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Player Systems Settings Timezone Available?
Lord Licoriced20, anyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Failh0rseUnknown Armies, ORE, d6 LegendaryCoC, Unknown Armies, Cyberpunk, anythingAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
BlaxplotationUnknown Armies, Dark Heresy, Little Fears, Shadowrun 2nd EditionPretty much anythingSystem/Localtime (GMT-4)Available!
TankzorWFRP, d20, anyanyAustralia/Perth (GMT+8)Available!
Pedobear_tgWFRP, d20AnyEtc/GMT+1 (GMT-1)Available!
SatoriI strongly prefer D&D 4e. I am learning Legend of the Five Rings 4e. I am willing to play the Maid RPG, provided that its sexual themes are kept Eberron is my favored Dungeons & Dragons setting, followed by Points of Light, then Dark Sun, then Forgotten Realms dead last. I would be intrigued by a Gensokyo-themed setting. I am not fond of entirely homebrew settings.System/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
marshamsaned20; D&D; CP 2020anyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
Aun ShiAnything. d20 to F.A.T.A.L., whatever.See also: Preferred Systems ("Anything")America/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
Issyld20 (any setting)No preferenceSystem/Localtime (GMT-4)Available!
JethrikAnyAnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
Anonihamd20, D&D, Shadowrun, Star Wars, WHFRPCore or HomebrewAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
Saleosd20AnyAmerica/North_Dakota/Center (GMT-5)Available!
Magical BumAny d20, AlternityAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
RolandD20 DnD,ModernCoreAmerica/North_Dakota/New_Salem (GMT-5)Available!
BrendanGames, guysI like gamesAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Combat FetusD&D 3.5, WoD, D20, willing to try anythingAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Scuzzled20, GURPSebberon, core, any gurpsCanada/Mountain (GMT-6)Available!
chris hansend20, exaltedanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
TDMd20 (any), nWODanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
HachimakianyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
ShorbinSureThat's cool too.America/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
ObeliskDnD 3.5, willing to learn anyCore, HomebrewUS/Central (GMT-5)Available!
Gourdsman GaryD20,willing to learn others though.Anything.Europe/London (GMT+1)Available!
cowAny, most experienced with d20Any that doesn't suck.America/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Archon RagnarokAny, interested in DH, CTech, CoC and ParanoiaAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
NasdaqDear god someone run WFRP...Almost anything, WFRP I'm dying to playAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Havicusd20, Dark Heresy, BESM, Exalted, GURPS, Shadowrun, WHFRPNot PickyAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-7)Available!
Von PlatMost familiar with d20 and Tri-Stat, but will play anything I have or can get the book(s) for.AnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
unknown useranyOH GOD MY EYESAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
ElectronicmajiAny, d20, DNDCore, AnyUS/Central (GMT-5)Available!
CainenShadowrun 2-3, GURPS 4, UnisystemShadowrun, Planescape, Dark SunAmerica/Kentucky/Louisville (GMT-4)Available!
Aurend20D&DAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-7)Available!
Ruler Of CreationAnything, Will learn new systemsAnyAmerica/Dawson_Creek (GMT-7)Available!
ShadowAngled20AnyAmerica/Edmonton (GMT-6)Available!
Unyuufexd20Anything but EberronAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
Atom EveAFMBE, DitV, 2nd Ed. AD&D, Mutants and Masterminds, willing to play 3.5 or other d20 but dear God I'd really rather not.Modern, cyberpunk, steampunk, western. Established settings are for punks.US/Central (GMT-5)Available!
Red Machine Dd20Greyhawk, HomebrewAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
Darius099Whatever. Prefer Sci-Fi or Fantasy.Core, Homebrew, Eberron is a bad setting and you should feel badAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Salamanders FanboiAny and allAny and allAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
JogganonI'm game for anything.EberronAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
SenorBuzcoany, though I really want to try 4edanything funAmerica/Indianapolis (GMT-4)Available!
The_SixlerDnDanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
That Scaly BastardD&D, GURPS, WoD, Star WarsFantasy and Sci-FiAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Maximilliond20fANTASYAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
Zach D.any, hoping to try shadowrun somedayanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
EdwardAny, willing to learnHomebrew. Nothing like seeing people's personal settings. Though, anything works.America/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
GormDark HeresyEurope/London (GMT+1)Available!
Jershd20/DnDAnyCanada/Eastern (GMT-4)Available!
Setsuna F Seiei3.5, 4e, d20 modern, d20, willing to try any othersanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
CarterHalwellOld WoD, AFMBE, CoCWoD, Homebrew, AFMBE, CoC (1920's or Modern)America/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
MxSaviord20, Open to Learning AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
BillmiesteranyanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
Soul_BurnerD20D&D 3.5America/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
EssenceAny, Mostly nWOD, DnD 3.5 / d20, Palladium, Exalted, Shadowrun 4th, Starwars D6, BESM, Traveller. Any, Though I shy away from homebrew, I'll give most things a chance.America/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
MercuriumDark Heresy, WHFRP, White Wolf, d20/D&DEberron, Vampire, Hunter, Dark Heresy, homebrewAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
AarghAnyAnyEurope/Amsterdam (GMT+2)Available!
Alebeardabsolutely anything, experimental, playtest homebrewanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Yued20, Storyteller, ShadowrunEberron, Shadowrun 4, Exalted 2, nWoDAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
MadassAlexD&D (3 onwards)AnythingAustralia/Melbourne (GMT+10)Available!
Lithuidd20Core/homebrewAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
Sandact6Exalted, Mutants and Masterminds, DnD 4e, Scion, anything else Preferably light hearted, but I really don't careAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
NabeshinD20, D&D, Dark HeresyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
GURPSfaganyanyAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
KiraDnD 3.5/DnD 4e/oWoD/nWoD/Dark HeresyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
psyberwraithnWoD, Palladium/Rifts, DnD, willing to learn othersAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
MooMan1d20anyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Major MaxillaryDark HeresyanyUS/Central (GMT-5)Available!
spoonanyanyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
AlexGrimmeDeadlands, 7th Sea, L5R, Dark Heresy, Exalted, Scion, nWoD, Maids RPG, Shadowrun 4th, Traveller, any DP9 game and any d20 gameCore of any system is best, but homebrew can be okayAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
MuttonD&D, M&M, Anything InterestingWhateverAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
FailcakeHomebrew, Percentile, d20, Unisystem, CoC, Storyteller, Any.Dark Heresy, CoC, AFMBE, Classroom Deathmatch, Maid RPG, AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Hep C is BAD!d20, anyhting else that's easy to learnanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
BonesD&D 3.5e, DHCore, HomebrewAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
XazakD&D 3.5/4eForgotten RealmsAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
WarlordD&D 3.5Core/HomebrewAmerica/Denver (GMT-6)Available!
DrakanFyreD&D4, Exalted/Scion, Savage Worlds, 7th Sea, L5R, BESM, Shadowrun4EberronAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
ReconcilliationEclipse PhaseAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Sweet Soul BrotherD20, D&D3.5, Star wars, and anything that uses the D20 SystemAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Goblin Samuraid20, DnD 3.5AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Derek58AnyAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Daka FalD&D 3rd or 3.5, D20 Modern, Star Wars D20anyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
LaktarCall of Cthulhu, D&D (3E or 4E), Hackmaster, Mutants and Masterminds, Aberrant, Don't Rest Your Head.Anything.America/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
AhasuerusAnyDH, DnD, CoCAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-7)Available!
SnoopfrawggWhite Wolf, but I'll try anythingAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Askrend20, DH, open to newanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Jorundd20AnyAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
Jeff ZyjewskiD&D 3.5AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
NukEAnything Really, open to new stuff.AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
shinichiziod20, GURPS, BESM, but anything is usually fine tooUnspecific/AnyAmerica/Vancouver (GMT-7)Available!
Garis4eEberronAmerica/Mexico_City (GMT-5)Available!
LatAnyAnyEurope/London (GMT+1)Available!
BBBd20, d20 modern, D&D 3.5th, Paranoia (willing to learn any)AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Chicago TedDark HeresyAnyUS/Central (GMT-5)Available!
JaggardDark HeresyWarhammer 40kAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
Coyoted20, BESManyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
LawnchairDark Heresy, d20, will try anyanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
The Bearded BearCtech, DH, D&D3.5, oWoD, nWoDAnyEurope/Warsaw (GMT+2)Available!
LordNadDark Heresy, WHFRPno preferenceAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
AniseAnything (most experience with shadowrun and D&D)ehhh, whateverUS/Eastern (GMT-4)Available!
Kudrad20, Dark Heresy, Fantasycraft, Exaltedhomebrew, coreAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
IssidroAny but GURPSAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
krug231anyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
SurrealPreferably D&D 4e (HURRDURR) but I'm open to new experiences.Eberron, AnyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
Iyae3.5CoreAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
SethamundoD&D 3.5 or 4.0, willing to learn almost anythingAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Detective_Inspectord20, etc.[Insert setting here]America/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
RaspberryCommieAnyAnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
mikeDND3.5, dark heresyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
BlastWARHAMSWAR HAMSAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
LokimDnD 4e, ShadowrunAnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
Juba the Baghdad SniperD&D, Dark heresyAnyAmerica/Boise (GMT-6)Available!
OmniusDnD 3.5/PF, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, oWoD, Open to other systems as wellAnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
Phalanxd20, anyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
DanDark Heresy, Rogue Trader, 3.540K, Planescape, Dark Sun, Homebrew shitAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
ZephDark Heresy, Rogue Trader40kAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Meepd20, D&D 3.x, Dark Heresy, Rogue TraderAnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
BeholderD&D 3.5, Pathfinder, willing to try othersmost anyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
BlackNWhiteW0LFw/e, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer, DnD,etc...Core, Homebrew (testing also)America/Monterrey (GMT-5)Available!
SparrowD&D 3.5, nWoD, willing to learn pretty much anythingAnything reallyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Amarlexd20, DH, willing to learn new stuffAnything, 3.5, DH, and 4e I'm familiar with thoughUS/Central (GMT-5)Available!
CantusGrayD20, D&D, ExaltedanyAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
zombotronD&D3.5/4, OWoD, NWoD... I'm willing to learn anything.anyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Rally RestanyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
GaiusTerminusAnythingAnything except horrorAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
MindCrushGodlike, M&M 3e, DnD 4e, Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy etcComics, Low Fantasy etcSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
KamahlD&D 3.5, 4e, willing to learn anyAnyCanada/Central (GMT-5)Available!
YaotzinD&D 4e, Risus, anything you're willing to teach meany is fineAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
homertheman3.5 know some of 4, gurps and willing to learnallAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
MandaloretGDoesn't matterDoesn't matterAsia/Calcutta (GMT+5.5)Available!
mittensShadowrun, d20, Any.Seattle, Denver, Greyhawk, Any.America/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
mintd20, anyanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
MuffkinDnD 4e, anyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
Sphexd20- MnM, 3.5, something else?anythingAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
AurumDudeCyberpunk, DnD 3.5. I'll try pretty much anything.Core, Homebrew, etcAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
SammyUp for almost anything. Most familiar with d20 and WoD (old and new), and various other games.Really dying for some DRYH or WoD. Old or new Changeling or Geist in particular.America/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
we_ouroborosanyanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
lemachinSoTC, DiTV, will try just about anythingCanada/Atlantic (GMT-3)Available!
cfdk4e, but will play anything.eberronAmerica/Denver (GMT-6)Available!
TheCrowDnD 4th edanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
I'm no Gordon Freeman.Unknown Armies, Don't Rest Your Head, up for anything.I like survival horror, and prefer realism to wish-fulfillment, but beggars can't be choosers.America/North_Dakota/Center (GMT-5)Available!
Falld20Anything really, I'm a bit of a noob thoughAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
John DoeDnD 2E/3.5E/4E, WHFRP, M20, othersCore, willing to try othersAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
BaratheonDark Heresy, D&D 3.5AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
SpectreD&D 4e Call of Cthulhu, willing to learn othersanyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Shrapnelnot d20not high fantasyUS/Central (GMT-5)Available!
A Cool HoboDnD 4e. new looking for groupcoreSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
Voodoo JuiceOpen to just about anythingAny and allAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Genuflectd20, M&M, Heresy, MeidoHeresyAmerica/Hermosillo (GMT-7)Available!
ArchboundDH/RT Willing to learn anything coreEST (GMT-5)Available!
Max StirnerD&D 4eanySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
ShrimpWoD,d20, 3.5, CoCAny!System/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
TazaioWoD | Willing to learn the ropes of anything.Anylocaltime (GMT-4)Available!
RickyD20, 3.5, 4eAnyCanada/Mountain (GMT-6)Available!
Bartlebyd20Core, Eberron, Pathfinder, homebrew, it's all goodSystem/Localtime (GMT-6)Available!
The RogueAnyAnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
SpetsnazUnderdarkWritefiendd20, CoC, Unisystem, Interlock, nWoD, oWoDEberron, 1920's-1950's, Modern, 202XUS/Eastern (GMT-4)Available!
AbishuaD&D 3.5, Willing to LearnAnyEST (GMT-5)Available!
Rotten bastard.d20 3.5, 4.0, dark heresy, warhammer fantasy roleplayAnySystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
Elled20, D&D 2.0 / 3.5Forgotten Realms, Dragon Lance.System/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
TaisuruAnyAnyUS/Central (GMT-5)Available!
RetoriD&D 3.5 or 4.0, Willing to try anyAnyEST (GMT-5)Available!
Hawled20HomebrewSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
Jax Will DoD&D 3.5, Spycraft, CTech, DH, RT, L5R, Exodus, wanna try AFMBE. Quick learner, has GM'd for year and rarely a player.Anything really. Into having fun over massive wish fulfullment or 'so deep'.System/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
RyoutarouD&D 3.5, Pathfinder, Star Wars Saga, CthulhuTech, Rouge Trader, Dark Heresy, BESM 2e, BESM 3e, Shadowrun 4e, Touhou RPG, Up for any setting reallyUS/Pacific (GMT-7)Available!
rooshunvodkad20, DH, AnyAnyEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
AllenI only know d20, but anything is fineAnything Fantasy-ishUS/Eastern (GMT-4)Available!
BizarroTedTurnerD20, Calla Cthulhu, 3.5, etcPrefer something with guns, but whatever's fine.System/Localtime (GMT-4)Available!
newguydark heresy, rouge trader, D&D,etcany System/Localtime (GMT-7)Available!
FangJokerKingWoD, both old and new, but I can learn any system you want.Any setting is fine.EST (GMT-5)Available!
asano_mand20, GURPS 4, working on nWoD, will learn any new systemAnyUS/Eastern (GMT-4)Available!
Senor Vapd20, 4e, 3.5,DHanyUS/Pacific (GMT-7)Available!
Crazy HassanD&D 4e, Dark heresyAnySystem/Localtime (GMT-7)Available!
grenadiermanAnyAnySystem/Localtime (GMT-7)Available!
The4th1WFRP, DH, D&D 3.5, D&D 4ECore, Homebrew, System/Localtime (GMT-7)Available!
unnownrelicDH, willing to learn othersAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
JayPathfinder, 4e, SW Saga EditionGolarion, Dark Sun, AnySystem/Localtime (GMT-7)Available!
AtkinsonMSH, anyanyUS/East-Indiana (GMT-4)Available!
BearD20,DH,2e AD&DDark Sun,SpellJammerSystem/Localtime (GMT-5)Available!
Captain Bubbles3.x/pathfinder, nWoDAny, prefer low magicCanada/Pacific (GMT-7)Available!
smithsyndicated20 modern, 3.x, Call of CthulhuAny and allAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
Relentless ImpD&D 3.5, Shadowrun 4Eberron, Spelljammer, PlanescapeAmerica/Louisville (GMT-4)Available!
SkallragD20, Pathfinder, NWoDAnyUS/Pacific (GMT-7)Available!
BobAny (Most familiar with D&D3.5, L5R, PTA)AnyEST (GMT-5)Available!
MagnusPreferably Dark Heresy or Deathwatch but willing to learn anything.AnyUS/Central (GMT-5)Available!
Konstant1nAdeptus Evangelion and Pokemon Table top AdventuresAnyUS/Mountain (GMT-6)Available!
Knight-Hartanyanylocaltime (GMT-4)Available!
MctwitchD&D2e but willing to try othersanySystem/Localtime (GMT-4)Available!
DeadManWaltzingDark HeresyAny & AllGreenwich (GMT+0)Available!
J-WegsCoC, AdEva, whateverlocaltime (GMT-4)Available!
inthezone123d20, but willing to try anythingCore, HomebrewSystem/Localtime (GMT-4)Available!
BowlthizarDnD 3.5. Savage Worlds, AnythingAnyUS/Eastern (GMT-4)Available!
Veximosd20, anything really3.5, pathfinder, anythingAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Pylon MountainDark Heresy pref. Willing to try whatever.AnythingAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
CyrusD&D, DH, DW, RT. (open to learn new ones)40k, Cyberpunk and fantasy (High and low) but open to new onesEurope/London (GMT+1)Available!
The SpleenAnyAnyEurope/London (GMT+1)Available!
WaddleDood20AnyAmerica/Denver (GMT-6)Available!
IcewhompAnythingAnythingAmerica/Phoenix (GMT-7)Available!
Omnicronel5r (3E or 4E), Mouseguard, d20 (including 4E)Any, except Forgotten RealmsAmerica/Sao_Paulo (GMT-3)Available!
DeamortisGurps, d20, ShadowRunHigh fantasy, scr-fi, over the topEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
fatsmalonepathfinder, 3.5America/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Ryythd20, D&D, PathfinderanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
QGloafd20, oWoD, M.A.G.U.S. willing to learn anythingWH40k, Shadowrun, oWoD, M.A.G.U.S., homebrew, Dungeons The DragoningEurope/Budapest (GMT+2)Available!
KickinRadTopHatCoC, WFRP, 40k, D&D (anything but 4e), willing to learn pretty much anythingWhateverAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
CJD2502d20, CoCcore/homebrewEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
YarokNew player looking to learn Dark Heresy and Rogue TraderAnything, from grimdark to beyondAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
SenkopadesExperienced with D&D 3.X/Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and Pokemon Tabletop Adventures.ANYAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
JamesXLd20AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Dantooined20, Gamma World, Paranoia. Willing to learn!noneAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
MackAny/Open to suggestionsAny/Open to suggestionsEurope/Stockholm (GMT+2)Available!
AbeevauAny. Although I have only ever played 4E.AnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
HurukianyanyAmerica/Los_Angeles (GMT-7)Available!
earthworm3d&d4anyEurope/Paris (GMT+2)Available!
MercenarybluePathfinderCore, MtG, EberronAmerica/Montreal (GMT-4)Available!
Lord BritishWill try anythingn/aAmerica/Toronto (GMT-4)Available!
Funk3.5, PathfinderAnyAustralia/Adelaide (GMT+9.5)Available!
Clockworker40kRPG, preferably Black Crusade or Deathwatch40kAmerica/Sao_Paulo (GMT-3)Available!
UnoriginalHackmaster, but I'm up for anything else tooFantasy, but I'm up for anything else tooAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
BeeksAny d20, CoC, Dark Heresy, Only WarAny and allAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
CelestialDoggied20, 40K RPG (any/all), FATE (DFRPG, SotC), Shadowrun, etc.America/Detroit (GMT-4)Available!
GilboronAny, inexperiencedAny, inexperiencedEurope/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
SkraalCall of Cthulhu, WHFRP, Dark Heresy, Adeptus Evangelion, World of Darkness, anything else reallyAnyAmerica/Toronto (GMT-4)Available!
PeejsterMD&D 3.5e, D&D 4e, Willing to learn anyFantasy settingsAmerica/Rainy_River (GMT-5)Available!
MangixDnD, PF, WH40kRPGs, Shadowrun-America/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
exttrarb11Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
wllxehwf11Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
vtxemepb11Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
spbdsqdb11Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
lofdebyv11Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
dlocrkrb11Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
jjwgremk11Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
talubutl11Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
tqapunlm11Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
pclcwhsu11Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
tbrmiafc11Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
cpmjakud11Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
sbauvakm11Europe/Moscow (GMT+4)Available!
CatPreferably Eclipse Phase, but, open to anything.Any?America/Mexico_City (GMT-5)Available!
GumbieShadowrun (4/5), Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, SoIaF, got something else in mind? Feel free to shoot me an email.AnyAmerica/Chicago (GMT-5)Available!
KravenoffBurning Wheel, DnD, Deadlands, and anything you are willing to teach meHome brew is always more fun, but published stuff now and then can be funAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Detective Chmilewskyd20, willing to try othersPost-Apoc, Fantasy, Can Try OthersAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
RevasDark Heresy (d100, experienced), Pathfinder(New)AnyAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
Leg HorseD&D 2nd, 3rd, 3.5, and fifth ed, WOD 1.0, Shadowrun, BESMRavenloft, Forgotten realms, Seattle, anything with mechaAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
RixoliWarhammer 40KAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!
HG BOSINstar warsyour momAmerica/New_York (GMT-4)Available!

Players' availability times are adjusted to your chosen timezone.