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  • File : 1273048151.jpg-(76 KB, 640x480, Recovered_JPEG_3841.jpg)
    76 KB MAID QUEST PART XXV: NERDETTE GONE WILD Goshujin-Sama 05/05/10(Wed)04:29 No.9623790  
    Continued. This should be short.
    >> Goshujin-Sama 05/05/10(Wed)04:30 No.9623807
    To reiterate: you have Koyomi gasping in pleasure as you finger her relentlessly. . .
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:30 No.9623809
    fuck off
    >> Balancesheet !!bUQMOjF/ksZ 05/05/10(Wed)04:30 No.9623811

    We're not that quick, are we?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:30 No.9623813
    Keep going. Let her ride it out, then pull out and look for some lubricant.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:30 No.9623815

    And delicious.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:30 No.9623818
    Finish #1.

    Then we can get started on the main event.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:31 No.9623822
    I don't think we've even put it in yet...
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:31 No.9623825
    keep going till she begs you to stop
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:31 No.9623826
    Pull our finger out.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:32 No.9623839

    Ah. Yes.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:33 No.9623850
         File1273048414.jpg-(40 KB, 640x480, 1258043172596.jpg)
    40 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:34 No.9623862
         File1273048460.jpg-(54 KB, 720x821, atfirstlike.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Goshujin-Sama 05/05/10(Wed)04:34 No.9623864

    Koyomi rides out the waves of pleasure until she is left, sweaty and gasping, laying helplessly on the bed. . . you pull your fingers out of her at the end, and take a moment to lick the glaze off of them, before putting them into her mouth and letting her taste herself, which she does so eagerly.

    You do find some. Why she has a tube of KY on her nightstand, you're not quite sure.
    >> Balancesheet !!bUQMOjF/ksZ 05/05/10(Wed)04:34 No.9623866

    >> lolwut !LUnaFatguY 05/05/10(Wed)04:34 No.9623867
         File1273048482.jpg-(48 KB, 139x130, ROBOT IS WATCHING YOU.jpg)
    48 KB
    Not to interrupt the flow of things, but I lol'd my dick off at that tiny robot.

    Just saying.
    >> Balancesheet !!bUQMOjF/ksZ 05/05/10(Wed)04:35 No.9623875

    Obvious reasons.

    So, ass?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:35 No.9623882
    Pick up the tube. Ask her if she wants it.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:35 No.9623883

    She probably has a monster didlo hidden in here somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:36 No.9623891

    Alright, start maneuvering her into position while we discreetly grab the lube.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:36 No.9623892
    >Why she has a tube of KY on her nightstand, you're not quite sure.
    Well, it's either for Sex, or for converting models.

    Or both.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:36 No.9623896

    We don't want to miss out -again- with her because of a technicality. Sex her up proper for the Will.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:36 No.9623902

    And *then* do her in the ass, if we can still keep it up.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:37 No.9623908
    Lube up fingers, pull her up onto you, and fuck her while you finger her ass.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:38 No.9623917
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:38 No.9623921
    >> Goshujin-Sama 05/05/10(Wed)04:38 No.9623923
    So, front door or back door? Seems to be leaning heavily towards back.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:39 No.9623927
    Oh no, we'll have to fuck our attractive, intelligent, gaming-interested scientist-maid a third time. That would be horrible.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:39 No.9623930

    This works too. She'll be as limp as a fuckdoll by now, so it should be easy.

    Also, be careful going in. She'll be oversensitive after coming that hard, so if she looks in actual pain, slow down for a bit. Kiss a little.
    >> Rape-Chan !!DhEZOUaepXX 05/05/10(Wed)04:39 No.9623932
         File1273048756.gif-(339 KB, 250x167, 1271389038352.gif)
    339 KB
    Oh hey a quest thread! I hear that despite a modicum of hate for them, they are a unique aspect of /tg/. Why not check one out? Let's see here-

    >To reiterate: you have Koyomi gasping in pleasure as you finger her relentlessly. . .

    man what
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:39 No.9623934
    hold up the tube and ask first, but yes, back
    >> Balancesheet !!bUQMOjF/ksZ 05/05/10(Wed)04:39 No.9623935

    I'm good with this set of events, starting with >>9623908
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:39 No.9623937
    In the ass.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:40 No.9623938
    Front, with hope that we will have strength for the backdoor from all the practice we have already.
    >> Alpharius 05/05/10(Wed)04:40 No.9623940

    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:41 No.9623945

    Yes. Front then back.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:41 No.9623952

    >>Maid Quest

    What were you expecting?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:42 No.9623962

    This is the thinly veiled fap-fiction quest. Try Crab-Quest instead.
    >> lolwut !LUnaFatguY 05/05/10(Wed)04:42 No.9623967

    Not ALWAYS about doin' it, though it IS a pretty heavy undertone.

    Sometimes we need to escape from hell after being killed by our maid who was actually the demon queen of lust or combat a truck full of Greys after we ask a guy to hire some illegal aliens to help us fix up the mansion on the cheap.

    It varies pretty severely.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:42 No.9623970
         File1273048978.jpg-(89 KB, 407x584, 1268290801877.jpg)
    89 KB

    Perform an attack on her rear-guard.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:43 No.9623974
    >> Balancesheet !!bUQMOjF/ksZ 05/05/10(Wed)04:43 No.9623977
         File1273049012.jpg-(17 KB, 250x250, doom.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Darren Delarosa !2fqIh0ZGSA 05/05/10(Wed)04:43 No.9623978
    Or, you know, any of the other fine quests.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:43 No.9623980
    It could be worse. We -did- have a trapmaid a while back.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:43 No.9623982
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:44 No.9623985
    Front then back
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:44 No.9623990


    Kat was going to be OURS. We WILL get her back.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:44 No.9623994
    We still do.

    Quit throwing a fucking hissy fit for fuck's sake. At this rate I almost wish he did go the "give every girl a dick" route, it would have made you fuck off at the very least.
    >> Goshujin-Sama 05/05/10(Wed)04:44 No.9623995
    Well, it's getting late so, long story short. . .

    > 1
    > 1

    . . .

    You manage to get into her nice and deep, thrusting into her sensitive pussy as she gasps in pleasure, your fingers pushing deep into her and stimulating her from the other side as well. . . it's not long before you're pumping your hot cum deep into her wet womb, as she throws back her head and screams out in pleasure.

    Groggily, you remind yourself that you want to go around to the back, but the exhaustion of the act is making you tired. Giving your sexy little nerd maid a gentle kiss, you curl up in her arms and yawn, intending only to rest for about half an hour and then have another go.

    But the exhaustion from the day's events take their toll. . . and when you awaken again, it is morning.

    Koyomi is curled up next to you when you awaken, grinning at you happily. "So," she asks. "How did you like the module?"
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:45 No.9624001
    ... You blew it, guys. You blew it.
    >> Balancesheet !!bUQMOjF/ksZ 05/05/10(Wed)04:45 No.9624005

    "Pretty good. Is there a... rear entrance?"

    >> Darren Delarosa !2fqIh0ZGSA 05/05/10(Wed)04:45 No.9624006
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:46 No.9624009
    Enough for a another run.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:46 No.9624011
    roll over suck some tit

    "was great, how bout another session?"
    >> lolwut !LUnaFatguY 05/05/10(Wed)04:46 No.9624013

    Goddamnit technology, why you gotta cock-block us like that?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:46 No.9624014

    Pretty epic. Same time next week?
    >> Rape-Chan !!DhEZOUaepXX 05/05/10(Wed)04:46 No.9624016
         File1273049187.jpg-(39 KB, 845x480, 10.jpg)
    39 KB

    Something involving maids.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:46 No.9624018
    "It was nice to know it didn't end in some horrific swordfight."
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:46 No.9624021
    looks like u butthurt 'bout lack of buttsex
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:46 No.9624022

    "Absoltely Delicious, my dear. I take it from all the screaming that you had a good time, too."
    >> Darren Delarosa !2fqIh0ZGSA 05/05/10(Wed)04:47 No.9624027
    nerd girls are alwayys screamers, aren't they?
    >> Goshujin-Sama 05/05/10(Wed)04:47 No.9624032
    It was a good plan. I'll be honest, if it weren't so late, I'd have kept going, but I need to actually sleep some.


    "It was fun," you grin. "Care for another run?"

    Koyomi reaches out and gives you a playful kiss on the cheek. "Sure thing. Just bring your dice." She pauses, then, and lays back down, considering. "This isn't going to get weird, is it? I mean. . . you and Samantha and all?"
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:48 No.9624035
    >implying this is a bad thing.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:48 No.9624036
    >we fucked Koyomi in the ass the first time we met her.

    No I'm just sick of people bitching about it. I mean, you guys got so irritating about it that you went on ahead and made him pull the stuff he did.

    Which was pretty awesome, the way the GM did it, gotta give him that.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:48 No.9624038

    "Great start for the adventure path. You got a sequel in the works?"
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:48 No.9624042
    Be nice and all but for god sakes escape.

    Don't go back to your room though, go out and take a walk, excuse your absence as an early morning run or something.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:48 No.9624044
    Naw, I tapped one (well, out of one ... stupid small sample size) that was so ridiculously quiet that I actually had to ask her >.>
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:49 No.9624047
    "Nah dude, I got a peak at the DM's notes. 'Harem Ending' is the highest scoring choice."
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:49 No.9624048
    They're always so goddamn quiet. The noise has gotta go somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:49 No.9624050
    not going to try to make it that way myself, the rest is up to you girls
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:49 No.9624051
    "No, it's not... She'll understand. This is part of my contract."
    >> Darren Delarosa !2fqIh0ZGSA 05/05/10(Wed)04:49 No.9624055
    "Dear, if you had any idea what I went through on a day to day basis, you'd know this is the most normal of my activities and issues."
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:50 No.9624064
    Speaking of contract concerns...didn't we just get that other half of that Sex Point?

    Sorry, to be honest I don't really care about the sex segments, I'm in it for the awesome adventure part.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:50 No.9624066

    Go down the plans in alphabetical order and do the first one possible.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:51 No.9624071

    "If she hasn't already figured it out by now, especially considering my family history... well, she's pretty sharp, so i'd be astounded if she *didn't* already know. And she hasn't made a comment yet, so i'll assume for now that she's cool with it."
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:51 No.9624075
    Hopefully not. Say, can you give me some sort of cover story for why I was in here all night? Hook me up to a machine like I was helping with an experiment and passed out in it, or something?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:51 No.9624076
    Just so you know, we're making the trapmaid a girl then tapping her. As in, the sex will involve exactly 1 penis.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:52 No.9624079

    Before we leave her presence, imply implications about our limited lifespan.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:52 No.9624080
    Hold Koyomi some more, and fall back asleep.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:52 No.9624081
    We still should talk to the maids.

    Getting to know a bit more about Alicia maybe. Hell, maybe a talk with Sam. We spend time with her, but never kinda-sorta-slightly-just-with-her-father's-watching-eye-alone alone time.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:52 No.9624082

    We've achieved the contract, so now we spend the next 20 days training for our Reginald fight, wooing Sam, and adventurin' like a madman.
    >> Balancesheet !!bUQMOjF/ksZ 05/05/10(Wed)04:52 No.9624085
    We didn't buttsex Koyomi the first time. We tried with the Alien probe. She freaked the fuck out because, y'know, SCIENCE.
    >> Goshujin-Sama 05/05/10(Wed)04:52 No.9624088

    Koyomi nods, then smiles wickedly. "Well," she smirks. "A party's always better than lone-wolfing it." She sits up and yawns, stretching out. "Still, you'd better get back up to your room before someone misses you."

    "And how do you propose I do that?"

    "Using the secret passage."

    "Secret. . ."

    Koyomi presses a button near her bed, and one of the walls slides open to reveal a set of stairs leading up into the darkness. "It opens up at the Master Bedroom closet," she says. "There are passages leading to all the maids' rooms. You didn't know?"

    "Not at all."

    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:52 No.9624091
    that and alien construct set to destroy world
    >> lolwut !LUnaFatguY 05/05/10(Wed)04:53 No.9624102
    >"It opens up at the Master Bedroom closet," she says. "There are passages leading to all the maids' rooms. You didn't know?"

    Can't say I'm surprised, really, considering our uncle.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:54 No.9624103
    Kiss her as thanks, then leave her alone for now.

    We need to take a shower.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:54 No.9624104
    Just so you know, I don't give a fuck. I'm not one for the sex part of the quests. In fact I stopped reading and went to play the Reach Beta when we IC-wise went to play with Koyomi. Has nothing to do with OP's writing ability, just that stuff doesn't do anything for me and I have no interest in reading it.

    I just have no fucking clue how you made such a big deal out of it. He probably wouldn't have gone into detail just because of you guys being pissants.

    Sometimes I wish /tg/ didn't attract normalfags from /b/ at all.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:54 No.9624105
    Now we know how Felecia kept getting in.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:54 No.9624106

    ...so THAT'S how Felicia kept getting in. Well then.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:54 No.9624108
    >> Goshujin-Sama 05/05/10(Wed)04:54 No.9624110
    And with that, I'm calling it a night. . . will probably resume Friday or Saturday or something.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:55 No.9624117
    well, that explains felicia managing to be in our room despite locked/blocked off door
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:55 No.9624118
    Have a good one.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:55 No.9624120
    Someone archive the threads, please.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:55 No.9624123

    Sequential Feliciamind
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:56 No.9624127
    Aye. As carmine would say,
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:57 No.9624134
    We say this, staring at the DM through the window in the fourth wall.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:57 No.9624136

    DAMNIT, I should have guessed it! My cats used to do that all the time. There were some damaged walls in the bathrooms/closets of our old house, and they kept using them to get into locked rooms.

    Anyway, good night OP.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:57 No.9624138
    Actually, didn't we recover that alien device? The whole reason for going to Black Mesa

    Should look into it come Friday/Saturday.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:58 No.9624152
    Also, Koyomi probably needs an upgrade from "Neutral" status. We /did/ rescue her ass, then made her come witht he force of a thousand suns.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)04:59 No.9624168
    It... it makes sense in context!
    >> Rape-Chan !!DhEZOUaepXX 05/05/10(Wed)04:59 No.9624172
         File1273049996.jpg-(12 KB, 456x410, 1259049013042.jpg)
    12 KB

    Oh God what the fuck? It's like my post exploded.

    brb delorting.
    >> lolwut !LUnaFatguY 05/05/10(Wed)05:00 No.9624175

    Also jesus christ, having fun with the quotes, there?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:01 No.9624183

    This is the fapfic qest. Serious quests are weekend afternoons.
    >> Darren Delarosa !2fqIh0ZGSA 05/05/10(Wed)05:02 No.9624190

    or, you know, right now
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:03 No.9624203
    inb4 no one cares go home
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:03 No.9624205
    Archived for great justice.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:04 No.9624207
    Wow, this is shit and you are all awful people for partaking in it. Have some fucking dignity.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:04 No.9624210
    This one kinda oscillates between seriousness and fapfic.

    Gotta admit the Black Mesa was a bit of a low point, but I think that's because Goujinshi-Sama's running out of pep.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:05 No.9624227

    In my pants.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:06 No.9624231


    is what I meant
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:06 No.9624241
    >thread 24

    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:07 No.9624250
    24 threads of wish-fulfillment LOL U FUCK THE MAID, YOU ARE STUD.

    So utterly pathetic.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:07 No.9624254
    Wow, and you're spending your time trolling and saging.
    Fuck your shit we're having fun.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:08 No.9624263
    ...and now I can tell you didn't even bother to look beyond...likely this very thread.
    >> Darren Delarosa !2fqIh0ZGSA 05/05/10(Wed)05:08 No.9624267
    maybe you should have sagebombed the first one? I'm just saying you're more than a little late to the party.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:09 No.9624274
    >we're having fun, pretending we're getting laid on the internet. But not even cybersex with a girl or someone we can pretend is one.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:11 No.9624290
    Not to mention the GM is gone.

    I don't understand what you aim to achieve considering discussion will probably die down in the next fifteen minutes or less.

    And now you're reading like you're one of those E-Alpha Male types who's angry everyone else doesn't lead a normal, AWESOME life like you.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:11 No.9624293
         File1273050713.jpg-(27 KB, 254x296, get_the_fuck_out.jpg)
    27 KB
    I'm not a big fan of fapfic, and I think this is the wrong board for it.

    That said, you're complaining about WISH FULFILLMENT on a board chiefly devoted to ROLEPLAYING GAMES and FANTASY WARGAMES?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:13 No.9624310
    I'm not a fan at all. I'm following namely because of the relationship/adventure aspects.

    I love how people need to generalize as much as possible.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:13 No.9624311
    >And now you're reading like you're one of those E-Alpha Male types who's angry everyone else doesn't lead a normal, AWESOME life like you
    Man I'm a nerd just like you
    I'm just not so pathetic I participate in "Maid Quest Part You Get Laid: OMG YOU GET LAID". You don't have to be either.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:16 No.9624344
    See >>9624104

    While people were doing that part of the quest I was busy raging at Arena on the Reach Beta.

    All I'm saying is, there IS more to the stuff than the fapfic. It might be the core, but there's plenty of fluff to set it apart from "YOU MEET HOT GIRL, YOU FUCK, THE END"

    And if you're going to keep arguing at least use noko+sage.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:18 No.9624364
    you're on 4chan

    by definition you're already scraping the bottom of the barrel of pathetic
    >> Darren Delarosa !2fqIh0ZGSA 05/05/10(Wed)05:18 No.9624372

    I hate fuckers like you, who feel it their prerogative to look down upon others and judge them by an invisible scale of pathetic ------- cool. As if it's any less pathetic to fap to models you will never fucking see let alone date than it is to fap to text or enjoy a story one can interact with.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:20 No.9624392
    Really, I don't care about the "patheticness about it" but this quest is starting to earn some really devoted trolls like the last thread.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:22 No.9624422
         File1273051340.jpg-(66 KB, 680x760, 1268113377855.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:23 No.9624436
         File1273051431.gif-(1.95 MB, 160x122, whathasgodwrought.gif)
    1.95 MB
    Hey, Maid Quest. I remember someone saying that it was actually a quality quest. It's also on part 25 so at least there's SOMETHING keeping it alive.
    >you have Koyomi gasping in pleasure as you finger her relentlessly. . .
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:25 No.9624461
    Note to DM: Probably not a good idea to start threads in the middle of a sex scene.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:26 No.9624477
    It wont' matter at all. This is 4chan, whatever you're posting will A: Bother someone and B: Attract trolls.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:28 No.9624495

    You walked in at the wrong moment. Maid Quest is about 20% fapfic and 80% awesome.

    Personally, I don't like the sex parts except when they're funny. When I post during them, its to try and get our protagonist to do something ridiculous or troll his would-be partner.

    Unfortunately, there are others in the quest who feel differently.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:28 No.9624496
    Just a passerby playing Devil's advocate here:
    Fapping to some smoking hot model who you will never meet is aiming for the heavens.
    Playing/fapping to Maid Quest is aiming for the nonexistent.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:29 No.9624505
         File1273051793.jpg-(5 KB, 160x160, i wish you would fuck off.jpg)
    5 KB
    Buddy this is for shits and giggles, so remove the log you have stuck up your ass and kindly fuck off.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:31 No.9624527
    >Playing/fapping to Maid Quest is aiming for the nonexistent.

    So is playing just about any of these fucking quests anyways.

    Hell, so is RPG in general. But I'm sure you care about your latest campaign, don't you?

    I'm ready to stop being civil so I'll end my involvement with this:

    Fuck you. Shut the fuck up. Get the fuck out. That goes for all of you whining faggots. There's nine other threads, go read those instead.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:31 No.9624531
    What I don't get is why nobody ever sagebombs the monstergirl threads. I mean, Maid Quest might be half-fapfic, but its still a role playing game with objectives and characters and a plot and stuff. That makes it way more /tg/ related than a lot of the shitty fap threads that no one ever bitches about.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:32 No.9624537
    I've given up on the LETS FAP TO MONSTERGIRLS GUYS threads.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:32 No.9624546
    Get off your grandstand, pal. You're shitting up this thread as much he is by responding to him and altogether acting like a little child.

    I may be shitting up the thread as well by making this post, but I have no interest in it so it's no skin off my nose.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:34 No.9624565

    Then give up here, you're obviously not changing these guys' opinions.
    >> Darren Delarosa !2fqIh0ZGSA 05/05/10(Wed)05:35 No.9624576
    There's these things called trolls, see. And they like attention and anger. So when they see a monstergirl thread, they just see a bunch of people who are posting porn/fapfic. But a quest? Whooo nelly, look at all these personally invested people who want to see how a story will turn out! Oh man, imagine the reactions when you insult their beloved past time!

    Yeah. Pathetic, huh?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:36 No.9624583
    Maid Quest should be a comedy quest, not a fap quest. We seriously need to start causing shenanigans again.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:36 No.9624585
         File1273052190.png-(14 KB, 538x486, Anti-Sip.png)
    14 KB
    >but I have no interest in it so it's no skin off my nose.
    Actually, same here. I love a good yelling match, so I just came in here to yell. I'm neutral to Maid Quest, like I am to all quests. Since I hide them.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:37 No.9624601
    Then how'd you see the yelling match?
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:39 No.9624633
    There's a handful of reasons why this/these threads get raged against while Monster Girls: The Rolling does not, but all you need to know is that it does.

    As for other fap threads, I think it's a little disingenuous to say that they're troll-free. However, I'll agree that they don't get the rage they deserve. I can only do so much myself.

    for the record, my only other posts here are
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:40 No.9624642
    >aiming for the nonexistent
    RPG in general? Since you'll never be a hero/villian/mighty orc warrior/ Loli necromancer.
    Wargames in general? You'll never command any REAL forces after all...
    It's how we roll
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:42 No.9624669
    >Never command any real forces
    Bull. Shit.

    I am Electro! Master of Electricity! I have but to flip a switch, and lo! The is light! Again, I flip it, and lo! There is darkness!
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)05:44 No.9624694
    oh look at you, brave hero of /tg/ Oh please sir knight, save us from ourselves! we've been corrupted by the forces of wrongfun!
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)06:03 No.9624931
    Oh no, my argument senses are tingling! Aha! I missed a post!
    You are silly and you should feel silly.

    Anyway, first of all you claimed that fapping to models is the same as fapping to/playing MQ. I told you how they're different. Don't pick apart my post and try to weasel out a completely different area to attack just because you're too much of a pussy to acknowledge that someone proved you wrong.

    Second, MQ through its (presumed) mixture of comedy, drama, romance, and more mundane nature, creates a much more involving illusion of a normalish life. Urist McDonkeypunch who kills dragons and doesn't afraid of anything is so completely disconnected from our reality that the line between the fantasy and reality is a mile wide.

    Third, RPGs also involve socializing and actual gaming. The former needs no explanation, and the latter gives substance and grounding to the RPG's game of pretend. MQ(again, presumably) is anonymously posting suggestions and then seeing what happens.

    Fourth and final, this thread's stalwart guardian is you, a person with all the emotional and intellectual maturity of a teenager.

    Again, Devil's advocate. I'm just arguing for the sake of providing possible explanations for sagery, and I don't actually have anything against Maid Quest. This long, thread-shitting post is all thanks to you, pal.
    >> Darren Delarosa !2fqIh0ZGSA 05/05/10(Wed)06:11 No.9625044
    >Fourth and final, this thread's stalwart guardian is you, a person with all the emotional and intellectual maturity of a teenager.
    Cute personal attack there.
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)06:17 No.9625118
    I didn't hide the thread (yet).
    >> Anonymous 05/05/10(Wed)06:39 No.9625363
    >I'm ready to stop being civil so I'll end my involvement with this:
    >Fuck you. Shut the fuck up. Get the fuck out. That goes for all of you whining faggots.
    I calls 'em as I sees 'em. People associate threads with their posters, and one of this thread's louder posters also happens to be the type of person you don't want to be associated with.

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