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February 2011
14000970Jurassic Park Quest 1We are Frank Porter, Maintenance Engineer working at Jurassic Park. We get sent to check out the Wind Turbine Compound because the turbines mysteriously went offline. As we arrive, we notice that the power to the fence is down, and something's dug under the fence...Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-02-26 23 
14049516Jurassic Park Quest 2We bring power to the fences back, but as we return to the barracks, we get into an accident with a dino, and Perkins dies. We then escape to the Maintenance Building, seal ourselves in, and find out the Head of Maintenance was pulling a Nedry. Except, he was stupid enough to mess with the T-Rex and raptor pens.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-02-27 12 
14062548Jurassic Park Quest 3The end of the last thread gets retconned, we head over to the water plant for our next job. Much to our surprise and terror we find the Rex having a drink at the water plant. After calling management and them sending two teams to deal with Rex we finally get in the plant, there we find the remains of a battle between a trio of park workers and a trio of raptors. Surprisingly by the time we get there it's down to one raptor and one tech guy holed up in a storage room with a shotgun.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-02-28 8 
14077853Jurassic Park Quest 4We tie up the knocked out raptor, indirectly cause the suicide of the water tech we saved, find a letter detailing that traitor Ryan's plan, and finally start to do our actual job of fixing stuff...by breaking a door down. (Pt. 3 not archived due to 4chan technical problems)Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-02-28 7 
March 2011
14090806Jurassic Park Quest 5We get Dispatch off our back for a bit, successfully hide all of our goodies in our car, and hand off the letter incriminating Ryan to one of the Security guys, who'll give it to Muldoon. Then Emanuel, the douche, turns us in to Dispatch for having the rocket launcher, and we have to give it up.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-03-01 6 
14101915Jurassic Park Quest 6We're given marching orders to fix the Windmill Turbines AGAIN, and meet an ornery triceratops on the road. We GTFO, and as it gains on us, Muldoon pulls a DYNAMIC ENTRY to tranq it. We then fight off three more raptors at the wind turbines with the help of another DRT, and Emanuel proves he's an idiot by leading our maintenance team into a raptor trap.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-03-02 5 
14114838Jurassic Park Quest 7We chew out Emanuel, finally find out the other guy's name (it's Juan), and call in another DRT when we find the entire turbine room infested with compys. During cleanup, we find evidence of the compys breeding, and inform Muldoon who turns out to be a real bro, and the Head of Security seems to also be on the take. Then, we get told that Geothermal is on fire, and we need to put it out.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-03-03 6 
14128324Jurassic Park Quest 8We get to Geothermal, and find evidence of sabotage, before an explosion blows it all away. On the up side, the fire is out. On the down side, emergency power all across the island is nearly out, and we need to get this fixed before the electric fences lose power.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-03-05 5 
14186506Jurassic Park Quest 9We report that Geothermal is lost and beyond repair. Oddly, we get a promotion and told to reactivate a mothballed hydroelectric plant. We run out of juice partway there, get a spare battery from the helipad, and get to the Aviary. Then we find out we got promoted, because the rest of Maintenance are on strike at the docks demanding to leave the island, and we're the only fools still working.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-03-09 6 
14199231Jurassic Park Quest 10We get to the abandoned hydroelectric plant, clear it out of compys, and find a dead maintenance worker who collected an arsenal. We fix the turbine, and still have to replace the main power conduit. Emanuel proves to be less of a douche this session.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-03-10 5 
14219292Jurassic Park quest 11We get the turbines up and running, catch some sleep, and wake up to find a bunch of new workers on the island and at least one hungry raptor in our room.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-03-13 7 
14241115Jurassic Quest 12The raptor and his two friends were taken care of, with two of them dying. A fire was sparked when a stray shot from the shotgun hit the gas generator. The DRT crew from the windmill came by to pick the surviving raptor up.Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park Quest, game, collective game2011-03-14 5 
14265014Jurassic Quest 13In which Porter and co leave the hydro station and discover some fishy activity at a nearby dock. Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, game, collective game2011-03-16 8 
14298778Jurassic Park Quest 14We tranq the Head of Security, who had opened fire with his AK. We successfully jump onto his boat, but it drifts away from the dock, and our attempts to throw a line fail.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-03-19 5 
April 2011
14440777Jurassic Park Quest 15We successfully gather evidence of the Head of Security trying to flee the island with the Park's secrets. Emanuel finally understands that Dispatch can't be relied upon. We bring the Head of Security in for questioning; he tries to bribe us, and turn the radio to transmit as he spills his guts.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-04-02 5 
14450105Jurassic Park quest 16In which we get meta as shit while interrogating Jason, and waste like 4 hours poking at a thermos.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-04-03 5 
14461216Jurassic Park QuestIn which go through our usual daily schedule: we chase down the Head of Security after he escapes, get into a tranq dart fight, and then belatedly remind Jason what seat belts are for, before being finally foiled by an asshole guard and the language barrier.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-04-03 6 
14535566Jurassic Quest 18We recover the embryos, hand them off to Dr. Wu, turn an attempted beatdown into a victory, and singlehandedly take down two velociraptors. Hopefully we'll run into our bros Emanuel and Juan again, and get news of Muldoon's fate, tomorrow.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-04-10 7 
14594950Jurassic Quest 19We team up with Muldoon and some DRTs to kill another couple of raptors, then meet the drunken, safety-impaired assholes that are our new roommates. Did our old roommates all get eaten by T. Rex?Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-04-14 7 
14647984Jurassic Park Quest 20We meet our new maintenance team, and find the New Yorker to be an insufferable ass, and none of them are taking the dangers of the Park seriously. We get on the road as an alarm goes out that the T-Rex is loose. On our way to our assignment, we save 2 workers from a dilo attack.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-04-19 5 
14659961Jurassic Quest 21We find out Dispatch is being watched, get fed up with Brooklyn's sass, arrive at our new assignment, and find out Aidan's keeping a baby fucking raptor holy jesus what's wrong with you.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-04-20 6 
14671285Jurassic Park Quest 22We fix the HVAC at the Inn, and find two teenage girls trying to steal a pair of compys by hiding it in their room. Their dad first tries to bribe us, then threatens us, all while we secretly held down Transmit on our radio. And then we flirted with the hotel receptionist and got her number.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-04-22 7 
14682605Jurassic Quest 23Shit's building to a head now. We get promoted to Head of Maintenance, reveal our weapons collection to our current team, and have to get on a muthafuckin' boat into the raptor cage.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-04-23 5 
14694774Jurassic Quest 24We proceed down the river, learn Brooklyn's name (It's Marshall), get jumped by a pack of raptors, and have to race to save Jacob's life after he tackles a raptor that got the drop on us.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-04-24 5 
14718610Jurassic Quest 25?We try to give Aidan a pep talk, arrive at the maintenance shed, and get attacked by Raptors before technical difficulties abort tonight's session.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-04-26 5 
14744156Jurassic Park Quest 26We successfully barricade ourselves inside of the maintenance shed. We find that the computer has a BSOD, and needs a reboot. Of course, that shuts the power off for the electrified bars protecting the windows. As Dispatch tries to find the authentication key for the software we need to reinstall, the raptors bust up the skylight and are trying to get through the mesh between us and them.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-04-28 11 
September 2011
16296195Jurassic Park Quest 27And we're back! Dispatch finally gets us the CD key, and we bring security online. Despite raptor ambushes, we make it back to the boat in one piece.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, Collective Game2011-09-14 15 
16306459Jurassic Park Quest 28We make it out of the Raptor Pen without any more raptor attacks. Then Marshall gets swarmed by compys and we drag his unconscious ass back to the boat.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, Collective Game2011-09-15 10 
16354438Jurassic Quest 29We get Jacob safely to the helipad, get that asshole family from Iguanadon Inn carted off by security, and get some well-deserved rest.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-09-19 8 
16376607Jurassic Quest: IntermissionThree months pass, we roll to see what gets accomplished by Frank Porter, newly-minted Maintenance head of Jurassic ParkJurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-09-21 6 
16388621Jurassic Quest 30We assemble a team to investigate ruined cameras, and find evidence of cameras, as well as a Russian woman.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-09-22 6 
16409380Jurassic Quest 31ECW briefly gets discouraged by a low turnout, we find out the Russian girl's insidious plan to go for a drunken marine skinny dip, and we get mysterious news from our repair crews.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-09-24 6 
16443417Jurassic Quest 32We arrive at the last known location of the missing repair crew to find them KO'd and tied up in a bathroom. How suspicious.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-09-27 8 
16477045Jurassic Quest 33Short one today. We uncover bodies of the rest of the team, Dispatch continues to be useless and dismissive. We may have a serious problem.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-09-30 12 
October 2011
16508835Jurassic Park Quest 34We find two suspicious men trying to use a Maintenance access. They try to bluff us, saying they'll call the Maintenance Head. We tell them we ARE the Maintenance Head. We knock them out, and get ready to go CIA on them.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-10-03 6 
16519686Jurassic Park Quest 35Our crew proves to have weak stomachs and firm morals as they take issue to our desire to waterboard the intruders, so we hand them off to Security. We're fixing cameras when our men come under attack, we find the Emergency Bunker breached, and ecoterrorists on the loose. Frank Porter is now officially pissed. No more Mr. Nice Guy, no prisoners, and we're all outta bubblegum.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, Collective Game2011-10-04 6 
16560192Jurassic Park Quest 36Frank Porter is mad as Hell, and isn't going to take it anymore. We take 5 eco-terrorists prisoner, then channel the worst of the GRU as we beat one with a crowbar, and leave the others to be eaten alive by dinos.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-10-08 7 
16592188Jurassic Park Quest 37Frank Porter and his posse head towards the Desalination Plant for more firepower, but meet a Security roadblock. We borrow their radio and chat with Muldoon.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-10-11 5 
16666292Jurassic Park Quest 38We get to the Desalination Plant, only to find that InGen has been cheap as always and only enough weapons for the two water techs there. The activists have turned off power to the fences and unlocked the gates, and Porter knows it's only a matter of time before the raptors get loose.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-10-18 6 
16735271Jurassic Park Quest 39We arrive at the Safari Lodge, and get together with Muldoon and the Head of Security. Frank Porter shows how good of an interrogator he became by watching movies, and the three Department Heads formulate a plan to take back the command bunker from the animal rights activists.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, collective game2011-10-25 6 
November 2011
16884550Jurassic Park Quest 40Final Episode. Frank Porter, along with Muldoon and Edward the Head of Security, enact their plan to smoke out the activists holed up in the Emergency Bunker. The activists are defeated, the raptors are tranqed and put back in their pen, and Jurassic Park is saved.Jurassic Park Quest, Jurassic Park, quest, Collective Game2011-11-08 13 
January 2015
37097037Jurassic Park Quest: Site B BluesA day in the life of Jurassic Park's Site B.Jurassic Park Quest Site B Blues, Jurassic Park, Collective Game2015-01-01 7 
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