hospital, CQC fools, sperg out over a gun, and SHOPEail, Collective Game, Gotham, DC, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Powers, Superhero2016-01-18 10 
August 2016
429326Black Company Quest #13The Black Company is good at what they do, and what they do is not good. During knifework we meet exciting new Adventurers, then kill them.Black Company Quest, Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Knifework, Adventurers, Rangers lead the way2016-08-01 25 
January 2017
1016204Black Company Quest #18The Black Company is good at what they do, and what they do is not good. Erhus are acquired as we tune up our bro-skill for a troubled Mask.Black Company Quest, Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Always Bet on Red, Erhu, Band, Wuxia2017-01-07 23 
May 2017
53361294Urban Unease - Surreal Subway StoriesUrban Unease goes underground, and anons discuss creepy subway happenings.Horror, Subway, Surreal, Brainstorming, Urban Unease2017-05-28 8 
December 2018
3107823Starship Quest: Away Team Mark IThe Alliance starship Quest, run by an elite crew of ensigns, led by misfit officers, encounters a derelict space station and investigates.Starship, sci-fi, away team, Dork West, 2018-12-30 2 
January 2019
3152669Starship Quest: Away Team Mark IIThe away team encounters more stasis chambers and their occupants; Exposition and unexplained events ensue. Starship, sci-fi, away team, Dork West,2019-01-18 1 
June 2019
66715619Interesting Warlock Deals/tg/ asks for original and interesting premises for warlock deals and their payments.worldbuilding, magic, plot hooks, deal with the devil, warlocks, the house always wins,2019-06-17 6 
July 2019
3621285Runaway Prince Quest #1Prince Liliwin makes a daring escape. Along the way, he meets a morbid joke cracking ghost, and brings the court mage along for the ride.Uri, Runaway Prince, Quest, Fantasy, Medieval, Spirits, Collective Game2019-07-09 2 
August 2019
3704809Runaway Prince Quest #2A prince dons the identity of a mercenary, leaves the crown city for the desert, and meets a strange man and his bird...Runaway Prince Quest, Fantasy, Medieval, Comfy2019-08-05 2 
October 2019
3849123Runaway Jedi Quest 1: PrologueJedi Knight Gohl and the Youngling Dove flee the jedi temple and Corsucant after Order 66Starborn QM, Starborn, Star Wars, Runaway, Jedi, Youngling, Corsucant, Smuggler, Undercity, Temple, Clones, Order 66, Noorian, Palliduvan 2019-10-08 2 
November 2019
3881876Runaway Jedi Quest 2: Can't Escape From Crossing FateGohl's desperate flight continues. Ace Pilot Iso and Youngling Dove watch on in horror as The Chosen One himself chases the edi survivorsStarborn QM, Starborn, Star Wars, Runaway, Jedi, Youngling, Corsucant, Smuggler, Undercity, Temple, Clones, Order 66, Noorian, Palliduvan2019-11-01 0 
December 2019
3944718Runaway Jedi Quest 2: Chain Ganggohl and co. land on an outer rim world to purchase supplies for their stay in the wilderness.Starborn QM, Starborn, Star Wars, Runaway, Jedi, Youngling, Corsucant, Smuggler, Undercity, Temple, Clones, Order 66, Noorian, Palliduvan2019-12-10 0 
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