Men of Hate

DM Name:Halfwot
Other DM Contact:
Start Time:2010-07-08 12:00:00 (2010-07-08 18:00:00 Europe/Stockholm)
End Time:2010-07-08 18:00:00 (2010-07-09 00:00:00 Europe/Stockholm)
Game Runs Weekly:Yes
Accepting New Players?:Yes
Desired Skill Level:Any
Game Style:Casual
Playing Using:IRC

Game Information:

Perhaps it was you who failed, perhaps the world just screwed you over. Your life was starting to slip away, perhaps metaphorically, or perhaps lying in a pool of your own blood. Yet there was something within you that didn't want to go, that didn't want to give up. A part that was ready to deal with anything to live on.

Your call was heard.

You don't remember much of him, an anonymous black suit and a forgetable face, but the eyes... the eyes still burn within your sight. He offered you a contract, your life for... well, your life. You signed it, it was better than what waited ahead anyway.

Yor life returned, somewhat back on track. You were given a month to clear any remaining business in your old life. After that they picked you up, ran you through loads of tests, basic training and well... more you think, it's all a haze now.

Since a couple of days back you have been on a cargo boat, probably somewhere in the Carribean and orders are to stay ready for your first assignment.

Character Creation
Characters will be done according to nWoD Corebook, but take care in that all merits that requires ties to an old life (contacts, resources, allies etc.) will probably be unavailable for a long time in-game.

Characters will also have the following requirments:
Attributes: Stamina 2

Physical Skills: Brawl 1, Drive 1, Firearms 1, Weaponry 1, and a total of five points between Athletics, Stealth and Survival, with at least one point in each.
Social Skills: Two of Intimidation 1, Persuasion 1, Empathy 1 or Subterfuge 1.

For more information, character submission etc. Contact via mail.

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