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October 2013
27791520EDEN City Blues Quest : PilotYou're ex-military in a cyperpunk world. Thankfully, a strange man gave you an invite to... something.Collective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-10-17 7 
27828326EDEN City Blues Quest IIWe get our head checked and cash in a prescription for ten times extraCollective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-10-20 3 
27881675EDEN City Blues Quest IIIInvestigations lead to a high end sex simulation, and a commotion in Afterlife.Collective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-10-23 3 
27915809EDEN City Blues Quest IVWe hatch some spiders and go exploring for leads.Collective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-10-24 5 
28004969EDEN City Blues Quest VAn Interlude with EVECollective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-10-30 6 
28036565EDEN City Blues Quest VIHalloween SpecialCollective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-10-31 6 
November 2013
28124346EDEN City Blues Quest VIIAn rare offer is given.Collective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-11-06 5 
28156861EDEN City Blues Quest VIIIWe make a choice, and get in a fight.Collective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-11-07 3 
28249728EDEN City Blues Quest IXWe meet Chai and rodents of unusual sizes.Collective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-11-13 5 
28286521EDEN City Blues Quest XWe present our caseCollective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-11-15 3 
28417071EDEN City Blues Quest XIInterlude with EVECollective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-11-21 2 
December 2013
28865071EDEN City Blues Quest XIIJail Break...?Collective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-12-15 1 
28928033EDEN City Blues Quest XIIICityboarding 101Collective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-12-17 1 
28973294EDEN City Blues Quest XIVA short interlude with ChaseCollective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-12-20 -1 
29129622EDEN City Blues Quest XVWelcome Terram Novum, goodbye EDENCollective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk2013-12-28 0 
29174836EDEN Quest A New Earth XVIName change, short fight progressionCollective Game, EDEN City Blues Quest, cyberpunk, EDEN Quest2013-12-31 0 
June 2014
32693636Refugees from Hellanon tells of their game where a gate to hell opens and Demonic Asylum Seekers swarm Sweden. /tg/ discusses this humanitarian crisis.Setting, Sweden, Demons2014-06-10 11 
December 2015
44454326Land of Eden Quest - 1A failed suicide attempt, vampires, and moreCollective Game, Land of Eden, Vampire2015-12-30 2 
February 2017
1164279European Dragon Quest 52In this episode we go into Civ Mode, deal with our dad Jorund, and talk to the American embassy with Patrick the Minotaur.QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest, Cold War, Civilization, Sweden2017-02-21 1 
December 2019
3950900 Dovahkiin of Earth IXAsia goes to Heaven, and meets some of the new angels. A celebration in held, and the girls have fun at the garden of Eden.Highschool DxD, Dragonborn, Nun, Angels, Heaven, Eden, Tag!2019-12-15 1 
December 2020
4527603Tribes RP quest Ch. 3Old conflicts around the globe reached their conclusions while mild one started to grow and spread to previously unnaffected tribes.QM2, civilization, civ, rock age, bronze age, neolithic, nomad, sedentary, civil war 2020-12-08 10 
January 2021
4563548Tribes RP quest Ch. 4The conflicts remain, with the fishmen civil war preparing for it's major battle yet with the unexpected arrival of the tengu to aid a sideQM2, civilization, civ, rock age, bronze age, neolithic, nomad, sedentary, civil war2021-01-09 10 
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