[#] Suddenly, Carl Sagan
11:49am UTC - 10/15/2009

RIP Lou Albano

Oh wait

There we go. RIP Lou. And Carl Sagan.

~Lord Licorice


1 SniperGuyy
07:23pm UTC - 10/15/2009 [X]
Simply, awesome.

2 Shas'O Faiz
01:23am UTC - 10/17/2009 [X]
declines salesmario

3 t1k
02:17am UTC - 10/17/2009 [X]
Always quick to the draw with the obituaries.

Good night sweet princii, we'll miss both of you.

4 t1k
02:19am UTC - 10/17/2009 [X]
Carl Sagan died in 1996.

5 HiddenKrypt
04:32am UTC - 10/23/2009 [X]

6 Gentleman Reis
04:35pm UTC - 10/24/2009 [X]
I wonder if Captain Lou heard the Mario Death music before passing on. That reminds me; I have to get a pacemaker installed which plays that if my heart ever stops.
ALSO: A Glorious Dawn is just awe-inspiring. I like Symphony of Science's "We Are All Connected" too, but this one is my favorite.
I've talked long enough. Thank you for showing me this.


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