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Fate Points:2
Insanity Points:1
Corruption Points:1

    Your name is Rhia. You are female. You are 59 years old, and have porcelain skin, black hair and black eyes. Your peers describe you as gaunt. You have tiny ears.

    You were born on a battleship of the Battlefleet Calixis. You walk the path of the Imperial Psyker, where you hold the rank of Sanctionite. Upon your first awakening as a psyker, you were attacked by a Daemon, but prevailed against the monster at an irreparable cost to your mind and soul. The curse of your psychic talents is controlled by your faith in the guiding light of the God-Emperor, the armor of your mind forged through unwavering conviction. When you visited the Imperial Diviner, the seer told you this: Die if you must, but not with your spirit broken. Your only physical reminder of your past life is your ceremonial sword, something that holds great sentimental value to you. In your travels and adventures as Imperial Psyker, you have collected a special memento of your journey, your broken chrono. You have a Psy Rating of 1.

    Your mother's name is Garma. She walks the path of the Imperial Psyker. Your father's name is Eli. He walks the path of the Imperial Psyker. Your sister's name is Stranga. She walks the path of the Arbitrator. Your sister's name is Litila. She walks the path of the Tech-Priest.

    Your upbringing, environment, and the path you have chosen in life have granted you the following traits: Shipwise, Void Accustomed, Naval Lineage Skills, Close-Quarter Fighter, Officer on Deck, Sanctioned Psyker.You have learned, acquired, or been born with a number of talents, such as Basic Weapons Training (SP), Melee Weapons Training (Primitive), Pistol Weapons Training (SP), Dark Soul.

    You excel in a number of basic skills, including Navigation (Stellar) (Int) (Shipwise), Pilot (Starcraft) (Ag) (Shipwise), Common Lore (Tech) (Int) (Nav. Lin. Sk.).You have learned a number of advanced technical skills, such as Speak Language (Ship Dialect) (Int), Speak Language (Battlefleet War Cant) (Int) (Nav. Lin. Sk.), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Psyniscience (Per), Invocation (WP), Literacy (Int), Trade (Merchant) (Fel), Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) (Int).

    At this time in your life, your personal belongings are meager, most provided by the Imperium as part of the path you walk. Your holdings include staff, knife (psykana mercy blade), quilted vest, tatty robe (Poor Quality Clothing), Psy-Focus, sanctioning brand, axe, book of Imperial saints, combat stub revolver and 3 bullets, ceremonial sword (memento), broken chrono (memento).


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