[#] Dark Heresy Character Purge
06:04am UTC - 1/18/2010
While I'm doing the whole housecleaning thing, I've decided I should probably delete the older Dark Heresy characters from the chargen. There are presently 17,058 characters in the database, and very few of them are likely still in use in their present state (even after a single session your charsheet's probably changed in some way).

I'm going to clean out everything but the last 1-3 months' worth of characters, so if for some reason you still need a character prior to this, get it now. I'll be deleting them at some point in the near future.

~Lord Licorice



1 Heresiarc
07:41am UTC - 1/18/2010 [X]
Do it faggot

2 CaesarSalad
03:42pm UTC - 1/22/2010 [X]
Purge them, LL. For the Emperor.


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