Name:		Atellus
Homeworld: Gunmetal City - Scintella
Gender: Male
Career: Imperial Psyker
Rank: Sanctionite
Start Package: None

WS: 39 BS: 39
S: 22 T: 31
Ag: 29 Int: 30
Per: 29 WP: 24
Fellowship: 35 Wounds: 13

Fate Points: 2 Thrones: 83
Insanity Pts: 0 Starting XP: 400
Corruption Pts: 0

Build: Brawny Skin Color: Fair
Hair Color: Mousy Eye Color: Brown
Age: 27

Quirk: You have a bullet wound scar.
Hive Class: Factory Dregs
Divination: Violence solves everything.

Traits: Caves of Steel, Hivebound, Wary, Gunmetal Hiver Skills, Packing Iron, Way of the Gun, Sanctioned Psyker

Basic Skills: Tech-Use (Int) (Caves of Steel)

Advanced Skills: Speak Language (Hive Dialect) (Int), Speak Language (Metallican Hive Dialect) (Int) (Gunm. Hiver Sk.), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Psyniscience (Per), Invocation (WP), Literacy (Int), Trade (Soothsayer) (Fel)

Talents: Pistol Training (SP), Melee Weapons Training (Primitive), Pistol Weapons Training (Las)

Gear: staff, knife (psykana mercy blade), quilted vest, tatty robe (Poor Quality Clothing), Psy-Focus, sanctioning brand, axe, dice, compact las pistol and 1 charge pack, vial of glowing water (memento), pressed flower petal (memento)

Special Qualities: You have a Psy Rating of 1.

Family: Your mother's name is Castella. She walks the path of the Scum. Your father's name was Hack. He walked the path of the Arbitrator. He is deceased. Your brother's name is Mir. He walks the path of the Scum.