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October 2015
43286199Crystal Quest #1In which we aren't a Crystal GemEail, Steven Universe, Crystal Quest, Gem, Leon, Steven, Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, Collective Game2015-10-26 21 
January 2016
44960117Gem Quest 1The first installment of Gem Quest, a quest based on Steven Universe. We are Joestar, an ancient human captured by the Gems of homeworld.collective game, steven universe2016-01-24 6 
May 2016
47437274Steven Universe RPG worldbuildingworldbuilding for a potential Steven Universe RPGSteven Universe, worldbuilding, rpg2016-05-25 -14 
January 2017
51111911/tg/ talks about Steven UniverseInteresting discussion regarding Steven Universe and the philosophy behind a cartoon for children. Also motherfucking STORYTIEM shows up.Steven universe, storytiem, autism2017-01-10 3 
1073443Gem Quest #6We deal with the monstrous sea urchin chasing us and settle in for dinner. Links to threads 1-5 are in the pastebin.Gem Quest, Kon-Tiki, Crystal Gems, Steven Universe, Cartoon Network, Collective Game2017-01-22 10 
February 2017
1128864Gem Quest #7A strange test through an obstacle course of sorts, to see if we are capable of handling missions.Gem Quest, Kon-Tiki, Steven Universe, Collective Game2017-02-10 6 
1176601Gem Quest #8A first real mission, to a gem warp hub.Gem Quest, Kon-Tiki, Steven Universe, Collective Game2017-02-26 5 
March 2017
1234799Gem Quest #9Lost in the Reedy Sea.Gem Quest, Steven Universe, Kon-Tiki, Collective Game2017-03-13 5 
1285054Gem Quest #10A fishing competition gets complicated with the use of a strange item.Gem Quest, Steven Universe, Kon-Tiki, Collective Game2017-03-30 4 
April 2017
1326235Gem Quest #10.5A special holiday chance to play as a Gem. A short thread, of getting to know the characters better.Gem Quest, Steven Universe, Kon-Tiki, Collective Game2017-04-11 2 
1379004Gem Quest #11Traveling to, and exploring inside an old gem structure.Gem Quest, Steven Universe, Kon-Tiki, Collective Game2017-04-29 3 
May 2017
1421938Gem Quest #11.5Continuing to explore the gem structure, and meeting a new personality.Gem Quest, Steven Universe, Kon-Tiki, Collective Game2017-05-12 3 
1466389Gem Quest #12Competing in a dodgeball tournament in town, when some unexpected participants throw off the balance.Gem Quest, Steven Universe, Kon-Tiki, Collective Game2017-05-28 2 
June 2017
1514772Gem Quest #13A first time mission involving everyone. Arriving at some gem complex within the giant trees of an ancient forest.Gem Quest, Steven Universe, Kon-Tiki, Collective Game2017-06-08 2 
July 2017
1596007Gem Quest #13.5A continuation of the group mission to the giant forest, and further exploring the gem ruins.Gem Quest, Steven Universe, Kon-Tiki, Collective Game2017-07-04 3 
1699269Gem Quest #13.999The conclusion of the group mission to the giant forest, and the showdown with the vine giant among the tree tops.Gem Quest, Steven Universe, Kon-Tiki, Collective Game2017-07-31 2 
October 2017
1881469Gem Quest #14A busy working day for Lee, however a new gem gift goes awry and causes trouble.Gem Quest, Steven Universe, Kon-Tiki, Collective Game2017-10-01 3 
1975761Gem Quest #15Strange plant growth takes over the lighthouse, but with the help of a new Gem the situation is approached as a team.Gem Quest, Steven Universe, Kon-Tiki, Collective Game2017-10-27 2 
November 2017
2024824Gem Quest #15.5Halloween special, trick or treating as Sarah but an ominous presence stalks us.Gem Quest, Steven Universe, Kon-Tiki, Collective Game2017-11-11 3 
July 2018
2716610Steven Universe: Rebel Ruby QuestA young homeworld Ruby abandons her home and crash lands on Earth in hopes of becoming a Crystal Gem. Steven Universe, DekuQM, Deku, Rebel Ruby2018-07-12 6 
2736881Rebel Ruby Quest #2: Ocean Gem, Mirror Gem, Homeworld GemSometime after joining The Crystal Gems, Ruby find a mysterious mirror Steven Universe, DekuQM, Deku, Rebel Ruby 2018-07-21 7 
2755879Rebel Ruby Quest #3: Training Daze and Family StaysAfter the incident with the mirror, Lapis and Ruby go on adventures before Ruby ends the thread with a victory against Garnet!Steven Universe, DekuQM, Deku, Rebel Ruby2018-07-31 5 
August 2018
2783107Rebel Ruby Quest #4.1 Killer FillerRuby and Lapis try to help Steven and the gems find some shards before finding the vacant kindergarten where Ruby makes a vowSteven Universe, DekuQM, Deku, Rebel Ruby2018-08-19 6 
September 2018
2866498Steven Universe: Rebel Ruby Quest Episode 5: Learn 2 FusionThe newly formed Tanzanite learns more about herself and her powers in an all out fusion free for all!Steven Universe, DekuQM, Deku, Rebel Ruby2018-09-16 5 
October 2018
2950264Steven Universe: Rebel Ruby Quest Special: Days of War Part 1In this thread we go back in time as Hessonite during the Gem warSteven Universe, DekuQM, Deku, Rebel Ruby2018-10-15 2 
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