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January 2014
29258357The King of Fighters CYOA Round 1: Creation and FormationWe begin the tale of Katja Hartkern, Kyokugen Karateka as the QM battles laziness, connection issues and sleep.SNK Collective_Game King_of_Fighters KoF_CYOA 2014-01-04 6 
29281776The King of Fighters Quest Round 2: Properly Formatted & Tagged EditionIn which Katja learns that Mr. Karate, crooked cops, poorly-translated scrolls and trippy dreams don't always mix.SNK, Collective_Game, King_of_Fighters, KoF_CYOA, 2014-01-05 6 
29325136 The King of Fighters Quest Round 3: Violent Fighting to Come AgainIn which Katja hangs out at the Pao Pao Cafe 2, makes some friends, takes a job as a Bouncer for a night and gets an epiphany while the QM starts WRITING.SNK, Collective_Game, King_of_Fighters, KoF_CYOA2014-01-07 6 
29377301 The King of Fighters Quest Round 4: The Infinite Match Never EndsKatja begins to train for the biggest Martial Arts Competition of her life while the QM battles to keep the quest going...SNK, Collective_Game, King_of_Fighters, KoF_CYOA2014-01-09 6 
29436442The King of Fighters Quest Round 5: The Infinite Match 2: Electric BoogalooKatja can't seem to catch a break as her personal misfortunes continue, recuperating her body in the hospital once again as her mind embarks on yet another Dream Sequence, all while her particiation in The Infinite Match hangs in the balance.SNK, Collective_Game, King_of_Fighters, KoF_CYOA2014-01-12 6 
29512178The King of Fighters Quest Round 6: The Infinite Match daws Near...Katja's unbelievably bad luck continues as she's locked in a race against time to get ready for the King of Fighters... But not before getting a job as a shop keeper for Lee Pai Long.SNK, Collective_Game, King_of_Fighters, KoF_CYOA2014-01-15 6 
29580936The King of Fighters Quest Round 7: Prelude to a Dream MatchKatja spends a night on the Town with Yuri, Robert, King, The Bogard Brothers and Mai as tempers flare, battles rage on and the passage of time seems to slow to a crawl...SNK, Collective_Game, King_of_Fighters, KoF_CYOA2014-01-17 6 
29604704The King of Fighters Quest Round 8: Prelude to a Dream Match ReduxKatja's bad luck seems to be infectous, as we find out that the Kyokugen Dojo got attacked while she was out partying the night before... However, Katja decides to take the day out, get an accupuncture session in and somehow ends up agreeing to pose for Shermie's swimwear catalogue, but not before confronting a dark part of her past.SNK, Collective_Game, King_of_Fighters, KoF_CYOA2014-01-20 6 
29683069The King of Fighters Quest Round 9: Fanservice Filler and "TRAINING!" EditionKatja questions her true motivation for competing in "The Infinite Match" and lets her paranoid delusions color her actions while she prepares for her photo shoot with the girls and looks to check into "The Imperial"... Also, the QM talks about recieving death-threats via Facebook and in no way derails the Quest.SNK, Collective_Game, King_of_Fighters, KoF_CYOA2014-01-22 6 
29775127The King of Fighters Quest Round 10: Getting Back on The HorseLife's a real Beach for Katja as she's overcome with a burning desire to fight Mai Shiranui over a few fliipant comments while on location at a photoshoot for a swimwear catalogue, which then quickly leads to an all-out Brawl Between her, the rest of "The New Gorgeous Team" (Fiona Graves & Tsuyako Horikawa) and newly Re-Electrified Shermie...SNK, Collective_Game, King_of_Fighters, KoF_CYOA2014-01-26 6 
29850166The King of Fighters CYOA Round 11: Forgetfullness and Shame EditionIn which the QM screws up the Title, the players go off on a side-quest with Fiona Graves & Tsuyako Horikawa while Katja sleeps off a boozy night and participation slows to a crawl... Could this truly be the end?SNK, Collective_Game, King_of_Fighters, KoF_CYOA2014-01-29 6 
February 2014
29923525The King of Fighters Quest Round 12: "What were we talking about again?" EditionKatja returns to Quest's spotlight and begins her (Possible) courtship with Shen Woo... By fighting him in a back alley. Also, the QM freaks out a little over the lack of particpants as time takes a toll on all involved...SNK, Collective_Game, King_of_Fighters, KoF_CYOA2014-02-01 6 
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