[#] Holy shit actual news
04:20pm UTC - 10/30/2008

 I have some actual news today, what are the odds? The first, and happy news, is that Earthflame has completed the latest version of ArtifIce: The Game of Machine Intelligence, wherein the players are AIs of various sorts - from rogue code on the net that gains sentience to spaceship pilots to maintenance robots run amok. The newest version, v2, is available here.

In sadder news, Earthflame today announced that he's going to be taking a break entirely from roleplaying games and the gaming community as a whole for a while for health reasons. This means, unfortunately, that his work on Mosaic and Eurid are at a standstill, and he won't be attending or DMing any games he had scheduled. He didn't provide any particular instructions to his players or contributors, though I'm sure he'd appreciate anyone that was working on them (e.g. playtesting) to continue doing so in his absence.

Please get well soon, Earthflame, we all miss you already. <3

In other news, Halloween is tomorrow! We'll be playing horror movies on the SHOUTcast pretty much all day, and hopefully we'll get some horror-themed games going as well. It should be a lot of fun. I don't know what movies we have scheduled yet, but we've got a collection of them, and I plan to have them going pretty much nonstop. If you want to DM a horror-heavy Dark Heresy, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Call of Cthulhu, Unknown Armies or similar game, now's definitely the time. (For those of you that hate the current color scheme, that will be going away November 1 as well.)

~Lord Licorice

Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see.


1 Captain Cap Stain
04:25pm UTC - 10/30/2008 [X]

2 LordXaras
04:39pm UTC - 10/30/2008 [X]
Sad faces are seen all around.

3 PurpleXVI
10:03pm UTC - 10/30/2008 [X]
Well, regardless of my personal opinions, it's a damn shame that it happened.

Get the fuck better, Earthfaggot. We miss you already.

4 Conscript Gary
11:33pm UTC - 11/01/2008 [X]
I can't say I know who he is, but get well soon. Being sick isn't good for you.

08:10am UTC - 11/03/2008 [X]

6 Not
09:54pm UTC - 11/03/2008 [X]
I hope he'll be okay.

7 Conscripts Gary
07:30pm UTC - 11/04/2008 [X]
I can see again! Praise the lord!


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