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Archived Threads

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October 2009
6286469Zendikar QuestAfter a prelimanry thread to see if there is interest. Yon plays a land and puts a counter on Zendikar Quest. Needs more Active PCs.quest, MtG, Magic the Gathering2009-10-15 1 
6327363Zendikar Quest Part 2The party gets into the ruins, encounters a baloth. Then, silence.quest, MtG, Magic the Gathering2009-10-18 0 
March 2010
8750225Power Rangers: The GatheringAnon posts a custom card of the Green Ranger. Other anons endeavor to make it better, and more comprehensive.Power Rangers, Magic the Gathering, Magic2010-03-24 2 
8777418MTG PlaneswalkersA question about the nature of players in Magic the Gathering leads to a deep, in depth discussion of fluff. Fascinating conjecture and theories abound.Magic the gathering2010-03-25 4 
April 2010
8925358MtG Homebrew ThreadSomeone posts a fantasy pic. Everyone makes a magic card using said pic, discusses, rinses and repeats. Fatguys have fun. Magic, Magic the Gathering, MtG, homebrew, MTG homebrew2010-04-02 0 
8945396MtG Homebrew Thread 2aPeople post fantasy pics and challenge each other to make cards out of them. Fatguys have fun (again).Magic, Magic the Gathering, MtG, homebrew, MTG homebrew2010-04-03 0 
8949457MtG Homebrew Thread 2bCardcrafting goes late into the morning. Magic, Magic the Gathering, MtG, homebrew, MTG homebrew2010-04-03 0 
9003633More Homebrew Magic Cards/tg/ makes even more custom magic cardsMagic, Magic the Gathering, MtG, homebrew, MTG homebrew2010-04-05 1 
9165149MtG homebrew thread againSomeone posts a fantasy pic. Everyone makes a magic card using said pic, discusses, rinses and repeats. Again.Magic, Magic the Gathering, MtG, homebrew, MTG homebrew2010-04-13 -2 
February 2012
18014742Space: The ConvergenceRefluffed Magic Cards in a Science fiction contextMagic The Gathering, Space, Science Fiction2012-02-20 8 
April 2012
18797027MtG: UnzippedOP suggests the idea of an intimate, playful custom MtG set. /tg/ gets shit done, and are surprisingly tasteful about it.MtG, Magic the Gathering, Unzipped, Homebrew2012-04-21 16 
November 2012
21777250Sixth Colour of Magic, PurpleWe have a rocky start, but we begin to get stuff done and refine the idea of purple mana as something more than a joke or a once thought of concept.MTG, magic the gathering, purple, tg does stuff2012-11-27 8 
21779795Sixth Colour of Magic, Purple 2Purple starts to take form as the color of dreams, deception, and triggered effects, dabbling lightly in things beyond time and space.MTG, magic the gathering, purple, tg does stuff2012-11-28 5 
January 2014
29376178MTG Chinese "Proxies" Cont.Chinese MTG Proxies DiscussionCounterfeit Magic The Gathering Discussion Chinese2014-01-08 0 
29758161Tinker, Tailor, Lion, SpySomeone on an MtG forum wants /tg/ to stop purchasing proxy cards. They responded.Magic the Gathering2014-01-24 66 
February 2015
38073634If Sarkhan hit the gym more often...Sarkhan Vol/ MTG pun threadSarkhan Vol, MTG, Magic the gathering, Pun2015-02-15 2 
June 2015
40521255Planeswalker Quest 0Darien Kells is a young man born in Innistrad who was born with the spark. Through a series of events, the spark is ignited and it sends him through the multiverse as a newly forged planeswalker. Collective Game, Magic the Gathering, Planeswalker Quest2015-06-10 3 
40536896Planeswalker Quest 1.5Darien escapes from the elves prison thanks to a beggar and is taken in as one of their own. Then a snail attacks. Collective Game, Magic the Gathering, Planeswalker Quest2015-06-11 3 
July 2016
367747Magic: Ravnica QuestThe players roll up a white equenaut who knocks up a dryad and betrays the church.Collective Game, Magic the Gathering, MtG, Ravnica2016-07-24 1 
August 2016
416587Magic: Ravnica Quest #2What could go wrong when you give sentience to an animal?Collective Game, Magic the Gathering, MtG, Ravnica2016-08-05 1 
September 2016
49321125Ramesh and Kumar Go To the Inventor's FairFun look at artifacts old and new with Kumar, inventor who keeps forgetting the off button, and Ramesh his long suffering roommate. Magic the Gathering, Kaladesh, Kumar, Ramesh, Artifacts, KUMAAARR, off button, funny2016-09-14 22 
November 2017
56231624Magic: The Gathering Investors get BTFOWho spends $20,000 on a children's trading card game?magic the gathering, wizards, investors, collectibles, reprints, card economy, bad investments, you made this bed now get fucked in it2017-11-08 3 
May 2018
59266224Planeforger IV: PheroxaWe rolled up a plane with dice, made a map, and created a post-phyrexian world with a twisted history that views yawgmoth more positively.Magic the Gathering, worldbuilding, Planeforger, MTG, art, phyrexia, yawgmoth, fluff, crunch2018-05-01 2 
August 2019
3703914Planeswalker /qst/ #1We recover our memories and discover we are a White Mana Planeswalker from Earth, who is being hunted by another.Planeswalker, Planeswalker /qst/, MTG, Magic the Gathering, Key, KeyQM2019-08-04 1 
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