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  • File : 1273986648.jpg-(59 KB, 922x382, EIRUST.jpg)
    59 KB Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:10 No.9845296  
    the Endless Isles
    thread 1: >>9832207
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:11 No.9845313
    the, the
    I need to add "the" to the picture
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:16 No.9845402
    Nah dunno why they put the in front of it.


    More tales!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:16 No.9845406
    Repostan' from old thread:

    "Weary eyes here, I havn't walked the Cross Road yet, but I might before the end. Even hell for all it's tortures beats the other place. Don't go taking the oath sonny, sail mortal, life fast, die young or old with a life well spent, that will only give you a short stay in the pits. We who take the oath, when we're caught up to one way or another, we have to stay eternal. Now, some of us go searching for a way to stave that of further, others hide, living away form the world, so that they never have to pay their debt. Others, we're looking for a way to pay the debt here, so we can move on with a clean slate. It's no life for a kid who has a chance at the next one."
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:19 No.9845448
    I kind of want to make up more places
    let's think of a port city
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:19 No.9845455
    Ev'n so, my pa was one of the ones who took the oath, nothing for me on this isle either, I'd rather sail and find the bastard, and get at least one shot into him before I walk the Cross Road.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:22 No.9845486
    Got a general idea for a name?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:24 No.9845520
    let's see
    what about the pirate hive city, boasting a smell so strong, it sends crusaders face first into their decks from miles around. hope the wind is in your favor.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:26 No.9845556
    Should we keep with a pseudo-carribean flavor, kinda trying to keep it English, Dutch French and/or Spanish?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:28 No.9845596
    Almost forgot...

    inb4 Tortuga
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:32 No.9845664
    yea, I don't really know
    just keep it piratey, lol
    it will be a port set in a neutral zone, so not entirely british
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:34 No.9845695
    L'Fin Du Monde?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:37 No.9845733
    from back in the other thread, two-dagger's official title is:
    Two-Dagger Torriaeu, the legendary Laugher of Louisport and the Haverland Sacker.
    so the port will be Louisport.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:40 No.9845762
    Sounds good. Louisport is named after a Louis, who is this Louis, and why did he get the place named after him. More importantly, what is this place like now?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:42 No.9845791
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:43 No.9845817
    What's this about?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:44 No.9845821
    probably a king who was never able to conquer the port
    pirates are a harsh folk
    now it's just as it always was, villainy, piracy, salt and brine
    the city has never been sacked, nothing worth taking.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:46 No.9845845
    in short, someone asked for a pirate rpg
    golden neck beard set it up as a world filled with endless islands, where pirates rule. in fact, pirates rule so much, they never die... in a way... just read thread one, it will make a lot more sense
    or not, I dunno
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:49 No.9845890
    Cool wiki page, man.

    I like the bit where it has words.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:50 No.9845914
    take it easy
    I'm working on it
    it takes far longer to sculpt a statue then sell it
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:51 No.9845929
    Sounds awesome!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)01:56 No.9846004
    frankly, I see this ending up not as an rpg, but as a haven for writefags.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)02:01 No.9846077
    A little bit of both methinks. A setting at the least.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)02:08 No.9846181
    so, Louisport
    One of the few attempts at arranging an empire, King louis united a large chunk of the known world, but a humble little pirate haven was a thorn in his side. Affectionately named Louisport, mocking the fact that he didn't own it. His fleets weren't skilled enough to navigate the perilous redding straight, nor slim enough to squeeze through the roughlin tumalt. Louisport remained a place where pirates could restock in between raidings. Eventually, King Louis' monarchy fell, with great help from Louisport and the name stuck.

    how's this?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)02:13 No.9846264
    Quick summary:

    We have a creation myth, and a few songs.

    Two-Dagger Torriaeu stole death, and somehow that meant people could take the oath, and live as pirates eternal. Deadwind keep imprisions pirates forever, whereas The Cross is home to the Crusaders, who want to kill them all, in ways that leave them permanently dead.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)02:16 No.9846303
    Sounds good to me.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)02:31 No.9846546
    "Ahar, Louisport, ya say? Bahaha, I'd say I have a bet wi' damn nea' half tha town! ahahar, yah woul't thin' a pirate, born 'n bred as I, woul' be rakin' muck in tha middle o' no where fer no reason? Hahaha, a pirate town, indeed! You'd ne'er see such a raspy no goo' bunch o' rottin eggs agin! Louisport, now tha's a town. Boy, I'll take ya some day, I swer. oh, but tha smell, oh, ya wouldn' believe tha smell. 'Nd if that didn' kill ya, the folk wou'd. ahahar, I'll take ya some day, son. someday."
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)02:32 No.9846562
    I bet this man is two-dagger
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)02:35 No.9846601
         File1273991702.jpg-(64 KB, 400x500, Demotivational.jpg)
    64 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)02:36 No.9846633
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)03:08 No.9847192
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)03:44 No.9847739
         File1273995857.jpg-(22 KB, 250x250, salute.jpg)
    22 KB

    ...Love the Deadwind Keep and Fort Cross stuff from after I left in the last thread, there. Let's leave precisely what happens to those that get taken to the Cross a mystery... though the "burned alive while surrounded by torches and sunlight" makes a fantastic common rumor!

    Still catching up...
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)03:44 No.9847745
         File1273995893.png-(79 KB, 800x454, Piracy vs file sharing.png)
    79 KB
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)03:59 No.9847920
         File1273996759.jpg-(24 KB, 250x250, confusion - errrrrrrr.jpg)
    24 KB
    One thing that's been bugging me:

    The original plea I started musing about requested "sea pirates, sky pirates, short space pirates (just within the solar system), deep sea pirates
    fucking all the kinds of pirates you can think of."

    I think it's safe to say that solar-system pirates are sort of beyond the scope of the setting, especially since the world is flat and infinite already... so there's really not much reason for space anyway as its main narrative use, "lol it's like oceans but INFIIIIINITE" is already covered.

    But what about the rest?

    Are we sticking completely to wooden boats, or do we have wacky shit all over?

    I feel like something in the middle would be possible, where there's some legendary submursible/air ships around, which naturally are the greatest treasure of the Isles by far and sought by every scurvy curr who can light a canon... but I'm not sure that would be the *best.*

    What do we think?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)04:06 No.9847999
    If the universe is big enough eventually anything will exist.
    So if you travel for several lifetimes you will tun into metal ships that fly and so on.
    However the main setting should be wooden boats and traditional pirates
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)04:10 No.9848080

    Works for me.

    Let's just throw in some strange rumors about the far lands settled beyond even the current Fringe by Reachers of centuries past, and leave the inclusion of wacky shenannigans up to the individual GM. Maybe include some stats for skyships/submursibles should they be necessary.

    ...Assuming, that is, this does start needing crunch at some point.

    Now, then, I never finished telling about our boy Davy Jones, the Last Pirate to Die!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)04:15 No.9848158
    Hell, stories and legends should be all over the place true or not. Pirates are a superstitious lot.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)04:20 No.9848225
         File1273998006.jpg-(22 KB, 250x250, singing.jpg)
    22 KB

    ...Well y'see, old Jones there was a classic, a pirates' pirate if you will, long ago before Torrieau's Trick made piratin' a less... *permanently* terminal and more commonplace an occupation.

    Now Jones was a good captain, always straight and fair but firm, and his men loved him dearly in those deadly days of Navies and Patrol. A cunning old coot, and lucky too, but one day his ship Cornelia had the fight of her life. She won, in a manner of speaking, but such a victory as a sailin' man never prays for; left drifting with a holed hull and no masts left a-standing, barely able to stay afloat much less move.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)04:25 No.9848271

    Now, fourty nights she sat adrift, stores run low and all the while men workin' the bilges, as desperate for a few more hours as any Unoathed you've seen starin' Lady Death in the face.

    It was beginnin' to look grim indeed, the good captain considerin' an honest and dignified end for himself and then, should they choose it, when sails were spotted! Help had finally arrived...

    ...In the form of ol' Two-Dagger himself!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)04:26 No.9848279
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)04:32 No.9848356

    Now old Torrieau pulled up with a bonny grin, and hailed: "Why, is that a waterlogged dog I see, paddling desperately to keep afloat but with no true hope of dry land to be found?"

    Wary glances were exchanged and both crews put hand on saber, but sly old Davy stood with stern lips and a cold glare and said nothing, exercising that cunning willpower of his so legendary in a profession where a lack of self-control is practically a prerequisite... Which ol' Torrieau was counting upon.

    "Why, no, if it isn't a fox! Me old pal, Davy Jones himself! Looks like you're in a spot of trouble... Come aboard, and we'll tow the Cornelia to Louisport!"
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)04:38 No.9848405

    And so it was done, the crews mingling and the Cornelia saved.

    While she was being rebuilt, however, Torriaeu beseeched Jones, "We've got quite the job planned, old Davy boy, and I could use another commander and advisor with a level head and a fearsome name! The Cornelia will be fine under the watchful eye of your quartermaster and first mate. Sail with me, just this once, and I'll lead ye to glory!"

    Now if it were anyone else, old Davy would have doubtlessly socked 'em in the mouth and stalked out with that steely glare, but Two-Dagger Torriaeu is nothing if not silver-tongued, and against his better judgement, Davy Jones accepted his offer and joined him for another run on the waves.

    It would be his last.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)04:38 No.9848409
    Maybe a few crazy pirates mentioned like the other one's we've been talking about, who use skyships and submersibles, and possibly Ironclads and all sorts of crazyness. We should have an 'oriental' type area, with more Asian ships (junks, or whatever) and so on too.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)04:43 No.9848453

    Now, here's where the tale starts to go all different accordin' to who'se tellin' it. Where precisely did Jones and Torriaeu strike? What did they take? I've 'eard a thousand different versions if I've 'eard one, but they all agree... it was as grand and bloody a venture as had been seen in the days 'afore Torrieau's Trick. The waters ran as red as the holds did shine of gold, and those who made it out alive were sure to be kings among men.

    Torriaeu and Jones almost got away clean, too, when a stray ball of grapeshot caught Davy right across the teeth, taking his jaw clean off.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)04:50 No.9848523

    Well, the mists rolled in and the pirates escaped, but it was a long, hard death for Jones, the last casualty of that glorious haul. Torriaeu, so they say, was despite his own treacherous nature beside poor Jones every minute, even as other wounded in his own crew also passed. Perhaps the guilt was too much even for him to ignore, 'or it was Two-Dagger himself that brought him along after all.

    As the mists roiled and the dying passed, however, talk cropped up on the ship. Death, they said, was walking the planks, to be seen with the naked eye, taking the poor bleeding curs with a gentle caress and a soothing whisper, when their time it was.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)04:54 No.9848571

    Finally, Two-Dagger himself saw her, when only dying Jones was left... and when his eyes alighted on that pale face, to whom he'd sent enemies and prey by shipload and then some, Two-Dagger Torriaeu fell eternally in the purest and most sinister of hopeless love, that love which transcends all logic and even the inscrutable laws of the cosmos itself.

    "Stand aside," she whispered. "This one is mine."
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)05:00 No.9848634

    None know what Torriaeu said to Death then, and pray that none ever should. He pleaded, he cajoled, he offered and debated, plying that silver tongue like no other trickster in all time has done, and somehow, he stole the heart of Lady Death herself away... but he was too late. As he turned from elaborating some sub-point of his bottomless devotion, presumably, Davy Jones was already gone.

    But Death was not.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)05:10 No.9848731

    Whence they sailed then, and what they did, would take years to outline. The Driftings With Death are a whole 'nother Odyssey all their own.

    What's important is that, one day, amidst their strange and terrible wand'rings, Death's hopeless paramour came to her, and he pleaded for the famous Trick, that she should take none who sail in his name, ever again.

    What he offered in return, if anything, remains a mystery, but, well, as any of you who've taken the Final Oath know well, "in his name" turned out to mean more than just his immediate crew. I like to think old Torriaeu was sly enough to know what that wording could mean, and that this whole state of events isn't just one big supernat'ral fuckup, in which case the old bastard has saved my life a few hundred times now, as a matter of course.

    But there was one man... one mean old spirit to be precise... who took great offense at this. Davy Jones.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)05:16 No.9848802

    When the deal was struck, old dead Davy was enraged. Who was Torriaeu to ask for this, rather than bringing back the man he wronged, the man who's death brought Torriaeu his beloved in the first place? This was betrayal, dishonor, blackest treachery!

    And so that day, the spirit of Davy Jones, the last pirate to fall to Lady Death's cold caress, tore up out of his rotten bones from the seabed below, and set out to stalk the waves, ever searching for his traitorous friend.

    It's true, I've seen him myself! On a calm dusk, when the wind dies out, look to the west, and you just might see him, standing there when the sea is flat as though it were a vast decking, stumbling and wailing his torment and a promise of bitter vengeance.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)05:19 No.9848826
         File1274001559.jpg-(26 KB, 250x250, pipe - deducing.jpg)
    26 KB
    ...and that's why they call it Davy Jones' Locker, for every night the spirit must return to the rotting sea-casket in which Torriaeu tossed him over, all those centuries ago, there to seethe in his betrayal and misfortune, the Last Pirate to Die.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)05:21 No.9848851
         File1274001666.png-(136 KB, 250x249, grouse_yarn_mate.png)
    136 KB
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)05:21 No.9848858

    Much as I love Junks... that totally didn't work out for Forgotten Realms.

    Still, I'm not against including the possibility, but it should be optional. A rumored new Core settled by strange Reachers shortly after Torriaeu's Trick centuries ago.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)05:39 No.9849042
    Is that a real Australian thing? Are the antipodean colonists so separated from the Queen's English that that is intelligible amongst their depraved brethren?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)05:42 No.9849082
    The first to be saved was 'Ol Jack "Ages" Hang-rope, who was an old man, his career of piracy well behind him. He had retired, and lived well for most of his long years, until Louis XIII's men finally found him. He was bedridden in a prison cell, with doctors at his side trying to nurse him into well enough health to make it to the gibblet. None know why so much was spent on a dying pirate's last wish, but Louis had ordered it, and so it was.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)05:43 No.9849099
    Jack wanted to die by the rope, to join his buddies in the afterlife he had earned, dance one last jig for the devil, and go out as a rebel to be remembered, not a corpse that slowly faded. On the eve of his birth, so many years ago he could not remember it, he attempted the walk. Halfway there he fell to his knees. Two thirds of the way he couldn't even crawl any further, coughing up blood, but still trying to move closer, with the last of his strength. That's when he swore the last oath. "I'll follow any captain, in this world, or more likely the next, if they can help me get to that next world on my terms. If I can swing, as a Captain, I will take the helm under any force that helps me get there."

    Some say that Torriaeu was in that crowd with death herself when the deal was struck, him using the pitiful wreck of a once mighty man as an argument, some say that he heard his voice on the wind, miles away. But what we do know is that 'Ol Jack got to the gallows, even climbing up it on his own two feet. And he never danced on no hang rope, no, no gallows would hold him. He shot the hangman with a hidden pistol, and the town was thrown into riot and rebellion. And when order was regained, the last reports had Captain Jack taking the Chronos out for his funeral pyre.

    Now not many know about this, but I swear by Torriaeu's Trick it's true, but when he went to light the pyre it rained. And then the rain cleared, sunlight shone down on the Old Captain, and he decided that he had himself a debt to pay. So since that day, He's named himself First Mate Jack, and he's looking for Torriaeu, to sign his watchbill.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)05:45 No.9849141
    ... you're wondering if Australia is separated from the Queen's English? ENGLAND is separated from the Queen's English. I can't fucking understand a thing half my uncles say, they're all from bloody Yorkshire.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)05:47 No.9849164
    Let me give you the drum. Grouse is awesome, and a little butchers should let you suss it out from that.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)05:54 No.9849267
         File1274003659.jpg-(23 KB, 250x250, fuck year.jpg)
    23 KB

    You are brotastic.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)06:03 No.9849377
    Cheers mate, I do what I can.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)07:33 No.9850363
    alright, what have we got here?
    reading thread now
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)07:38 No.9850426
    by the way, here's the previous thread
    just for future reference
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)07:42 No.9850470

    In short?

    An attempt at making a setting where fuckloads of pirates all over the goddamn place, like, it's practically the most common profession, makes any kind of sense at all.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)07:50 No.9850542
    great, yea, I was in the other thread :D
    I really liked your story about davy jones
    I'll have to get some of these on the wiki and organize it a bit
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)07:53 No.9850577
         File1274010811.jpg-(25 KB, 250x250, depressing.jpg)
    25 KB

    I'd love to help with the wiki myself, but as I mentioned in the discussion page, I have no idea how, or what's the etiquette in that environment, etc.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)07:59 No.9850631
    at the moment, I'm just focused on copy pasting all the information into it, then I'll organize it in a way that makes sense.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:01 No.9850651

    Sad neckbeard makes me sad too :(
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:03 No.9850677
    who should the crusader's god be?
    or.. I think they need a leader, at least
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)08:05 No.9850694

    I need to correct a few typos in the story up there and add a few crucial details that should have been mentioned:

    1. If you see Davy Jones, you'll know it. He's still missing his jaw, and thus can speak only in a mournful wail.

    Hell, maybe finding his jawbone is a secondary goal of his endless search... or maybe that's a secret possible plothook only GMs should know.

    2. During the Driftings with Death... well actually I'm not sure how I want to handle this yet. Maybe no one died, seemingly just by mere good fortune, or maybe EVERYONE was doing the undead-thing that the Deathless curently do, or maybe the dead were just falling down, trapped in their bodies until Death could come by and release them. Maybe that's one of the big things they did in the Driftings... sail around, moving from island to island in ways that defied time, doing Death's endless work.

    Yeah, let's roll with that.

    ...But other, still unspecified adventures too.
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)08:06 No.9850703
    woah this wasnt a one nighter...

    ok then, well if nobody else has done it yet i'm still happy to do the story for this thing if you lot have finally decided what's happening?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:08 No.9850739
    check the past thread
    we're working on collecting everything in the wiki, but until then it will have to do
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)08:09 No.9850758
    i tryed, will have to later when i'm not using the net.
    ausfalian net is capped, would take me about 45mins to load a thread that big.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)08:10 No.9850771

    I was sort of picturing "crusader" as being a slightly ironic title for em, reflecting more their zeal for eliminating the Deathless than any religious beliefs. Hell, part of the irony was their staunch stance AGAINST eternal life.

    Fort Cross doesn't screw this up, so I didn't mention it when we brought that up, but I definitely wasn't picturing them as "as close a translation to real crusader knights as we can get on ships."

    If anything, I was thinking more like Hunters from WoD or something. Just normal joes, for the most part, trying to fight for natural, mortal humanity.

    That said, I'm certainly not against a Crusader god, but I'd be more interested in a Crusader leader, personally.

    Then again, that was meant to be a temporary name anyway. Ah well, it seems to have stuck quite nicely!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:11 No.9850773
    ouch, well, it's not all on the wiki, but most of what was discussed was:
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:13 No.9850794
    alright, of course, it's hard to have a leader who'll be outlived a thousand times over by his prey.
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)08:15 No.9850822
    "crusader" is a relative term.
    could be a crusade against tobacco, beer, un-mown lawns, pirates, if the setting supports it crusaders as fitting as anything.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:16 No.9850842
    damn those people who let their grass grow too high!
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)08:18 No.9850868
         File1274012325.jpg-(25 KB, 250x250, maaaaaaagical.jpg)
    25 KB

    ...unless, of course, he's a MYSTERY!

    Is the White Vengeance and his trademark mask a symbolic title for an office that's been handed down, mortal to mortal, all these generations?

    Or is the Order of the Wheel, a bastion of hope offering a hand to all Crusaders out there brave enough to take back their seas from the unliving scum, holders of Fort Cross, compromised at its very core?!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:19 No.9850875
    Don't edit other people's shit without discussion.

    Add well written stuff in, pics, etc. if they're relevant.

    I like the average Joes angle. That said, some knighty bits would be cool. Maybe the more dedicated nobles end up knighting up, etc. And they might have a library, for the few people who can read. I might die, but I can teach you. We can keep knowledge alive without being a perversion against nature. Etc.

    If we give them a god, it should be a monotheisitic religion, possibly an earth mother/earth father god. The pirates might have a mish mash of other religions, I've mentioned Lucifer/The Devil more then once for example. And there's talk of voodoo, shamans, spirits, etc. Maybe keep it low magic, so that we have some pracicioners, but it's not mapped out in any way. A few holy icons/artifacts and a few magical trinkets around.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:23 No.9850911
    Ooooh, 'never to be resolved conspiracy theory'-alicious.

    Alternatively, have them being some sort of oligarchy, with members rotating in as old ones die, or become too old, or whatever.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)08:24 No.9850914

    ...The wheel, in this case, referring to the wheel of life, the incessant cycle of life and death that is true civilization, true existence worth the name, true life.

    For without death, there can be no life... and so we dedicate ourselves, for our brief time, to keeping the Deathless off the seas and out of the world, that the True Living might prosper.

    And some day, perhaps, we may find ways to bring Life to the Unliving, Death to the Deathless.

    You shouldn't listen to the rumors that we already know how. Fort Cross is just a monastery and *very* secure holding facility! Honest!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:24 No.9850922
    when I suggested giving them a god, I meant it from a sort of ironic perspective. I meant to make fun of their religion that leads them to fight for their god, much like the crusades, who, evidently, doesn't pull any wind in their favor. All the while, pirates have daily run ins with death and creatures of myth.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:27 No.9850935
         File1274012842.jpg-(242 KB, 600x600, A_Shirt.jpg)
    242 KB

    Here is your first clue
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)08:29 No.9850947
         File1274012961.jpg-(21 KB, 250x250, hedging.jpg)
    21 KB

    Yeah, that's sorta what I thought.

    I dunno, I certainly aren't claiming control over this strange beastie that's emerged, but it seems to me like that trope has been beat to death in fantasy of late, and, well forever for that matter.

    I mean, I'm agnostic with some fairly atheistic leanings, and even I am getting a little tired of "Hah, look at them! The religious fools throw themselves on our swords, because they think their god wants them to! Those idiots!"

    When I start rooting for the other side when *I'm not even on that side in real life,* something has gone wrong.

    So, go ahead and flavor it up if you like, I certainly won't stop you and am glad anyone is enjoying this idea as much as I am in any capacity, but that's my two cents.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:30 No.9850969
    no, no, alright, we'll go your way
    you're really the only namefag working on this, so the credit must go somewhere
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)08:34 No.9851005
    how about both?
    a religion created in anchient times from pirates, that has since descended into a bunch of do gooders that are just a general laughing stock, as a cover up to hide the fact that they are off masterminding something or other...

    yeah they are lololol do gooders, but they are actually smart underneath that and using peoples predjudice against them?
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)08:38 No.9851054

    I would TOTALLY be down with the Order of the Wheel or other organized "crusader-support-structure" type organizations being of... well any mystical bent, really.

    I just don't think it should be considered a default for the philosophy at large. Again, average joes who lucked into a ship, trying to take back their waves.

    Now, these Order guys, the organized fellas that front and support any Crusader ships that manage to contact them, and imprison/maybe kill any Deathless they can get their paws on safely... Yeah, they definitely gotta have some pseudo-mystical/monk shit goin' on up in here. Hell, they've already got a ritually masked leader, might as well run with it.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:38 No.9851058
    no, the point of a god in the good guys is lost if it was created by pirates
    pirates are generally right, you know
    they've got a gut feeling for things
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 05/16/10(Sun)08:41 No.9851089
    I haven't been using my trip, but I've been working on this, in between uni and work.

    I think I missed something. What are you guys arguing for?

    I was thinking of mimicing the whole christian one god for the landlubbers, and having the pirates use all sorts of other ungodly magics - but magic generally being on hte low side, with trinkets, etc. being rare and valued.

    Replace the Christain god with an Earth God, which looks after farmers and that, and the sea gets a myriad of spirits, shamans, voodoo people, etc.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:42 No.9851103
    This is looking good
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)08:45 No.9851136
    depends how we swing it.
    for example, after being pirates and seeing these things they returned to land to pray for forgivness over time warping the church around them, over time making some sort of over the top token stupidity, which became a front for the section of the church that seperated when it started changing (i forgot to mention that) now they have recently come back to the church to do what the church was originally for, just now they are vastly superior tot he main of the church due to living hundreds of years in secrecy, they are using it as a front to run everything while everyone looks at it and just thinks "idiots"
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)08:48 No.9851166

    Maybe we could mix it up a bit, and do a thing where instead of true WHOAH, THAT THERE'S A GOD gods, we use figures from legend... demigods, if you will.

    We've already got the Emperor in his eternal search and the Queen of the Seas, forever lost, plus Death and Torriaeu, who tricked his way into being one of the most powerful names you can invoke, in a way.

    I dunno, feels like this fits an immortal-piratey setting well to me. If they revere and invoke legendary figures the way we do gods, then that provides a pretty powerful motivator to go out there and make yourself a legend.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)08:51 No.9851190

    I keep wanting to use Greece and Native American religions as examples, here, but they both had "real" gods while also doing this.

    Then again the Emperor and the Seaqueen kinda do fill the bill, there...
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:56 No.9851255
    Bam. This works real well. All gods are just people who got myth'd up or stories of people that were made up. Magic has no connection to any of that, it's just magic.


    That said, becoming legendary should be borderline magic in it's own right. Act evil enough, and you will start looking the part. Infamous slave ship, who's rumours echo further then the names of the countries it raids? Damn right, it's as scary as the stories.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)08:57 No.9851269
    Like Discworld, but subtler, and played less for the lols. Oh, and no metausage of this, in game or out.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)09:32 No.9851620

    Are we agreed on no *real* gods, just interwoven legends of people, some of whom you can still meet, thanks to Torriaeu's Trick?

    What genuainely supernatural entities do exist? Any apart from death? I think a devil might be fun, or maybe many devils. Ghosts and Banshees, etc. too.
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)09:38 No.9851671
    i think we should have had a god, provided we go with the "church was once an actual church" thing i thought up, but that he's long since gone off elsewhere due to nobody remembering him.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)09:53 No.9851785
    well, let's think this through
    world full of islands, ocean culture
    love for the sea and adventure

    I think there should be a vague sense of an omnipotent god, throwing of thee casual "By *so and so*'s beard, where had the rum gone?!" just so it doesn't seem like an entirely godless place, but we should focus on our demigods more.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)09:55 No.9851806

    I'm cool with either of these really, or both.

    Hell, it could be interesting for once to have a more mystical, legend-revering thing be the most common, and the monotheistic God-clone god be the nigh-forgotten mystery the old dudes are uncovering.

    As for the Devil and/or Devils... I'm kinda abivalent, but what's a hanging without The Devil's Jig?

    Yeah, I know, you can just move that apostrophe over and suddenly its multiple devils, but I don't see why there can't be room for both... after all, this is pirate folklore we're talking about. We don't really have to commit to the details, and they certainly can and probably SHOULD conflict from time to time.

    Speaking of which, on that note, I've been thinking of writing a few significantly different versions of Torrieau's Trick, and leaving it deliberately unclear which if any are true, for that very reason. GM discretion, if ever relevant.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)09:58 No.9851830
    I actually like this
    horrors and creatures of the deep are so prevalent, they must take a bit of priority before some silly ancient god!
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)09:59 No.9851839
    that's my point exactly, the demigods are the main show, the omnipotent god is basicly just like the real world one, a joke to all but the fanatics, leaves room for the demigods to rule the world since the church is just a slight annoyance occasionally...
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:00 No.9851849
    perhaps the emperor and his sea goddess could fill this slot
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:00 No.9851855
    "By the Emperor's nipples, who drank all the rum?!"
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)10:01 No.9851861
    if you want, even have the church hardly remember him to further him from the plot while still being there, and have most of the church just signing up for hte excuse to fight
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)10:02 No.9851867

    I was thinking more "secret" than silly, for the reasons in >>9850947...

    ...though I'm sure your average pirate would probably find it silly when he finds the naval-gazing monks resurrecting the faith from ancient, nigh-untranslatable manuscripts.

    Unless those monks are the Order of the Wheel, of course, in which case he would probably find it more disturbing and insulting than anything else.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:03 No.9851870
    perhaps the emperor is the motivations behind the crusaders
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)10:03 No.9851872

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.

    Only problem there is the annoying overlap with 40k.

    Perhaps our Emperor needs a last name?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:04 No.9851885
    we could just make him a king
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:04 No.9851887
    This I think is the best way of working it.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:07 No.9851908
    what other versions?
    we have
    -stole death from her cradle and stuck a bargain
    -fell in love with death
    -won a bet with death?
    I dunno, that seems really cliche
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)10:09 No.9851934
    so, thinking of throwing up a paragraph or two of random story about this all...
    what are we goin with?
    silly church of a long lost god thats a joke to all but the members, which has a secret order of the wheel trying to ressurect the god?
    idea, they are trying to actually ressurect him through the church to drain the seas that way there is no more pirating and they can excel at what they are good with fighting on the land...
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:11 No.9851952
    The Ancient King?

    The First King?

    The Ancient Emperor? First Emperor?
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)10:12 No.9851956

    No, I mean, other than the big long story I put up there that was supposed to be Davy Jones' story, but, well, wound up having to tell all about the Trick to tell it.

    I'd like to do a few more long versions, possibly using those short ideas you mention there or other that have been brought up, leaving a few key details the same:

    1. Torriaeu somehow cheated death for everyone that wants it.
    2. Davy Jones was the Last Pirate to Die.
    3. Torriaeu traveled with Death for a time.

    ...but potentially changing the other details drastically, as in the kidnapping example.

    The idea is to provide a rich mythology without stripping the sense of mystery. If the players are presented only one account of ancient events, they will tend to assume it is true, and the GM will probably do so as well. But, if multiple alternatives are right there in the material... mystery!
    >> A Pirate's Guide 05/16/10(Sun)10:15 No.9851986
    "The Emporah', boy, he's tha reas'n ye walk this 'ere world, 'eh is. Look out'a tha horizon, child, see tha isles go on 'n on for 's far 's ye c'n see! tha's the Emporah's folly, boy. 'Eh use'ta rule tha land fro' 'ere ta ther. It all use ta' be 'is, it did, but when tha soggy git found tha ocean, 'eh made one 'uge mistake, eh. 'Eh fell in love, he did. Ner, tha's not somthin' ye want to be doin', is it, as the sea, a bu'tiful mistress, c'n be broken by no man. S'all ye c'n do 's give 'er yer heart 'n hope she'll see ya fare. Bu' the Emporah', 'eh keeps a lookin' for 'er, try'in to take 'er fer 'imself."
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)10:15 No.9851994

    Let's go with First Emperor, with an occasional side of Islecarver, for those who think he's still out there... digging.

    Of course, sooner or later, uppity children always ask: "where did he put all the dirt!?"

    Well, son. Where did you think all those moons came from? He put it in the sky, of course, where it would be out of the way!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:18 No.9852014
    aye, he dumped it all to the bottom of the sea!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:20 No.9852030
    also, emperor + sea goddess = moon and sun
    just throwing that out there, not sure everyone caught on
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)10:20 No.9852033

    I got no problems with a comical church hanging around, but I still think the primary motivation of the (un-organized examples of) Crusaders should always be "goddamn, got us a boat. Finally, we can drive off these crazy bloodthirsty Deathless and get our grain here in fucking peace."

    Like a store owner finally getting fed up with the Mafiosa warring over his "protection" money, and getting the other locals together to kick them the fuck out.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:21 No.9852039
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:23 No.9852057
    wow, that makes the creation story a lot better now that I think of it
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:24 No.9852065
    "in the beginning the land was dry and the world was whole. Man could walk as far as he could see and vast seas of sand stretched in every direction. In the beginning there was the First Emperor, Carver of Worlds. He ruled the land and was a god to men. His cartographer's came to him one day and told him that they had mapped the world and all that was in it. The First Emperor was proud of his men and asked them what more could he add to his domain.

    'We have mapped all the land in almost every direction,' they told him,' We have seen the edge of the world, and further. But we wonder now, what could be below?' they asked him.

    'Sky,' they told him,' Sky. The sun leaves your empire for the night, it must rise in another. The moon and stars walk from one land to another' The First Emperor did not wait for another word. He set his men to dig, and so they did. It was not long before their spades broke through, into the world below. The bright sun shone through the breach from the depths of a surreal world. The world moved as flames rise from a fire. And the good Emperor looked down and saw in a flash, a beautiful queen. she looked at him from the rippling world and he reached down to her. And in another flash she was gone. The First Emperor had never seen a woman so gorgeous, and wished for her to be his. He would not stop until her took her under her control.

    'Men,' he said to them,' dig! Dig into this world, make it mine!' And they dug and he searched for his queen. They dug until the only sand left was that sifting on the bottom of the ocean and only the hardest or rock was left behind. Some say he's still out there, digging. Past the fringe, on the edge of nothing, carving these endless isles..."

    alright, let's take a crack at it
    what needs fixing?
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)10:24 No.9852071

    Put another way:

    Crusaders aren't a movement, they're a mindset, just like Pirates and Horizon Reachers are. There's organized groups that ARE Crusaders, but not all Crusaders are part of any organized movement.

    It's a blanket term for any mortals trying to take their waves back, keep the Deathless contained, and get some revenge, peace, or whatever.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)10:26 No.9852088

    Capitalize Endless Isles, of course!

    Other than that, I still think this is too much win to mess with, really... not that I'm not open to suggestion.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:26 No.9852091
    right, right
    so.. horizon reachers?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:29 No.9852119
    ok, we'll keep i vague for interpretation
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)10:29 No.9852122
    i was trying to give the silly part of the church the whole "got us a boat lets go fight" angle, thats why they have lost there god, cause it's just an excuse to go fight the pirates.
    and the order of the wheel (tbh im playing sc2 intermittenly and havnt got a clue who these are actually, from what i gather them and the crusaders = the same?) are the ones who remember what it is, and are trying to ressurect there god to banish the seas, just not doing a great job of it.

    (also i realize with this shitty net, you've probably created it by the time this submits)
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)10:30 No.9852132

    From the first thread:

    "Horizon Reachers - People who view the constant flow of the living away from the core and towards the fringe (due to the constant flow of the shadow'd in the other direction, generally) as more than just a natural consequence of deathlessness... or maybe they're just sick of all these people and want to be out there, alone, out of the core, out of the fringe, off the maps. Alone.

    You can always tell a Reacher from anyone else. They don't care where they're going, but yet they always sail the same heading... away.

    Still, you can't go forever, though that doesn't stop em from trying. Sooner or later, bad weather, local wildlife, or even other Reachers, maybe settled down from centuries ago, panicked that civilization might be finally catching up with them... one way or another, some time they get done in and show up back here, to start their journey all over again."

    To that, we've added that these fellows are the source of those rumored distant lands, beyond even the current reach of the Fringe. Legends are vague and fanciful, but they talk of some where men ply the sky even as we do the sea, or plunge beneath it, carrying the Great Game even unto the very depths themselves... or are just like us, but different (see: leaving potential for asian-themed Isles open, in this thread).
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:33 No.9852159
    alright, that makes sense
    so we've got 3 places of interest
    anyone have anything else? Maybe something to do with the Good Emperor?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:34 No.9852161
    The world goes on forever, new lands beyond every horison. These are the ones who either want to try and find the end, or want to get away, or just have a yearning, to move away from the core. They spend their lives moving out, exploring, sometimes leaving maps, sometimes leaving diaries, sometimes leaving nothing but untouched lands behind them. There's infinity to explore, so they'll never be done. Good thing some have an eternity to explore for.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)10:35 No.9852172

    The Order of the Wheel are the guys I made up on the spot in >>9850868 and further detailed in >>9850914 when I realized that there would have to be some delination of sub-factions within Crusaders, since we've got both "average joes who got lucky" AND "fucking scary dudes who run Fort Cross and are on some kind of grandiose, long term, JUST AS PLANNED eternal war against the Deathless featuring secrets and ritual."

    It makes perfect sense that the former would be far more common, and that the latter would use the former as shock troops in their shadow-war, or as they see it, giving aid to their beleaguered Living brothers, at every opportunity.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:37 No.9852195
    just a thought
    the crusaders are the one's capturing pirates and bringing them to fort cross, right?
    well, who's bringing pirates to Dead Wind Keep?
    just same crusader's because they aren't lumped together or what
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)10:38 No.9852205

    No idea who, but, well, the point of Deadwind is to contain pirates forever, so yeah, whoever is would probably be branded a Crusader, by pirates at least.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:41 No.9852238
    Many crusaders dislike the Keepers at Deadwind just as much as they hate the other deathless. Near all of them think there's something 'off' about the place. Doesn't stop some from dropping off a load of the shadowed off to their doorstep.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:44 No.9852263
    so what about trading ships?
    would they have protection or, crusaders as well?
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)10:47 No.9852288
    hmmm, the main church is pants on head retarded. being filled by people who just want to go fightan the pirates (they are hte deathless?)
    the crusaders are the ones that have taken the fight to the pirates when the church just says to defend, thus they are labeled crusaders (the word does give hte impression of attackers) and the order of the wheel is the shadowy back thats everything as planned-ing the entire church and the crusaders to try and ressurect the forgotten one (god) and have him drain the seas from under the pirates.

    the church delivers them to deadwind, the crusaders are the church, only they have formed a millitant sect to just fight untill death, and the order is as far as the church knows non-existant.
    and to top it all off, the pirates most frequent encounters are crusaders, so they cant tell there is anything other than them.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:49 No.9852300
    I like the "drain the sea" part
    that coincides really well with our emperor story
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)10:51 No.9852329

    ...sorry, but, did you read the first thread?


    The whole shtick here is that the line between "pirates" and "trade ships" is all but removed. Everything is so widely distributed, with no real centralized industry, that securing and policing traditional trade routes and so on is impossible. That's the Grand Game... you get yourself a ship, and you get goods... either from raiding an island, buy em legit, trade, or, perhaps most common of all, raiding other pirates and freelancers, and then you get those to islands that need 'em... for a hefty cut, of course!

    Sure, some people will be "freelance traders" in the grand archetype perhaps best shown in Firefly, but in the end, they're just as swarthy and well armed as any raider, because they have to be... and with no death, they WILL get in plenty of scuffles.
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)10:52 No.9852336
    i'm just tryin to fill questions, that are or will be asked :)
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:53 No.9852351
    sorry, I'll go read the first thread
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)10:57 No.9852387

    It's cool bro.

    Anyway the whole point of all this deathlessness and the unique geography is to create an environment where PIRATES FUCKING EVERYWHERE, ALMOST EVERYONE HAS BEEN A PIRATE makes sense as the natural order of things.

    I think we did a pretty decent job of nearing that mark, but as with all things, it's taking a life of its own.

    Still, pirates. Fucking everywhere, man!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:57 No.9852389
    I really like this pirate mentor guy
    I bet he's seen a thing or two
    does he have a name?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)10:59 No.9852414
    aye, a name or two
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)11:00 No.9852420

    He's the kindly quartermaster, the retired captain, and every salty dog who's seen a few hundred years of wave but is happy to clue in a poor sod who hasn't yet even had his first discorperation... so they can maybe hold that off for a few extra years yet.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:01 No.9852438
    ah, alright
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)11:03 No.9852453

    ...and, on the other side of the fourth wall, he's some damn good writefag who apparently is on my wavelength, because everything he types seems to always go right where I was trying to head myself.

    So, you know, that's pretty awesome. Thanks again, Mentor.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:04 No.9852462
    thank you
    my pleasure
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:06 No.9852485
         File1274022376.jpg-(549 KB, 1980x1350, Crazy Hassan.jpg)
    549 KB
    Now, how do we fit Crazy Hassan into this setting?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:07 No.9852503
    peddlers? someone who'll sell you your own daughter if you're dumb enough to buy her.
    I don't know
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:09 No.9852515
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)11:10 No.9852523

    Change camels to sloops, proceed as normal?

    Stick him on either a (practically, narrative speaking) large or a (comically) small desert island?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:12 No.9852546
    We need a reason for it to really REALLY suck, coming back. Pledging service after the grave to Death? More you use it, more each hit costs you? Used it in Lord Quest, seemed to go down OK though.

    Plus, means that dying 3 or 4 times is a big deal, but each time still matters. Increases your service tenfold each time, with a year gained for swearing the oath?
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)11:15 No.9852580

    Well, we already established that the journey as a shadow back to your place of birth is hardly comfortable, and growing a new body hurts like hell.

    Got any other suggestions?

    It probably shouldn't be something permanent, as if the cost of violence is too high then less people will be inclined to play the Game, especially as those that are are gradually reduced in some way till they no longer can, and then things might start getting all organized and safe, and we can't have that now!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:17 No.9852608
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:18 No.9852627
    with every death you rot a bit more
    not your body, your body will be renewed with every death, but your soul. Every death, your soul fractures and is bent over. death is a beating that will break even the strongest of souls.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)11:20 No.9852664

    Well, Mad Bonny Flint certainly seems to be evidence of this one.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:21 No.9852674
    Nothing physical that hurts your new body. Maybe it hurts more each time. Noticeabley more. Despite all the violence, we need to keep it so that dying is still a big deal - just not the final one.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:24 No.9852704
    Oft' with a soul goes the mind
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:27 No.9852748
    Or, combining this with madness, the pain sent her insane. Die once, it hurts, but not enough to effect you in a long term way. Die twice, you'll be desperate not to die again. Die 10 times? Give up piracty for 100 years, until you forget the pain, and go back to the seas.

    But imagine dying 30 times, 40 times, again and again, as you came back and your new body formed, you were killed again. But you couldn't help but to come back at the same spot again.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:29 No.9852765
    What about a selection of penalties that grow worse as you die again and again ?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:31 No.9852781
    well, she was held in dead wind keep, so the tortures there put her off her rocker, but made her a good pirate. insane and blood thirsty, but what's a sane pirate anyway. I suppose the soul thing just contributes
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:31 No.9852788
    Torriaeu must be super crazy by now
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:32 No.9852801
    please, he's boning death (probably) I doubt he'll ever die
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)11:35 No.9852837

    And yet, what of the the Terror of Toroguay, The Red Velvet Prince, famed for sailing back to his home island, some deserted rock only his most trusted officers know, to kill himself every time he manages to go a decade without the Shadow Dance setting him back to the visual age of seventeen, so he never has to see himself grow old?

    Say what you will about his legendary debauchery... They say no pirate has embraced the race for hedonistic delights, no matter how dark, as strongly as has he...

    ...but how does he do it? Is he as mad as old lady Flint?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:38 No.9852874
    Mayhaps there's ways to lessen the pain. Maybe he deals with the pain, his vanity over-riding minor concerns like pain. Maybe he's mad and soul-shattered. Only death and the devil know for keeps, and I hope not to be able to ever ask either of them.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)11:38 No.9852881

    Also, the spot you re-grow at was defined as "The closest flat, dry, and SAFE place to your place of birth."

    So, hopefully, no killin' over and over... plus, growing a new body and leaving your shadow might be a conscious decision, albeit one with rather strong metaphysical urges behind it.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:42 No.9852929
    'tis greed, son. the greed is what keeps propelling pirates into the sea. Pain is nothing, death is nothing, when you know there's treasure at the end, in any form!

    also, just throwing it out there, the actual act of dieing would hurt like a bitch, takes you years to get back to your homeland, by that time your crew has long forgotten you. that should be enough incentive not to die
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:44 No.9852943
    True that.

    Also, for more violence, etc, Killing a legend should place you as a potential new legend, and that's something everyone is after.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)11:46 No.9852964

    Plenty of lost time?

    I like that one.

    It also means that when you DO discorporate the Deathless, you have a bit of breathing room before they have any opportunity of seeking revenge.

    So... to shadows just travel really sloooooowly, or do they actually disappear for a time or something?

    ...Then again, even if they only travel at a normal walking pace, goddamn. It would take you a longass time to walk across an ocean, especially if, say, you could only move during the day.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)11:50 No.9853003

    It also solves a potential metagaming issue I'd been thinking of...

    What we've got here is a setting where TPKs can potentially be ok... everyone gets back together after they're alive, and get rolling again. But the problem is single deaths... I worry about people strategically positioning their places of birth, shit like that.

    With a "lost time is the price of death" scenario, theres a convenient explanation for why individual deaths couldn't be allowed to interrupt the story, and why players of such characters should make new ones. Sure, their old characters are eventually going to be alive again, but in the mean time, the ship is still up and the rest of the crew is still alive, and they must press on, so no stupid "we go pick him up even though it makes no sense" scenarios.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:52 No.9853021
    how about as a shade, their true form is shown (meaning if you've died a billion times, you'll be really broken and slow). If you're a thousand year old bastard whose kicked the bucket a good few times prior, it'll take you a while to drag your soggy bones back to your birthplace. The Wandering of the Shades is a tedious and dreadful march.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)11:54 No.9853050
    this reminds me too much of the WoW death
    oh god
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)11:56 No.9853076
         File1274025409.jpg-(21 KB, 250x250, disappoint.jpg)
    21 KB

    Hmmm. Unfortunate.

    I hadn't thought of that.

    Suggestions for refluffing while keeping the same basic mechanic certainly welcome.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)12:01 No.9853145
    perhaps you need to wait for your body to become part of the earth
    so you sit, scrunched up in a lifeless husk, until it's entirely gone and then you can return, with haste, to your birth place still the same amount of time, less wandering
    this would present a few problems, though, like burning
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)12:02 No.9853159
    woah a 2 hour game of sc2...
    i'm beat.
    before i go, eh, have them loose who they are?
    like, they remember it, but nobody recognises them as if they had never existed in the first place, memorys, the same, family/friends, gone.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)12:05 No.9853199
    well, this goes against a few of the stories we've written so far
    when they die, their legacy is remembered
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)12:07 No.9853224

    Yeah that just won't work, and also doesn't even really address the "oh, hey, this death feels like WoW" thing.

    Then again, I've only ever seen WoW death once. Is this guy's worry >>9853050 accurate?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)12:10 No.9853269
    you become a ghost and walk (over water and stuff) back from a graveyard to your body. there's a radius around your body where you can reborn, so you could spawn in a safe place instead of being camped by NPCs.
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)12:11 No.9853284
    there are deathless pirates, i doubt they all have the same name, sure a pirate done something once, sure its written down, sure everyone knows it, your just not that pirate, i knew him, your not him.

    or... the legend is remembered, people just couldnt remember the name of the guy they saw doing it, so when you come back in a nwe body and they just slapped a name on the legend...
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)12:13 No.9853325
    it still doesn't catch me
    I think we should keep the wandering thing, regardless of it's similarities.
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)12:15 No.9853352
    i'm tired, so just to clarify, this isnt walking to the middle of the ocean to ressurect at the bottom of it is it?
    what happens when your corpse is eaten by a shark?
    or your so far away?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)12:19 No.9853405
    oh, actually, how about your other body must be entirely gone from the world for your new body to grow? and bonny flint actually got her corpse burnt to get out of the keep.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)12:29 No.9853541
    naw, your soul just leaves the body behind and moves back to your birth place to be reborn
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)12:35 No.9853621
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)12:38 No.9853657
    I'm ok with this
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)12:39 No.9853680
    oh thank god...

    and soul you say? i can see some shennanigans off of this.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)12:50 No.9853817
    well, you turn into a shade of sorts
    and with no death to drag to your final resting place, you are drawn back to where you were born to be born once again
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)12:52 No.9853858
         File1274028769.jpg-(59 KB, 976x436, EI2.jpg)
    59 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)13:01 No.9853995

    It's even worse when you realize she had to trick the Trick by being as mad as she was to keep from being reborn on tha' 'cursed isle again.


    Maybe have something where if done right you can change your birthplace slightly

    And truthfully neckbeard I don't think it's too wow-like, hell a whole ship going down could ad to some of the mystery such as tales about why The Dutchman is always surrounded by fog.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)13:05 No.9854043
    the dutchmen?
    nah, that's just stuff 'o legends, boy.
    as for ol' Miss Boney, she dragged 'er shade back to where she was born. probably a back water fishing town, 'er somethin'. A pirate's place o' birth is usually their best kept secret.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)13:09 No.9854082
    A backwater fishing village? Mad Bonny, but if that's where she was born, how did the crusaders catch her again, after her first death, I know of lesser prisons that send a man off th' sea, surely there's not a person alive or deathless who'd willingly return to Deadwind.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)13:12 No.9854127
    why, you think she would stay low after her first death? Nay! she got right back out there and the price on her head, alive, was enough to buy half the known! my, there were pirates paid pirates who hunted pirates who wanted to get her in. An unlucky fleet of crusaders caught her one day and shipped 'er off.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)13:19 No.9854216
    O'course she's mad, but I only thought that was after her tenth death.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)13:20 No.9854226
    she's always been a wonky one, lad
    makes the best pirates, it does
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)13:29 No.9854371
         File1274030962.png-(59 KB, 931x673, Jolly.png)
    59 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)13:58 No.9854722
    bumpin for more arrrrrr
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)14:05 No.9854803
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)14:26 No.9854985
    come on, where did all the writefags go?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)14:39 No.9855106
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand bumpin again
    just keepin her alive
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)14:52 No.9855246
    so... anyone have any ideas for a crusader port city?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)14:56 No.9855319
    let's see
    a shining city, maybe
    but it needs to make a point about it having a graveyard
    >> Touhou Homebrew Guy 05/16/10(Sun)14:59 No.9855369
    Every home has its own grave plot, even empty ones. Most of the empty ones are promised to a Crusader as part of their payment, and upon death that Crusader WILL be buried there. Homes can be passed down.

    Sorry if this conflicts with anything pre-established, I was just recently made aware of this project and want to help because holy shit this is great.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)15:01 No.9855400
    let's refer back to here
    the crusader port will be named "Haverland"
    Haven for mortals
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)15:07 No.9855494
    welcome aboard!
    and, yea, I like that. of course, they may not bury their dead. A reason for expansion was a great increase in population. They most likely burn their dead.
    >> the bard !mi5kS2YmM6 05/16/10(Sun)15:17 No.9855617
    welcome, you kinda missed todays thread, since its like 5am here and im just headin to bed, gn has been gone for hours, and the non trippers have been gone for a long time.
    hang on, i like the idea of buryal, if we twist this a little to make your retrieved corpse still hanging around for awhile or something, and then add in some lol magic, we can have pirates who have tryed joining hte church being retrieved before they can revive and waking up burryed... or something
    >> Touhou Homebrew Guy 05/16/10(Sun)15:19 No.9855646

    Maybe the city could be sort of built on the corpses and skeletons of previous inhabitants/heroes/whatever. You could even have a legend that if it's ever in true danger, the ghost of every dead Crusader down to the first will rise up to protect it, and depending on how magical it is, that may in fact be true.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)15:24 No.9855697
    "Good Haverland, ye say... 'Ave I ev'r been? Ha, nought 'til they drag me soggy bones there! Well, aint much good 'bout it, 'nyways. A port fer nought, but cow'rds, ev'n before Ol' Torriaeu's trick. Scrape meh sidewar's if a single cap'n in them murky wat'rs ev'r did a lick o' honest piratin' in ther life. Aye, boy, Aye. A pool lot, ye might thin', but they git ther kicks. Crusaders, they are, jus' fancy laym'n's terms fur a pirate 'unter. They don' like Tha Oath, ye'see, they say it 'unnatural' 'nd 'unholy', ha! Tell meh, boy, look out a'tha horizon ther... Look out a'tha ships 'nd islands 'nd tell me th's world aint mean' fur pirate! 'Tis only fair we git ta sail these seas forevuh. 'Nyway, they take'un good, hon'st pirates 'nd takin' 'em to Fort Cross 'er Dead Wind keep, I told yer 'bout Fort Cross 'nd Dead Wind Keep, roight? Aye, aye, like I s'd, scoundrels, e'ery one o' 'em."
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)15:35 No.9855884
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)15:41 No.9855962
    a chilling tale, to say the least
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)15:57 No.9856200
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)16:26 No.9856598
    so we're basically waiting for GN to wake up
    he keeps us together
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)16:39 No.9856816
         File1274042362.jpg-(32 KB, 922x382, Endless Isles2.jpg)
    32 KB
    shameless bump
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)17:00 No.9857110
    this bump is full of shame, though
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)17:16 No.9857377
         File1274044610.jpg-(173 KB, 750x750, EI4.jpg)
    173 KB
    how's this look?
    >> Touhou Homebrew Guy 05/16/10(Sun)17:19 No.9857421
    Too fuzzy. It'd be better like an actual map with landmarks and sea monsters, things like that.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)17:23 No.9857505
    well, I could make a map at one point, but I think that sort of defeats the purpose of "Endless Isles"
    the islands are supposed to be so dense, they're unchartable, and all yo have is a heading to try and get to where you're going. We have places and pirates of interest, I don't see why we need to map out exactly where they are, leave that to the DM
    >> Touhou Homebrew Guy 05/16/10(Sun)17:29 No.9857596
    Well, not an actual official map for the logo, just something that would look like one. I didn't know the islands were SUPPOSED to be that dense, though, so it's good to know.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)17:37 No.9857745
         File1274045854.jpg-(176 KB, 750x750, EI5.jpg)
    176 KB
    I believe it was first described as "labrynthine"
    what do you think of gold?
    >> Touhou Homebrew Guy 05/16/10(Sun)17:40 No.9857788
    Too silly/gaudy. Yellowed, maybe, but not gold. If you want gold, throw doubloons in there.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)17:52 No.9858025
         File1274046741.jpg-(174 KB, 750x750, EI6.jpg)
    174 KB
    how's this?
    >> Touhou Homebrew Guy 05/16/10(Sun)18:08 No.9858354
    Much better, I think it's doable. The brownish color suits the feel more than blue, I think.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)18:10 No.9858407
         File1274047848.jpg-(108 KB, 743x319, EI7.jpg)
    108 KB
    a different more clothy and small style
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)18:15 No.9858522
    unfortunately, you sort of lose the islands in this version
    >> Touhou Homebrew Guy 05/16/10(Sun)18:18 No.9858573
    Agreed, is there a way to keep what it does to the text without affecting the background as much?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)18:29 No.9858758
         File1274048951.jpg-(192 KB, 750x750, EI8.jpg)
    192 KB
    how about this?
    >> Touhou Homebrew Guy 05/16/10(Sun)18:36 No.9858867
    See, that? That works.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)18:39 No.9858929
         File1274049562.jpg-(88 KB, 750x307, EI9.jpg)
    88 KB
    awesome, glad you like it
    I think I'll crop it up a bit, though
    alright, this good?
    >> Touhou Homebrew Guy 05/16/10(Sun)18:44 No.9859012
    That's just fine too.

    Of course, other people have to have an opinion on these right?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)18:45 No.9859038
    hey, this looks interesting. Can anyone explain it fully?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)18:46 No.9859053
    it's nothing super official
    I'm glad to have at least someone critique my art
    some of those ausies will get on eventually
    I forget whether it's monday or sunday there.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)18:49 No.9859107
    so there's this world, right, filled with islands! islands coming out of your mother fucking ears, you know. then throw in a shit ton of pirates, a pinch of good guys, and averything that comes with it. shake well and BAM! that's what's happening in this thread. for more specific explanations, read the wiki article:
    and the previous thread
    feel free to contribute
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)19:18 No.9859658
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)19:28 No.9859847
    So I've skimmed through some of the stuff and I just can't work out how the whole immortal pirate thing works.

    So they cheat death somehow. Then whenever they die, they respawn somewhere safe. Okay. But what's stopping everyone from doing the same?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)19:29 No.9859880
    Eyeless Birkke
    a blind pirate
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)19:40 No.9860075
    well, that's what we were debating earlier
    1) some people have an ethical opposition to immortality
    2) immortality only applies if you're a pirate. It isn't a method of running from death, for a pirate, death is inevitable. Whatever deal Two-Dagger struck with death, he made clear that it should noyl apply to pirates.
    3) immortality hurts like a bitch. regrowing a body not only takes time, but it's a horrible pain. and dieing tends to hurt as well.

    of course, this doesn't stop most people from turning the pirate's way. that's why pirates are so prevalent.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)19:40 No.9860081
    nothing really, in fact it was kinda pointed out towards the start that there's a reason the name is Endless Isles... they are just that.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)19:41 No.9860106
    And remember dying too much plus places like Dead Wind tend to make you go wonky...er than usual.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)19:45 No.9860162
    I like that it only applies to pirates
    that makes sense, actually, and doesn't seem too "last minute loop whole fill"
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)19:51 No.9860273
    what about him?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)19:54 No.9860316
    he raided the Remly Stronghold with a handful of pirates and walked out the front door with as much loot as he could carry. His faithful hound, Barley, led the way back to his ship.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)20:00 No.9860400
    you just made up those names, right?
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)20:00 No.9860417
    right out of my head
    just throwing out more ideas
    that's what this thread needs
    more pirates and places and myths and legends
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)20:07 No.9860542
    bump for ideas
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)20:16 No.9860698
         File1274055406.jpg-(17 KB, 320x240, 1272915389224.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)20:23 No.9860828
    Lad you can't play a fiddle that small.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)20:26 No.9860864
    that's the worlds smallest violin, son
    people play it all the time
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)20:43 No.9861176

    Do you have a pirate idea just waiting to pour onto the page? are you an under appreciated drawfag looking to test your talents? do you write like the wind, but can never find enough to write about?

    well, this is the thread for you. Endless Isles is just that, endless possibility! So hop aboard, me' hearties, and share your talent.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)20:48 No.9861253
    it seems we've fallen pretty far :(
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)20:59 No.9861497
         File1274057974.jpg-(25 KB, 250x250, tear.jpg)
    25 KB
    Urgh. Ten hours? I must have had some serious sleep debt from the work week.

    Let's see if I can't answer a few questions and spin a few tales!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)21:02 No.9861557
    we need ideas!
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)21:03 No.9861576

    Actually, part of the premise is that the islands aren't very dense at all, requiring travel by true ocean vessel in order for basic commerce and agriculture to even function.

    That, combined with removing the permanency of death, is the key, the catylist needed to create a world where piracy is practically the most common profession.

    Now, of course, there will be your archipelagos and your lagoons and areas where theyre closer together and further apart and bigger or smaller, but the key is that there's no one area or place where there's enough land or close enough islands that they can peek much above the subsistence level without ocean travel.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)21:04 No.9861594
    hey :D
    glad to see you're back
    made up a new graphic, not entirely different from the other one, and some ideas tossed around
    not much else went by
    oh, and we'll want to start a new thread soon
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)21:05 No.9861626

    Also, I like the new font!

    Sometime I think I may bust out illustrator or Corel and see if I can't calligraphy us up something custom, though. Maybe tonight, if I get the urge!
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)21:07 No.9861656
    I actually downloaded a font pack
    200 more bloody fonts and that's the best I could get.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)21:13 No.9861779

    Well it's quite simple... absolutely nothing stops anyone from taking the Oath, except many a wary parent's admonisments.

    "Listen not to the sea, boy. Leave the Game to the bloodthirsty lifeless curs. This is your home, OUR home, and believe me, eternal Deathlessness isn't as nice as it sounds... I should know."

    "Yeah, you should know! How can you expect me to stay here all my life, turn the earth, and just toil at the mercy of the sea dogs for sixty years before being put right back into that same earth myself, when you're Deathless yourself! I want to see the world, I want to..."

    "Shut it boy! We've all made our mistakes, learn from mine and DO NOT TAKE THE OATH!"

    ...so, yeah, the majority of the world is immortal, especially anyone involved in sea travel, though there's no shortage of people unwilling to accept immortality for whatever reasons, but its always dangling right there for anyone to take.

    That's why a society of "pirates, fucking everywhere man" can survive and flourish.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)21:16 No.9861835

    Yeah, think I'll start that new thread here in a little while if no one else does. Outline a few of the trickier concepts early in the thread so we can avoid some of the confusion that's cropping up now that the ideas are growing.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)21:25 No.9862035
    right, right
    I wonder what sort of society revolves around immortal people, though
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)21:29 No.9862112

    The sort that has no compunctions against a rather lot of fighting over the necessary components for hedonism!

    Do you want a exciting and enjoyable eternity? Go out there and take it.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)21:38 No.9862286
    this is coming together really well, thanks for everything
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)21:41 No.9862370
    I wonder what kind of mythical beasts roam the waters
    anyone have any salty pirate tales of horrors layin' about?
    somehow I doubt it, I'll think of something.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)21:49 No.9862497
    something like "bla bla bla, the last of his kind!"
    he roams the waters, waiting for poor ships to wander out into open water. He's been known to swallow islands whole.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)21:53 No.9862575
    there is probably an elemental host of creatures
    omg what if there is a horror that devours shades
    that could be what they're keeping locked up in Fort Cross
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)21:57 No.9862635

    That'd make a fine rumor of what goes on in there to contrast with the "They ritually burn you alive while surrounded by candles and torches, so you have NO SHADOW, inside or out" one.
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)22:02 No.9862717
    "oft' when the mood is right, the sour wind plays just the right tune off the rocks and portent tellers herd their loved ones inside, you will hear the moaning of a beast. From the creature's acrid belly, the cries of sailors dead, a thousand times over, pour out through the night's mist. This is when the monster comes. From the darkest corner of the deepest rift, it rises to pray on men. It moves with the same fluid motion of the sea, herself, and is every bit as remorseless. There's nothing you can do, neither. For once the moaning chances your ears, ye best be sayin' your final prayers."
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)22:05 No.9862766
    all l could think while reading this was "Here there be monsters"
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)22:11 No.9862877
    >> Anonymous 05/16/10(Sun)22:26 No.9863152
    "Well, I 'eard they gotta creature up in them 'ills. A monstroci'y, who prays on tha shades o'us pirates. they 'ave 'im locked down ter tha floor' but all that chains 'n anchors from 'ere ta 'Averland could'n hold 'im down. Death's lawle's mutt, run of, they say. But who'r they ter be talkin' bout 'im 'nyway. There has yet ta be a pirate to escape fro' Fort Cross. Ye c'n talk all ye want 'bout torches 'nd creatures, but I don' believe a lick o'it till a good hon'st pirate springs Fort Cross 'nd spins us a yarn. Un'til then, ye can count me ta stay away frum tha' place, you should too."
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/16/10(Sun)23:15 No.9864224


    Also, cleaned up the Red Velvet Prince and added him to the wiki:

    "Also called the Terror of Toroguay and Cruel-Lipped Karl, they say no pirate has embraced the race for hedonistic delights, no matter how dark, as strongly as has he. They say he considers his own heart-breaking face, smooth, pale, and fine-boned as any débutante, to be his greatest treasure of all.

    So far as any Deathless can remember, he's never been seen to appear over thirty; they say he sails back to his home island, some deserted rock only his most trusted officers know, to kill himself every time he manages to go a decade without the Shadow Dance setting him back to the visual age of seventeen, so he never has to see himself grow old."
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)00:43 No.9865785
         File1274071381.png-(299 KB, 510x577, Kamina.png)
    299 KB
    Go to bed at 1am
    Wake up at lunch
    Pirate thread *still* going.

    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)00:48 No.9865887

    Now there once was a young pirate by the name of Reggie Two Hands, and he wasn't interested in anything but glory fast and now. He never fled from any fight, almost had himself locked up in Deadwind once, but managed to jump overboard and died swimming back to his ship.

    He searched for all the greatest names, and though he was a mean hand with his odd sword he won from a Horizon Reacher from another core, he wasn't skilled enough to beat them. Fought against First Mate Jack "Ages", Mad Bonny, Tom Gattling, Black Jimmy. Even personally lost a brawl with Torriaeu in a Liousport bar. Was seen as a joke, and was shadowed more then his fair share. But then he fought the Beast of the Western Dire Straight, a giant shark, larger then some islands. Sword drawn he ordered his ship forwards into the maw, so he could do battle. The surge from the beast left him holding onto the prow of the ship for dear life as the beast approached.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)00:49 No.9865902
    The beast nipped at the front of the ship - leaving only his two hands gripping tight, the rest of Reggie was gone. As the beast was wont to do, it slammed the boat with it's side, rolling as it did so, causing disorder and chaos on the boat. Leaderless, and mostly being a pack of scurvy dogs, most the crew bailed, save for I, watching from the crows nest, now located in the midst of the rigging. The beast went deep, and I knew any moment it would rise, strike the ship again, and then sink it, as it always had done to ships in these waters.

    But it never rose. The good ship Dancing Maiden was crashed onto the reef, and I went ashore, living on hunting and coconuts for 3 days. Just as my food was running low, A whale carcass washed up ashore. No, not a whale, a monstrous behemoth f a whale. On closer inspection, it was no lesser a monster then the Beast we were fighting earlier. And who should I see, eating it calmly, with his thin sword bandaged to one stump, and a dagger bandaged to the other, was Reggie-lad, grinning, calm as can be. "Now, I hear the mate for this one is in the other straight. I hope you looked after my lil' boat, I'd hate to fight it on a raft."
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)01:09 No.9866289
         File1274072972.jpg-(573 KB, 1024x768, one piece.jpg)
    573 KB
    >world made of islands
    >pirates everywhere
    >sea monsters
    Man I fucking LOVE One Piece. Not even trolling.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/17/10(Mon)01:13 No.9866338

    That's pretty fuck-yeah-licious!
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/17/10(Mon)01:45 No.9866874
    Been honing down a little "quick guide to the essentials" Endless Isles thing that could be used as an introduction for threads.

    Think I came up with another archype to go with Pirates, Reachers, and Crusaders:

    Gazers – Deathless that decided they'd rather do something else with eternity besides enjoying the myriad rewards of the Grand Game, so called because many of 'em simply shack up in monasteries and gaze at their navels, or so the joke goes. Whether its dedicating their unlife to perfecting the art of stone-stacking, producing the perfect fiddle, or reading every word ever set to parchment, these queer fellows just aren't of the same persuasion as the rest of us Deathless.

    'Course, some say they aren't all so boring. Rumor has it somewhere there's a monastery where the arts they're perfectin' are of a more… carnal… nature. Now there's a place I could take some shore leave!

    ...we dig?
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)01:52 No.9866977
    It's what I go for. Writing awesome is easier then writing poetic or deep.

    Yeah, this is basically 1 peice but grown up. The concept at the start was more/less the same: PIRATES EVERYWHERE.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)02:01 No.9867146
    I dig it.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/17/10(Mon)02:32 No.9867643
    What's that, yer sailin' west?

    Well, there's somethin' ye should know, then, free o' charge. A place... a place ye ought to avoid.

    Old Tommy's Molars they call 'em. You know all the good metal, led for bullets and iron for barrels, comes from the Fringe, aye?

    Well, long ago, this *was* the Fringe, and whoo boy did ol' Thompson P Beckman find hisself a whale of a Barony when he sailed out, just that way yer plannin' ta head yerself.

    Y'see, t'was a whole archipelago out there, risin' out o' the water like jagged knives... dozens, hundreds of rocks big and small... and each a-one about as solid with iron ore as an island can be, nary a quarter-inch of dirt. Sterile.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/17/10(Mon)02:39 No.9867771

    Well, now, I don't need ta tell ye what the price o' good virgin iron is, you can just imagine what Tommy saw when he looked at those cold, jagged rocks: not iron at all, but 'twas gold that glittered in his eyes that day.

    So he got hisself some poor landlubbers and transported em blinfolded, set up a secret colony, the whole works, put his whole fortune on the line, lookin' ta reap tenfold.

    But ol P. Beckman, well, he didn't have much in the wave of scruples. Nigh every landlubber is at the mercy of the folk of the wave ultimately, a'spose, but this... this was a pure slave colony, and then some. Worked em to death, worked their women to death, worked their children to death, and always bringin' more back on the return voyages to wherever he could offload all that iron ore... 'prolly Reekwater, I reckon, since it was all foundries even then.

    That is, whenever he made it back. Didn't take long for folks to catch on that there was loot to be had out this far, and, well, the Game was afoot.

    Still, in between a few Shadow'd Jigs, he did a fair job of lordin' his turf, keepin' it secret by takin' prisoners of any other pirates that got to close, like a goddamned Crusader madman. Prolly woulda made slaves o' them, too, if the work waren't dangerous enough to offer escape by way o' cheatin' death.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/17/10(Mon)02:44 No.9867850

    But, well, they say that the Isles and the Deathless are proof that good things don't last, and for Tommy that was true.

    He was nearin' the end of his labors, fat and rich, with only one big spire left. He'd leveled every single one of the rest of those rocks to just below the waterline, taking every scrap of iron that could be got... and a good thing, too, for Tommy, as by that point the Fringe had expanded and his competition was fierce. Secrecy would no longer do, and instead he had to rely on the treach'rous field of truncated isles surrounding his final spire as deterrent. Kept the few safe routes through t'himself and none others, no matter how many ships he got.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/17/10(Mon)02:50 No.9867969

    Finally, the day came when ol' Thompson moved his pers'nal effects back to his ship and ordered the slaves to start digging down that last lonely rock. And just as he was about t'board, a pickaxe from nowhere caught 'im full in the back.

    Now, see, at this point, most of Tommy's crew were just as sick of the ol' bastard as anyone, so they simply watched him bleed, gasping for death, as a slave sauntered up, all his hate and rage written across 'is face.

    "Did ye really think ye could order us to dig away the very last place to stand while you sail off with our sweat, our blood? To file down one last tooth under our own feet, and then stand here 'till a storm comes to wash us off it?"
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/17/10(Mon)02:56 No.9868057

    That was when the rest of the slaves attacked. Unable to leave without Thomas' direction, the bastards were forced to fight, and a bloody day it was, then.

    No one knows what happened to old Tommy. Some say he changed 'is name and plays the Game a-still, others say he's wound up in Deadwind, others that the slaves nursed 'im back to health, against 'is wishes, and keep him there on that last rock still.

    But one thing's a-sure. If you spot a spire, stabbing out of the water to the west of here, or hear ghostly work-chanties drifting on the breeze of a moonless night, you give em a wide berth, lest the Iron Molars of Thompson P. Beckman grind yer keel ta bits.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/17/10(Mon)03:09 No.9868270
         File1274080176.jpg-(22 KB, 250x250, facepalm.jpg)
    22 KB
    Shit, as usual, forgetting important details, though this one was fairly obvious.

    The reason the slaves would keep Tommy alive and on that last spire is so no one could ever know the way to their home.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)03:27 No.9868534
    That's some win right there
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/17/10(Mon)03:50 No.9868934
         File1274082605.jpg-(22 KB, 250x250, cool story bro.jpg)
    22 KB

    glad you approve!
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)04:05 No.9869190
    Now not all the deathless ply the waves forever. There was one kid who swore the Final Oath, took to sea under Black Jimmy. Now this was well before he had lost his soul, but he was a hard man nonetheless. This kid got swept up in a mutiny, and swore the oath as he was walking out on the plank. Didn't even wait to be pushed in propperly, but charged back at us - arms bound and everything, a twinkle in his eye, and a curse on his lips. Kid was marked for greatness.

    Now next he took to sea, it was with a bunch of crusaders, who were unaware of his true nature. He knew where Jimmy was heading, and it was a days ride from his own home. So via horse and pack they cut across the isle, and found Jimmy a looting and Pillaging the town of Mallarburg. Our young hero, he leads the crusaders in against Jimmy's crew, and there's terrible fighting. That was a day of terrible carnage, and some fearsome fighting. It came to be that our young hero was face to face with Black Jimmy, and dancing the swords with him. Our kid had Black Jimmy on the disadvantage, was a natural with a blade in hand, and more at home with two.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)04:17 No.9869353
    Black Jimmy though, wasn't one to go without a fight. A ring of the crusaders had surrounded them and Black Jimmy saw his chance. "This young lad's one of me old crew. Young Wild Kid here, nasty with a blade, and a wicked eye with the pistol. He's Deathless, and I know how you hate that." Our hero was distracted, looked back to see his comrade's reactions and was skewered through.

    Stumbling back with Black Jimmy's sword in his side, young Kid tripped, fell up against Black Jimmy and pinned him to the wall. "It's the Keep for us I'm afraid. Deadwind. But I don't think I'll survive the trip." Black Jimmy grabbed for his sword, but the crusaders had already pinned him down. Kid's last words were "Such is life." Well, until two days later when he was back home, settling down for the quiet life. He wasn't going to get it though.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)04:30 No.9869535
    this is good, this is good
    I think this thread is autosaging, though
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)04:32 No.9869567
    >279 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.
    well pretty damn near close, anyway
    and, GN, don't forget the gold barons
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/17/10(Mon)05:06 No.9869993

    I can dig it!


    Still a little hazy on Gold Barons. Are they exclusively landlubbers that've fortified the hell out of gold-producing islands, forcing pirates to trade fairly or raid with little hope? Or do Sea Barons controlling gold-producing islands count too?

    I kinda feel like ______ Baron should be applicable to anyone who'se dominated an area or commodity and is defending it fiercely.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/17/10(Mon)05:45 No.9870479

    How's this?

    Barons – Well, you already know a Sea Baron is a successful pirate with turf that's been his long enough fer people to think twice about violatin' it. But those ain't the only sort a' Barons about… Landlubbers ain't always just poor dirt-tillin' fools, you know. Sometimes, one stumbles on true wealth, and is either already rich enough, or smart enough to figure out how to defend it and force any Folk of the Wave who want their goods to either play nice and trade fairly, or face the fight of their lives.

    Typically these are named after the source o' their wealth… but due to how compact, valuable, and easy-to-defend a resource it is, Gold Barons are among the most famous and successful, and the few successful (and some of the unsuccessful) raids on Gold Baron fortresses tend to be the stuff a' legends.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 05/17/10(Mon)05:48 No.9870518
    Sounds pretty excellent to me. You know what, with islands everywhere, and ships in demand, good wood would be in demand some.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/17/10(Mon)05:50 No.9870544

    Quite a heavy demand.

    Wood is a lot harder to defend, though. Takes up so much space, good sources of wood are doubtlessly bigass new islands found on the Fringe.

    So, while a Timber Baron or two would be awesome, they're probably not common.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 05/17/10(Mon)05:59 No.9870647
    True. But if we want PIRATES EVERYWHERE there should be a lot of boats around. So we need to make sure there's good wood available at the core too.
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/17/10(Mon)06:08 No.9870745

    Well, there's also Grinning Alejandro, the mad shipbroker.

    No one knows where he gets all those ships and can sell them so ludicrously cheap, or why they so often smell strongly of seaweed and sometimes turn up barnacles in the oddest of places... like little nooks *inside the cabins, above the waterline.*

    Alejandro and his crew just smile and hedge. "professional secrets, mate!" None of 'em will talk.

    Especially their blood-shaman, the tall one... since 'is lips is sewed shut. Sometimes I get the feeling Alejandro is almost as scared of that towering, distant mystery as am I.
    >> Quest Lord !!7ls3wo7NoED 05/17/10(Mon)07:34 No.9871627
    God, why does this intruge me more then Deadwind Keep and the Cross Fort combined?
    >> Golden Neckbeard !!MA40nsGlj/I 05/17/10(Mon)11:04 No.9873730

    Probably just the format.

    A good mystery-hook focuses on what you DON'T know. The writefagging about both those places, while very good especially from a development standpoint, tends to focus more on details stated rather than hinted... and in one case, even outlines an answer to the central mystery without offering alternatives.

    To me, that's rule number one of mysteries: if you're provide a potential answer that fits all the clues, you can't let it be the *only one.* Mysteries are all about letting people's imaginations fill in the blanks, so if you give answers at all they either have to not quite fit, or there has to be multiples of them, so the audience's mind sees middle ground or further conclusions to jump to.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)15:05 No.9877570
    thread is alive! WOO!
    about the gold barons, I had originally meant it to mean anyone who had stumbled across an island that produced for them a large fortune. this could be a diamond mine or gold vein or any number of valuable things. Often these men are reachers, who have the time and resources to fortify their islands.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)15:15 No.9877719
    ok, well
    not entirely alive
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)15:16 No.9877729
    ok, we're autosaging now
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)15:58 No.9878368
    I'll be making a new thread then
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:32 No.9878951
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:40 No.9879070
    writing it up now
    I'm going to sum it up in the first thread so that we don't get the confusion we got in this thread
    >> Anonymous 05/17/10(Mon)16:44 No.9879147
    to the new thread

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