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  • File : 1273103910.jpg-(50 KB, 588x700, Ehevil.jpg)
    50 KB Evil Quest (RESSERECTION): Part XV Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)19:58 No.9636188  
    Last Episode: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/7272561/
    Others to be found in the sup/tg/ archive

    The time has come again to continue (after a very long hiatus) Evil Quest.

    The Premise: After a millennium of peace, you are the very last mortal embodiment of evil on the planet. The previous Lord of Evil had reawakened you within the heart of his old fortress located in the Northern ice covered continent. You began weak, no stronger then leper, but through evil deeds, and driving others to evil acts, your power has grown tremendously. Now there are few mortal men who can stand against your might, and so the nations of the southern continent have become wary, and even a mighty empire across the barren steppes to the east has begun to march. The world needs to be broken, whether put back together to fit your desires or left to burn to ash is up to you.

    When we last left off, a prestigious engineer in the city of Ostenmark and his young assistant became your hostages after you tricked the old man into constructing a magnificent clockwork statue of a dragon. With your dark magic you fused the essence of your undead servant Kelgris to the lifeless and immobile construct. Kelgris had become a beast of living metal.

    The powers that be however, will not let your actions go unhindered. A Seraph, a powerful warrior priest of Valtir from the holy Apostle States, has mustered the town guard to oppose you, using his divine magic to make the men’s resolve unbreakable in front of Kelgris terrifying presence. The Seraph emotionless spirit and divine magic make him a formidable foe as well, easily able to trade blows with your might.

    You stand upon one of the greater bridges spanning the city’s canals; your ship is waiting in harbour to escape the city, the Midstland Navy and Army are sure to not be far behind to overwhelm you.

    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)19:59 No.9636208


    *As always, an amalgamation of ideas posted (or the most agreed upon) will drive the story forward. In a duel, which is currently being fought, “I hit him with my sword” will not fare well for the protagonist (or help at all) compared to more detailed scripting.*

    Belongings: Ragged robes, noble garbs, medium armour, “Kingslayer", Captain’s Skull, “King of Black Waters” (Warship)
    Known Dark Arts: Soul Obliteration (Cost High), Zone of Secularity (Cost Very High), Dark Imply (Cost Low), Shadow Step (Cost Range Dependent), Dark Storm (High, Medium upkeep)
    Evil Power: Nigh Human Potential
    Minions of Note: Catharine (Mistress), Sailors (531), Mage neophytes - Children (23), Kelgris (Clockwork Dragon)
    Possessed, the men stand their ground and let loose a battle cry and charge across the bridge. Thundering toward the block of men, Kelgris lets loose his fury head long into them. You ignore the melee in front of, your eyes set on the Paladin, and he does the same. With warhammer drawn and glistening in the sun he charges with the hammer over his right shoulder ready to swing.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)20:07 No.9636355
    Fast Traffic Bump
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:12 No.9636465
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:13 No.9636487
    Here I was just saying that you'd quit, and like magic, you're running another thread.


    Feint until he swings, then stomp on the end of the hammer so it stays down and chop him to bits.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:18 No.9636589
    Teleport behind him, backstab.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)20:23 No.9636677

    With the clank of plate mail the Seraph charges headlong into you and reaching the range thrusts his right foot forward to halt his charge. Leaning into his fight foot he shifts his centre of gravity and uses his body to swing his warhammer it across horizontally.

    Teleportation is not a feasible option at this point given the elevation of the sun in the sky, and perhaps some interference from the Seraph's divine magic. The details you are too hazy with.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:30 No.9636808
    Can we drop to the ground and let it swing over us? Or just jump back? How much time do we have before impact (because I doubt we can block this)?
    >> Firstquest 05/05/10(Wed)20:32 No.9636844
         File1273105960.png-(145 KB, 932x408, 1272073018969.png)
    145 KB
    Wait. What? Awwriiiight.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)20:34 No.9636875
    Hmmm somehow my follow up post didn't go through....

    Ignoring your stance your feint does not halt his charge and the weight of the hammer blow connects with your left side. Sparks of light, divine in nature erupt from the point of impact, the armour crushes under the weight of the blow, but the armour crushes more readily then your actual body which soaks up the attack but throws you off balance. Stumbling a few steps along with the blow you regain your footing as the seraph raises his warhammer high to bring down for another powerful swing.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:34 No.9636878
    Holy shit, this is awesome. I thought I'd never see this continued.

    Duck below the swing or jump back away from it. While he's unbalanced from the swing, circle around and attack him form the side.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:35 No.9636897
    Step inside his guard, thrust sword into his armpit, PROFIT.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:36 No.9636910
    In that case, sidestep the swing and let the guy's momentum carry him past us, maybe trip him if possible. Attack him from behind.
    >> Harmless 05/05/10(Wed)20:36 No.9636914
    dodge left, then slam into him with our shoulder to unbalance him.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:36 No.9636920
    Maybe we should call Kelgris back to assist? He IS a giant mechanical dragon right now.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:39 No.9636968
    I don't know, he's doing his thing with the guards and I think squaring off one-on-one with the Seraph is too rule of cool to pass up.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)20:40 No.9637004
    Feigning injury you let the Seraph raise his warhammer high, when he takes a step to put his weight into the blow you quickly sidestep to the left of his blow. To close to swing with your sword you slam your own weight with your shoulder into the Seraph. Off balance he spins around while stumbling backwards, pushing off the ground with his hand to keep himself from falling flat on the ground.

    It appears he is going to try and make some distance to regain his balance.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:42 No.9637018
    All right, did my job with a couple of the initial responses of making sure the rest of the fans had a chance to see this, now I can get some sleep. Good luck, everyone.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:43 No.9637052
    Well, in the mean time, why don't we bust out the Zone of Secularity? It worked the first time we fought a paladin.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:43 No.9637054
    Close the distance and try to separate him from the hammer.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:43 No.9637060
    Rush over to him and kick that warhammer away. Downward thrust with the sword, nonlethal if possible.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:44 No.9637075
    Sun is out man, our powers don't work to well in the presence of everlasting light and justice and all that stuff.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:45 No.9637085
    ah, righty, goddamn sun 'n junk
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:46 No.9637096
    Kill self, end stupid quest, /tg/ wins!
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:49 No.9637181
    Stab our sword into the bridge, channel a decent amount of force into it. If I remember right, it froze shit. So let's make the ground nice and slippery and perhaps weaken the bridge.

    We have a minion who can fly, that army and paladin dood does not.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:50 No.9637218
    Let hit take a distance, command Kelgris to breathe fire upon the seraph.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:51 No.9637226
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)20:51 No.9637233
    Anticipating your advance the Seraph horridly retreats backwards until his back presses up against a stone column. Being pressed into a corner the Seraph beings to recite a litany in some ancient tongue. You can feel an absence of interference all around you as some force opposed to your own flows into the Seraph causing him to emit an ever increasing radiant white aura.

    You have a moment to react.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:52 No.9637251
    Jump from the bridge onto the clockwork dragon's back, GTFO
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:52 No.9637258
    i damn near had a heart attack when i saw this

    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:53 No.9637273
    Ah shit. Start backing up out of the aura's radius.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:55 No.9637310
    Rejoin Kelgis, it's time to end this folly.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:55 No.9637311
    Rush in, and in a dramatic flush of dark robes flapping in the sea wind, lunge to stab the seraph's neck.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:56 No.9637312
    This. But try to be sly about it, crack the bridge but let the kingslayer get an area infront of us nice and slippery, then lets talk some shit to get him nice and mad and charge at us hopefully without thinking.

    >Imply we will rape some people in the town after we kill him.

    That should get him pissed and hopefully run at us we take a step back he faceplants on ice then we take a cheapshot.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)20:57 No.9637334
    (Just because I like where this is going)

    While the Seraph's aura increases in strength you plunge Kingslayer into the stone bridge underneath. IT sinks in no different then if being stuck in soft garden soil. The blade shrieks and moans as the cold aura of ethereal skulls erupts from the blade and the cracks in the stone fill with ice and crack the bridge around yourself.

    The Seraph's aura is reaching its maximum capacity.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:57 No.9637344
    Also, refreshing like the fist of the north star.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)20:59 No.9637376
    no reason to mess with holy magic so lets give him his distance
    what is our stamina level? Are we exausted?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:01 No.9637419
    Newfag to this quest here. Still, battling a Paladin in broad daylight sounds bad. Get on Kelgris and get away (also, is that name intentional for it?)
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:01 No.9637423
    Mock the seraph's folly of praying to an uncaring god, draw sword from the bridge cracking it. Gloat over a paladin in full plate armor sinking to a drowning death.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:01 No.9637425
    can we throw a few evil energy filled rocks at him? we should have one hell of a throw by now.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:02 No.9637439
    Awesome. Get into a defensive stance, and stand close to a nasty patch of ice. Get ready to dodge out of the way of anything. We can take this guy we just need to be smart.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:03 No.9637474
    How far away are we from where kelgris is fighting? We should walk backwards towards that conflict, grab one of the town guard and slice his head off, and then casually shrug our shoulders at the paladin.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:08 No.9637561
    palidan of a god that is a star mind you
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:09 No.9637580
    Taunt the paladin by doing figure eights and pirouettes on the ice we just made.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)21:09 No.9637585
    Drawing Kingslayer from the bridge you look back at the Seraph reciting the last few concluding lines of his litany. With his warhammer now glowing radiantly he reopens his eyes and looks at you with emotionless glowing blue eyes.

    You look back at him with head cocked to the side mockingly as you point to his feet. He looks down and he notices the cracks in the bridge filled with ice. Before it can register fully with the Seraph you let loose a mighty swing and the ethereal edge of the sword lashes out at the stone bridge. A second later the other side of the bridge lowers slightly as its structural integrity shatters and the bridge before you starting crumbling into the canal below as far as the cracks of ice span.

    The Seraph in a panic runs at full sprint away from crumbling bridge making a desperate leap to the edge of the crumbling bridge. With all his strength he lifts himself back to safety some 30 feet away, a large empty chasm between you and him.

    You can hear the spell of resolve with the men fighting Kelgris falter, and a with a glance back you can see some of them are pulling back while Kelgris grips one in his metal maw around the shoulders of one man and thrashes his neck around his a wide circle to break the man’s neck before tossing the lifeless body aside.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:10 No.9637603
    Mock him.

    This might work.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:12 No.9637642
    Give that Paladin a dose of trollface.jpg.

    "Those men back there? The ones who entrusted their lives to you? I'm going to go kill them. Stay there, I'll be back shortly."
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:12 No.9637647
    Agree, taunt.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:13 No.9637663
    Help Kelgris, let the paladin watch as we destroy these weaklings.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:13 No.9637673
    Dark Imply in a shout to those men that if they give up they will be spared. They can even join us. Even if it does not work it could help "SQUAD BROKEN" them enough to let Kelgris finish up faster.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:14 No.9637691
    Join the dragon in the massacre of rank and file soldiers, mock the paladin as he can't do anything but watch in impotence.

    Also, does our warship have long-range cannons? If so bombard the city just for kicks.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)21:18 No.9637793
    You can sense hints of despair in your opponent for the first time. Its so obvious in hindsight, the greatest damage you could do to this man is rob him of his ability to do his duty, not end it.

    The Seraph looks side to side desperately putting together some plan to reengage the fight. You simply part your choice mocking words and turn to the men fighting. Kelgris sensing your approach takes a step back a little behind you as you march toward the melee. Bodies torn apart, crushed and burned litter this side of the bridge nearest to the other side. Kelgris seems unwounded but there are holes where lead shot punched through, Spears lodged and stuck in his metal plates and dented metal from many strikes.

    Seeing you approach a wall of spears and pole-axes lower with shaking hands to oppose you.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:19 No.9637814
    Now lets try this again shall we?
    At the backs of the men unprotected by the paladin's divine power.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:21 No.9637845
    Scratch that. Let's dark storm them now, they don't have Seraph's power baby-sitting them anymore.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:23 No.9637872
    Casually let your guard down, mocking the soldiers to come and attack. Cut some limbs, gloat as the soldiers that dared attack you bleed out in the ground. Tell the rest that whoever turns on his soldier mates will be spared and offered a place in your army.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:23 No.9637880
    Offer them an ultimatum. Then can join us and inherit the future of this world or they can die in the next couple seconds.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:23 No.9637882
    Howl. It does not even have to be magic. Have Kelgris join in. Just hold our blade into the air and howl and wail with death and fury. Have them break, make them weak before we even charge into them.

    Then get into them and have Kelgris help.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:25 No.9637907
    pick them off with thrown rocks or spears from the fallen.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)21:30 No.9638023
    Unfazed by the wall of iron tips in front of you, you march toward the men. Channelling your reserves of dark magic you subtly crackle a small dark storm through your veins. Goaded on by their captains the men in the front rank rush forward and thrust at you. The iron tipped spears become conduits for the dark storm and jump from the spear points to their armour roasting the men occupying them inside instantly. The chain of lightning jumps another rank and badly scorches a portion of the other men in reserve. With mad laughter you let loose a sinister cackle and plunge with walking footsteps into the group of soldiers hacking with cold ethereal strikes the men like wheat in a field. With half of them running for their lives, you infect the others with broken minds with dark thoughts and have them listlessly rise to their feet and follow after you in a slow lumbering march.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:32 No.9638056
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:32 No.9638075
    Is that a new power? Either way, awesome. Kelgris can clean up the ones who routed, what's that Paladin doing currently?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:32 No.9638079
    Tell Kelgris to chase after the remaining guardsmen. Take the mindless thralls and walk back to the paladin, make them walk off the bridge into the chasm.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:33 No.9638103
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:37 No.9638166
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:37 No.9638171
    Can we do thriller as we march and burn the city?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:38 No.9638180
         File1273109896.jpg-(114 KB, 440x299, michael-jackson-thriller2.jpg)
    114 KB
    Make them dance and taunt Seraph's incompetence.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:39 No.9638196
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:39 No.9638211
    I meant THRILLER.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)21:40 No.9638219
    (Just because Mandatory Suicide by Slayer came on my play list)

    The Seraph is still looking across the chasm, its almost as if the muscles and nerves in his face are paralysed because he is either emotionless or incapable of showing them. With a point of your finger you order the soldiers 15 men to step over the edge into the water. The shock of cold water brings them back to their senses, those that didn't go unconscious from the impact of the fall onto the water. Their screams and thrashing in the water below break the silence.

    The Seraph slowly falls to his knees. You can't see it, but you can feel it.

    Is it time to go?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:40 No.9638222
    We need to pick a nice island with a good sized city on it. Take it over. And turn it into a badass fucking stronghold.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:42 No.9638267
    Leave the city, with Kelgris flying around and doing shit to buildings on the way.

    On our own, use a bit of evil energy to start some fucking fires in several buildings.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:44 No.9638309

    And laugh. A lot.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:44 No.9638317
    Of course.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:44 No.9638318
    find a head and chuck it at the seraph just for the fun of it. Leave the city
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:44 No.9638326
    Salute the Paladin for being such a good sport. It's been fun, let's do this again some other time.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:45 No.9638330
    Let's get a move on razing the town. We shoulda asked the engineer dude to install a gramophone into Kelgris so he could repeat the screams of the dying as we waltzed through.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:45 No.9638347
    isn't that part of the union contract and proven to reduce stress
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:46 No.9638367
    find a sign and rename the bridge?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:46 No.9638370
    This seems like the perfect opportunity to do so, but I have this nagging feeling that we'll have to fight him again later if we do. It's just too perfect of a dramatic exit to pass up though, and encountering him later would be interesting.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:47 No.9638379
    i fully support this
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:49 No.9638413
    new here, but do we have enough minions with us to raid the town
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:51 No.9638456
    This. "The Bridge of the paladin's failure."
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)21:53 No.9638492
         File1273110813.jpg-(64 KB, 1066x777, Evil_Map.jpg)
    64 KB
    Leaving the Seraph your memento you leave for the Ostenmark docks where your ship is waiting. To make sure your farewell is worthy of such a prestigious guest as yourself you order Kelgris to burn the streets behind you. The residents of the city having taken refuge inside their houses flee their burning homes and business and flee before you in terror. All of which is hard because everything behind you is burning. This conundrum causes many people to burn to death because they refuse out of instinct to flee in terror toward you.

    After a brief stroll through a portion of the city burning you reach the docks and your armoured warship waits with anchor raised. Kelgris flies overhead; there isn’t anywhere obvious to land on your ship, despite its size. The deck is full of sails and what not.

    And reposting the map because you're going to need it.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:54 No.9638502
    Dark storm into the water, JUST TO BE A DICK.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:54 No.9638506
    Throwing heads at him seems off somehow. How about we sever several and then carry them with us while we fly and toss them around the village as a warning to those who oppose us.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:55 No.9638526
    Remind us of what the nations are like?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:58 No.9638569
    I recall that we scattered our cultists throughout the countryside. What was our longterm plan? Just spread discord and slowly build up a power base?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:58 No.9638571
    It's Europe. Nations more or less match the real ones.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)21:59 No.9638602
    Lets go North-East and subjugate some norsmen for a Viking horde.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:00 No.9638613
    Yeah, they go out to cause evil on their own. Some will fail, sure. But at least a few should succeed, at least partially.

    Head to the next largest city along the coast.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)22:01 No.9638623
    Casleinz Lourenz and Telreinz was once one large kingdom comparable to Midstland in power, but they fractured to how they are now. It was the result of a civil war that took place over one hundred years ago. Naheland was the previous adventure. The Republics and Principalities are a series of independent city states. Novusguland is a northern trade empire. Albius is a backwater on the continent, there is still pagan worship in the most northern regions. Persium is satellite state for a large southern civilization culturally and ethnically different from the rest.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:01 No.9638636
    What should our next power be? I was thinking either a low level probability manipulation(Luck of the Devil style stuff) or a high level brainwashing/corruption technique so we can start corrupting heroes we capture instead of killing them.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:01 No.9638637
    We just came from the North East.

    Alright, so if I was a group of paladins and general good guys hunting us, they can see we're going west along this coast, as evidenced by the destruction we cause. So they'll continue going along it.

    I figure, we hit one or two more cities, then we loop out and around, let them get ahead of us, and gives us more time to fuck up other areas.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:02 No.9638643
    It's starting to come back to me. I remember that there was that uppity prince from those Eastern barbarians. If I recall right, we didn't kill him but we did force him to back off.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:03 No.9638678
    Combine all of this.

    Hit the big city in Telreinz, then make it look like we're heading down to Casleinz, but instead go up to Albius to convert some pagans and forge a great northern army.

    Our enemies will be following our false trail for so long, even if they figured out where we really went, by the time they got there, we'd either have a larger powerbase, or be long gone already.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:04 No.9638698
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:04 No.9638701
    Telreinz because we are fucking awesome at instigating civil war and such.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:09 No.9638781
    Can Kelgris fly kinda low to the water, next to our ship? Because a GIANT METAL DRAGON is gonna turn some heads.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:10 No.9638797
    I was thinking we go for some telepathy or some combat magic that would make us more powerful and able to handle blows as it is cast, but drains us while we do so.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)22:12 No.9638833
    As the day comes to an end you sail out into the sea away from Ostenmark burning and sending plumes of smoke up into the sky. Gregor and Miranda have been thrown into the brig; you’ll have to deal with them later. You give the order to continue sailing west along the coast till you reach the next major port. The entirety of the day’s events have left you tired. So you return to your throne in the captain’s cabin and eventually drift off to sleep.

    (Story post coming up...)
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:17 No.9638923
    We'll have to convert the machinist and his apprentice over. Not sure how we can do this cleanly, since he was pretty fucking horrified when he saw Kelgris in action.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:17 No.9638924
    We are already an inhuman combatant. We also have Kelgis to kill stuff for us. We need to gain the ability to leverage our victories in combat into something greater. One of our largest flaws is that we have been unable to convert any heroes we subdued thus far. That has to change if we want to change the world.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:20 No.9638985
    Cleanly? We are evil. Brainwash/torture them into loyalty. I doubt they have enough mental fortitude to resist the personal attention of ourselves for however long we will be traveling.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:22 No.9639026
    I like the idea of corrupting heroes, but true corruption doesn't come from magic. True corruption is when you make them out of their own freewill turn evil.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:24 No.9639049
    rolled 17 = 17

    And we've not had such an astonishing success with that since Catherine. We need to work on our evil manipulations again.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:24 No.9639050
    Yes, but we can stack the deck by twisting their desires etc. . . Even if it isn't true corruption, and they are just magicly brainwashed it is still useful for gaining minions.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:27 No.9639090
    True, I only just started reading these threads. Maybe we should first try to convert them normally but if that doesn't work we use magics.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:27 No.9639092
    Very true. Remember that Catharine crossed over to us by her own free will.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:28 No.9639110
    If we learned a magic like say, telepathy, then we could more easily see their desires and intentions, which in turn would make them easier to twist and bend to our own agenda. You're indeed right that we shouldn't use magic as the sole means for corruption, but it can be used as a valuable stepping stone on the way towards it.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)22:29 No.9639129
    When you awaken to the sensation of flying like you had before overtakes you. A familiar landscape of ancient spires across a city enormous stone monuments are scattered across the cityscape and thousands wander the streets below in busy market plazas. Your vision is hazy and you senses dull, it appears to be a dream after all.

    You approach a familiar large building dwarfing the others secluded on a massive hill overlooking the city, it is unmistakably a cathedral. Landing on a stone window ledge you see a meeting of important figures collected. They are all familiar except that there are many other guests included around the table and others standing at attention at the walls of the banquet.

    One of the men, dressed in expensive clerical robes, sitting to the right of the head seat of the table speaks up, “Your holiness, I believe the situation has grown very dire indeed.”

    A man standing behind him armoured with ornate and thick plate mail agrees with the man, “Indeed, before there were concerns with the rabble growing in the east, but for certain those tribesmen have been taken into some larger empire we had never heard of before. Naheland’s heretical dealings with them are a certain threat.”

    The man being addressed at the head of the table finally speaks, “Then what do you propose Lord Lerus?”

    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)22:30 No.9639136
    “A joint effort by all nations to push back this threat must be undertaken. By the glory of Valtir we must keep these lands in order, as is his last and most holy words were spoken.”

    “And what of the prophecy? We can not ignore what has happened in Naheland and along the coast to be coincidence.”

    A concerned ruckus erupts around the table, a topic of discussion that all wanted to avoid has been brought up. The Pope at the head of the table raises his hand to quiet them. “We will leave the Seraph to deal with the problem. They have been, and have been preparing for a 1000 years just for this.”

    “Even when one of them was driven mad?”

    “Who speaks?” The previous cardinal shouts out.

    “Sorry for brining up what no one wants to speak of, but you shouldn’t take this so lightly. If what is occurring in the north is true, what happens in the east is hardly a concern.”

    The Pope casts his eyes downward, “I understand that, but the people are worried about the barbarians and heatens from the east, not myths and legends. We must do our duty to the people under the love of Valtir and ease their concerns. We cannot chase just one man with an army.”

    "You'll have two armies to deal with, the east wont invade until they are well and ready. To the north, maybe powers that be are not so patient"

    "You keep your tongue still sir! Your holiness, let us prepare a message to all nations for a call to arms right away. I shall help dictate. Ahem..."

    Your dream comes to a sudden end and you reawaken in your throne.

    Do you have anything else to do before reaching your next destination?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:31 No.9639154
    We need powerful minions as quickly as we can get them. Using magic to brainwash heroes may not grant us the boost in power that corrupting them gets, but it will increase our temporal power base, which we need badly.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:32 No.9639174
    Bang our woman.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:33 No.9639187
    I want to convert the apprentice to be a helper. This anon liked the character enough before to not warrant soul spiking, and we need someone who can keep Kelgris in repair. Now, the master crafter, go ahead, maybe we'll get something useful, he's not likely to help us.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:33 No.9639191
    Start brainwashing the old guys assistant. Make sure they are kept seperate, and have our consort try to induce Stockholm Syndrome via minor kindnesses.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:35 No.9639214
    Kelgris' damages are superficial right? If not, check up on the Gregor and Miranda and gauge their willingness to cooperate.

    It's also been a long day, so this too >>9639174
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:35 No.9639216
    we should check up on our new personal tinkerers
    >> Wolfminmitar 05/05/10(Wed)22:37 No.9639240
    Skin the helpless and forge their skin into clothing fitting of an evil lord.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:38 No.9639268
    sorry new here but what have we done with the 23 children that you mentioned. are they are own, orphans? also can we brainwash/train them to be are spies/assassins
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:40 No.9639312
    The skills of the tinkerers will be quite useful to us in the long run. An army of clockwork dragons would be quite a powerful tool. Finding souls to bind to them wouldn't be too difficult for us either.

    And of course we are going to have to get Kelgris UPGRADES!
    >> Firstquest 05/05/10(Wed)22:40 No.9639314
    If I remember correctly, as well everyone Catharine has yet to truly do anything directly evil, outside of the hot-blooded murder she did to help us so long ago.

    She is a liability if she has not fully fallen to darkness, and if we begin developing some kind of "feelings" for her, (If we are even able to do such things.).

    I would suggest, as the cold blooded bastard we are, we make it a point to do one of three things with her.

    1) Make damn sure she is on board with being evil, and joins in on destruction and enjoys the messes and ruin we leave behind.

    2) Soul Oblit her.

    3) show a measure of mercy and end her in her sleep.

    If I remember the quests right from that while back, if we don't do something like this, I totally think she will turn out too weak willed to really be of use, and only slow us down.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)22:40 No.9639317
    You approach the gathering of guards in the brig and they salute you on your arrival.

    “Right boss, figurin’ you’se be comin’ ta check on the old fart and ‘ittle girly soon. Da old guy wont eat nothing and the ‘ittle girly don’t stop crying.”

    “She a shy one that girl, I offer her more ta eat if she ate me and she just runs away!”

    The sailors all laugh.

    “Whese got em in difrent cells, dey talk more when dey ‘hink dar alone. Whose you’se talking with? Or both?”
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:44 No.9639381
    Divide any conquer, starting with the little lady. She seems to have a weak will and is already broken down, it should be quite simple to sway her. Once we have her support the father will follow.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:45 No.9639394
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)22:49 No.9639484
    Your unmasked presence to the girl is terrifying and probably mind breaking, just a heads up.

    But to save time one this little escapade, how are you manipulating them or destroying whom?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:50 No.9639506
         File1273114238.jpg-(353 KB, 1024x819, Overlord2Tscr_006-large.jpg)
    353 KB
    Feelings? Definitely not, but we are an evil overlord, and all good evil overlords need a mistress or three.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:51 No.9639527
    She killed her sibling/relative for us. She also has an unholy symbol that we made for her. Killing her is a waste. Especially since she is the last descendant of that Hero. The impact learning that the line has been corrupted to evil could have on people should not be underestimated.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:52 No.9639554
    Divide them up, claim to each that the other has fallen to you and all ready wishes to join you in your new order. General corruption and dickery.
    >> Kel Ragebrew 05/05/10(Wed)22:53 No.9639561

    We can break her little mind, and reform the pieces to suit our needs. It will take time, but she has useful skills, and if we can turn her into a hollow shell, fueled by evil and hatred towards the god that let her fall into our hands, we will gain a useful minion.

    The old man, I could care less. He will die soon anyways, and we have a powerful tool thanks to him. Served his purpose. He may die now.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:53 No.9639564
    Personally, I think it'd be a good idea to speak to each one individually first and then both together when we're finally deciding whether we're recruiting/soul-obliting one/both. Personally, if we can turn both, then I'd recommend that. Otherwise, soul obliting Gregor and then filling his void as Miranda's "master" seems effective.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:55 No.9639612
    Brief unmasked presence. Very brief. Just enough to show her true fear. Then start talking to her, using DI to manipulate her emotions. Afterwards, we can have our mistress comfort her about how she has been "chosen" etc. . . To get a nice Stockholm Syndrome thing going.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:56 No.9639624
    "Are you afraid? Don't be. As long as you are useful, you will live. It's simple, really."
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)22:56 No.9639630
    She loves us unconditionally by her own free will. I hope you can understand how that makes her our greatest triumph to date and likely for all time. Whether or not we return those feelings, well...who knows really? Is Evil really incapable of genuinely reciprocating her affections? Says who?

    Anyways, moving on.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)22:59 No.9639666
    The deal is, the girl is lost without Gregor, and Gregor says that while his mind is still sharp his old bones are weak. If you harm Miranda you’ll get no use out of him, because doubts any of your men know anything to put together anything from blueprints.

    It is sounding like Gregor is being a bit cocky, but is he correct?
    >> !!SbnXxXER/Ds 05/05/10(Wed)23:00 No.9639688
    Have Catherine handle the girl with honeyed words, we'll soul oblit the old man when the girl's not nearby.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:00 No.9639699
    Evil is incapable of Altruism. Love could be possible. It would be a twisted love, but it could exist. They would enjoy scenic walks through burning villages, etc. . .
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:01 No.9639715
    She isn't the last descendant, we killed her dad and brother, but she has sisters.
    >> Kel Ragebrew 05/05/10(Wed)23:02 No.9639738

    I just had an idea. His mind is sharp, his bones are weak. Have him make his own mechanical body, and we will transfer his soul over like we did with Kelgris.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:02 No.9639741
    Tell him we could always obliterate his soul, show him the skull of the captain we destroyed. His knowledge ingrained into his skull, we could do the very same or worse to him. That should simmer him down a touch.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:04 No.9639757
    Try to get a sense of how much he cares for the girl. That could be our grounds for cooperation. He works for us and she'll be guaranteed to be safe from our crew/us/etc. In the mean time, we corrupt her. Therefore she continues to learn from him, becomes not useless and we get her to be loyal to us.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:05 No.9639777
    Lost without him? As in, she lacks the knowledge or ability to be useful, or she looks to him for familial guidance?

    Because we could fill the latter role. And if we soul oblit Gregory, his remains may be able to fill the former.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:06 No.9639781
    Easily fixed.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:07 No.9639821
    Don't kill Catherine. She's proven to be very useful, she's our most trustworthy follower, and we lose nothing by keeping her.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:09 No.9639849
    this works, but we will want to make sure we have a way to keep Kelgris functioning first.
    also, do we still have those mage kids, 'cause I think I may have a good use for them. iirc you said magic manipulates but doesnt break the natural laws, right? Seeing as there are electrical currents and such that occur naturally and such, if we properly trained them to be loyal, could we, you know theoretically, get them able to shoot lightning? or am I misremembering how that works? just a thought.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:12 No.9639906
    Soul Oblit Gregory, watch him turn into a spider that scuttles constantly over Kelgris and repairs any holes he finds. Would be awesome.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)23:13 No.9639917
    As things stand the relationship with Gregor and Miranda is tenuous at best. You’ll have to organize a project for them to work on at some point, and keep in mind that they don’t pull a Tony Stark and use it to escape.

    After days at sea you finally reach the coastal waters near the Kingdom of Telreinz. The nearest city Angelfalls is an ancient city built by Elves thousands of years ago but long ago reoccupied by humans when the elves left the continent to their new and mysterious homeland across the sea to the west. The entire city is built around a massive waterfall, and portion of it is even built inside a large cavern behind the waterfall itself.

    How you approach the waters and the city itself needs to be decided.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:14 No.9639939
    We approach as quietly as an armored battleship can.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:15 No.9639963
    >>9639917 I'd say we need to have Kelgris hang back over the horizon, we'll call him when we need him. Otherwise a standard low-key insert followed by horrendous amounts of devastation once we peg the best weakness methinks
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:15 No.9639965
    Do we know anything about the city? Like political setup, nearby enemies, things of that nature? If not, we should send some minions out to gather information.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:16 No.9639983
    No interaction scene, Evil? :(

    I also thought the general consensus was to soul obliterate Gregory and try to persuade Miranda to serve us at least somewhat willingly.

    I'm not going to whine if you say no, but I was hoping that we'd be doing that instead of just skimming over things with "you talked".
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:16 No.9639986
    Do we have a mask or something that'll circumvent the whole "aura of cthulu-esque mind rape" we've got going on now?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:18 No.9640018
    Plus try to get them to abduct a person or two. Why? So we can have the assistant kill one. The mental impact this should have on her will make it easy to reshape her to our will.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:18 No.9640027
    I think the discrete approach is best. Just us and Catharine, with the ship docked a short distance from the city, out of sight. Also, can we still pass ourselves off as a human or are we too EXTREME at this point? If not, any abilities that allow us to mask our true nature?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:21 No.9640077
    I like this idea... once we get the assistant to kill someone, Cath moves in for the corruption, and once she has enough of the old dudes knowledge we flaunt our corruption/control over her to Gregory before ordering her to kill him.

    I'm gonna agree with the low-key insert idea
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)23:22 No.9640095
    I thought about it, but it all came out boring.

    Not entirely, and its bound to become a problem

    As far as Catharine knows (with some rumours and tales from the sailors) the city being on the opposite side of the mountains from the rest of Telreinz has made it a bit independent from the capital. It wouldn't dare separate because it is a prize city and would without a doubt be invaded by the king or assimilated into Midstland soon enough. It is a rather independent city though.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:22 No.9640107
    I wonder what would happen if we re-directed the Waterfall about 20 feet to the right or left.....
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:24 No.9640139
    maybe we could play the long game again? get them to build up enough strength to separate and when the war comes we spring a trap of some sorts that will decimate both armies? Somehow finding a way to control the situation and that many people could be tricky though...
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:27 No.9640181
    Since when have we had a mind-rape effect going on for people looking at us? I don't remember this at all.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:27 No.9640188

    I do beleive its new to our most recent power-up
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)23:28 No.9640206
    You're unnaturally intimating, but the true horror of what you are can only be detected by people with a fair knowledge of magic or the divine.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:29 No.9640222
    Let's stop pussy-footing around and get someplace and blow up some bitches!
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:31 No.9640251
    Well, the best way to get to know a city is to walk it. Let's take a nice stroll through the markets and try to pick up anything we hear. Also, have some sailors do the same by frequenting local taverns and shady spots.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:31 No.9640253
    Which knowledge/attunement does Miranda have? I thought both tinkerers were nonmagical, given Gregory's horrified reaction to our inserting the Kelgris Engine into his creation.

    Man, I remember more of this than I thought. Obviously I was enjoying myself.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:34 No.9640316
    On a side note, since there are elves does that mean there are dark elves in this universe? If so, it might be a potential ally to look towards in the far future. We can always hope they'll do anything to screw with non-dark elves.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)23:35 No.9640338
    There is, "Jesus that guy looks like he could be trouble and I feel somewhat disturbed by his presence." and then "Oh shit its evil incarnate! Something the likes of which the world hasn't seen in a thousand years! ;auiotgha;iughfldgh!"
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:35 No.9640341
    Has there been any update on the amulet so far? Or is it still doing nothing? Wonder if we can input our own power into it to speed up its growth or whatever it is doing.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:36 No.9640351
    We might want to send Catherine in our stead at first. If we're disembarking, we want to do it at a quiet hour when anyone knowledgable will be sleeping snug in their bed.

    Giving Catherine responsibility and leeway may seem risky, but at this point, we have no reason to distrust her. Further, power and praise are VERY potent drugs. Giving her both will build a degree of loyalty we otherwise wouldn't have - we just need to make sure that she doesn't start thinking she doesn't need us.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:40 No.9640420
    As far as the crafters go - treat them semi-civilly. They're prisoners, so they'll suspect something if we're suddenly nice, but that doesn't mean they know our true nature to its core. We could perhaps kill a crewman getting a bit frisky or violent. This will doubtless prompt a question, and another Anon posted the answer already - "It's simple. As long as you are useful, you will live."

    We also have access to bribes. A clockwork body for the master being one we can use to manipulate them BOTH.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:40 No.9640421
    Right, but which does Miranda have? It sounds like she would see us as evil incarnate, but does she have magical or divine knowledge?

    Also, did you decide to restart because of the thread about quest threads people miss? Or was that just an interesting coincidence?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:40 No.9640422
    Honestly, I feel like Catharine and Kelgris are the two who we can absolutely trust, no question about it.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)23:42 No.9640446
    Points of interest that have been gathered by sending some men ashore...

    The current lord over Angelfalls is Duke Gagné. The rumours spreading throughout town are concerns about the barbarians from the East and how Naheland was overwhelmed and forced into an alliance, which most see is making them a satellite state. Doom prophesies have been mentioned about you, but they seem unbelievable and unlikely, mostly accredited to Easterner propaganda and mischief.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)23:44 No.9640498
    Because summer is around the corner and my write fag itch started up about a week ago. I also have more time to waste by doing such things. I was actually writing up (and nearly finished) the first posts in preparation when I saw the metathread earlier.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:44 No.9640502
    Find explosives. Set them near the mouth of the waterfall. Flood the interior part of the city.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:46 No.9640524
    I'm not the guy asking, but I note that you've dodged his question about the tinkerer girl having magic twice now.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:48 No.9640553
    your thinking on to small of a scale dude, we are the return of evil incarnate not the Rebel Alliance, I'm all for the long game myself.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:49 No.9640566
    I second the long game. Maybe we cause the capital to think they've gone independent and invade?
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)23:50 No.9640569
    She doesn't, but after watching you turn something she help make into a monster with magic the two have never experienced ever which then went on to kill many men and many more to come gives a certain impression.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:50 No.9640580
         File1273117853.jpg-(7 KB, 184x184, 49364425a0781a7a3c262bfdbe5615(...).jpg)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:52 No.9640593
    Thanks! Just wanted that clarified.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:53 No.9640618
    One possible long play is to enflame separatist sentiments in the city and find a way to get the Duke in our pocket. Then, once the city has declared independence, we prey on their established fears of other nations invading them and the Eastern barbarians. This slowly lets the the city turn into a paranoid, isolated shit hole while we're off doing whatever. That way, we'll have a nice, convenient fortress city in case we need it and the pleasure of having corrupted something..
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:54 No.9640627
    We need to get some big ass cannons to strap to our ship.

    We also need to get some additional ships.

    We also need more men.

    Send men to the docks and slums areas, this city has to have some. Recruit recruit recruit. Look for those willing to bend to our evil will first.

    Shanghai those who are like, mediocre. Get some big ass cannons and some smaller, sister ships to accompany us.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:55 No.9640640
    Ooh, this is even better than getting the capital to invade them. I vote this.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/05/10(Wed)23:55 No.9640646
    The ship does have cannons. 60 something of them. Its also half Ironclad half Galleon.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)23:55 No.9640650

    Can we get some press gangs out in that motherfucker? If not, there should be enough dumb, vicious thugs in the taverns and docks wanting to sign up anyways.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/06/10(Thu)00:01 No.9640729
    The slums of the city are built on the very outskirts away from the falls themselves, and built off the mainland on shaky and rotting wooden boardwalks into the shallow areas off shore. These areas dock all the free merchants without the luxury or reputation to dock behind the massive waterfall. Disembarking its fairly obvious that this place is by far the most feudal society that you have encountered since Naheland, and even Naheland wasn’t so bad, at least they were actually all still farmers. A great many people in the city simply have nowhere else to go since they do not own any land and are simply paid to move boxes.

    With Catharine for diplomatic sensitive situations and a few of your tallest and brutish thugs you enter the main district in the outlying slums and press gang inside the seedy taverns. Inside is a collection of malcontents and scum drinking and gambling away.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:05 No.9640788
    Offer the most desperate a place to fit in. A purpose (even if they don't know what it is). The chance for power, wealth, land and most importantly, respect.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:05 No.9640789
    Start scoping out people, who looks like they could be useful in a fight? Who looks like they've got some stolen goods? Who is making themselves rather inconspicuous?
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:06 No.9640819
         File1273118814.gif-(92 KB, 308x432, Crimson King.gif)
    92 KB
    Preach communism, the Farson-style.

    Imagine the effect of such an ideology on people like that. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." Only EVIL.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:09 No.9640855
    "From each according to his ability, to each according to his CONTRIBUTION!"
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/06/10(Thu)00:09 No.9640868
    You don't get much time to investigate when a short man with similarly sized goons at his side approaches you inside the tavern. Their appearance makes the whole atmosphere freeze and conversation stops until the short man gives a wave and the people promptly begin to ignore what is going on for their own good.

    The short man finally begins to speak after looking up at you for a few seconds, "You must be new to this part of the city. People don't walk in with an entourage like yours without thinking of stirring things up."

    The goons you brought with you stir in worry a bit, they notice there are a lot of hidden agents among those sitting in the tavern. Granted your own men you brought have never seen what you can do.

    "Well? Got something to say big guy?"
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:11 No.9640893
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:11 No.9640898
    Grab him by the throat and tell him he works for us now.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:12 No.9640912
    Unlike what the idiots are saying how about we calmly ask what sort of trouble we might be stirring up and how we can avoid it.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:13 No.9640929
    "You're right."

    Grab him by the hair and stab him in the throat until we reach the spine.

    Inferiors don't get to play big man around us.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:14 No.9640957
    Something like this.

    Underworlds work on violence first and foremost, but there's no need to waste perfectly good supernatural power on common gutter-trash.

    We may even get kudos with the locals by offing a local parasite-thug. Makes preaching EVIL COMMUNISM easier.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:14 No.9640963

    Kill him brutally, tell his men they work for us now, and that we'll give them whatever he was paying them, plus a signing on bonus and a greater purpose.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:15 No.9640980
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:16 No.9640989

    >Evil Communism

    It just strikes me as so redundant.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:16 No.9640999
    I'd avoid killing him right now if at all possible. He knows the underbelly of this city much better than we do, he might be useful, at least for a time.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:16 No.9641009
    Make sure we have our thugs clean up the body.

    Wouldn't want to make a mess, that's bad manners.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:17 No.9641016

    >implying that his lieutenant won't know just about as much, and have a lot less attitude once he's seen his boss assfucked with his own spinal column.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:17 No.9641023
         File1273119461.jpg-(24 KB, 443x599, Stalin.jpg)
    24 KB
    Say something, comrade?
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:18 No.9641040
    Even so, there are some things he's surely kept from his lieutenants that would be good to know. That said, if he tries anything, kill him.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:19 No.9641052
         File1273119545.jpg-(4 KB, 142x195, Rakosi_Matyas.jpg)
    4 KB

    Forget that capitalist dog, we know the true glory and progress of the Communist system.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:19 No.9641054
    What's there to know? Unless there's some supernatural local to look out for, we can easily dispose of any local pimps, thugs, and crime lords by way of pure physical force or soul annihilation if we're feeling our oats.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/06/10(Thu)00:19 No.9641067
    Midway through his next speech (which you didn’t care to pay attention to) you grab the little man by the throat and lift up his small frame into the air. He seems surprised but not for long when he notices his goons go to work quickly. Jumping up from various seats more men rush your group of goons and tackle them to the ground. The goons guarding the man quickly grab clubs and tavern seats and bash you over the head and back with them.

    However you hardly feel a thing despite their best efforts. You also hear a gurgle as a man who attempted to grab Catharine gets a surprise dagger to the throat.

    You tighten your grip on the little man’s throat more and more and the goons try to tear you away from him, or even cause you to take a step.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:20 No.9641079

    Let's spend some time doing just that.

    Clean up the city, for EVIL!

    Plus reading about different gangs is always fun.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:22 No.9641105
    "Got something to say, short stuff?"
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:22 No.9641113
    "You work for us now... GOT IT???!?!?!"
    if he says no make with the spine ripping and recruiting of his thugs.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:22 No.9641121
    "Allow me to stir things up, then."

    Twist his head off of his body like a bottle cap. Let's give the folks a show.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:24 No.9641148
    "Are you done trying to throw your weight around? I've a proposal to make for you gentlemen."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:24 No.9641153
    Agree. The seedy underbelly of a city is always full of parasites. By crushing them we not only eliminate rivals to our influence in these neglected districts, but we earn the gratitude of the oppressed locals. We're not only preaching EVIL COMMUNISM, but practicing it.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/06/10(Thu)00:28 No.9641219
    Just as the goons are about to make another move, and before you can tear the little man a man appears from the back, "What in the hell is going on? Can a man not sleep?" Emerging from the back is a bald middle aged man with wide shoulders and large gut hiding muscle underneath his heavy frame. "Who is stirring my shit up at this time of day?"
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:29 No.9641253
    If possible, we should just intimidate the short man rather than kill him. It'd be more practical to just scare him into our service than to kill him.

    Also, we're not practicing Evil Communism, we're practicing Evil Evil.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:29 No.9641257
    Crush the neck of the man we're holding and turn to the man who just emerged. "No one better anymore."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:29 No.9641262
    We don't know anything about this guy. Continue strangling midget-man to death and wait for him to introduce himself. Self-important types always do.

    We may want to keep an eye on Catherine. These inferiors can't harm us, but she's human.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:30 No.9641272
    "Someone who doesn't like the sort of trouble his ilk causes. Is it not the duty of the citizen to look after his fellows?"
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:30 No.9641273
    "Ah, you must be the man in charge, yes?" Toss the tiny one aside.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:31 No.9641286
    A corrupting ideology is more fun than "DURR, I KILL THE BABBY."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:34 No.9641345
    Yeah seconding this. Our useless sailors were easily taken out of action and our, frankly pointless, carelessness is really just asking for bad shit to happen.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/06/10(Thu)00:35 No.9641365
    Sliding your thumb over you snap the tiny neck of the small man and toss his limb body across the room against a far wall of it tavern.

    "Someone who does not like his time wasted. Killing him seemed to get things right to business."

    The goons backed off around you immediately when they saw you throw that man, as small as he was, clear across the room. They still have your goons hostage and Catharine has inches her way right next to you with her dagger still drawn pointed out to the circle of criminals and bar patrons surrounding you.

    "Tell her to put the knife down, and you take a seat or I'll first have your men killed. No one messes with Brem, I own these docks. I don't care who or what you are, that wont change."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:37 No.9641412

    Oblige him.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:38 No.9641420
    I think we should consider our overall philosophy more Darwinist. The world has been at peace for a millennium.
    The human race has obviously grown fat and docile, and we must generate upheaval so that the weak may be culled from the earth.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:38 No.9641426
    Do what he says for now. We need to figure out the power situation here and discern if there's any use for him being alive.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:39 No.9641446
    Motion to catherine to put the dagger away. "Pleased to meet you, Brem. You own these docks? Well then, we have much to offer one another."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:40 No.9641463
    ''you over estimate how much I care about these men, and who has the stomach to speak to me in such regard?''
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:41 No.9641482
    that plus get your man a drink if their going to be hostages they can be hostages in style. you can always buy the other patron drinks too
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:41 No.9641488
    Oblige him. If we're going to stage a peasant uprising, we don't want to give the impression we don't value our followers. Surely we could laugh at this tard and let him kill our mooks before returning the favor, but no one likes a boss who doesn't value their life. Besides, complying doesn't in any way harm us - this isn't high school posturing.

    Like an other Anon noted, we put our own spin on it: not just "need," but "contribution." That's meritocratic, and social darwinist by extention. Our more sinister nature can be obliged as we get people hooked.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:42 No.9641510
    Even if we don't plan on doing EVIL COMMUNISM, oblige. Villains who don't care at all about their followers are boring and overdone.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:42 No.9641511
    bad, we still need them, plus we wan to get these people on our side with evil communism or "we are the good side" mentality
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:43 No.9641534
    you peaple really seem to be missing the spirit of this quest
    we arent gentlemanly evil
    we arent nice
    read the old threads damnit
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:43 No.9641537
    what this guy is saying
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:44 No.9641542
    This. We don't want to just discard mooks to stroke our ego-peen.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:44 No.9641551


    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:45 No.9641571
    Why are we slaughtering everyone we meet? Subtle evil and corruption not only keep the hammer from being dropped on us but also give us more evil power. Goddamn.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/06/10(Thu)00:46 No.9641593
    You motion Catharine to put away her dagger which she does reluctantly. You then take a seat in a calm demeanour that this Brem fellow doesn't appear to appreciate. Carefully walking toward the table he sits down opposite to it, you then hear a click below the table. Its a familiar one, you've heard it all the time on those weapons that have been increasing in popularity.

    "Don't mind me sir, that's just for my own protection. I wouldn't feel safe without since you threw my man across a room. You're also not in a good spot after killing one of my men, so you best start talking before I put lead in your gut."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:48 No.9641642
    "you have 3 seconds to put that machine on the table before i kill you and all the other pathetic creatures hiding here"
    show him our eyes to show we mean business
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:49 No.9641669
    nah, we're trying to bargain here. Get them to think we're on their side, we want them to help us willingly, not out of fear. (well a little of both).

    Give him 4.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:50 No.9641682
    If our lady were elsewhere I would say we should simply shut this place down in an orgy of violence.

    I say we show him our eyes for now. That makes people more willing to listen.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:50 No.9641693
    Oblige him. We've more than made our point that we mean business, now we can negotiate recruitment and further relations with this guy.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:51 No.9641709
    Take off any mask or whatever we have, show him our full power. "I don't get intimidated."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:51 No.9641713
    i like the cut of your jib
    we aren't, just the peaple we know aren't important
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:51 No.9641721
    Hey, >>9641446
    I was here since the beginning of evil quest and I know exactly what kind of evil we are. The point is that we can't be that kind of evil all the damn time. We may be strong enough to kill most men with a single finger, but we CANNOT go up and up with a divine order of paladins set on purging us from the earth. In order to do that we need manpower, and a further understanding of our own dark arts. Nether of which can come from making a big scene and alerting everyone to who and what we are.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:52 No.9641737
    Sorry pussy, you're outnumbered this session.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:52 No.9641743

    Alright, he's not a bitch. If we set shit off, we wind up with Catherine and all our grunts dead.

    Let's get down to brass tacks with this guy.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:52 No.9641747
    "Well, if it makes you feel safer, I'll pretend that your toy is actually a threat to me. Now, the reason why I'm here is because I'm weighing options. I was wondering if you and your men have what it takes to help me."

    I'd ask you to do the same thing actually. I've been following this since the beginning and we're definitely refined evil and not derp evil.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:53 No.9641749
    this plus laugh, tell him that you like him, buy everyone a drink and that you could use a man like in in your how should we put it ... organisation
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:54 No.9641772
    And this is why you people fail at being really evil. Have fun with your 'hurr durr smash all cuz that's evil' ways.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:54 No.9641780
    sit down the big boys are talking. this isn't the time for smash evil, this is evil politics dickering time.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:54 No.9641783
    Smile at him, "If your men can't harm me, what makes you think a little ball of lead will? I've obliged you by choosing to be civil, now you will oblige me by putting away that insipid little toy so that we might talk seriously."

    I forget if we've got any influence-based powers. If we do, use them. Brem's obviously some sort of local criminal underworld "officer," and by getting him to do what we say, we'll send out MASSIVE ripples. Posturing is a big part of low-level thuggery, after all.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:55 No.9641787
    no you dont
    Im >>9641534 and I am willing to accept this logic, just dont be nice is all I ask
    good, especially commiting it weakens us even if its only something as small as undue courtesy
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:55 No.9641790
    Oh, you mean boring?
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:57 No.9641846
    i like this suggestion.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:57 No.9641849

    Courtesy isn't good if we're working towards evil ends the whole time.

    That's the marvellous thing about good/evil. The ends don't justify the means to keep you good, but evil ends make sure you stay evil.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)00:58 No.9641869
    By and by - we're going to want to look SERIOUSLY at who's who around here. We need to know who the locals hate (besides the nobility) so that we can kill them off. People won't buy our revolutionary message if they see their old tormentors standing in the background.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/06/10(Thu)00:59 No.9641892
    You simply laugh off Brem's threats, "I'll pretend I'm frightened for you, but know that I could easily kill everyone in this tavern before your little toy slows me down. I didn't come here just to take over your little playground for children."

    Slightly irritated Brem replies after regaining composure, "What in the seven depths of-"

    "I'm going to tear this city down. If you want pieces of it you're going to help."


    "Because I find it an eyesore."

    Brem finally cracks a smile, "Really now? If I didn't see you throw a man across my tavern, I'd shoot you right now for wasting my time with your crazy. Then what do I have to do, and what do I get?"
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:01 No.9641928
    Wait guys, is this the original or the special edition? It could make a difference.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:02 No.9641947

    No, boring is KILLMAIMBURN 24/7.

    Balance is the key.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:03 No.9641969
    Lean over the table - try to get uncomfortably close (power in intimidation).

    "Whatever you want. Whatever you can hold in your two hands. I'm a man who believes that one is entitled to the fruit of their labor."

    (This needn't be true, btw - like I said earlier, if it turns out Brem is known for terrorizing the locals, we can just kill him off later for populist points. No good revolution is complete without backstabbing.)
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:04 No.9641997
    he knows people. We want recruits. Basically, work for us, introduce us to people, and well, he'll profit out of the deal. We'll leave him in charge of what's left, as our trusted er, i can't spell lootenent.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:05 No.9642010
    we need info on the basic underground culture/ gang activity. who's who and who hates who, so we can play them against each other to further are agenda. Eventually the best thing i see happening is we get the slums rilled up against the higher classes due to some event (disease, food shortage). We then get a riot going that get beatdown so hard that all the slum population goes up in arms.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:05 No.9642013
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:08 No.9642071
    We've already got something to rile them about. They're oppressed, war is knocking at the door, and their independence is being threatened. We preach a system of equality, a system where the poor aren't press-ganged into military service while those filthy sow bluebloods rest safe and fat in their palaces and on their estates.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:08 No.9642072
    thank you.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:08 No.9642083
    "The duke of this city is a paranoid and fearful man, I aim to make his nightmares a reality. You will have everything that lies in the wake of his terrified attempts to save his city."
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:08 No.9642085
    I need information, contacts, and men who know the area. In return this city will be under your rule... subject to mine, of course. Provided you are capable of holding on to it.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:09 No.9642096
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/06/10(Thu)01:10 No.9642107
    "You're a crazy man, but you don't get anything without a risk or two." He pulls back his hand and places the flintlock pistol on the table then reaches over to shake on the deal. "I'll help you on your crazy crusade, but I get whatever I want, and you get your city destroyed. Do we have an agreement? Mister...?"
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:10 No.9642118
    Guys, something you need to remember about preaching a communist utopia is that eventually we will be the ones sitting in a comfy palace with secret police and shit. This is going to make our life pretty hard if we go with that. I think we should go the Dark Religion route.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:11 No.9642128
    combination of these
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:11 No.9642129

    Only say, "a man is entitled to the sweat of his brow".

    Just so the EVIL COMMUNISM comes out of fucking deep left field.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:11 No.9642136
    what did we say to him?
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:11 No.9642140
    Decapitate him.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:12 No.9642144

    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:12 No.9642148
    >Just so the EVIL COMMUNISM comes out of fucking deep left field.
    > left

    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:12 No.9642150

    Wait we get to chill out in palaces with secret police?

    That sounds both evil and awesome.

    I mean I guess if we're trying to make the world burn we'd have to do better than that, but I'm a simple man, I'd be happy with that.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:12 No.9642168
    By that point, we'll be a living god. If there's anyone still LEFT ALIVE by that point, they're our loyal soldiers or chattel slaves.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:13 No.9642169
    Catharine will serve this purpose nicely
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:13 No.9642174
    Also, everyone knock it off with the revolutionary talk. Even if it's only for manipulation purposes, I can't understand how you retards think sowing the seeds of revolutionary sentiment is good for us when we're planning to set ourselves up as an indisputable God King. If anything, it should be a cult of personality, Tyler Durden style.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:13 No.9642177

    Augustus Sinclair. The badass version.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:14 No.9642189
    I don't care what our name is, but agree with him. Like was said, we can dispose of him if he ceases to be useful later. That's the great thing about a mass movement - a you can always pull a purge.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:14 No.9642190
    Lord will do. Let me make one thing abundantly clear: You get whatever you want, but no matter what that is you will answer to me. So long as you can hold what you take and follow my will you will have all you desire and more besides.

    Then shake.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:15 No.9642213
         File1273122912.jpg-(219 KB, 1239x1668, 1272909250661.jpg)
    219 KB
    The Trans-Dimensional Socialist Conspiracy approves of this course of action.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:15 No.9642216

    >I can't understand how you retards think sowing the seeds of revolutionary sentiment is good for us when we're planning to set ourselves up as an indisputable God King

    I mean it only worked for Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Rakosi, Ceaucescu, and about a couple hundred other leaders throughout history, right?
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:15 No.9642224
         File1273122934.gif-(779 KB, 220x168, Hitler eating watermelon.gif)
    779 KB
    Yes, how could ANYONE use revolutionary rhetoric to launch a campaign of mass evil and systematic murder? Ridiculous!
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:16 No.9642233
    Fascist rulers mind.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:16 No.9642234
         File1273122969.jpg-(15 KB, 287x400, Lenin%201921.jpg)
    15 KB
    Just in case you don't get it, I'm being sarcastic.
    >> lolwut !LUnaFatguY 05/06/10(Thu)01:16 No.9642235
    >"Because I find it an eyesore."

    Step 1 to dismantling ANYTHING, be it a clock, a vehicle or a city is knowing how all the pieces fit together.

    If he's as influential as he thinks he is, he probably knows a thing or two about the politics and social conditions in the city.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/06/10(Thu)01:16 No.9642236
    Part XV is thus concluded. I'll carry on with XVI when I damn well feel like. Since its summer that will simply be next time I have five hours and the write fag itch.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:18 No.9642273
         File1273123081.jpg-(24 KB, 302x319, FUCK2.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:18 No.9642293
    Thanks for returning to this Evil.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:19 No.9642304

    Them's some Commies, boy.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:20 No.9642318
    For those gentlemen, the only difference was the rhetoric.
    >> Evil !!Oo43raDvH61 05/06/10(Thu)01:20 No.9642330
    Not a particularly subtle reference for sure.
    >> Anonymous 05/06/10(Thu)01:22 No.9642356
    Brem could be useful or a problem. He's obviously very greedy and quite ambitious - we can turn those into our tools, but they could also lead to him betraying us.

    Even if he DOESN'T turn out to be a local villain, I say we quietly kill him and represent him as a tragic fallen revolutionary hero. It won't do to have lieutenants looking at the throne and wondering.

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