Fist of the Last Land

DM Name:Emo_Duck
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Other DM Contact:suptg IRC channel
System:Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition
Setting:Fist of the North Star
Start Time:2011-01-30 14:00:00 (2011-01-30 20:00:00 Europe/Copenhagen)
End Time:2011-01-30 17:00:00 (2011-01-30 23:00:00 Europe/Copenhagen)
Game Runs Weekly:Yes
Accepting New Players?:Yes
Desired Skill Level:Casual
Game Style:Epic
Playing Using:IRC

Game Information:

I've still gotta re-watch the 3-parter Shin Hokuto no Ken OVA to get all the details straight, but here's the low-down:

The year is 199X. The city of Last Land, an oasis of life in the nuclear wasteland, maintains a population of hundreds, if not thousands, due to its plentiful underground springs of pure, unirradiated water. With grand edifices and water streaming through the channel in the central avenue, Last Land is truly a jewel among the desert sand. The demagogue Sanga held the city in an iron grip, using deceit and manipulation to convince the masses that he had a life-giving water god at his side.

This is all in the past however. The mysterious End of Century Saviour deposed the tyrant and exposed his lies, freeing the people from their oppression and ignorance. And then he left, disappearing into the wasteland from whence he came.

Only a few people seem to know what truly transpired in those few, fateful days. A healer known simply as Sarah was brought to Sanga's palace shortly before. An old woman cloaked in rags has been seen roaming the now empty halls, avoiding people and avoiding questions.

With Sanga gone, Sarah has been attempting to ensure free water for everyone, but as word is spreading of Last Land and its natural bounty, more and more people are making their way there in hope of a better life. Rumours abound that the Kingsmen of Southern Cross have their eye on the city and its wealth. Ken-Oh, the dreaded End of Century Ruler, has been steadily and ruthlessly conquering the settlements that refuse to live under his absolute order, and some say his forces are heading toward Last Land as well. Raiders have long given Last Land a wide berth due to the presence of Sanga and his enforcers, but what happens now that the iron-fisted ruler is gone? What of the mysterious Clifflanders living in seclusion in the crags and canyons north of the city?

It is a new day for the people of Last Land, but will their newfound freedom last?


Characters will start at PL 8 and you have pretty much free choice of martial arts style (except for Hokuto Shinken, of course), though it's not mandatory to know some kind of kung fu. Here are some basic character ideas to build on:

You are a novitiate of the monastic Clifflanders and are taught in the basics of Hokumon no Ken, a fighting style founded by a failed Hokuto Shinken successor who escaped having his fist sealed. The Clifflanders guard the North Gate, but only the elders know what lies behind the massive steel door. Either you monitor Last Land for vagrants, adventurers and those desperate enough to seek the North Gate, or you finally got fed up with the secrecy and mysticism of the Clifflanders and decided to forge your own path.

You are the successor to one of the 108 schools of Nanto Seiken. Perhaps you serve the Southern Cross, using your fighting skills to expand the empire and bring treasures and resources to the eponymous capital. Perhaps you serve Ken-Oh, believing in his ideal of bringing order to the wasteland. Perhaps you are simply a wanderer, choosing to have no truck with the many despots and warlords trying to carve out territories in the nuclear wasteland.

You are schooled in a style not recognised by the heavenly zodiac. Your style may be unique, perhaps even predating the 2,000 year history of Hokuto Shinken, perhaps focusing on a particular weapon. You must tread carefully, however - it is said that Ken-Oh is systematically capturing martial arts masters and imprisoning them in the dark, stone-walled cells of the Cassandra prison. Can you escape his clutches in Last Land?

You are not a fist-fighter at all, and why should you be? Civilisation might have been destroyed in the war, but the vast city ruins of the wasteland still hold knowledge and technology to give you an edge. Pre-war firearms and ammunition are scarce, but maybe you know how to recast bullets, set booby traps and make explosives. Surely someone in Last Land will appreciate your rare talents.

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