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Archived Threads

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February 2009
359916140K MusicalsWhat musical theatre would be approved for general release by the inquisition? /tg/ explores such old Broadway hits as "Springtime for Horus" and "Mekboy on da Roof".Musicals, 40k, Springtime for Horus, Mekboy on da Roof2009-02-03 10 
November 2009
6882277Orkhammer Many Lotz: Da 'Orork 'EresyThe epic tale of the Emperok and his Primeorkz and the war among them that tore apart the Orkperium.Orks, Horus Heresy, Orkhammer2009-11-26 3 
April 2010
8904549LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 6Isstvan V, the glassing of Rachnus' homeworld, and the capture of Tialoc.RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, ISSTVAN V, SKY SERPENTS, TIALOC, ALPHARIUS, HORUS HERESY2010-04-01 5 
9251334Commissar RangersA thread about what would happen if Horus came back to fight Terra turns into a discussion about the Chaos-Stomping Commissar Rangers and their fights with Chaos.Commissar, Power Rangers, Horus Heresy, What if,2010-04-17 18 
June 2010
10757102Feral World ReligionSome things got lost in translation... or not.Feral world, 40k, sororitas, salamanders, space marines, horus heresy2010-06-26 38 
September 2010
12261962Who was there when Horus slew the Emperor?Strangely, more than quite a few.horus emperor 40k spartacus humor2010-09-29 20 
February 2012
17830158Horus RevolutionAn alternate universe 40k. Horus is the one on the Golden Throne, barely alive, as the Legions won the war and took Terra. Those who remained loyal to the Emperor must now survive as rebels in the Webway. 40k, alternate universe, Golden Throne, Horus Revolution, Warhammer 40,000, Webway2012-02-06 10 
September 2012
2069291440k - The End DaysA Writefag pens his thoughts on the End of the Imperium as we know itwritefaggotry, 40k, End Times, Horus, The Emperor2012-09-12 12 
2072427040k End Times- Part 2The honorable Writefag wat continues his tale of the End of the Imperium as we know it.writefaggotry, 40k, End Times, Horus, The Emperor2012-09-14 3 
June 2013
25532089Music of the Spheres/tg/ invents the Chorus, a race of sapient metal orbs who manipulate magnetism and communicate via Simon beeps.Chorus, race, ideas, magnets, magnetism, metal2013-06-19 22 
25559303Chorus Fluff 2A continuation of the previous Chorus threadChorus, race, ideas, magnets, magnetism, metal2013-06-21 3 
August 2014
34432982/tg/'s Alternate Horus HeresyAfter a thread wherein /tg/ creates custom Astartes legions,we flesh out the fluff and see hwo the Heresy would have went.Warhammer 40k, space marines, horus heresy2014-08-27 -1 
34442576The /tg/ Heresy 2: Astartes BoogalooA continuation of the /tg/ AU Horus Heresy thread.Warhammer 40k, space marines, horus heresy2014-08-27 -2 
34449065 The /tg/ Heresy 3: The Fires of BetrayalA continuation of /tg/'s Alternate Universe 40KWarhammer 40k, space marines, horus heresy2014-08-27 -2 
34456843/tg/'s Heresy 4 - Galaxy in FlamesContinuing the fluff of the /tg/ AU Heresy.Warhammer 40k, space marines, horus heresy2014-08-28 -2 
34462842The /tg/ Heresy 5: "Everyone keeps forgetting about the Stone Men" EditionThe Hektor Heresy marches on, /tg/ does their best to keep up.Warhammer 40k, space marines, horus heresy2014-08-28 0 
34467475The /tg/ Heresy 6: Extra Heretical EditionAnother continuation of /tg/'s AU HeresyWarhammer 40k, space marines, horus heresy2014-08-28 -2 
34475912 The /tg/ Heresy 7: Second Founding EditionThis is the /tg/ Heresy. Its continuing mission: to seek out new legions, new chapters, to boldly go where no space marine has gone before!Warhammer 40k, space marines, horus heresy2014-08-29 -2 
34483744The /tg/ Heresy 8: Primarchs:The FluffeningFinish your Primarchs and Legion fluff. Worry about battles and founding/successor chapters AFTER you have a legion fluffed out for people to actually pick from. /tg/ gets shit done. Don't muck about now.Warhammer 40k, space marines, horus heresy2014-08-29 -2 
34493818The /tg/ Heresy 9: "....and we have become exceedingly efficient at it" EditionWe are getting shit done right now, currently fluffing up our primarchs and their legions as well as mapping out the major battles during the Heresy. Also some Second Founding stuff, but no-one really cares about that.Warhammer 40k, space marines, horus heresy2014-08-29 -2 
November 2015
43639717Be a Terran marine...A discussion about poor fate of Terran marines devolves into awsomesauce-flavoured "what if Angron died on Nuceria?"Angron, Kharn, HH, Horus Heresy, Legions, Space Wolves, Space Marines, What If2015-11-15 10 
June 2017
53718973Warmasters Triumvirate XIVThe 14th of the /w3/ AuAlternative Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k2017-06-12 1 
53638765Warmasters Triumvirate XIVThe 14th of the /w3/ AuAlternative Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k2017-06-12 0 
53793082Warmasters Triumvirate XVIThe 16th of the /w3/ threadsAlternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k2017-06-18 2 
53874593Warmasters' Triumvirate XVIIThe Thread Where Somebody Forgot The ApostropheAlternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate2017-06-21 2 
53944330Warmasters' Triumvirate XVIII The Thread where we finally beheld Raj's glorious visage Alternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate2017-06-27 2 
July 2017
54036165Warmasters' Triumvirate XIXNew names for the Ist Legion, Lambach got a face, loads of writefagging and a new anon for the XIth legion.Alternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate2017-07-03 3 
54130764Warmasters Triumvirate XXYet another thread of /w3/40k, Horus Heresy, Alternate Universe2017-07-12 2 
54280118Warmasters' Triumvirate XXICharacters got introduced, timelines got hashed out and someone even got a waifu in there.Alternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate2017-07-18 2 
54376470Warmasters' Triumvirate XXIILoads of discussion relating to the use of xenos slaves by the Imperium and Separatists. Alternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate2017-07-25 2 
August 2017
54506699Warmasters' Triumvirate XXIIILoads of write-ups, and the first attempts to move beyond the BrotherwarAlternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate2017-08-01 2 
54639397Warmasters' Triumvirate XXIV The Ogre Legion are replaced by the Corsairs Gallant and we lay eyes on the faces of both Einchurt and ZelbezisAlternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate2017-08-09 2 
54788355Warmasters' Triumvirate XXVPrimarch busts, logos, and special units. Also plenty of writefagging and discussion on Hashut, the Emperor and the Siege of Terra.Alternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate2017-08-18 1 
54933349Warmasters' Triumvirate XXVIThe Sothanids, a contest among Marines called "The Great Joust" and Elsu's relationship with his brothers all get some work done on them.Alternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate2017-08-25 1 
September 2017
55048815Warmasters' Triumvirate XXVIIWe get to see more faces, we make terrible movie references and we pick up the slack on the Soaring Host and Emperor's DragoonsAlternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate, WT, W3, AU2017-09-03 2 
55195803Warmasters' Triumvirate XXVIIITwo anons come two blows, and Frederic and the Dragoons are brought up to snuff after a new anon picks them up. Alternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate, WT, W3, AU2017-09-10 3 
55312395Warmasters Triumvirate XXIXIn which more primarch faces are unveiled and work continues on pinning down what happens after the Brotherwar Alternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate2017-09-21 2 
October 2017
55623873Warmasters Triumvirate XXXIThe last regular thread.Alternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate, WT, W3, AU2017-10-02 1 
55905374Warmasters Triumvirate XXXIIThe first of the bi-weekly threads plays host to discussion about crusades (of Black, Iron and Golden varieties)along with some writingAlternate Universe, Horus Heresy, 40k, Warmasters Triumverate2017-10-22 2 
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