[#] Derp
03:33am UTC - 1/03/2009

So, I haven't posted in a while, I figured I'd just make a quick note so I won't keep forgetting. I've gotten a couple emails about this and that: Nobles can't be Psykers so I need to fix the chargen, some info on Gametable (basic synopsis, in fact I'll probably do this right now done), a link to a cool dwarf name generator (again, a change I can make now done), and a request to create a database of Hamachi rooms (still don't see the point personally but a lot of people have requested it, so apparently it's useful to someone!).

That's about it. Site's been fine, the Ruby threads are pretty damn popular. Oh, if the site crashes, it's probably the Christmas tree causing the power to hiccup. I'll take it down tomorrow or Sunday, so that should stop happening.

Nothing else of interest. Move along, nothing to see here!

~Lord Licorice



1 CS 3 Goto
11:28am UTC - 1/03/2009 [X]
'Angryfist McGrimdark'

<3 LL.

2 Fatum
12:13pm UTC - 1/03/2009 [X]
What about seasonal greetings, LL? :\

3 CS 3 Goto
01:54pm UTC - 1/03/2009 [X]
Licorice haet Christmas.

Ergo both Grinch AND anti-Christ.

4 Shas'O Faiz
01:22am UTC - 1/04/2009 [X]
>Oh, if the site crashes, it's probably the Hot Pockets causing the power to hiccup

fixed it for you there big guy

5 Conscript Gary
03:42am UTC - 1/04/2009 [X]
You no hungry for internet!
You hungry for HOT POCKET!

6 Guardsman Gary
04:02pm UTC - 1/04/2009 [X]


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