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June 2014
33006826Gundam Wing Quest 0: Operation MeteorThe tale of Heero Yui Begins anew, the true operation meteor begins and we laugh at the face of outright destruction.GardenMaster-NORG, Collective Game, Gundam Wing Quest, Gundam, Alternate Universe2014-06-26 6 
33055989Gundam Wing Quest 01: Five Gundams Confirmed Part 1Our tale of devastation continues, and Lake vitoria is no more. Collective Game, Gundam Wing Quest, GardenMaster-NORG, Gundam, Mecha, Alternate Universe 2014-06-28 5 
July 2014
33155447Gundam Wing Quest 01-2: Five Gundams ConfirmedHeero Encounters Treize's gundam and unlocks his Newtype Powers. Gundam Wing Quest, Collective Game, GardenMaster-NORG, Gundam, Mecha, Alternate Universe2014-07-03 2 
33169911Gundam Wing Quest 02: Sonata of WarThe Gundam Pilots Meet up finally, KRIEG is founded and Dekim schemes his schemes.Gundam Wing Quest, Gundam, Collective Game, GardenMaster-NORG, Alternate Universe2014-07-04 3 
33214746Gundam Wing Quest 03: The Sword of DamocleThe Sword Falls upon Deikm and War is DeclaredGundam Wing Quest, GardenMaster-NORG, Gundam, Alternate Universe, Mecha 2014-07-06 5 
33303103Gundam Wing Quest 04: The Sanc Kingdom BurnsThe Sanc Kingdom Bunrs to nothingness and a pandora's box maybe opened. Collective Game, Gundam Wing Quest, GardenMaster-NORG, Gundam, Mecha, Alternate Universe 2014-07-10 4 
33348127Gundam Wing Quest 05: The Count of WrathZechs Succumbs to Wrath, Une Joines Krieg and Wing Zero Ascends.Gundam Wing Quest, GardenMaster-NORG, Collective Game, Gundam, Alternate Universe,2014-07-12 4 
33479047Gundam Wing Quest 06: The Devil EpyonTreize Unleashes his personal gundam The EpyonGardenMaster-NORG, Collective Game, Gundam Wing Quest, Mecha, Sci-FI ,Gundam, Alternate Universe2014-07-17 3 
33503541Gundam Wing Quest 06-2: The Demon EpyonHeero Recovers from his time in the Gundam-00 Universe, Treize Calls us out and Zech's pulls a Char.Gundam Wing Quest, Collective Game, Gundam, GardenMaster-NORG, Alternate Universe, Crossover, Sci-Fi, Mecha 2014-07-18 5 
August 2014
33972395Gundam Wing Quest 07: Battle Station LibraThe Meteor Wars continue to Escalate in Earth and Space while KRIEG prepares themselves for the battles to comeGundam Wing Quest, Collective Game, GardenMaster-NORG, KRIEG, Gundam, Crossover, Mecha, Sci-FI, 2014-08-07 6 
September 2014
35207726Gundam Wing Quest 08.5Trans Dimensional Battle Station LibraHeero and KRIEG Venture to the Future Century, Hearts are broken and the march of Krieg continues.Gundam_Wing_Quest, GardenMaster-NORG, Collective_Game, Gundam, Krieg, Alternate Universe, Mecha2014-09-29 6 
March 2015
38548415Gundam Wing Quest 09: The Multiverse NexusHeero and Krieg now stand upon the precipice of various worlds, Upgrades and plans are made and soon the drums of war beat again.Gundam Wing Quest, Collective Game, GardenMaster-NORG, Mecha, Gundam, Alternate Universe, KRIEG2015-03-07 3 
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