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December 2010
13111584Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri original content and discussion/tg/ discusses Alpha Centauri and comes up with original content, including writefaggotry and drawfaggotry.SMAC, SMAX, Alpha Centauri2010-12-12 5 
13256960Sid Meier's Tau CetiA brainstorming of a spiritual successor to the enormously popular SMAC. Discussion on mechanics and fluff, original content rampantSid Meier's Tau Ceti, Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, SMAC2010-12-22 3 
April 2012
18615638GURPS Alpha Centauri featuring Space Wizard ZakharovThread retelling the exploits of a probe team in GURPS. Featuring appearances from Prokhor Zakharov, master troll and space wizard.Alpha Centauri, GURPS, Zakharov, Space Wizard2012-04-08 11 
December 2012
22056057Monitor Civ Quest 3The Saurials develop astronomy, a hatred of exploration and unleshed a massive undead plague. The tribe was then saved by what looks like divine intervention. Collective Game, Civilization Quest, Saurials, Great Old Ones2012-12-15 2 
November 2014
36268341Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 1Ed wakes up in a world filled with bizarre trees and has no recollection of his past at all.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-19 6 
36307888Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 2An encounter with a bear, a boar, and some herb picking.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-21 6 
36352176Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 3The conclusion of Otherworldly Arboretum Quest.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-23 2 
36428029Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 3.5 (Revamp)A new addition to the group, and a tenuous bridge crossing.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-27 3 
36467861Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 4The group meets with the warden and then discusses a plan with a dissenter.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-30 3 
December 2014
36549261Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 5A day of investigating the claims of the treefolk and playing with some rocks.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-03 6 
36681867Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 6An intense battle with a warden and a new found weapon.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-11 5 
36742087Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 7A converstation with Ryg, an encounter with a old enemy, and an encounter with a young mage. Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-13 5 
36782988Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 8An unsightly harvesting of magic, an encounter with a pair of forest trolls, and finally entering the next piece.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-15 3 
36820577Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 9The group stumbles upon a strange woman in the sand, an invisible tower is climbed, and some scorpions are dealt with.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-17 4 
36896621Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 10Difficult questions were asked and answered, an oasis was reached, and the group took down some strange creatures.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-21 4 
36987734Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 11A nighttime chat, a strange dream, and meeting with a merchant. Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-27 3 
37044823Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 12The group enters a maze of giant rocks and finds their way to the warden's fortress.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-29 3 
January 2015
37333429Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 13Recovery from the encounter with the warden and a new pet. Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2015-01-12 2 
37530924Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 14A second attempt to infiltrate Talrith's fortress.Collective Game, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2015-01-21 1 
37614891Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 15Talrith is finally dealt with and the group progresses to the next piece.Collective Game, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2015-01-25 0 
37661221Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 16An argument with an archer, some down time, and the group travels into the next piece.Collective Game, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2015-01-27 0 
February 2015
37801389Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 17Some tea and a discussion with a warden. Collective Game, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2015-02-02 0 
37885105Journal of the Occult Quest 1Our protagonist Sophia explains a bit about being an occultist, chats with a traveling merchant, and journeys into another realm.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-02-07 13 
37934009Journal of the Occult Quest 2Sophia pays a visit to the Occultist guild, gives a debriefing on her first delve, and then takes home a new pupil.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-02-08 10 
37956613Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 18A long night at the hands of the warden.Collective Game, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2015-02-09 0 
38002127Journal of the Occult Quest 3A day spent primarily messing with our new apprentice. Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-02-12 10 
38024205Journal of the Occult Quest 4A buyer is secured for the blood and a new apprentice is shown the ropes. Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-02-12 7 
38089937Journal of the Occult Quest 5A day spent setting up for a delve, an accidental turn of events, and answering questions from a large slug.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-02-16 6 
38157664Journal of the Occult Quest 6Sophia and Marissa pay a visit to the guild, meet the mysterious woman again, and return home to train Ellie.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-02-19 6 
38200786Journal of the Occult Quest 7Sophia receives a gift and some advice from Ali, "trains" Marissa, and then sets up for her first necromantic ritual.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-02-21 6 
38250008Journal of the Occult Quest 8The second attempt at Necromancy goes much better and Sophia delves to an unknown realm.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-02-22 6 
38358142Journal of the Occult Quest 9Sophia receives a gift, has an encounter with a hostile vagabond, and finds Matthais with some help. Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-02-28 6 
March 2015
38405380Journal of the Occult Quest 10A deal is struck with Matthias and a new guardian joins Sophia.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-03-02 6 
38498447Journal of the Occult Quest 11Matthias holds up his end of the deal, a tense encounter with other Occultists occurs, and Sophia gains more control over her mind.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-03-06 6 
38658983Journal of the Occult Quest 12Sophia has a nighttime encounter, has an extensive talk with Ali, gives Matthias some advice, and ends the day by starting a delve.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-03-13 6 
38703569Journal of the Occult Quest 13Sophia has an intense adventure while delving, returns home safely with a new item, and deals with some nighttime intruders.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-03-15 7 
38813691Journal of the Occult Quest 14A day spent recovering from last night's attack, practicing our pyromancy, and heading out to pay a visit to Manolo.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-03-20 6 
38853528Journal of the Occult Quest 15Manolo is dealt with, some down time, and an unexpected visitor.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-03-21 7 
38956160Journal of the Occult Quest 16Sophia starts a delve with Marissa and Ellie, strikes a deal with merchant, and hides from some rather large beings.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-03-27 6 
39013878Journal of the Occult Quest 17Sophia returns home from a delve and deals with a few visitors.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-03-30 6 
April 2015
39095483Journal of the Occult Quest 18Sophia practices her pyromancy, has a chat with Carmina, and then has a rude awakening from her nap.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-04-02 6 
39244961Journal of the Occult Quest 19Rain continues to comes down as Sophia heads out to rescue Aya, tells the truth to Carmina, and fights a summoned creature.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-04-10 6 
39285798Journal of the Occult Quest 20Sophia returns home with her pet, discovers something new about Marissa, and finally delves to one of the inner realms.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-04-12 6 
39388285Journal of the Occult Quest 21Sophia almost takes part of a trial, manages to transform not during a delve, and finally begins the dissection of the creature she brought back home.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-04-17 6 
39428069Journal of the Occult Quest 22A quiet day spent finishing the dissection, debriefing with Marissa, and visiting Matthias and Aya ends quite loudly.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-04-19 6 
39533116Journal of the Occult Quest 23Sophia receives words of warning from Grivermillion, debriefs with her housemates, and helps with a creation ritual while delving. Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-04-24 6 
39568722Journal of the Occult Quest 24Sophia takes her creation back home with her, has some trouble come up while shopping, and finds out that Ali has finally returned to town.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-04-26 5 
May 2015
39675351Journal of the Occult Quest 25A deal is made with Ali, Sophia accepts another apprentice, and Izu is brought along for a visit to Matthias and Aya.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-05-01 5 
39714283Journal of the Occult Quest 26Sophia has a pyromancy demonstration with Aya, gains a very valuable tome, practices some new techniques, and begins a delve to the inner realm known as "Paradise."Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-05-03 5 
39815407Journal of the Occult Quest 27Sophia continues through "Paradise" encountering many of its inhabitants, and heads for the realm's core.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-05-08 5 
39853157Journal of the Occult Quest 28Sophia speaks with The Broodmother, unseals her true form, and debriefs with her apprentices.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-05-10 5 
39960866Journal of the Occult Quest 29Sophia has a chat with Matthias, sits in on a city council meeting with Ali, and returns home to have a serious talk with Laurent.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-05-15 5 
39997378Journal of the Occult Quest 30Sophia takes a brief visit to the market, snoops in on a conversation, practices breaking a seal, and delves toward Impel.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-05-17 5 
40098470Journal of the Occult Quest 31Sophia has a chat with the palace guard captain, looks through some reports, and breaks into an office.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-05-22 5 
40135143Journal of the Occult Quest 32Sophia returns from her delve, Aya finally has the seals removed from her, and a discussion is had with our apprentices.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-05-24 5 
40246826Journal of the Occult Quest 33An extensive discussion is had with Ali over lunch, we catch up quite a bit with Matthias, and let him know that Aya is pregnant.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-05-29 5 
40284620Journal of the Occult Quest 34Sophia delves to Impel on a rescue mission to prevent Grievermillion from being executed.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-05-30 5 
June 2015
40394211Journal of the Occult Quest 35Sophia returns home from the rescue mission, has an early morning discussion with Carmina, and practices pyromancy with Izu.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-06-05 5 
40544815Journal of the Occult Quest 36Sophia attends the long-awaited festival.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-06-12 3 
40722198Journal of the Occult Quest 37Sayuline and Carmina's plan comes to light, and The Usurper is unsealed.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-06-21 3 
40888940Journal of the Occult Quest 38A month later and Sophia is in the midst of serving The Empress as part of her Intelligence Council.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-06-29 2 
July 2015
40994015Journal of the Occult Quest 39Sophia communicates with Izu and attends to her second mission.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-07-03 3 
41121096Journal of the Occult Quest 40Sophia comes home from her mission, takes a tour of the palace garden, and then sets out in her free time.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-07-10 3 
41267350Journal of the Occult Quest 41Sophia heads out from the palace, finds Izu and Marissa, and has a very stern conversation with her second apprentice. Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-07-17 3 
41418317Journal of the Occult Quest 42Sophia leaves the snow cabin, meets up with Ali for a mission briefing, and then ambushes a supply group.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-07-24 3 
41461495Journal of the Occult Quest 43Sophia finishes her work, investigates the hairpin, and heads back to the palace.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-07-26 6 
41571166Journal of the Occult Quest 44Sophia has a secret discussion with Vicki and then attends a war briefing with both councils.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-07-31 2 
August 2015
41609742Journal of the Occult Quest 45Sophia goes through a few preparations and the War on Impel begins.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-08-02 3 
41856969Journal of the Occult Quest 46Sophia discusses the current status of the siege, talks with The Empress about plans for the future, and deals with a sudden ambush.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-08-14 2 
41895481Journal of the Occult Quest 47The war rages on as Sophia and Izu work to clear out the southern half of Impel from the Pyromancer invaders and capture the enemy commander before he escapes.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-08-16 2 
41998290Journal of the Occult Quest 48Sophia learns much from the new prisoner and spends the rest of the day with Izu.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-08-21 2 
42034539Journal of the Occult Quest 49Izu meets The Empress for the first time, Sophia learns more about the secrets of delving, and lays plans for the final part of the siege.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-08-23 2 
42134736Journal of the Occult Quest 50The final mission in the siege of Impel begins as Sophia, Izu, Disgur, and The Empress infiltrate the palace walls.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-08-28 2 
42174681Journal of the Occult Quest 51Sophia proceeds through the palace and brings an end to the siege of Impel.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-08-30 2 
September 2015
42276949Journal of the Occult Quest 52Sophia moves into her new quarters in the palace, has a discussion with Ali, and goads her newly imprisoned creature for more information.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-09-04 2 
42423847Journal of the Occult Quest 53Many seeds bear fruit as Sophia learns more about The Empress's plans, briefs with Vicki, has a Necromancy lesson with Justina, and secretly meets with Grievermillion.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-09-11 2 
42463424Journal of the Occult Quest 54Sophia discusses plans on raising an army, tries to sniff out an enemy, and heads beneath the palace with The Empress to bind the being that lies there. Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-09-13 3 
42565583Journal of the Occult Quest 55Sophia goes through the ordeal of binding the being that dwells beneath the palace. Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-09-18 2 
42654109Journal of the Occult Quest 56Sophia marches with the Impel army, discovers Caelumnites while journeying, and deals with a sudden attack.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-09-22 2 
42743197Journal of the Occult Quest 57Sophia deals with Philomena for good, a briefing with The Empress, and finishes off the night talking with Izu.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-09-27 2 
October 2015
42839632Journal of the Occult Quest 58Questions about Philomena are dealt with, and Sophia moves in to clear the Sluice Gate of potential threats.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-10-02 1 
42873961Journal of the Occult Quest 59Sophia deals with the trap beneath the Sluice Gate, helps Izu, and marches into The Maw.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-10-04 2 
43002327Journal of the Occult Quest 60After a tense conversation with Justina, Sophia wields the army's new weapon and uses it to advance further into The Maw.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-10-11 1 
43094494Journal of the Occult Quest 61Sophia speaks with Carmina for one final time, deals with an unexpected attack, and finally gets some time to rest.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-10-16 2 
43129997Journal of the Occult Quest 62Sophia and the army push further into The Maw as Sivaht is dealt with and an unexpected visitor appears as they near the core.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-10-18 1 
43235697Journal of the Occult Quest 63The march is halted, and Sophia receives a report from Vicki, makes another deal with Justina, and learns something from The Empress.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-10-23 1 
43259976Journal of the Occult Quest 64Sophia binds Ip'Suran into The Empress's mind with the help of Izu, descends into the true core of The Maw, and deals with The Dreamer.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-10-25 1 
43358457Journal of the Occult Quest 65After The Broodmother is dealt with once and for all, Sophia is forced back to Impel Palace, where she plots for the future, and then seeks out Marissa.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-10-30 1 
November 2015
43396082Journal of the Occult Quest 66One final conversation is had with Marissa, some other tasks are seen to, and Sophia deals with an unexpected trespasser. Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-11-01 1 
43491134Journal of the Occult Quest 67Sophia celebrates her birthday, attends to business around the palace, and finally ventures into Kyraen'Asils.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-11-06 1 
43613768Journal of the Occult Quest 68Sophia finishes her chat with her former caretaker, finally reunites with Matthias, and then has a Pyromancy duel with Aya over control of the throne.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-11-13 1 
43644686Journal of the Occult Quest 69After settling business in Kyraen'Asils, Sophia returns to the palace, bids farewell to Justina, briefs with Ali, and proceeds to the human camp to find Ellie.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-11-15 1 
43730739Journal of the Occult Quest 70Sophia brings Ellie back to the palace, practices her pyromancy, goes over the details of the binding ritual, and receives a troubling note.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-11-20 1 
43760018Journal of the Occult Quest 71Sophia finishes the binding ritual for The Dreamer and then proceeds into the final realm.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-11-22 1 
43876228Journal of the Occult Quest 72The conclusion.Collective Game, Journal of the Occult Quest, Auri2015-11-29 8 
December 2015
44232331Ceaseless Tides Quest 1Oren Fisher takes an examination that will determine if he can escape his destitute life on his home planet.Collective Game, Ceaseless Tides Quest, Auri2015-12-18 4 
44270563Ceaseless Tides Quest 2Oren acts out his role as guardian during The Festival of The Innocent, enjoys the festivities with people from his past, and says good-bye to his home.Collective Game, Ceaseless Tides Quest, Auri2015-12-20 5 
44346930Ceaseless Tides Quest 3Oren wakes up from stasis, lands on Saredo, and begins exploring the Academy.Collective Game, Ceaseless Tides Quest, Auri2015-12-24 5 
44412410Ceaseless Tides Quest 4Oren ventures through the academy with to meet with the rest of his squad, and gets to know them.Collective Game, Ceaseless Tides Quest, Auri2015-12-28 3 
44470406Ceaseless Tides Quest 5Oren tours the academy with Luca, finds his new home, and gets in some target practice.Collective Game, Ceaseless Tides Quest, Auri2015-12-31 3 
January 2016
44528933Ceaseless Tides Quest 6The first class is attended, and then Oren heads out on his first mission.Collective Game, Ceaseless Tides Quest, Auri2016-01-03 2 
44612022Ceaseless Tides Quest 7Oren returns home from his first mission, and spends the following day trying to clear his mind of it.Collective Game, Ceaseless Tides Quest, Auri2016-01-07 3 
November 2017
56633860SMAC's back!/tg/ remembers a great game on its 20th anniversary. And argues. A lot.SMAC, Alpha Centauri, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri2017-11-29 3 
February 2018
57747266Alpha Centauri reduxRPG dumps based on the famous strategy game. Also "Left Behind", for some reason.Alpha Centauri, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, SMAC, writefag, Left Beyond2018-02-04 4 
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