Name:		Severus
Homeworld: Forge World
Gender: Male
Career: Tech-Priest
Rank: Technographer
Start Package: None

WS: 26 BS: 36
S: 25 T: 37
Ag: 34 Int: 39
Per: 32 WP: 39
Fellowship: 31 Wounds: 12

Fate Points: 2 Thrones: 154
Insanity Pts: 0 Starting XP: 400
Corruption Pts: 0

Build: Wiry Skin Color: Stained
Hair Color: Mousy Eye Color: Brown
Age: 31

Quirk: You have an electoo.
Point of Origin: Explorator Fleet
Divination: The wise man learns from the deaths of others.

Traits: Fit for Purpose, Stranger to the Cult, Credo Omnissiah

Basic Skills: Common Lore (Tech) (Int) and Common Lore (Machine Cult) (Int)

Advanced Skills: Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Tech-Use (Int), Literacy (Int), Secret Tongue (Tech) (Int), Trade (Copyist) (Int)

Talents: Technical Knock, Melee Weapons Training (Primitive), Basic Weapons Training (Las), Pistol Training (Las), Electric Graft Use

Gear: metal staff, las pistol and 1 charge pack, las carbine and 1 charge pack, knife, flak vest, glow lamp, data-slate, Mechanicus robes and vestments (Good Quality Clothing), spare parts (power cells, wires, chronometers etc), vial of Sacred Machine Oil, Mechanicus implants, mass of melted bullets (memento), small brass ingot (memento)

Special Qualities: None

Family: None