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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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August 2009
5377552How did you get thrown out of the Vault?OP making a Fallout RPG requests reasons PC might have been banished from their Vault by the Overseer. Hilarity ensues.fallout, overseer, humour, door abortion, GOAT2009-08-08 7 
May 2015
39802793 KAIJU QUESTYou wake from your slumber, opening your eyes for the first time. KAIJU QUEST, KAIJU, QUEST, Overseer, Pacific Rim2015-05-07 5 
39970318Blue Mage Quest: Ascendance #0In which Raphael Volante begins his quest to reclaim the honor of his family.Collective Game, Blue Mage, Ascendance, Overseer, Quest, Blue Mage Quest2015-05-15 6 
October 2017
1917597Grippli Civ Quest #1Frogs in a swamp, what else is there to say?OverseerQM, Grippli Civ, Civ Quest2017-10-07 1 
April 2021
4711588MANAGER, HELP! Another Facility Management QuestYou are the Overseer. You must make PRODUCT. You also may have nuked yourself on the first shift. Overseer, Manager, Collective Game, Facility Management, Anomaly, Lobotomy Corporation, SS132021-04-23 13 
June 2021
4813203MANAGER, HELP! Thread #2In which video kills the radio star, our minions kick a fat lunatic to death, and the Overseer confronts Ben on his behavior.Overseer, Manager, Collective Game, Facility Management, Anomaly, Lobotomy Corporation, Alphabet Soup2021-06-12 7 
July 2021
4885508MANAGER, HELP! Thread #3In which a bright and dark cityscape is witnessed, then an old madman is haggled with, as the QM cannot post and thread is sparse.Overseer, Manager, Collective Game, Facility Management, Anomaly, Lobotomy Corporation, Alphabet Soup2021-07-29 5 
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