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  • File : 1274249532.jpg-(68 KB, 480x480, 334396927v6_480x480_Front.jpg)
    68 KB Bloodquest 14- It's a Madhouse StonerDM !em3oEn8LAg 05/19/10(Wed)02:12 No.9910690  

    "What sort of equipment do you guys have?" You ask.
    "Not a whole lot, we brought most manpower, and we went through the ammo for the heavy weapons a while ago. We were supposed to have been resupplied and reinforced twice already, but I guess Arkham's cutting their losses."
    Brody sits on a desk in the corner, fidgeting with his rifle and double- and triple- checking his card to make sure he understands the situation.

    There is a firm knock on the metal doors. All Arkham hands go to sidearms. Brody hastily loads his Springfield.

    >What do?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:12 No.9910703
    "WHO IS IT!?"
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:13 No.9910715
    OOC: So we've archived the other thread/done all necessary maintenance right?

    IC: Ask what wrong and whom is looking for us.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:14 No.9910729
    rolled 33 = 33

    If only we could scout with blood in a manner that does not involve burning everything.
    Let us roll for the creation of some type of touch-sensing organ - like a blood hand or something - that doesn't automatically kill shit.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:17 No.9910752
    "Listen," holding eye contact with Walters, "I like you guys - but you're so outclassed here it isn't even funny. You wanted to evacuate? Do it. Head to the nearest safehouse you know of and give me the co-ordinates. I'll meet up with you when I have the Archivist with me."

    "From now on, you're MY backup and intel."
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:17 No.9910756
    "Who is it?" You call out. Walters gives you a "what the fuck" look. You shrug.
    "Could somebody let me in please, before I'm horribly irradiated or eaten or something?" Comes a female-sounding voice.
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)02:17 No.9910759
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:18 No.9910767
    rolled 67 = 67

    "What's the magic word? =)"
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:19 No.9910778
    Well she said please.
    Ask her what combat capabilities she has.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:20 No.9910790
    YOUR NOT STONERBRO!!!!!! IMPOSTOR!!!!!!!!!!!
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:20 No.9910799

    This, then this

    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:21 No.9910811

    No trip?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:24 No.9910832
    >Holy shit what happened to my trip

    "What's the magic word?" You call out.
    "Wh---what?" Walters punches you in the arm, then moves to cover the door.
    "Gadsby, open it, slowly."
    You hold your whips at the ready as Gadsby eases the door open.

    Standing outside is a girl, looking about thirteen, plainly dressed in a plain black t-shirt and knee-length skirt. Her brown hair is drawn back into a ponytail.
    "Thanks!" she says cheerfully.
    >> StonerDM !em3oEn8LAg 05/19/10(Wed)02:25 No.9910835
    Yeah, both those are me.
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)02:26 No.9910849

    Just kidding
    "Who would you be?"
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:26 No.9910860
    Ask who she is. And why is she still here?
    >> ArkhamArchivist 05/19/10(Wed)02:27 No.9910865
    "Maybe I have a problem with trusting people"
    "Especially young girls, or have you forgotten FUCKING 13?"
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:29 No.9910905
    Why do i get the feeling this wont end well? AT ALL?!?!@!?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:30 No.9910913

    Do nothing for now, listen to what she has to say.
    >> StonerDM !em3oEn8LAg 05/19/10(Wed)02:30 No.9910914
    "Yeah, sorry, maybe I just have a problem trusting people, especially little girls."
    The girl looks at you, then at Walters.
    "What? I don't trust you. Can you blame me?"
    She shrugs.
    "I guess not. Who killed the mantis?"
    "That was me. No, wait, I ask, you answer. Who the hell are you?"
    "Cool!" she says, grinning broadly. "My name's Clara. 33, that nice old man in Tampa, sent me up here, told me to help, said you guys needed assistance more than he did. Looks like he was right..." She tries to walk forward, but you and the other agents don't budge.
    "Can...can I come in?"
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:31 No.9910927

    Shit, what does 33 do again?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:31 No.9910929
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:32 No.9910943
    He's the Archivist.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:33 No.9910952

    What can she do to help us out exactly?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:34 No.9910972
    And your number is what again? Sorry but ive had several rough days please come in and have a seat.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:34 No.9910974
    Iiiiiiii don't trust her.

    I vote we leave. With the girl.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:35 No.9910997
    33 sent you?

    Let me change my question. WHAT are you?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:36 No.9911004
    "Who did ya say ya were, again?"
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)02:36 No.9911005
    "You have a number?"
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:36 No.9911014
    "You got a number, or are you not affiliated with arkham?"
    >> StonerDM !em3oEn8LAg 05/19/10(Wed)02:39 No.9911050
    "Come on. Sorry, everyone's a little on edge."
    Clara walks inside, marveling at the computers on the walls.
    "Wow, you guys have a lot of computers in here."
    "This site was originally designed to interpret data, sort of a big number-crunching facility. 33 actually worked here for a while," Gadsby offers.
    "So if 33 sent you, what can you do exactly?"
    "Oh, yeah, I guess that would have helped before..."
    Clara holds out her left arm. Seams open up, bisecting her arm from her elbow all the way to between her middle and ring fingers. The flesh snaps open into four sections, opening like a flower to reveal a metal barrel surrounded by three rapidly spinning, humming metal plates.
    "33 says I'm an...automata? I don't know if I have a number or anything..."
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:40 No.9911070
    .......................Wow 33 is FUCKING AWESOME!
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:42 No.9911094
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)02:43 No.9911105
    "I'll have to meet this 33 eventually. Clara, I'm Helen and Garfield, or 82, This is Brody, Walters and Gadsby and...who the hell are you anyways" (There are Three Arkham types, right?"
    >> ArkhamArchivist 05/19/10(Wed)02:43 No.9911107
    Right. We have a new super-team member.
    "That's... well, lets just say I had a friend who would have loved to meet you"
    "I'm Helen, 82, and that's Devon over there, 41, he gets confused alot, but don't worry about it."
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:44 No.9911129

    "Ah, a robot. I've seen weirder this week. How long is your battery good for, and are you immune to gamma radiation?"

    Radiation does cause lattice displacement that weakens metal over time, which has to be solved by annealing.
    >> Sorain !VReP2N9ezw 05/19/10(Wed)02:45 No.9911137
    "Well Japan is going to freak to know they dont get to make your kind first."
    >> StonerDM !em3oEn8LAg 05/19/10(Wed)02:48 No.9911182
    There is a loud report from behind you. Clara raises her arm, and several sparks fly as a bullet richochets off her arm.
    "Get back ma'am!" you hear brody shout, followed by the click of a rifle reloading.
    "Brody, NO!" you shout, whirling on him. He has the rifle set against his shoulder, and looks back and forth nervously. He slowly lowers his gun.
    "Wow! So are you like in charge around here?" Clara asks, her arm snapping back together; she wiggles a few of her fingers experimentally.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:49 No.9911188
    A robot... I suppose it was only a matter of time. 33 send anything else? Like a message?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:49 No.9911202
    Keep the girl and Brody, but...

    To the agents.
    >> ArkhamArchivist 05/19/10(Wed)02:50 No.9911213
    Lolibot, Lolibot, ooh, Loli, Loli Loli. Lolibot.
    Do do dun dun.
    Call my baby Lolibot, tell you why...
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:51 No.9911239
    Somebody has to be, so yeah, I guess so.

    Ask Walters how they contained 19 and 62 in the first place so we can start formulating a plan.
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)02:51 No.9911240
    "You might want to keep the freaky stuff on the down-low, okay? And, yes, I'm calling the shots here."
    >> ArkhamArchivist 05/19/10(Wed)02:51 No.9911245
    In charge of him, at least. He's functionally immortal, but has memory issues.
    >> Sorain !VReP2N9ezw 05/19/10(Wed)02:52 No.9911259
    were gunna need another card.... Wow this could be a problem.
    "Anyone got a laminating mechine? PFC Brody is going to need another card. Also, Clara, this is PFC Brody, a man stuck in time, resets everything every hour or so, unless he gets hurt badly first. Brody, I suspect this is our new squad member."
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:52 No.9911262
    "Do our soldier a favor and put your arm back together, please,"
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:52 No.9911264
    between the BLOODSEX and lolibots, i think /d/ has invaded tonites session.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:53 No.9911276
    What BLOODSEX?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:53 No.9911279
    "That's right, I'm in command. This is private Brody. Robot, Brody. Brody, Robot. He'll be meeting you a lot, from now on. Every hour or two, he forgets everything that's happened past him fighting in WW1."

    Give her instructions to instruct Brody every time he forgets everything.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:55 No.9911306
    Previous thread.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:58 No.9911339
    Yeah, I was there. There was no bloodsex.
    >> StonerDM !em3oEn8LAg 05/19/10(Wed)02:58 No.9911341
    "Clara, this is private Brody. Brody, this is Clara, our newest squad member. Brody here is immortal, but his mind resets every hour or so, he can't advance past World War I. Could you brief him every hour or so if he seems like he's getting confused?"
    "I think so, yeah..." Clara nods slowly.

    "Now you three," you say, turning to the Arkham survivors. "As noble as your efforts are, you're hopelessly outclassed. Let us stick around and try and clean up here, and we'll go get 33. You should get back to Chicago, that seems to be where Arkham is regrouping now. How did you guys originally contain 19 and 62?"
    "Well, they kept 19 in a lead sarcophagus or something, and I believe 62 was...cryogenically frozen? I'm not really sure, and neither of them are really contained right now. 62 seems reluctant to move, and 19 just roams around like a psychopath."
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)02:58 No.9911354
    Yeah, absolute zero. I totally called that.
    >> Sorain !VReP2N9ezw 05/19/10(Wed)02:59 No.9911368
    Man, I Love Blood quest for how random the #'s are. 96 (I GOT IT RIGHT!) is Shelob the psychic space spider, 13 is an elder god, 33 Archives stuff, and now we have Clara.

    I belive its time we got to know our new backup, sent our conventional allys on to safety while we plan this mess out. "Hay Garfield, what do you make of the core of our new squad?"
    >> Sorain !VReP2N9ezw 05/19/10(Wed)03:01 No.9911387
    yup, nice call there.

    "Right, please tell me theres a Liquid Nitrogen Gun or something in your arsinel, because I have NO idea what to do otherwise..."
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)03:02 No.9911403
    It was mentioned briefly right before Coolbro died.
    "I'm going to need that sniper rifle now. 19 or 88 should be our first target."
    >> StonerDM !em3oEn8LAg 05/19/10(Wed)03:03 No.9911422
    "Garfield, what are your thoughts."
    "She seems nice. Brody still makes me nervous. But it's good to have the help."

    "Alright, we're taking one of the vans and getting the hell out of here. We'll call you when we're clear, and if we run into anything, we'll call you with intel. Here," Walters scribbles a number on a piece of paper and passes it into your hand.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:04 No.9911434
    Need more than Liquid Nitrogen. Absolute zero results in no molecular movement, so things can't degrade. Anything above that, I think he'd still work. I am really not sure how to achieve that without time guy's cooperation so let's hope he's friendly.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:04 No.9911435
    Right then. LETS GET HUNTING!
    >> Sorain !VReP2N9ezw 05/19/10(Wed)03:04 No.9911438
    you guys ever start wondering why we are so proficent with assorted weapons? Not to put to fine a point on things, but I have a terrible feeling Arkham's little Newtype Soldier training program went further then we think it did, and then Key/Gate blotted it out from our memory...
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:06 No.9911463
    Or it could just be the fact that our life SUCKED BAWLZ b4 we got arrested and we were a par tof a gang or something.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:06 No.9911467
    You know? I don't really care. Arkham is fucked, and if we can form the core of a better organisation that gives our particular brand of misfits help and something to do, I'm all for it. Very SCP.

    I figured Brody was the more obvious choice. It's not like he'd remember it.
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)03:07 No.9911472
    I know, it's this shit that made me worried before we found out about the Key/Gate program, and our life, pre-Garfield.

    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:07 No.9911483
         File1274252853.png-(248 KB, 640x344, MGS2_Raiden.png)
    248 KB
    My god, it's the S3 plan!
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:08 No.9911489
    88 and 19 are easy. we just need to kill them. If 62 doesn't want to move, then he can wait. 19 is a bigger threat because he can kill us without us ever knowing about it. Let's find him.

    Check the computers, look for Geiger counter data.
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)03:08 No.9911501
    19 yes. 88, possibly.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:12 No.9911538
    Remind them to suit up for radiation and then go off after 88, to give them the best chance of making it out.
    >> StonerDM !em3oEn8LAg 05/19/10(Wed)03:12 No.9911543
    "OH," Walters says, pointing to a black duffle bag. "There's a Barrett in there; that should help you out."
    "I can't put together a gun!" you protest.
    "I can take care of it!" Clara says eagerly.
    >> ArkhamArchivist 05/19/10(Wed)03:14 No.9911560
    All whisper-like
    "Nice to be on the same side for real, huh Jacob?"
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:15 No.9911570

    Easy in the sense that he can't outsmat boolit. He's armored, but otherwise doesn't have any real shenanigans. Time powers that age people without making them super fast compared to the outside world is a dick move, and will have to be planned for.

    Let's just send Brody at 19. He'll kill the bastard, and even if he takes a lethal dose of radiation, that takes hours or days to kill. It's next to impossible to get dosed so hard you'd die in under a minute or two. He'll be in and out before he feels like he's gotten anything more damaging than a full body (and retina) sunburn.
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)03:15 No.9911573
    "Okay, Clara, you're handling the big gun then. Any idea where 88 is lurking?"
    >> Sorain !VReP2N9ezw 05/19/10(Wed)03:17 No.9911605
    second on that.

    Get a rundown on what Clara can do (skills and inhuman abilitys) Before we head out take Clara aside and ask her (sure it might be an it, but treat them as human and they will act human) what she knows about 33 and why 33 sent her.
    >> StonerDM !em3oEn8LAg 05/19/10(Wed)03:19 No.9911629
    >Matches have been found. This means that I can SMOKE MOAR

    All whisper-like
    "Nice to be on the same side for real, huh Jacob?"
    Jacob stares at you for a moment, then smiles.
    "We've got rad suits in the car, so 19 shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you go after 88 and draw him out we should have a clear escape."
    "Goo-" you start.
    "Good luck!" Clara cuts you off.
    "Good luck." you say again, staring at the android sideways.

    The three of you stand around a metal table; Brody reads his card, nodding to himself slowly; Clara cracks her left shoulder with a sound like a rivet being driven.
    "Okay," you say. "We need to draw 88 into the open. Any ideas?"
    "If he's dug in, let's gas him out," Brody suggests.
    "I could be a diversion," Clara offers.
    "It's your call," Garfield says. "You call the shots, remember?"

    >What's the plan?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:20 No.9911645
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)03:21 No.9911660
    "No Clara, you'll be support, we need you to get a good vantage point. Brody: You, me and Garfield are going to make a lot of noise. There might be explosions, I'm playing this by ear right now"
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:22 No.9911675
    >"If he's dug in, let's gas him out," Brody suggests.

    Did Brody just have a GOOD IDEA?
    >> Sorain !VReP2N9ezw 05/19/10(Wed)03:24 No.9911698
    target is in urban enviornment, if we have gas, use that to get him out in the open, preferabally into a firing range for Clara to eliminate at range. We personally are of little use, being that we cant use Garfield without compromising our only defense agasint a lethal dose of radiation, dropping us to a pistol and possibly driving. Using Brody as the lure is harsh, but it might be the only option. Surely our target will go "WTF" at the sight of someone who does not keel over. Also the constant screaming gives us a prosimate location on the target. Once we have a clear shot, try and keep this as painless as possible. He cant help irraditing the area.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:24 No.9911699
    Hey you leave brody alone, he's awesome. >:(
    >> ArkhamArchivist 05/19/10(Wed)03:24 No.9911700
    Big noises would seem to work well.
    In a WWI tactics sense, yes he is.

    I'm falling asleep, see ya'll tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:24 No.9911705

    It's too bad we can't hit 88 with a hydrofluoric acid aerosol.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:25 No.9911711
    We're going to hit 88 first, but gas could work on either of these numbers.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:26 No.9911730

    We need to lure out 88 first, he's the bone-guy. If we don't lure him out, he'll ambush the agents as they try to escape.
    >> ArkhamArchivist 05/19/10(Wed)03:27 No.9911734
    >One last meta-question. Since we won't be seeing it again presumably, could I get a number on the mantis for filing purposes?
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)03:27 No.9911737
    Let's try the diplomatic approach with 88. After all, weren't we pretty much the same before we met 54 and 13?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:28 No.9911755
    not really. most gas attacks would be based on an active ingredient, which would decay due to age before it hit time guy.

    We're sort of thinking about fighting him the wrong way, i think. (I also think that first we should see if we can NOT fight him)

    Anyway, due to the time distortion, we don't need a plan that kills him now. We need a plan that kills him now, tomorrow, next week, and for the next 50 years.
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)03:29 No.9911763
    Well, what about 19?
    >> Sorain !VReP2N9ezw 05/19/10(Wed)03:29 No.9911768
    wiat, its 88 thats our next objective? I thought we were going to take out the Gamm radiation problem. Well might as well try if the bone guy is around. IIRC hes not too bright. Lets hope hes willing to work with us (or at least peacable to those not trying to shoot him)
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)03:31 No.9911783
    We're dealing with 88 to give Walters and his Arkham bros an easier time escaping.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:31 No.9911790
    I'm not talking about the time guy. I'm talking about the bone guy and the radioactive guy. We're going to try and talk the time guy down, because they only contained him with what is effectively magitech.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:32 No.9911795
    We get a general idea of where 88 is, post Clara down a street with the anti materiel rifle, and walk around with Brody taunting him until we can catch sight of him, then we launch a gas grenade to try and get him to charge, luring him out into the street. Hopefully then Clara pegs him with the rifle.
    That is something that should never be invented.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:32 No.9911798
    And with that, let's be off!
    >> StonerDM !em3oEn8LAg 05/19/10(Wed)03:33 No.9911824
    "Clara, you'll be support; assemble the rifle and get to a high position; Garfield, Brody, and I are going to make some noise, try to draw him out."
    "Who's Garfield?" They both ask.
    "Well, he's my blood. He can speak to me, and I can control him to use as a weapon.
    Brody nods thoughfully. Clara merely stares, her deadpan face slowly brightening.
    "That...is...so...COOL!" she says, clapping her hands.
    "You hear that? I'm -cool-" Garfield says smugly.

    >I think he was 98 or 99. Let's go with 99
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:36 No.9911854

    Wait, have Clara check for industrial cleaning supply shops in the area.

    They use HF as a cleaning agent! It'll totally fuck up bone-guy's shit.
    >> Sorain !VReP2N9ezw 05/19/10(Wed)03:37 No.9911871
    Anyone else seeing Clara as the squad 'upbeat' person? (lets pray this is not one of those happy,happy,snap,apocalipse types)
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:38 No.9911888

    I seriously fucking doubt anyone cleans with hydrofluoric acid. It eats metal, glass, pretty much anything that isn't teflon, kills people on skin contact in a horrifically painful fashion, and is generally nasty shit.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:38 No.9911898
    Hey... can Clara access a satellite?
    >> StonerDM !em3oEn8LAg 05/19/10(Wed)03:43 No.9911969
    You call Walters as you leave.
    "Any sign of him?"
    "Yeah, we think we saw him running across some rooftops about ten blocks west of you."
    "Excellent. Stay safe."

    >Going to wrap up, feelin' sleepy as hell. Pretty good progress/New character, yay. How're you guys feeling about all this? Also, looking forward to the updated Arkham archives.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:44 No.9911972
    88 still needs eyes to see. let's get a gasmask for ourselves and Brody and gas or mace the shit out of 88.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:46 No.9912007
    I LOVED IT!!!! XD
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:46 No.9912014

    You'd be surprised at what people use. HF is used for cleaning carpets, in car detailing for cleaning up hubs, and in metal etching.
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)03:47 No.9912015
    I enjoyed it, especially the intro for part 13. It took a while to hit me that we were a car thief and a WWI soldier fighting giant purple spiders.

    And I thought the scene with Spider Lebron was wierd...

    Congrats, Stonerbro
    >> Sorain !VReP2N9ezw 05/19/10(Wed)03:48 No.9912040
    very intrested to see where this goes, and learn of our new ally. Looking for a good picture for both Brody and Clara now btw.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:48 No.9912041
    It's good, yeah. Our team lacks offensive punch other than ourselves, but seems quite durable. We're starting to get backup and intel together so hopefully things are on the up.
    >> ArkhamArchivist 05/19/10(Wed)03:50 No.9912073
    I'll post them at the start of tomorrow's thread.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:51 No.9912082
         File1274255483.jpg-(95 KB, 900x506, Machineempathy.jpg)
    95 KB
    I've got one or two...
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:52 No.9912101
         File1274255550.jpg-(363 KB, 1920x1200, Headofaman.jpg)
    363 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)03:53 No.9912111
         File1274255598.png-(270 KB, 832x900, 1269374864115.png)
    270 KB
    This is fucking trippy and Awesome Stoner DM. What more is there to say?
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)04:02 No.9912222
         File1274256156.jpg-(726 KB, 1500x846, 1271581166773.jpg)
    726 KB
    found brody
    >> Sorain !VReP2N9ezw 05/19/10(Wed)04:05 No.9912257
    eah, I know I have seen on thats nearly perfect, fitting her little entrence scene. Just cant find it.
    >> Anonymous 05/19/10(Wed)04:12 No.9912349
    Think I know the one you mean. Don't have it though.
    >> StonerDM !em3oEn8LAg 05/19/10(Wed)04:15 No.9912384
         File1274256920.jpg-(26 KB, 440x495, 1274206125849.jpg)
    26 KB
    >Update: Almost 4:20. Pic related
    >> LowRoller 05/19/10(Wed)04:20 No.9912447
    I love that picture.
    >> StonerDM !em3oEn8LAg 05/19/10(Wed)04:26 No.9912515
         File1274257610.jpg-(29 KB, 299x303, 1273412086498.jpg)
    29 KB

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