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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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December 2011
17306195Robotnik Heavy Industries QuestIn which we are Dr. Ivo Robotnik, CEO of Robotnik Heavy Industries. We made a deal with Wily Corp, and had our surveyors attacked by the Mobian Rebels.collective game, Robotnik, megacorporations, megacorps2011-12-23 10 
17342328Robotnik Heavy Industries Quest pt 2In which we are Dr. Ivo Robotnik, CEO of Robotnik Heavy Industries. We try to reverse-engineer some Mushroom kingdom guns, trace thei origins to Vector, and spied a quarrel between Mario and Bowser.collective game, Robotnik, megacorporations, megacorps2011-12-27 6 
March 2012
18219208/tg/ MetaQuest Thread 67We scrap with a SUE version of Metal Sonic, Gondegal nearly gets ghostbusted, and we learn that Heat Man is one hot dude.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Stargate, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Editors, 8-bit Dystopia, Robotnik2012-03-06 10 
April 2013
24277441Robotnik Heavy Industries Quest thr.1A reboot of an old idea. We are Ivo Robotnik, reformed evil genius now running a company... but we still hate that blue fuzzball. Only now, we can't be that open, at least not in public. We set up a charity event, and make a partnership with Wily.Collective Game, Robotnik, Robotnik Heavy Industries2013-04-16 12 
24312760Robotnik Heavy Industries Quest 2Second thread.Collective Game, Robotnik, Robotnik Quest, Quest, Robotnik Heavy Industries2013-04-18 11 
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