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October 2011
16511689Fire and Ice QuestGame of Song of Fire and Ice gets started then OP drops it off to be picked up by another poster Fire and Ice Quest, Collective Game 2011-10-04 13 
16525254Song of Fire and Ice P3StrongCock starts to consolidate their hold, crazy shenanigans start happening Song of Fire and Ice Quest, Collective Game, Strongcock Quest 2011-10-05 8 
16534349Song of Fire and Ice P4Durian finally arrives, hunt goes wrong, crazy shenanigans Song of Fire and Ice Quest, Collective Game, Strongcock Quest 2011-10-06 8 
16542494Song of Fire and Ice Quest P5Song of Fire and Ice quest P4 Edyth gets married to DurianSong of Fire and Ice Quest,Stroncock quest, Collective Game2011-10-07 8 
16572797Song of Fire and Ice P6Song of Fire and Ice, discovered who was behind the plot of bandits, then watched as Stark DISPENSED JUSTICESong of Fire and Ice Quest, Strongcock Quest, Collective game2011-10-10 7 
16594675Song of Fire and Ice P7Song of Fire and Ice, found a mercenary camp set out to fight you, paid by an unknown benefactorSong of fire and Ice quest, Strongcock quest, collective Game2011-10-12 8 
16616021Song of Fire and Ice P8Coal mine was finished and quarry has been enlarged, Merwyn needs supplies to help CalumSong of fire and Ice quest, Strongcock quest, collective Game2011-10-13 6 
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