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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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April 2013
24116667Shadow Quest 1The quest begins. The shadow seeks lost memories and battles a mighty dragon.Collective Game,shadow,quest,1,dragon2013-04-08 73 
24135923Shadow Quest 2The shadow arrives in Jacob's Field and meets Abigail. The town is assaulted by undead.Collective Game,shadow,quest,2,Abigail,Donovan2013-04-09 36 
24155743Shadow Quest 3The shadow seeks out Sir Flint.Collective Game,shadow,quest,3,Flint,Abigail2013-04-09 35 
24195585Shadow Quest 4The shadow, Sir Flint, and Joey investigate the keep. Battle commences.Collective Game,shadow,quest,4,Flint,Joey,master2013-04-12 29 
24213045Shadow Quest 5With the Sun Key secure, Flint, Joey, and the Shadow continue to explore the keep...Collective Game,shadow,quest,5,Flint,Joey,master2013-04-13 26 
24244313Shadow Quest 6The adventure through the Old Forest Keep comes to a conclusion...Collective Game,shadow,quest,6,Flint,Joey,master2013-04-15 26 
24254030Shadow Quest 6 Part IIA brief continuation of thread 6.Collective Game,shadow,quest,6,part,2,Flint,Joey,master2013-04-15 25 
24284602Shadow Quest 7The shadow's return from the keep is darkened by events in town...Collective Game,shadow,quest,7,master2013-04-16 29 
24306058Shadow Quest 8The battle for Jacob's Field rages on.Collective Game,shadow,quest,8,master2013-04-18 25 
24327885Shadow Quest 9Shadow and Sir Flint reach Evinbrook and meet Lord Vellik.Collective Game,shadow,quest,9,master2013-04-19 25 
24366615Shadow Quest 10The Shadow plays a game of stones with Duke Vellik.Collective Game,shadow,quest,10,master2013-04-21 27 
24387908Shadow Quest 11Duke Vellik hears the Shadow's final word on his offer. But things don't go as planned...Collective Game,shadow,quest,11,master2013-04-22 56 
24422630Shadow Quest 12The airship makes a landing.Collective Game,shadow,quest,12,master2013-04-23 25 
24426897Shadow Quest 12 Part IISupersonic.Collective Game,shadow,quest,12,master,part,2,II2013-04-24 27 
24445057Shadow Quest 13The shadow arrives back in Jacob's Field.Collective Game,shadow,quest,13,master2013-04-25 26 
24498987Shadow Quest 14The battle for Evinbrook begins with restoring power to the failing Velarion.Collective Game,shadow,quest,14,master2013-04-28 27 
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