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Archived Threads

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June 2008
1893431Half-TarrasqueA thread on Tarrasque encounters spirals downwards.Tarrasque, D&D, Science2008-06-03 38 
June 2009
5001479Gazebo of Immovable RodsA discussion about gazebos gets out of hand when the idea of constructing a gazebo out of immovable rods gets involvedD&D, Gazebo, Immovable Rod, Tarrasque2009-06-26 6 
September 2009
5737476Epic RPStandard epic RP thread goes super epic.Epic, Airship, Awakened Tarrasque2009-09-05 45 
5789941Merry Tarrasquemas, Everyone!The Tarrasque is actually a pretty swell guy.Tarrasque, Balloonrasque, Tarrasquemas2009-09-09 38 
April 2010
9255012Dragon Quest Part 3Oh shit, Tarrasque.Maws, dragon, quest, oglar, tarrasque2010-04-17 4 
April 2011
14745454The Birth of the EmperorasqueWhat starts off as a simple question quickly turns into something far more awesome than anticipated. Warhammer 40k, The Emperor, Tarrasque, Awesome2011-04-28 44 
14758537The Birth of the Emperorasque pt 2What starts off as a simple question quickly turns into something far more awesome than anticipated. Warhammer 40k, The Emperor, Tarrasque, Awesome2011-04-29 26 
May 2011
14800794Tales of the EmperasqueWritefag Someone else. continues the epic tale of the Emperor who became a Tarrasque.writefaggotry, writefag, tarrasque, 40K2011-05-03 27 
14859523Tales of the Emperasque 4Writefag Someone else. returns from a brief hiatus to regale us with more stories about our favorite God-Emperor/Epic Beast.writefaggotry, writing, Someone_else., tarrasque, Emperasque2011-05-08 33 
14962762Tales of the Emperasque 5Writefag extraordinaire Someone else. overcomes personal illness and family fights to regale us once more with tales of the Emperor who became the Tarrasque.Emperasque, writefaggotry, writing, Emperor, Tarrasque, awesome, Tales, Someone else.2011-05-17 25 
15065499Tales of the Emperasque 6Someone else. returns to begin the next (and apparently final or second-to-last) arc of the Tales of the Emperasque.writefaggotry, writing, Someone_else., tarrasque, Emperasque, tales, writefaggotry, writefag, oddish2011-05-27 30 
June 2011
15170367Tales of the Emperasque 7Someone else. stops pretending that he has any idea how this glorious trainwreck is going to end.Emperasque, writefaggotry, writing, Emperor, Tarrasque, awesome, Tales, Someone else., Corax2011-06-06 28 
July 2011
15492650CazaclawCombining two of the most terrifying monsters ever to create the thing of nightmares.Fallout, New Vegas, Cazador, Deathclaw, Pants shitting, tarrasque2011-07-06 10 
15503489Lord Deathrape and the CazaclawrasqueBecause some PCs just deserve to die.Tarrasque, Horror, Holy shit, BBEG, Cazador, Deathclaw, Cazaclaw, God hates you, FUCK2011-07-07 14 
15520327Tales of the Emperasque 8Someone else. Orks get bombed and riots breakout everywhere.Emperasque, writefaggotry, writing, Emperor, Tarrasque, awesome, Tales, Someone else., Corax2011-07-10 23 
15760526Killing the Tarrasque/tg/ is trying to find a way to kill the Tarrasque.Tarrasque, Pathfinder, DnD2011-07-30 3 
August 2011
15905034/tg/GuardsWe take a look at a usual day at the /tg/ City Guard/tg/, citywatch, town watch, guards, tarrasque, apocalypse, goddamnitcarl2011-08-11 7 
December 2011
17087434Tales of the Emprasqu returnsSomeone else starts writefagging for everyone's favorite get-shit-done Emprasque.Emperasque, writefaggotry, writing, Emperor, Tarrasque, awesome, Tales, Someone else.2011-12-02 30 
17302885Tarrasque, SkelePuters, and the PainTernetA comprehensive and logical write out of how these all worked together.D&D, Tarrasque, SkelePuters, PainTernet2011-12-22 25 
January 2012
17635403More Tales of the Emperasque 2: Vulkan's Shopping TripSomeone Else continues with the story starring everyone's favourite Imperium-ruling Tarrasque40k, warhammer, emperasque, writefaggotry, fluff, tales of the emperasque, tarrasque2012-01-22 26 
April 2012
18887581One-Year-Anniversary EmperasqastravaganzaSomeone else. arrives to celebrate Biggie's first birthday, with some special thanks, a best-of reel, and some OC.Emperasque, Tarrasque, Someone_else, Emperor2012-04-27 25 
June 2012
19681713Tarrasque FursonaTarrasque furry crashes furcon, drawfag deliverstarrasque, furry, draw, airship, Pathfinder2012-06-30 28 
July 2012
19782136Tales of the Emperasque, yet againOnce more, Someone else. returns to convey the story of The EmperasqueSomeone else., Tarrasque, Emperasque, Tales of the Emperasque, writefaggotry2012-07-07 22 
November 2012
21401517Tales of the Emperasque: The God WarsSlaanesh and Khorne duke it outSomeone else., tarrasque, Emperor, tales of the emperasque, emperasque2012-11-02 25 
August 2014
33912798Tarrasque Carnival/tg/ comes up with the idea of a moving city carnival that follows a Tarrasque. Also no one is capable of seducing anything as the dice gods frown upon such things.Tarrasque, fucking dice gods, Tarrasque Carnical2014-08-05 13 
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