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Archived Threads

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July 2017
1717966Build a QuestAnons help OP create a world and MC for a new Quest. Quest is christened Artificer Quest and continued in another thread.Build a Quest, Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-07-31 3 
August 2017
1720272Artificer Quest #1The artificer quest first threadArtificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-08-03 7 
1733688Artificer Quest #2The second artificer quest threadArtificer Quest, StorytellerQM,2017-08-10 5 
1770503Artificer Quest Thread #3The third Artificer Quest thread.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM,2017-08-22 6 
1799708Artificer Quest Thread #4The fourth Artificer Quest ThreadArtificer Quest, StorytellerQM,2017-08-28 10 
September 2017
1818809Artificer Quest Thread #5The fifth Artificer Quest thread. Beginnings of the Shirahoro Arc. John proves his Merit, and meets some 'old friends'.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-09-03 5 
1839818Artificer Quest Thread #6The sixth Artificer Quest thread. In which John talks to the Demon of the Dragon's Lair, enjoys the fruits of his labors, and goes on a jobArtificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-09-17 3 
1874215Artificer Quest Thread #7The seventh Artificer Quest Thread. John talks a bit with Archmage, does some gear upgrading with Dutch, and goes on a proper Ruin Dive.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-09-26 4 
October 2017
1907174Artificer Quest Thread #8The eight Artificer Quest thread. John picks apart his shiny loot, gets fucking plastered, goes out on a date, and works. Lots of work.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-10-05 3 
1933414Artificer Quest Thread #9The ninth Artificer Quest Thread. John begins his training. Skill leveling and R&D occur en mass.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-10-15 3 
1970616Artificer Quest Thread #10The tenth Artificer Quest Thread. Fancy clothes are acquired, alcohol is consumed, and dancing is performed. Then everything goes to hell.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-10-26 3 
November 2017
2013744Artificer Quest Thread #11The eleventh Artificer Quest Thread. The party is crashed, the dice gods demand blood, John gains a Nemesis, and politics occur.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-11-07 4 
2050081Artificer Quest Thread #12The twelfth Artificer Quest Thread. R&D happens en mass, John dreams of Westmire, orders are worked on, and the shop officially opens.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-11-20 4 
December 2017
2088031Artificer Quest Thread #13The thirteenth Artificer Quest Thread. A Prototype is tested, Orders are filled, a barfight is narrowly avoided, and John talks to Sun.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-12-03 3 
2118919Artificer Quest Thread #14The fourteenth Artificer Quest thread. In which John talks to the elven twins, works in the forge, and gets ready for a meeting.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-12-17 3 
January 2018
2165266Artificer Quest Thread #15The fifteenth Artificer Quest thread. In which John gets some news, he and Dutch go on patrol, and the meeting happens.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-01-03 2 
2212663Dreadknight Quest Thread #1You are Morgan Anderle, Soldier of Fortune stationed at Blackstone Fortress. At least, you were before you were dragged into Hell...Dreadknight Quest, StorytellerQM2018-01-11 10 
2198318Artificer Quest Thread #16The sixteenth Artificer Quest thread. John, Dutch, and Gladiator go to take out a vampire hideout. Things go as well as expected.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-01-15 1 
2235821Artificer Quest Thread #17The seventeenth Artificer Quest thread. The vampires return; there's fire and blood in the streets of Shirahoro.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-01-27 1 
February 2018
2266250Artificer Quest Thread #18The eighteenth Artificer Quest thread. Chaos continues to grow, and the Exile returns to Shirahoro.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-02-11 1 
2302070Artificer Quest Thread # 19The nineteenth Artificer Quest thread. Preparations are made and a journey is embarked upon. One final showdown ends the vampire arc.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-02-24 2 
March 2018
2341045Dreadknight Quest Thread #2Journeying East, Morgan makes allies, fights demons, tricks an Order, and gets an upgrade for his armor.Dreadknight Quest, StorytellerQM2018-03-10 5 
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