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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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November 2014
35976464Disney Villains VictoriousA 'Your next campaign' thread turns into full-on worldbuilding of a setting where the villains of Disney movies won.Disney, Villains, Victorious, Worldbuilding, Scar, Grimhilde, Maleficent, Hans, Jafar, Facilier2014-11-06 45 
36045537Disney Villains Victorious: VIThe sixth thread, in which we discuss skills and traits and heroesDisney, Disney villains, worldbuilding, brainstorming, setting, homebrew, heroes, fluff, crunch, game design, Scar, Grimhilde, Maleficent, Horned King, Jafar, Facilier2014-11-08 14 
October 2015
43357730Crusader Quest 38Mathilde resolves the conspiracy in RamlaCrusader Quest, Deus Vult, Mathilde, HistoricalFiction,2015-10-30 13 
November 2015
43563767Soul Calibur Quest #1We choose our protagonist, and learn that Tira ain't right in the head.Collective Game, Soul Calibur Quest, Soul Master, Soul Calibur, Soul Edge, Soul Series, Edgar, Hilde, Tira2015-11-10 5 
January 2016
45119754Crusader Quest part 44Mathilde is introduced to JerusalemCollective Game, Crusader Quest, Deus Vult, Mathilde, HistoricalFiction,2016-01-31 11 
February 2016
45166151Crusader Quest part 45Mathilde conspires in Jerusalem on her brother's behalfCollective Game, Crusader Quest, Deus Vult, Mathilde, HistoricalFiction,2016-02-02 12 
March 2016
46210187Crusader Quest part 46Hugo's TrialCollective Game, Crusader Quest, Deus Vult, Mathilde, HistoricalFiction2016-03-24 13 
46276584Crusader Quest part 47The march to Ascalon beginsCollective Game, Crusader Quest, Deus Vult, Mathilde, Wilhelm, HistoricalFiction2016-03-27 12 
July 2016
48376198Crusader Quest part 51We fend off a saracen sally but not without losses while Mathilde shares a tender moment with EliasCollective Game, Crusader Quest, Deus Vult, Wilhelm, Mathilde, HistoricalFiction,2016-07-21 13 
August 2016
48575109Crusader Quest part 53The politics of the camp demand attentionCollective Game, Crusader Quest, Deus Vult, Wilhelm, Mathilde, HistoricalFiction,2016-08-02 13 
48816723Crusader Quest part 55Hugo seeks advice about his situationCollective Game, Crusader Quest, Deus Vult, Hugo, Mathilde, HistoricalFiction,2016-08-16 13 
49047174Crusader Quest part 56The Walls of Ascalon are capturedCollective Game, Crusader Quest, Deus Vult, Wilhelm, Mathilde, HistoricalFiction,2016-08-29 14 
September 2016
49172151Crusader Quest: The EndOur story draws to a close.Collective Game, Crusader Quest, Deus Vult, Wilhelm, Mathilde, Hugo, HistoricalFiction,2016-09-05 26 
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