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April 2011
14435926Magical Girl StorytimeA GM recounts his group's military magical girls fighting a mysterious alien enemy in a magitech setting resembling that of the Nanoha series.magical girl, mahou shoujo, military, gm story, setting, storytime, magical girl lyrical nanoha, nanoha, magitech2011-04-02 7 
November 2012
21451889Lots of Interesting Hard Science Fantasy Setting IdeasArchmage Galileo Galilei invents the telescope, and immediately uses it for line-of-sight teleportation to the Moonsetting idea, alternate magic uses, magitech, hard science fantasy, science fantasy2012-11-06 5 
21469908Magic and Sciencewhy can't they just be friends? :( Interesting discussion, explanations on why settings can/can't have them reconcile one another.magic, science, magitech, science fantasy, derp2012-11-08 7 
May 2015
40015482Lost In Time Quest #5We finally return to Roanoke and draft up a truly awesome constitution.Lost In Time Quest, Time, Roanoke, Artemis, ArtemisQM, Collective Game, Time Travel, Fantasy, Magitech2015-05-17 5 
January 2017
1046009Magical Civilization QuestMerric Fellus and his fellow colonist land in the new world and create the settlement of America, and make a lot of new friends.Collective Game, Scholar Spruce, magic, Magical Civilization Quest, magitech2017-01-24 3 
February 2017
1085980Magical Civilization Quest #2The settlement of America continues to grow and natives continue to be annoying.Collective Game, Scholar Spruce, magic, Magical Civilization Quest, magitech2017-02-02 1 
1120993Magical Civilization Quest #3Merric Fellus and his fellow settlers fight off some natives and learn of some new threats to the settlement. Also, some adventuring is hadCollective Game, Scholar Spruce, magic, Magical Civilization Quest, magitech2017-02-13 1 
1159835Magical Civilization Quest #4Merric Fellus and his allies continue to face the hardship of the new world. They also receive some aid from across the sea.Collective Game, Scholar Spruce, magic, Magical Civilization Quest, magitech2017-02-22 1 
March 2017
1193173Magical Civilization Quest #5America's enemies make themselves known and launch their attacks on the settlement.Collective Game, Scholar Spruce, magic, Magical Civilization Quest, magitech2017-03-04 1 
1229310Magical Civilization Quest #6America continues to prosper while you take care of some left over Asheran's.Collective Game, Scholar Spruce, magic, Magical Civilization Quest, magitech2017-03-13 1 
1264079Magical Civilization Quest #7We meet some new faces one of which is our son.Collective Game, Scholar Spruce, magic, Magical Civilization Quest, magitech2017-03-23 1 
April 2017
1297755Magical Civilization quest #8We do a lot of fighting and find a cool egg.Collective game, Scholar Spruce, magic, Magical Civilization quest, magitech2017-04-04 1 
52736110Ancient Egyptian Cyberpunk Setting/tg/ makes a setting based off a mixture of ancient egyptian mythology, culture and magitech cyberpunk.worldbuilding, setting, cyberpunk, magitech, 2017-04-25 4 
May 2017
1398779Magical Civilization Quest #9After dealing with a little girl we go on an adventure.Collective Game, Scholar Spruce, magic, Magical Civilization Quest, magitech2017-05-06 1 
1476751Magical Civilization Quest #10You and Tiberius continue to investigate the beastcursed village and follow a bloody trail.Collective Game, Scholar Spruce, magic, Magical Civilization Quest, magitech2017-05-29 1 
August 2017
1720445Freelancer Quest 1In a world under siege, where magic and science are one, you and your fellow Freelancers are humanity's last defenders.Freelancer Quest, Collective Game, Skirmish, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Magitech, Mercenaries2017-08-08 1 
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