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Archived Threads

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May 2009
4686649Mosaic Playtest RulesThe runic RPG that's been talked about, finalized-ish.runic, Mosaic, homebrew, playtest2009-05-28 2 
May 2010
9887349Insane Grandfather's TestsOP keeps /tg/ on the edge of their seats with a story about a lunatic grandfather making the potential inheritors of his $5 mil will pass a series of tests to get the money.writefaggotry, insane, tests, will, grandfather2010-05-18 12 
June 2010
10380608The Cutest KriegerA man finds a Krieger in his trunk. Extreme DAAAW and Cute commences.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-09 20 
10421153The Cutest Krieger 3The D'aww continues as Emmie learns to ice skate.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-11 8 
10443625The Cutest Krieger part 4Emmi discovers an Imperial Guard Surplus Store and fixes the yard.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-12 5 
10464152The Cutest Krieger part 5It is decided that you will accompany Emmie and her quest to find out why she was left behind.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-13 1 
10484075The Cutest Krieger part 6Night at the Fair. First kiss.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-14 5 
10504243The Cutest Krieger part 7Meet the crew of the Blazing Profits.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-15 3 
10527637The Cutest Krieger part 8Card night on the Blazing Profits. You learn the stories of most of the crew.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-16 2 
10550778The Cutest Krieger part 9The big reveal!Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-17 3 
10573097The Cutest Krieger part 10You meet the captain. Some confusion is resolved... kinda.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-18 3 
10683779The Cutest Krieger part 11Tonight you meet the Inquisitor in charge and make a deal.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-23 3 
10707368The Cutest Krieger part 12Emmie makes you exercise. You also surprise Ralph.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-24 3 
10729857The Cutest Krieger part 13Drinking, and the consequences there of.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-25 1 
10771482The Cutest Krieger part 14Short shopping sequence.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-27 1 
July 2010
11140708Planes and Mercs XXXIOP is back with a flight brief, and we are left wondering how the hell they'll pull out this time. Can they protect the Carrier against an air attack?Planes, Awesome, Steve, Greatest AirPorn Ever2010-07-15 10 
September 2010
12187108Brother Testicles, Fastest Apothecary in the West/tg/ creates a Deathwatch character. Some bad math and GM fiat results in hilarity.Deathwatch, Brother Testicles2010-09-23 41 
March 2011
14077407Touhou RPG: Tale of Phantasmal LandStep 1) Post a large and pretty PDF with Touhou selling point. Step 2) Mathfags, rollfags, roleplayers, Touhoufags converge. Step 3) Critiques and RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEG. But you have to admit... It's a fairly well done PDF. Let this be a lesson for all those ambitious homebrew makers: Yo shit gonna be picked.touhou toho homebrew rpg critique roleplaying rollplaying pdf d6 rpg rage system testing balance shitstorm fantasy mary_sue magic rules 2011-03-01 16 
14096871Touhou RPG: Tale of Phantasmal Land - Part 2Continuation of previous thread. /tg/ continues to balancing efforts and fixing shit. Autistic samefag from previous sages again.touhou, toho, homebrew, rpg, critique, roleplaying, rollplaying, pdf, d6, rpg,, system, testing, balance, balancing, fix, fixing, fantasy, mary sue, magic, rules, getting shit done2011-03-02 8 
December 2011
17177069Wild Cards playtestWild Cards returns after a long absence, with good news!original content, Wild Cards, playtest2011-12-12 10 
April 2012
18722451Aperture Cartel's Many InventionsInvestors! Here we have a collection of Aperture Cartel's useful and inexpensive Inventions for your perusal. Now we're between banks right now so we're accepting cash in hand. get your people to meet our people. Don't mind the smell. Cave Johnston, we're done here.Aperture Cartel, Cave Johnston, Science, Tests, Portal, We're Done Here2012-04-15 21 
July 2012
19778648That Guy Thread, BBB Edition No. 2More scary stories to tell in the fog.That Guy, Fox, Fox Realdoll, Furry, Testing, Fog, BBB, Ungulate, Possibly untrue but if it is holy crap2012-07-08 34 
August 2012
20169438Zerg Quest XCVIIThe Ihan'rii continue their test, and we continue ignoring them to bicker over nuclear weapons and whatnot. I feel like there's a dissonance of tone, here.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Xel'Naga, Cramming for the test, Indecision, side arguments2012-08-04 7 
20461272Zerg Quest C100 Threads! Woo! Meanwhile, gods try to steal our mind.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Xel'Naga, testing, /tg/ dice, less of you than I remember, OW MY HEAD2012-08-25 11 
September 2012
20574848Mornington CrescentA jolly good game of Mornington Crescentmornington, mornington crescent, crescent, gentlemen, the greatest game to ever have a ruleset2012-09-03 6 
20600452Zerg Quest CIIAfter much discussion, Anon decides where its loyalties lie, and begins THRASHIN ON A MUTHAFUCKACerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Xel'Naga, testing, Protoss, crossroads, nuclear diplomacy, I WILL CUT YOU UNIVERSE, voices in my head, PORTENT!2012-09-05 6 
December 2012
21969458 Lost Future Quest part 15.5: My Life as a Teenager's RobotIn the grim darkness of the near future, Detroit is still a shithole. Searching for Rachel, Cindy finds herself trapped in the middle of a multi-party protest that turns ugly. And after that, there's still a Concert to go to!Innocence, Inn0cence, robot, AI, Collective Game, Lost Future, Quest, Islam, Protest, Robocop, Detroit2012-12-10 12 
September 2013
27012068Christian mythologyA surprisingly civil discussion about the parts of the bible that could be used in a game.bible, christianity, mythology, old testament,2013-09-04 2 
January 2014
29489371/tg/ vs a KaijuOP playtests a simple d6 homebrew where CHERNO ALPHA sets a Kaiju on fire and then tesla punches it.playtest, getting shit done, pacific rim, Cherno Alpha, kaiju, giant robots punching giant monsters, mech2014-01-14 1 
29731336Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot QuestNoble Jurick becomes the first ANIMA pilot in existence, and immediately is drawn into a fight against the alien menace.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-01-24 5 
29754017Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 2Noble's party heads south, stopping at a barn. Relationships get tangled and stretched to the breaking point.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-01-25 3 
29798748Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 3Noble confesses his actions to Serena, and is nearly killed for his effort.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-01-27 4 
29851100Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 4Noble enters the ANIMA once again, and finds himself lost in the dream of humanity.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-01-29 2 
29901864Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 5Noble Jurick awakens from the dream world, after crushing alien drones with his new-found might.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-01-31 2 
February 2014
29973830Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 6Noble Jurick finally gets some answers.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-02-03 1 
30079917Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 7Noble and Su face off against a deadly army of drones, winning a hard-fought victory. Other loose ends get tied up.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-02-08 3 
30393412Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 9Imprisoned by his superiors for reasons unknown, Noble Jurick dreams of his past, seeking answers to guide him.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-02-22 1 
October 2014
35313602Towergirls System TrialA test of a d10 success system in a FTL/Oregon Trail style game. Goes a bit off-kilter the further things progress, but had a solid idea behind it. Some NSFW near the end.collective game, tower girls, towergirls, d10, test, trial, development, game design, smut, drawfag2014-10-05 5 
January 2016
44896570Lost Source #6. For Reals, this time.Our first documented playtest! Albeit it's a TPK. Darn bloopers.Lost Source, homebrew, world building, bloodborne, dark souls,playtest2016-01-22 4 
May 2016
85592Early 1700's Adventure Part 1Young farm girl turned mercenary dreams of buying Iceland and learns to never trust cute swedes. Schizophrenia, Mount and Blade, Protestants are scum, 1700's, mercenary, Swedish treachery, Pirates.2016-05-12 1 
June 2016
276977Test Quest!We meet Pedro.Test Quest!2016-06-24 1 
291624Test Quest!We meet Preah!Test Quest!2016-06-26 1 
304430Test Quest!We say goodbye!Test Quest!2016-06-29 1 
January 2017
1066867Mageknight Academy #0The Mageknight Academy of Madrid opens its doors to a batch of new students. Mechanics and rules are tested. Shenanigans are had.Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-01-26 10 
February 2017
1095363Mageknight Academy #1The Mageknight Academy continues to teach its students a new way of life. Several students join, and eldritch abominations are defeated.Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-02-05 11 
1120746Mageknight Academy: Beach OVA 1The students take a trip to the beach. After a series of failed applications of sunscreen, hell itself comes up to face them.Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-02-05 10 
1129120Mageknight Academy #2The academy enacts a student exchange program and a number of students busy themselves with their own personal quests.Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-02-13 9 
1160865Mageknight Academy #3A monster's curse, remembering forgotten family, a swordly quest to France and life as a harem protagonist.Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-02-21 7 
1142520Mageknight Academy Sidequest: Arthur's Dream #1A group of friends embark into a dark forest, late at night, to try to find out about a satanic ritual. Nothing can go wrong.Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-02-22 1 
1160909Mageknight Academy Sidequest: Arthur's Dream #2A group of friends follow the Spanish Inquisition into their cathedral. People get drugged, and ominous feelings lurk. Nothing can go wrong.Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-02-23 1 
1160906Mageknight Academy: Amsterdam #1New transfer students arrive, blackmail and elections come up, and flesh mages are killed.Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-02-23 7 
March 2017
1193633Mageknight Academy #4Earth Elementals, the Devil King massacre, evil magical pranks, the treehouse of life and the birth of Ultracrusader.Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-03-03 5 
1193670Mageknight Academy: Amsterdam #2Even more blackmail, threats, and slander occur as the election gets heated, demon dogs run rampant, and votes are tallied up. No recounts.Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-03-04 5 
1220912Mageknight Academy: Hot springs OVA #2The students take a trip to relax before the exams. A devil king is slain, love is found and relationships deepened.Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-03-09 2 
1218014Mageknight Academy Sidequest: Arthur's Dream #3A group of friends attempt to uncover whatever secrets the Inquisition are hiding.Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-03-09 1 
1243332Mageknight Academy #5The first academy exam comes, testing the students' prowess to see if they have what it takes to ascend to the next chapter of academy lifeMageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-03-15 1 
1243197Mageknight Academy: Amsterdam #3The first academy exam comes, as everyone studies and get ready to move on to a new year. Mageknight Academy, Collective Game, Valencia, Civ, RPG, Anime, School, Test2017-03-17 1 
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