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September 2009
5978922Items Cursed with FuOHDEARGOD/tg/ inadvertently creates the most horrifying cursed item imaginable. Bricks were shat, /d/ was pleasedcursed items, womb dagger, ultimate horror, what the fuck, what is this i don't even2009-09-23 39 
October 2010
12594559Chick World The Real ThreadBecause the other guy screwed up the archiving.Jack Chick, Call of Cthulu, Don't Rest Your Head2010-10-28 13 
January 2011
13539370/tg/ adult dating adds98/F/Underdark Looking for male slave willing to submit to my every whim and call. Have cloak, will travel.adds, d&d, what is this I don't even2011-01-16 2 
March 2011
14309619Don't Rest Your Head Immersion DiscussionOP asks /tg/ for advice on props/setup for DRYHDRYH, Don't Rest Your Head, Props, Immersion, Creepy, 2011-03-21 12 
14394648DRYH DMing tipsA DM goes above and beyond to bring the creepiest game of Don't Rest Your Head on record to his players.Don't Rest Your Head, DRYH, The Doctor, DM2011-03-28 23 
September 2011
16437774Don't Rest Your Head ThreadWe don't have enough of these. Roll up an Insomniac, /tg/.Don't Rest Your Head, DRYH2011-09-27 1 
May 2012
19131158Chinaman Quest17 year old Chinese kid arrives in America. /tg/ doesn't want any trouble. Collective Game, Chinaman, Don't want no trouble, Jackie Chan, Martial Arts2012-05-17 27 
19143286Chinaman Quest #2Continuing adventures of Louie the ChinamanCollective Game, Chinaman, Don't want no trouble, Jackie Chan, Martial Arts, barbarians2012-05-18 22 
19228305Chinaman Quest IIIIn which rednecks are battled, a new weapon is acquired, and a new mission is begunChinaman, Quest, Weaboo, Don't Want No Trouble2012-05-26 16 
19281105Zerg Quest LXXXVIIIbWe throw Kerrigan a parade. It's everything our little sister could have wanted. Also, Defensebrate is nearly murdered.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Collective Game, Starcraft, Oh shit, I love a parade!, dice don't fail me now, Tassadar2012-05-29 11 
August 2012
20238057A /tg/ MomentComputer advice, /tg/ style/tg/ moment, mispost, The Machine Spirits don't know how to feel2012-08-08 10 
October 2012
21271988/tg/ Gets a CakeAnon posts pic of cake they decorated for us, thread becomes pile of awesome recipes.cooking, don't need other boards, shit gets done, cake, cookies, scroll addiction, perfect roast2012-10-26 6 
May 2013
25061124Mahou Shounen Quest 198Take the kids to the Doctor to try and figure things out. Collective Game, Butler, Mahou Shounen Quest, quest, Landing Gear, don't cross the streams2013-05-26 4 
July 2013
25763912Magical Power Armor/tg/ rationalizes the existence of magical power armorpower armor, magic, worldbuilding, magic, wizards, don't gotta explain shit2013-07-02 3 
September 2013
27350417Post Apoc Hivemind Mutant Civ Quest Part 12Explosive sides edition. We fix the hivemind problem.Collective Game, Mutants, Civ Quest, Hivemind, WhatisthisIdon'teven2013-09-22 5 
October 2013
27607884RuneQuest kicks all kinds of assA pitiful attempt at trolling backfires, and /tg/ ends up talking about how awesome RuneQuest is.glorantha, discussion, Glorantha, RuneQuest, don't fuck with the ducks, King of Dragon Pass, king of dragon pass2013-10-07 5 
January 2014
29811326Girls Und Panzer: LGA Quest #--Holy shit what the hell is going on this is a crazyass dreamCollective Game, Girls Und Panzer: LGA Quest, Tanks, Don't, Lose, Your, Way2014-01-27 20 
29866589Princess Gaurd Quest: Pringles EditionA new take on the quest. This time we are a Knight guarding a very special can of pringles.Princess Guard Quest Pringles Edition, Collective Game, Pringles, Don't Pop The Top2014-01-29 40 
March 2014
30982807Girls Und Panzer: LGA Quest #---fuck i should not be QMing i'm so tired so sleepyCollective Game, Girls Und Panzer: LGA Quest, Tanks, Don't, Lose, Your, Way, NUDIST, BEACH2014-03-22 12 
April 2014
31553537Gnolls, how do they even work?In which a DM responds to a player's request to fuck a Gnoll female, which turns into a discussion of the ethical and social impacts of Gnolls on societyGnoll, Furry, Sex, Anatomy, National Geographic, What is this, I don't even, DM, Urethradicks2014-04-18 7 
June 2014
33062572Don't Zap to the extreme OP: Hail /tg/, I bring you something my friend and I have created for the CWC forums - a DRYH-style horror game that is set in CWCville, with pcs being the citizens who have become aware that something is wrong with the city.oc, cwc, sonichu, chris-chan, DRYH, don't rest your head2014-06-28 5 
October 2014
35586462Space Pirate Naga Quest 15Our fearless captain bravely runs away from her unkillable nemesis and toys with ancient sciences that should probably never be touched and makes everyone else uncomfortable.Space Pirate Naga Quest, Collective Game, Space Pirate, Naga, Mechs, Ruin Looting, Lamias are just the worst, Don't think about dirty things while broadcasting your mind to the entire ship2014-10-17 6 
July 2015
41028238Age of Sigmar and-oh fuck me.You still have not learned and I am ashamed.The whole reason I stopped coming to /tg/ was because for all your self-aggrandizing shit like this happens, that's why I shitpost on the archives, coming out of retirement, I haven't done thsi since 2013 so I don't know who this other faggot is, please learn to recognize shitposting and how the report function works, it takes two seconds of your time, consider developing a better policy on quest threads and CYOAs too, thanks, sincerly LWYS, XOXO2015-07-05 -20 
41288310Weekend Smut Thread The best thread on /tg/!Smut, Lewd, You don't even need other boards!2015-07-17 -8 
March 2016
46356597Leaf Ninja Quest #78In This Thread: We beat Kabuto, and then anons decide to trust a backstabbing snake for some reason.Collective Game, Leaf Ninja Quest, Huh?, I don't get it2016-03-30 12 
January 2017
1088225European Dragon Quest 49In this installment of EDQ, we start a rebellion against Vlad Tepes and get our new behemoth to help us.European Dragon Quest, Does Anybody Read the Tags, Why Don't I have More Players?, Is there a god?, Collective Game, QuestingQM,2017-01-31 1 
May 2018
59871442Modern ByzantiumAnons consider the possibility and implications of the Byzantine Empire surviving the 1400s.alternate history, byzantine empire, roman empire, what if, /his/, don't need other boards2018-05-23 6 
July 2019
67231534COBRAAAAAAAA!/tg/ talks about G.I. Joe, Cobra, how to bring them to the tabletop, and a bit of Transformers.g.i. joe, cobra, transformers, cartoon action hour, don't even need other boards2019-07-16 5 
November 2019
3877022Panzer Commander Quest #54Richter arrives back to his comrades. There have been several developments to say the least.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, there were battles but you don't get to have been a part of them faggot haha2019-11-04 1 
February 2020
4041688STAR WARS - Interregnum #2Farren embarks to the planet of Kakarit in the hopes of finding missing Jedi. But there is something dark that calls from the jungle depths.Collective Game, Star Wars Interregnum, Star Wars, Kaz, Space Vietnam, Don't Eat the Fruit, Unexpected Friends, Reworked Porgs, Force Mommy2020-02-13 22 
September 2021
4957209HELP WANTED! Yet Another Facility Management QuestYou're an amnesiac administrator tasked with running one of P-Company's latest facilities. Only coffee is keeping you sane.Administrator, Collective Game, Lobotomy Corporation, Fan Quest, Please don't sue me HeartQM, Coffee Addiction 2021-09-21 8 
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