[#] Archive update
01:23pm UTC - 7/27/2010

Everything's proceeding quite a bit slower than I'd planned, but it's still proceeding. I'm almost ready to begin uploading; I figure I'll move things in an orderly fashion, something like 5GB a day, until the archives are back up to normal. As you've likely noticed, the request interface and new threads still work, so it's not like we've been losing new content during this downtime. (And Comcast hasn't exactly been stable lately, so I'm going to pick a good time and start uploading.)

As before, add any requests to save material to the post below this one (do not ask for threads to be saved anywhere else or they may be missed!).

~Lord Licorice


05:34pm UTC - 7/27/2010 [X]
Let us know when you're doing the 48 hours grace period for those of us who wish to archive the threads that did not make the cut.

Thanks LL.

2 Lord Licorice
01:08am UTC - 7/28/2010 [X]
@1 Don't worry, I will, and it'll probably go longer than 48 hours; on top of that, I don't plan on actually deleting the threads for a while, so I'll still be able to restore or provide access to anything if they miss the window.

3 biff
02:37am UTC - 7/28/2010 [X]
sounds good.

I was totally going to post something like the first reply, but I looked, and what do you know. he says what I would say (I assume all anons are male because I am male.... they are also white and blond.)

4 Catharsis
10:15am UTC - 7/28/2010 [X]
Never got word the first time so I'm just mention this again.

There are two Maid Quest threads archived by a troll under a false name, summary, & tags. Is it possible to do anything about this & prevent their deletion?

Their current names & numbers are:
'avatarfaggotry' - 10522934
'moar avatarfagging' - 10546476


5 Lord Licorice
12:54pm UTC - 7/30/2010 [X]
@Catharsis Yeah, I'll save those. Again, put any thread requests under the previous post.


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