[#] oh god it's true
05:03pm UTC - 11/19/2008

Kobold Thief

~Lord Licorice


1 Fatum
05:57am UTC - 11/20/2008 [X]
Even civilians attack the skulking filth with their bare hands.
Taking a squad off duty won't help.

2 Fagatini
11:06am UTC - 11/20/2008 [X]

01:21pm UTC - 11/20/2008 [X]
FFFFFFF now I'm going to think of this everytime i play.

4 Beau
03:56pm UTC - 11/20/2008 [X]

5 PurpleXVI
05:08pm UTC - 11/20/2008 [X]
D'awwwwwwbold mod: They're friends with all the other races because they're too cute to fight, even though monsters and animals still hate them? :3

6 Lord Licorice
05:09am UTC - 11/22/2008 [X]
You can set a race friendly to all animals, like the elves have. Then nobody will hate dawwbolds.

7 PointMan
06:48pm UTC - 11/26/2008 [X]
I dunno, this is nice and such. But, i think this cutebold thing is going to wear thin eventually.


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