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November 2009
6569833Inquisition QuestAfter Inquisitor Girugamesh has died, you, the Inquisitor Numbnuts shall find HERESYwarhammer 40k, warhammer, inquisitor, inquisition, numbnuts, 40k2009-11-05 1 
May 2011
14919605Abnormal QuestThe universe spins in its own way, and a girl named Merit sees it all.quest, abnormal, demons, what2011-05-14 5 
November 2013
28362262Obnoxious Ghost QuestA man is haunted by limericking ghosts, attempts to find them a bodyObnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Collective Game, Humor, Limericks2013-11-19 14 
28383163Obnoxious Ghost Quest 2We commit another double homicide and escape to an abandoned farm, where we make a macabre maskCollective Game, Obnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Humor2013-11-20 9 
28433806Obnoxious Ghost Quest 3We get a Bone Rank Up and meet our future antagonists, the PoGADObnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Collective Game, Humor, Limericks2013-11-22 8 
28477298Obnoxious Ghost Quest 4In which we get a skele-bear familiar, fall down a pit, and terrify a small childCollective Game, Obnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Humor, Limericks2013-11-25 9 
28514619Obnoxious Ghost Quest 5In which we kill zommaids, lose Aurelie, and get very drunkObnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Collective Game, Humor, Limericks2013-11-27 8 
December 2013
28620988Obnoxious Ghost Quest 6In which we meet Professor Becherski, hit on a Zommaid, and fight the PoGADObnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Collective Game, Humor, Limericks2013-12-02 7 
28679869Obnoxious Ghost Quest 7In which we teleport away, fight a bear, and visit build-a-waifu. Not in that orderObnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Collective Game, Humor, Limericks2013-12-06 7 
28720015Obnoxious Ghost Quest 8In which we get triangulated, kill a knight, and beat a girl in a fight.Obnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Collective Game, Humor, Limericks2013-12-08 7 
28739770Obnoxious Ghost Quest 9In which we have an interlude with an intersectional chruch, fight a beetle, and become town heroObnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Collective Game, Humor, Limericks2013-12-08 8 
28761778Obnoxious Ghost Quest 10In which we appoint ourselves as leader, become a contract monster hunter, and lose KatrinaObnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Collective Game, Humor, Limericks2013-12-09 7 
28856957Obnoxious Ghost Quest 11In which we nearly double-die, get paralyzed, and hang with the ProfessorObnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Collective Game, Humor, Limericks2013-12-14 6 
January 2014
29277149Obnoxious Ghost Quest 12In which we meet Asta, snub the Bitch Squad, and make a plan.Obnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Collective Game, Humor, Limericks2014-01-04 6 
29364825Obnoxious Ghost Quest 13In which we repeatedly crit fail, become a Dark Knight of Privilege, and slay a LindwurmObnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Collective Game, Humor, Limericks2014-01-08 7 
29485937Obnoxious Ghost Quest 14In which we get drunk, crit fail when it doesn't matter, and make friends with KatrinaObnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Collective Game, Humor, Limericks2014-01-13 7 
29876181Obnoxious Ghost Quest 15In which we fight some Goblins, terrorize a Social-Justicar, and the QM puts the quest on hiatus Obnoxious Ghost Quest, SpiritGuided, Collective Game, Humor, Limericks2014-01-29 6 
June 2014
33014702Unified CCG/TCG Seting OP: Okay /tg/. You know how in these typical "Children's game is obscenely popular and people duel/fight with them all over the world" anime there's the megacorp who basically produces this shit and runs the world almost? Well a thought occurred to me. What if there was a setting where all those corporations had to actually coexist and interact.OC, worldbuilding, ccg, tcg, digimon, yu-gi-oh, yugioh, shadowrun, mmbn, megaman battle network. mtg, magic2014-06-26 10 
September 2014
35032026Abnormal Academy Quest ep.1Where we meet Alecia a punk girl that totally doesn't want to be a superhero but resigns to her fate anyway. collective game, Abnormal Academy, Abnormal, mutant, superpowers2014-09-22 6 
November 2015
43522874Megaman BN Quest #1Our hero, Vector Mugen arrives at the town he will be living in for awhile and explores the neighborhood, running into a certain girl on the first day.Megaman BN, Quest2015-11-07 4 
43674860Megaman BN Quest #2Vector starts his first day of school anime style, accidentally bumping into a girl and learning about virus and net battle combat.Megaman BN, Quest, Vxter2015-11-16 3 
May 2016
31063HANGRY QUESTSA hungry girl eats weed, goes down on herself, and changes into sexy batman.Bn, Hangry, hungry, Whatever, Arby's, weed, stoned, lewd2016-05-05 11 
November 2017
2068181Abnaki Quest Chapter 1We prepare to depart on a pilgrimage and help our friend complete her Askari trials.Abnaki Quest, Collective Game, Vineyard2017-11-14 2 
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