Name:		Silvanus
Homeworld: Hive World
Gender: Female
Career: Assassin
Rank: Sell-steel
Start Package: None

WS: 39 BS: 37
S: 22 T: 18
Ag: 38 Int: 30
Per: 27 WP: 23
Fellowship: 39 Wounds: 13

Fate Points: 1 Thrones: 130
Insanity Pts: 1 Starting XP: 400
Corruption Pts: 1

Build: Wiry Skin Color: Tan
Hair Color: Dyed Eye Color: Blue
Age: 36

Quirk: You are pallid.
Hive Class: Ganger Scum
Divination: Innocence is an illusion.

Traits: Accustomed to Crowds, Caves of Steel, Hivebound, Wary

Basic Skills: Tech-Use (Int) (Caves of Steel), Awareness (Per), Dodge (Ag)

Advanced Skills: Speak Language (Hive Dialect) (Int), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)

Talents: Melee Weapons Training (Primitive), Basic Weapons Training (SP), Pistol Training (SP), Ambidextrous, Thrown Weapons Training

Gear: sword, knife, 3 doses of stimm, charge (corpse hair), black bodyglove (Common Quality Clothing), shotgun and 12 shells, compact las pistol and 1 charge pack, heavy gloves (memento), throne penny (memento)

Special Qualities: None

Family: Your mother's name is Imperatrice. She walks the path of the Imperial Psyker. Your father's name is Hastus. He walks the path of the Tech-Priest. You are an only child.