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Player Systems Settings Timezone Available?
PurpleXVI2nd ed AD&D, Unisystem, KultAll Flesh Must Be Eaten, Planescape, Dark Sun, KultEtc/GMT+1 (GMT-1)Available!
Failh0rseUnknown Armies, ORE, d6 LegendaryCoC, Unknown Armies, Cyberpunk, anythingAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Hat_HairOpen to suggestionAnyGB (GMT+0)Available!
BlaxplotationUnknown Armies, Dark Heresy, Little Fears, Shadowrun 2nd EditionPretty much anythingSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
Pedobear_tgWFRP, d20AnyEtc/GMT+1 (GMT-1)Available!
Doom2099d20, CoC, otherD&D, Star Wars, X-Men, and homebrewedAmerica/Menominee (GMT-6)Available!
SatoriI strongly prefer D&D 4e. I am learning Legend of the Five Rings 4e. I am willing to play the Maid RPG, provided that its sexual themes are kept Eberron is my favored Dungeons & Dragons setting, followed by Points of Light, then Dark Sun, then Forgotten Realms dead last. I would be intrigued by a Gensokyo-themed setting. I am not fond of entirely homebrew settings.System/Localtime (GMT-6)Available!
marshamsaned20; D&D; CP 2020anyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Aun ShiAnything. d20 to F.A.T.A.L., whatever.See also: Preferred Systems ("Anything")America/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
FacebreakerAnyAnyAustralia/Brisbane (GMT+10)Available!
JethrikAnyAnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
GuyIncognitod20 seems to be the going thing, but I'm as flexible as GumbyAnywhere, but preferrably somwhere warm with a nice ocean and drinks with paper umbrellasAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Saleosd20AnyAmerica/North_Dakota/Center (GMT-6)Available!
EarthflameAny (UA, D20, Exalted, Scion)AnyEurope/London (GMT+0)Available!
Neverasd20, Hackmaster, WHFRP, fuck anything.ANYAmerica/Montreal (GMT-5)Available!
Magical BumAny d20, AlternityAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Combat FetusD&D 3.5, WoD, D20, willing to try anythingAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
shadowjogd20, 7Sea, SR4, WoD, GURPS, anythinganyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
TDMd20 (any), nWODanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
HachimakianyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
DocAnyAnyAmerica/Caracas (GMT-4.5)Available!
ShorbinSureThat's cool too.America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
AstradanD&D 3.5, GURPS 4th EditionD&D: Any. GURPS: Supers, Fantasy, Sci-FiAmerica/Detroit (GMT-5)Available!
Gourdsman GaryD20,willing to learn others though.Anything.Europe/London (GMT+0)Available!
OcelotAnyAnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Archon RagnarokAny, interested in DH, CTech, CoC and ParanoiaAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
NasdaqDear god someone run WFRP...Almost anything, WFRP I'm dying to playAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Havicusd20, Dark Heresy, BESM, Exalted, GURPS, Shadowrun, WHFRPNot PickyAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-8)Available!
KarthalosAny. Most experience in WFRP/Dark Heresy.AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
HoboAnarkiDark Heresy, d2040k and star wars, I'll try pretty much anything really though.Etc/GMT+0 (GMT+0)Available!
Von PlatMost familiar with d20 and Tri-Stat, but will play anything I have or can get the book(s) for.AnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
unknown useranyOH GOD MY EYESAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
MountainLightningoWoD, D&D (Will try most anything)Forgotten RealmsAmerica/Denver (GMT-7)Available!
LIBERATIONd20, XPG, DH, SNSAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
M0sesD20D&DCanada/Eastern (GMT-5)Available!
Aurend20D&DAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-8)Available!
Ruler Of CreationAnything, Will learn new systemsAnyAmerica/Dawson_Creek (GMT-7)Available!
kimotaboomAnything, willing to learn new systemsPretty much anything, especially sci-fi or horrorAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
SintuaDitV, SotC, UA, Lacuna, Shadowrun, Homebrew... Any but DnD 3E***punk, low fantasy, modern, western, WWII, Anything reallyAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
ShadowAngled20AnyAmerica/Edmonton (GMT-7)Available!
Unyuufexd20Anything but EberronAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Atom EveAFMBE, DitV, 2nd Ed. AD&D, Mutants and Masterminds, willing to play 3.5 or other d20 but dear God I'd really rather not.Modern, cyberpunk, steampunk, western. Established settings are for punks.US/Central (GMT-6)Available!
MorzasI know a little d20, but I'm open to other systemswhatever worksAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Red Machine Dd20Greyhawk, HomebrewAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
NillardHero SystemSuper-HeroAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
JogganonI'm game for anything.EberronAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
SenorBuzcoany, though I really want to try 4edanything funAmerica/Indianapolis (GMT-5)Available!
The_SixlerDnDanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Zach D.any, hoping to try shadowrun somedayanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Jershd20/DnDAnyCanada/Eastern (GMT-5)Available!
homefag3.5, but im open to new systemsim a big eberron fan when i dm, but i will play most any settingAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Setsuna F Seiei3.5, 4e, d20 modern, d20, willing to try any othersanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
CarterHalwellOld WoD, AFMBE, CoCWoD, Homebrew, AFMBE, CoC (1920's or Modern)America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Conscript Garyanything reallyHomebrew, 40k, vidya-based, traditionalAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
WebcomicjunkieDnD, d20, Dark Heresy, WFRPCore, Homebrew, possibly otherAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Ranakeldiceless, d10, d20, d666, open to new things.Amber, WoD, homebrew. Still open.Europe/Paris (GMT+1)Available!
MxSaviord20, Open to Learning AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
dandozeeM&M, Exalted, D&D 3.5, D&D 4.0, nWoD, oWoDeberron, homebrew, cyberpunk, steampunk, GRIMDARKAsia/Bangkok (GMT+7)Available!
BottleofAleDark Heresy, Willing to learn and get rulebooksanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Literate ScribeDark Heresy, Inquisitor, d20 3.5 & ModernGrim Darkness of the Far Future, Eberron, HomebrewGMT+0 (GMT+0)Available!
BillmiesteranyanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
NatakDark HeresyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Mikud20, dnd3.5/4e, savage worldsanyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
EssenceAny, Mostly nWOD, DnD 3.5 / d20, Palladium, Exalted, Shadowrun 4th, Starwars D6, BESM, Traveller. Any, Though I shy away from homebrew, I'll give most things a chance.America/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
parabolic000d20planescape, forgotten realms, dark sun, d20 modern, d20 future homebrewAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
AarghAnyAnyEurope/Amsterdam (GMT+1)Available!
Alebeardabsolutely anything, experimental, playtest homebrewanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
RalewynAnyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
LanethanD&D 3.5 or 4eWhateverUS/Pacific (GMT-8)Available!
LordXarasDark Heresy, CoC, oWoD, HomebrewsAny, with bonus points for interesting homebrews.Europe/Stockholm (GMT+1)Available!
Yued20, Storyteller, ShadowrunEberron, Shadowrun 4, Exalted 2, nWoDAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Lithuidd20Core/homebrewAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Sandact6Exalted, Mutants and Masterminds, DnD 4e, Scion, anything else Preferably light hearted, but I really don't careAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
The_Littlest_EmoNobilis, BESM, CoC, anything elseNot steampunkUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
Izluded20, CoC, DnD 3.5Forgotten Realms, HomebrewAsia/Seoul (GMT+9)Available!
LirlondWilling to Learn anyAnyGreenwich (GMT+0)Available!
NabeshinD20, D&D, Dark HeresyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Ol' Dirty CustardD&D, CoCWhatever.America/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
ReizAny but d20AnyEtc/GMT-8 (GMT+8)Available!
GURPSfaganyanyAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
psyberwraithnWoD, Palladium/Rifts, DnD, willing to learn othersAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
MooMan1d20anyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Major MaxillaryDark HeresyanyUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
CasaubonD&D3.5, 4. WFRP.Whatever.America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
RamirezDH, UA, WFRP, d20AnyEurope/Helsinki (GMT+2)Available!
Inekalton4e is preferred, but I'm willing to learnanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
spoonanyanyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
Akaens3.5AnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
JackAr34Dark Heresy, Shadowrun, AnyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
AlexGrimmeDeadlands, 7th Sea, L5R, Dark Heresy, Exalted, Scion, nWoD, Maids RPG, Shadowrun 4th, Traveller, any DP9 game and any d20 gameCore of any system is best, but homebrew can be okayAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
MuttonD&D, M&M, Anything InterestingWhateverAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
FailcakeHomebrew, Percentile, d20, Unisystem, CoC, Storyteller, Any.Dark Heresy, CoC, AFMBE, Classroom Deathmatch, Maid RPG, AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Hep C is BAD!d20, anyhting else that's easy to learnanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
BonesD&D 3.5e, DHCore, HomebrewAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
XazakD&D 3.5/4eForgotten RealmsAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
WarlordD&D 3.5Core/HomebrewAmerica/Denver (GMT-7)Available!
Sweet Soul BrotherD20, D&D3.5, Star wars, and anything that uses the D20 SystemAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
FatumD&D 3.5; Pathfinder; DH; SR; EP; UA; GURPSPlanescape; dark grimnessEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
Goblin Samuraid20, DnD 3.5AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Derek58AnyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Daka FalD&D 3rd or 3.5, D20 Modern, Star Wars D20anyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
QuackattackWilling to learn anything basicanything basicUS/Pacific (GMT-8)Available!
LaktarCall of Cthulhu, D&D (3E or 4E), Hackmaster, Mutants and Masterminds, Aberrant, Don't Rest Your Head.Anything.America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
AhasuerusAnyDH, DnD, CoCAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-8)Available!
Prinny3.5, DH, WFRP, America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Askrend20, DH, open to newanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Jorundd20AnyAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
Jeff ZyjewskiD&D 3.5AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
NukEAnything Really, open to new stuff.AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
octaviusgprimeI'll play anything but FATAL.I'll also play anything but sex themed stuff.America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Shiki/Gaod20, 4e, nWoD, DHAny.Etc/GMT-10 (GMT+10)Available!
shinichiziod20, GURPS, BESM, but anything is usually fine tooUnspecific/AnyAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-8)Available!
Garis4eEberronAmerica/Mexico_City (GMT-6)Available!
BaiserD&D, nWoD, Dark Heresy, Shadowrun and open to anything.AnySystem/Localtime (GMT-6)Available!
LatAnyAnyEurope/London (GMT+0)Available!
BBBd20, d20 modern, D&D 3.5th, Paranoia (willing to learn any)AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Chicago TedDark HeresyAnyUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
JaggardDark HeresyWarhammer 40kAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Coyoted20, BESManyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
LawnchairDark Heresy, d20, will try anyanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
MirkulD20(Any), BESM, Anima, Dark Heresy, Warhammer fantasy, world of darknessCalderis(Dark heresy), Forgotten realms(Old one, not the C%$& S&?*$/% Piece of S$%? that wizards just released) and also Homebrew setting (Mmmmh...homebrew....)America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
LordNadDark Heresy, WHFRPno preferenceAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
AniseAnything (most experience with shadowrun and D&D)ehhh, whateverUS/Eastern (GMT-5)Available!
Kudrad20, Dark Heresy, Fantasycraft, Exaltedhomebrew, coreAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
N!Any (nWoD, CoC, DnD3.5, whatever)AnyAustralia/Victoria (GMT+11)Available!
HellfishAnyAnyEurope/Berlin (GMT+1)Available!
krug231anyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Iyae3.5CoreAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
LastyMost familiar with d20, willing to learn anythingAnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
Rogabeetahd20, although I'm up for anything.Core, Homebrew, AnythingAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
Detective_Inspectord20, etc.[Insert setting here]America/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
RaspberryCommieAnyAnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
Juba the Baghdad SniperD&D, Dark heresyAnyAmerica/Boise (GMT-7)Available!
OmniusDnD 3.5/PF, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, oWoD, Open to other systems as wellAnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
ProtspeckAny (DH, d20, WW, Savage worlds)Any, no reallyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
Darcantithd20, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, AD&D 2nd Ed., D&D 3rd Ed.AnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
DanDark Heresy, Rogue Trader, 3.540K, Planescape, Dark Sun, Homebrew shitAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
ZephDark Heresy, Rogue Trader40kAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Eyepatched_CyclopsUnknown Armies, willing to learn moreAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
BeholderD&D 3.5, Pathfinder, willing to try othersmost anyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
Dr_Propagandad20AnyGB (GMT+0)Available!
BlackNWhiteW0LFw/e, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer, DnD,etc...Core, Homebrew (testing also)America/Monterrey (GMT-6)Available!
SparrowD&D 3.5, nWoD, willing to learn pretty much anythingAnything reallyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Amarlexd20, DH, willing to learn new stuffAnything, 3.5, DH, and 4e I'm familiar with thoughUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
CantusGrayD20, D&D, ExaltedanyAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
zombotronD&D3.5/4, OWoD, NWoD... I'm willing to learn anything.anyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
StainedAnyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
GaiusTerminusAnythingAnything except horrorAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
ThOnlyManEverd20 though anything will work.AnythingCanada/Central (GMT-6)Available!
MindCrushGodlike, M&M 3e, DnD 4e, Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy etcComics, Low Fantasy etcSystem/Localtime (GMT-6)Available!
KamahlD&D 3.5, 4e, willing to learn anyAnyCanada/Central (GMT-6)Available!
PyropedicNot pickyDark HeresySystem/Localtime (GMT-6)Available!
homertheman3.5 know some of 4, gurps and willing to learnallAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Vermilliond20, 3.5 preferred. Willing to try most things (FATAL being one exception)DnD, Fantasy, Sci Fi. I am not very fond of modern day settings, not fond of modern day without the former tags, and not realismAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
mintd20, anyanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
MuffkinDnD 4e, anyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
No Respited20, Warhammer 40kdnd 3.0,3.5, Dark Heresy, Rogue TraderEurope/Warsaw (GMT+1)Available!
Sphexd20- MnM, 3.5, something else?anythingAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
AurumDudeCyberpunk, DnD 3.5. I'll try pretty much anything.Core, Homebrew, etcAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
VladDnD 3.5Katamari DopplegangerAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
we_ouroborosanyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
cfdk4e, but will play anything.eberronAmerica/Denver (GMT-7)Available!
TheCrowDnD 4th edanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
I'm no Gordon Freeman.Unknown Armies, Don't Rest Your Head, up for anything.I like survival horror, and prefer realism to wish-fulfillment, but beggars can't be choosers.America/North_Dakota/Center (GMT-6)Available!
HalfwotAnyAnyEurope/Stockholm (GMT+1)Available!
John DoeDnD 2E/3.5E/4E, WHFRP, M20, othersCore, willing to try othersAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
AtomicTeaspoonWilling to learn any, know d20, WoD and SWmodern horror, cthulu, pulp adventureAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
BaratheonDark Heresy, D&D 3.5AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Shrapnelnot d20not high fantasyUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
GeneticsfagDH/RT, D&D. Willing to try others though, esp. M&M.Would like to try Eberron, but don't really mind.Europe/London (GMT+0)Available!
VTS4ed, 3.5, pathfinder, DH; willing to try othersany; I'd be interested in a steampunk (IK? haven't tried it before)System/Localtime (GMT+0)Available!
Voodoo JuiceOpen to just about anythingAny and allAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Genuflectd20, M&M, Heresy, MeidoHeresyAmerica/Hermosillo (GMT-7)Available!
Metacree3.5/pathfinder, willing to learn new systemsanySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
ShrimpWoD,d20, 3.5, CoCAny!System/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
TazaioWoD | Willing to learn the ropes of anything.Anylocaltime (GMT-5)Available!
Michelle Perry4th ed, Pathfinder, Maidany, DarksunSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
RickyD20, 3.5, 4eAnyCanada/Mountain (GMT-7)Available!
Bartlebyd20Core, Eberron, Pathfinder, homebrew, it's all goodSystem/Localtime (GMT-7)Available!
SnoopfrawggWhite Wolf, but will play anythingAnywhere.localtime (GMT-5)Available!
The RogueAnyAnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
Lexicaniumd20, Shadowrun, Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/Deathwatch, TravelerAnySystem/Localtime (GMT+1)Available!
SpetsnazUnderdarkWritefiendd20, CoC, Unisystem, Interlock, nWoD, oWoDEberron, 1920's-1950's, Modern, 202XUS/Eastern (GMT-5)Available!
teh_cabbageWilling to learn anythingAnySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
kongurousAnyAnyAmerica/Toronto (GMT-5)Available!
RoonwickD&D 3.5/4e, Call of Cthulhu, can and willing to learn others.Everything.System/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
Elled20, D&D 2.0 / 3.5Forgotten Realms, Dragon Lance.System/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
TaisuruAnyAnyUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
Hawled20HomebrewSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
Jax Will DoD&D 3.5, Spycraft, CTech, DH, RT, L5R, Exodus, wanna try AFMBE. Quick learner, has GM'd for year and rarely a player.Anything really. Into having fun over massive wish fulfullment or 'so deep'.System/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
RyoutarouD&D 3.5, Pathfinder, Star Wars Saga, CthulhuTech, Rouge Trader, Dark Heresy, BESM 2e, BESM 3e, Shadowrun 4e, Touhou RPG, Up for any setting reallyUS/Pacific (GMT-8)Available!
Robotic NecromancerCoC, Shadowrun, Star Wars Saga, 3.5, 4e, DHAnyMST (GMT-7)Available!
AllenI only know d20, but anything is fineAnything Fantasy-ishUS/Eastern (GMT-5)Available!
newguydark heresy, rouge trader, D&D,etcany System/Localtime (GMT-8)Available!
Ezekiel3.5, Dark Heresy.Any.America/Toronto (GMT-5)Available!
Alexander_DegtyarevDark Heresyanything fittingEurope/Amsterdam (GMT+1)Available!
asano_mand20, GURPS 4, working on nWoD, will learn any new systemAnyUS/Eastern (GMT-5)Available!
Senor Vapd20, 4e, 3.5,DHanyUS/Pacific (GMT-8)Available!
Crazy HassanD&D 4e, Dark heresyAnySystem/Localtime (GMT-8)Available!
grenadiermanAnyAnySystem/Localtime (GMT-8)Available!
JayPathfinder, 4e, SW Saga EditionGolarion, Dark Sun, AnySystem/Localtime (GMT-8)Available!
GurpsfanGURPS 4e, DnD 3.5, d20. I'd be up for trying Dark Heresy.Eberron, Core ,Homebrew, Modern, Historical, anything really.System/Localtime (GMT-8)Available!
flurryanyanyEurope/London (GMT+0)Available!
AtkinsonMSH, anyanyUS/East-Indiana (GMT-5)Available!
Gnomebitten3.5, PathfinderAnyUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
guardsmen 1243676allalllocaltime (GMT-5)Available!
Relentless ImpD&D 3.5, Shadowrun 4Eberron, Spelljammer, PlanescapeAmerica/Louisville (GMT-5)Available!
BobAny (Most familiar with D&D3.5, L5R, PTA)AnyEST (GMT-5)Available!
MagnusPreferably Dark Heresy or Deathwatch but willing to learn anything.AnyUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
Konstant1nAdeptus Evangelion and Pokemon Table top AdventuresAnyUS/Mountain (GMT-7)Available!
KingofSangoDark HeresyCoreUS/Central (GMT-6)Available!
VicePathfinder, DnD 3.5, Dark HeresyAnySystem/Localtime (GMT+11)Available!
Knight-Hartanyanylocaltime (GMT-5)Available!
EpicurisAnyMost Any US/Pacific (GMT-8)Available!
DeadManWaltzingDark HeresyAny & AllGreenwich (GMT+0)Available!
J-WegsCoC, AdEva, whateverlocaltime (GMT-5)Available!
DarkArchonDeadlands and HoE, D&D 3.5e, Pathfinder, nWoD, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Star Wars Saga EditionAnySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
Veximosd20, anything really3.5, pathfinder, anythingAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Pylon MountainDark Heresy pref. Willing to try whatever.AnythingAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
Jackgar Prime3.5, Mutants and Masterminds 2e, Cthulutech, Dark HeresyEberron, Planescape, 40k, whatever elseAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
AnonymouseM&M, D&D, Pathfinder, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, DeathwatchMarvel, DC, Low Fantasy, 40k Universe, Zombie ApocalypseEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
MichaelShadowrun 3/4ed any 40k RPGSci-fyEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
WaddleDood20AnyAmerica/Denver (GMT-7)Available!
DeamortisGurps, d20, ShadowRunHigh fantasy, scr-fi, over the topEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
fatsmalonepathfinder, 3.5America/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
ShiroAisuD&D4, but im up for anything realy, im quite new to RPingAnyEurope/Lisbon (GMT+0)Available!
Ryythd20, D&D, PathfinderanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
TheSeventhd20, Dark Heresy, AdEva, WoW RPG, Open to othersEberron, 3.5Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
MsIxxiWants to learn about this.Open to anything [prefers up-to-date-scenes]America/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
QGloafd20, oWoD, M.A.G.U.S. willing to learn anythingWH40k, Shadowrun, oWoD, M.A.G.U.S., homebrew, Dungeons The DragoningEurope/Budapest (GMT+1)Available!
SchrodingerAnyAnyEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
AlovardDark Heresy, 40k RP in general, and exploring DnDCoreAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
CJD2502d20, CoCcore/homebrewEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
YarokNew player looking to learn Dark Heresy and Rogue TraderAnything, from grimdark to beyondAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
SenkopadesExperienced with D&D 3.X/Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and Pokemon Tabletop Adventures.ANYAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
JamesXLd20AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Dantooined20, Gamma World, Paranoia. Willing to learn!noneAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
MackAny/Open to suggestionsAny/Open to suggestionsEurope/Stockholm (GMT+1)Available!
AbeevauAny. Although I have only ever played 4E.AnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
HurukianyanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-8)Available!
earthworm3d&d4anyEurope/Paris (GMT+1)Available!
Flesh NommerRT, DH, DW, BCEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
Pelenor40kOnly War, Dark HeresyEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
Lord BritishWill try anythingn/aAmerica/Toronto (GMT-5)Available!
BaratheonDark Heresy, Rogue Trader, 3.5No katanasAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
Clockworker40kRPG, preferably Black Crusade or Deathwatch40kAmerica/Sao_Paulo (GMT-2)Available!
UnoriginalHackmaster, but I'm up for anything else tooFantasy, but I'm up for anything else tooAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
GilboronAny, inexperiencedAny, inexperiencedEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
KingRat3.5-4e D&D, Rogue Trader, Savage Worlds, Paranoia, Dark Heresy, PathfinerAnyEurope/Berlin (GMT+1)Available!
AndersonAnyAnyAmerica/Toronto (GMT-5)Available!
LaineExalted, Scion, Dark Heresy, D&D 3.5, D&D PathfinderAny!Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
PeejsterMD&D 3.5e, D&D 4e, Willing to learn anyFantasy settingsAmerica/Rainy_River (GMT-6)Available!
Grogimusany [knoweldgeable about 3.5 and 4e and Gurps]Greyhawk, homebrew, warhammerAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
Chapter Master SteelDark Heresy, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, willing to learn othersAllAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
CatPreferably Eclipse Phase, but, open to anything.Any?America/Mexico_City (GMT-6)Available!
GumbieShadowrun (4/5), Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, SoIaF, got something else in mind? Feel free to shoot me an email.AnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-6)Available!
Detective Chmilewskyd20, willing to try othersPost-Apoc, Fantasy, Can Try OthersAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!
RixoliWarhammer 40KAmerica/New_York (GMT-5)Available!

Players' availability times are adjusted to your chosen timezone.