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  • File : 1271731023.jpg-(327 KB, 819x1200, 1.jpg)
    327 KB Fate/Quest Storytime 6 Shanker 04/19/10(Mon)22:37 No.9303980  
    Alright. It's that time again. We are up to log 15, and this one has a suprise in it.

    But, first, the old logs:


    And, as always, a comic. Feel free to read up, and ask questions while I comic post.

    It's a bit of a long one.
    >> Hammerknife !7ITukp3Pj2 04/19/10(Mon)22:37 No.9303985
    Look, I like f/sn and all, but a f/sn themed quest is taking it a bit too goddamn far
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)22:39 No.9304014
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)22:46 No.9304161
    Not quite a quest, OP is posting logs from a f/sn online game he's running.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)22:47 No.9304168
    loool op pic is promising
    >> Shanker 04/19/10(Mon)22:48 No.9304189
         File1271731698.jpg-(343 KB, 817x1200, 2.jpg)
    343 KB
    This comic never fails to make me laugh.
    >> Shanker 04/19/10(Mon)22:52 No.9304300
         File1271731973.jpg-(427 KB, 828x1200, 3.jpg)
    427 KB

    No porn, I'm afraid, but, it's very funny, none the less.


    You should see the real quest /tg/ did. It's..well, retarded. But funny. Bear wrestlers, Rider is Kaman Rider....it's...you have to read to believe.
    >> Shanker 04/19/10(Mon)22:57 No.9304381
         File1271732238.jpg-(310 KB, 816x1200, 4.jpg)
    310 KB
    And, sorry this is taking so long to post. My damn nets are retarded.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:00 No.9304433
    >wakes up 7AM
    >Grabs Saber's tits

    >> Shanker 04/19/10(Mon)23:01 No.9304464
         File1271732511.jpg-(464 KB, 839x1200, 5.jpg)
    464 KB
    If there are any questions about the logs, posted before, hit me with the questions, I will answer as soon as I see it.
    >> Shanker 04/19/10(Mon)23:05 No.9304526
         File1271732721.jpg-(362 KB, 816x1200, 6.jpg)
    362 KB

    Saber's AND Riders. Double lucky.
    >> Shanker 04/19/10(Mon)23:09 No.9304603
         File1271732969.jpg-(477 KB, 843x1200, 7.jpg)
    477 KB
    >> Shanker 04/19/10(Mon)23:13 No.9304667
         File1271733214.jpg-(412 KB, 817x1200, 8.jpg)
    412 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:13 No.9304677
    holy crap. source of this doujin!
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:14 No.9304691
    And had a 5 way the night before, including cervix sex with Rin.
    >> Marquis de pomme frites 04/19/10(Mon)23:15 No.9304701
    fukkin looooooolllll
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:17 No.9304730
    From what I've heard, hitting the cervix is generally extremely painful for the girl.

    Also, the only solution to Shirou's romantic entanglements: have Caster use Rule Breaker on Japanese law to make polygamy legal.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:19 No.9304764
    polygamy is illegal, living with 4 women is not.
    >> Marquis de pomme frites 04/19/10(Mon)23:19 No.9304771

    I had a friend tell me the guy she was seeing hit her cervix and I almost barfed all over her and demanded she never say that to me ever again
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:21 No.9304814
    Delicious, delicious Rider.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:22 No.9304822
    don't do this to me /tg/. don't keep the sauce from me ;_;
    >> Marquis de pomme frites 04/19/10(Mon)23:22 No.9304827
    she can ride ANYTHING
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:23 No.9304831
    Squad broken
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:23 No.9304842
    >Don't do this to me /tg/
    >I'm too retarded to read the pictures to find the title
    >Busy staring at Rider's tits
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:23 No.9304848

    I've heard it can vary from girl to girl. In some cases it's incredibly painful, while in others incredibly stimulating.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:25 No.9304869
    Does /tg/ want... more?

    Not OP btw.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/19/10(Mon)23:25 No.9304871
    This page always makes me laugh.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:26 No.9304889

    The third panel is downright creepy.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:26 No.9304892
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:26 No.9304897
         File1271733999.jpg-(360 KB, 820x1200, 9.jpg)
    360 KB

    Better than the /d/ and furry anyways.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/19/10(Mon)23:28 No.9304919
    Poor Shirou, getting owned like that. Personally, since I'm a much more mature and calm person, in his case, I would be running around the house screaming "kill me" and searching for a sharp object to stick into myself.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:29 No.9304942
    I'd go to Kotomine for help. He seems like a nice dude.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:29 No.9304948
    And then he kidnaps your loli.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/19/10(Mon)23:32 No.9304982
    Nothing better then a bit of acidic goo of darkness to make my morning anyway.

    He did protect the loli in Heaven's Feel ~
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:34 No.9305026
    Protects the loli in order for you to have an epic showdown with him as you're both at the very limits of your ability to not-die?
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/19/10(Mon)23:35 No.9305033
    Yes! Whats more awesome then that?

    Kotomine~ That epic bastard.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:35 No.9305049

    >> Shanker 04/19/10(Mon)23:36 No.9305061
         File1271734598.jpg-(439 KB, 823x1200, 10.jpg)
    439 KB

    Well, he DID need the girl to make the grail, so, yeah.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:37 No.9305083
    Oh yeah. Better than spamming up /tg/ and getting all the 40kfags butthurt that something other than the glorious Corpse God (may he protect us all, False Emperor lead us to victory) is on the front page.

    Except uploads to Mediafire and Dropbox aren't working for me right now. Let's see if Dropbox will stop shitting it self long enough for it to upload.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:40 No.9305123
         File1271734812.jpg-(373 KB, 820x1200, 11.jpg)
    373 KB
    You know what? Fuck it. The title's there. I'll just post the pictures.
    >> Shanker 04/19/10(Mon)23:40 No.9305139
         File1271734859.jpg-(433 KB, 820x1200, 11.jpg)
    433 KB
    If you guys wish, I CAN start the telling of the logs up while I am still posting this junk, or, I can wait until I am done. Up to you guys.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:41 No.9305140
    Aw. Have any other avenue of download? Megaupload- hell, even Rapidshit or Depositfiles will do. And don't you go thinking for a moment that your efforts are going unappreciated.
    >> Shanker 04/19/10(Mon)23:45 No.9305211
         File1271735110.jpg-(409 KB, 843x1200, 13.jpg)
    409 KB

    Damnit man! I still be here! Just....slow. Due to retarded nets, that I DID warn about.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:48 No.9305269

    Mine be retarded too, but I's gots me math final tomorrow (FUCK YEAH PDES AND ODES). You can post the rest of the doujin.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:48 No.9305271
    Both would be nice. And fuck yes, finally I'm on when you're posting.
    >> Shanker 04/19/10(Mon)23:48 No.9305279
         File1271735322.jpg-(375 KB, 834x1200, 14.jpg)
    375 KB
    It's on page 14 of like....23, I think.
    >> Shanker 04/19/10(Mon)23:52 No.9305371
         File1271735573.jpg-(375 KB, 812x1200, 15.jpg)
    375 KB

    Alrighty. Going as fast as I can.


    My sleep schedule has been hell and back. Glad I managed to be on when someone who wanted to read all this junk is.
    >> Anonymous 04/19/10(Mon)23:56 No.9305437
    When does the sex start?
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 04/19/10(Mon)23:56 No.9305448

    Dat's de joke.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)00:00 No.9305545
         File1271736057.jpg-(416 KB, 820x1200, 16.jpg)
    416 KB
    Alright. When we left off, they were chatting in the kitchen, right after AGAIN, he did something he should not have been able to, for at LEAST five years. Perhaps ignorance IS bliss, at times. Morrigen is currently disproving, but, as this is her natural state, nothing odd there. And, my bad, we are on log 16, not 15, that's the important thing.

    Ah. Also, back in the day, I said something about us using the Unlimited Blade Works Good Ending. That shows in this. Ah, also, Fate/Stay Night the V-Novel took place in 2004, while we are in September, 2010 in this game.

    Mor Rioghain: "You don't listen when it comes to your life in danger..."

    James: "Untrue. I did NO magic when you said to wait."

    Mor Rioghain: "Uh-huh and what happened to your healing circuit when I said you couldn't use it? You DID and you BURNT it." She gives a bit of a glare with her hands on her hips.

    James: "Hey, now. You NEVER told me not to...I was out of it, remember? I woke up, and YOU were sleeping at that point. There was at no point that you told me not to do it." He leans his elbows on the table

    Mor Rioghain: "Saber gave you my warning!"

    James shrugs. "She did not say at the time it was from YOU. She just said it was a bad idea, and well, she's said time and time again that she's not knowing mage stuff..." He gives a helpless shrug **

    Mor Rioghain: "And If we had been in a life or death situation and you thought you needed your Magic when I told you not to use it, what would you do?"

    James: "I...I might have gone for it. But..I would have tried other things first."

    Mor Rioghain: "You keep that up and you'll burn your circuit right out of your body!"
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)00:06 No.9305657
         File1271736396.jpg-(359 KB, 819x1200, 17.jpg)
    359 KB

    If you mean in the comic, it does not. Too bad, as the artist is rather kick-ass.

    And he turns around and throws something ELSE he should not be able to do in her face. Really, it's like the universe is trolling the poor girl.

    James: "I..I can do that?" He leans forward, a curious look on his face.

    Mor Rioghain: "YES, If I had the mana for whatever reason and the stupid idea in my head that I could do the things you do, I could try to pull so much more mana than my circuit can handle and damage it to the point of burning it out completely."

    James: "Huh. Alright..Um, but, if I damage it, and then give it time, is that alright?'

    Mor Rioghain: "No! You can't just go around and damage your circuit! If you do - and it had better have been on accident - you will have to do nothing with it until it heals." She seams almost to be steaming with anger at the idea that you'd let the circuit be damaged
    James looks down."Oh...um. Because..I sort of did it again, fighting Mio, when you took out archer...." **
    James: "But...it was fine the next day, really. I mean, you saw it.."

    Mor Rioghain narrows her eyes looking at you as if to drill into your soul. "You are a Freak of Nature..." **

    James offers her a cheesy grin. "Um...thank you? And..my healing is working again....um. So..it's not going to be the whole war without it, any more." **

    Mor Rioghain seams weak at the knee and puts one hand to her forehead, "I swear, you should not exist with this kind of healing..." **

    James shrugs again. "You have to admit, though..it's helpful. I TOLD you I thought it would work soon...the words were really close to the surface." He gets up, walking around the table to her. **
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)00:08 No.9305708
    Although....I could post a porn one after, if you wanted.

    And more impossibility! It's like a theme, or something. Curse this boy, and his Saber, too!

    Mor Rioghain: "I used one of my circuits too much once when I was ten, it was only 2% more than my max at the time, I was sixteen before I could use it again." She shakes her head, "You make it seam like you could be paralyzed and given injuries that would take five years to properly heal and you'd be fine after a good night's rest."

    James: "That...um...it's not very far off the mark. I mean, After Archer, I was about coughing up my lungs." he reaches around hugging her tightly.

    Mor Rioghain: "I swear you are just a being that can not exist by nature's standards..."

    James nips her ear, arms tight around her belly. "Does it really matter?" **

    Mor Rioghain: "Hmmm? You bend all of the rules and you expect me not to be confused or care about it?"
    Mor Rioghain lets herself lean into James, her weight pressed against him. **

    James: "yeah..it's a bit silly when you say it like that..."
    James just hugs her all the harder. "Oh...Don't know how much you know about servants..but..i think Saber is following my lead on something." **

    Mor Rioghain: "She's been resembling you in a way she shouldn't have been..."

    James: "Huh? Really...um, that's not what I meant, though. It's about her armor."

    Mor Rioghain: "It has changed... It's impossible but it has done it.."

    James: "Um..yeah. Like I said, following my lead. It's..not bulky, any more. Much more streamlined...parts of it, anyway. Some parts are still really heavy."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)00:12 No.9305782
         File1271736755.jpg-(353 KB, 821x1200, 18.jpg)
    353 KB


    Morrigen has an Idea.

    Mor Rioghain: "It doesn't make sense." She sighs, "I just wish there was someone I could call for advice."

    James: "Well..really, she should be a lot faster, and it's just slowing her down. Why not change it?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Her Armor should not be able to Change," She sighs and after a moment her eyes widen.. "Hmm.. call.. Well, James, I know someone who may understand how this is happening... Kind of an Expert you may say."

    James: "Oh? Really?" he bites into her ear. "Miss do it all myself?"

    Mor Rioghain: "It will be an exchange.."

    James: "Ah. And the cost?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Don't you worry about that."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)00:23 No.9306005
         File1271737394.jpg-(358 KB, 818x1200, 19.jpg)
    358 KB

    And, she makes the call. Oh boy, I wonder who it could POSSIBLY be?

    James looks a bit worried anyway. "Are you sure? I'll help pay it, if I can...Saber IS mine, after all." **

    Mor Rioghain: "I told you not to worry." She sighs, "Or are you going to second-guess your Master again."

    James: "That was all I was going to say on it, as she's my servant. I'm not going to press."

    Mor Rioghain breaks away from the embrace. "I'm going to go and make the call, In the meantime, practice your reinforcement." **

    James groans. "Yes, teacher." he picks up another stick, bringing it down, with a harsh crack across the counter. **

    Mor Rioghain heads downstairs and into her own room away from the others... **
    Mor Rioghain: Once securely closed the door and the room cleared she pulls out her phone and makes a call to London for her Teacher...

    There is a burst of Japanese from the phone, some of it vulgar, you think....before "Toshaka. What is it?" Is clearly heard.

    Mor Rioghain: "Hello Teacher," Morrigan speaks formally, "It is Mor Rioghain, I could really use some advice and you are the only one I could call for this..."

    Rin: "Ah, Mor Rioghain. It's been..some time. Sorry about the little outburst, this damn phone is new, and I swear it's the devil."
    Rin: She sounds somewhat preoccupied, in the middle of...something
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)00:25 No.9306054
    Sorry if this is going slower then normal, trying to do about 20 things at once, as well as be witty before each post. And I am NOT a witty man, so, I have to think.

    Despite some anger, she finds some humor in the mess.

    Mor Rioghain: "Well I need to level with you, I know about the Fiyuki City Holy Grail Wars. More about the first four than you do," She waits a moment for that to sink in.

    Rin: There is silence on the other ends, before some angry shouting, and chairs being pushed in. There is total silence for a moment. "What do you want."

    Mor Rioghain: "Before I ask what I must, I want to get you to a point of understanding." She takes a deep breath. "The Fuiyuki City Grail was the prototype, The first made - Another was made in America. As you have probably guessed at this point I'm not out sick - I am participating in this war."

    Rin: "an....ANOTHER OF THOSE DAMN THINGS!?" There is real anger in her voice, and the thud and snap of something breaking.

    Mor Rioghain: "The Grail you are familiar with and this one are differant, but the war is the same." She sighs, "My Berserker and Archer have been Eliminated, I have the Identities of Lancer, Saber, and Rider, little information on Assassin and so far Caster has been in hiding. There is also a Dead Apostle in the city... Currently I'm working in Alliance with Saber's Master. He summoned her on accident and has no use for the grail."

    Rin: "he...oh gods, you must be joking." There is laugher on the other end, deep, and belly shaking. "On....on accid.....and Saber, too! Oh..gods..."

    Mor Rioghain: "There is nothing funny about the predicament." She says wryly.

    Rin: "Oh...you'd be amazed." She giggles again. "Caster hiding, nothing on Assassin....outside of Archer being down so fast, and Bezerker to, well...wait. You LOST yours already?" There is a note of reproof in her voice.
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/20/10(Tue)00:28 No.9306098

    ... I honestly did not see that coming.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)00:31 No.9306141
         File1271737891.jpg-(441 KB, 818x1200, 20.jpg)
    441 KB

    And forgot the page again. Damnfuckit.

    Mor Rioghain: "My Berseker was Achillies." Her tone then moves to a bit of softer and reproached, a tone more like a dog backing away than Morrigan, "Berserker died the first night when Archer, Lancer and Rider tried to all take him on at once, Lancer is Hippolyta so she personally knew Achilles." Her tone moves back to it's normal fierceness, "I took out Archer, Alone."

    Rin: "ther first night. My gods, it was weeks until there first one died in our battle." She sighs. "Yes, I'm well aware of your eyes, and I'm also well aware of the mana discharges you can do. Somehow, I doubt it was utterly along."

    Mor Rioghain: "I can defeat any servant if given the proper chance... Archer was unable to do anything so it was simple." She takes another deep breath to calm herself, "Saber has been... undergoing changes to her armor and state of mind... None of it is negative, but I did not think it was possible."

    Rin: 'Changes? What do you mean?" There is some curiosity, now.

    Mor Rioghain: "She's moved from a more practical state of mind to a 'nothing is impossible' one... Mimicking her Master in a way. Her Armor was originally heavy and bulky the manner it was of her own time, but now it's been getting more streamlined and lighter."

    Rin: "wait. Her ARMOR is changing, AND she's getting mentally effected?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Yes, I would not think it possible if I was not seeing it with my own eyes."

    Rin: "The...mental state. It's not utterly unheard of, although if it is done at all...it's normally the other way. The Servant Rubbing off on the Master." She pauses. "Wait, step back. Nothing is impossible?"
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)00:37 No.9306218
         File1271738227.jpg-(360 KB, 817x1200, 21.jpg)
    360 KB

    Well, it was her plan to work at the Clocktower, and given her seasonality, a teaching position was not out of the question. And with how much Morrigen pokes and prods, she would have found out about Rin's involvement in the 5th war, so, it all fit rather nicely. I'm not fully sure I did her personality justice, but, I gave it my best shot.

    Mor Rioghain: "Yes. Her Master's attitude toward anything and slowly it's been becoming her attitude... He's a Magus on par with the Age of the Gods... I've seen him shoot a solid bolt of lightning over thirty feet,"
    Mor Rioghain: "He's not a proper Magus, I've had to teach him the very very basics."

    Rin choacks. "WHAT!? What...what house is he....he...he..what." **

    Mor Rioghain: "He did not even know what a magic circuit was until I began teaching him."

    Rin: "Oh..gods. At least Shirou knew that much...and he was a nightmare to teach. lightning. 30..my gods."

    Mor Rioghain: "He's become my apprentice for now," she takes in another breath.. "Lightning is NOT his only specialty, He's got incredible potential with healing as well... It's been working on his own body naturally as well..."

    Rin: "...I'm guessing you mean like an Eye Mutation or something. How much?"

    Mor Rioghain: "He's been on his deathbed one day and almost fully healed after a night's rest."

    Rin: There is a full five minuets of silence. "What..have you fo..found?'

    Mor Rioghain: "Found?"

    Rin clears her throat. "Him.. I mean...what..how..It..it's like...I..I'm not even sure what." **
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)00:41 No.9306284
         File1271738478.jpg-(372 KB, 818x1200, 22.jpg)
    372 KB
    And now it's awkward moment time! It's the favorite time of the day!

    Mor Rioghain: "I've found a man with a circuit that would work well for producing good heirs." She blushes and says silent for a moment after saying what she did.

    Rin: "Ah...of course. Your...own is a bit...unstable" her awarer is oddly flat, nothing you would expect from your rather pragmatic teacher. "But..Armor. That..should not change. Some parts of the heros are set...and..can't change. I.."

    Mor Rioghain: "That is why I asked you, I did not think anyone would know better than you or perhaps one of the Enizberns, but they seam to have been failing at the war of their own creation."

    Rin: She sighs once more. "They always have...but..that flat out should not be possible. Her armor IS her, at least, her as a Heroic Spirit. It's like you growing a tail. It just does not happen."

    Mor Rioghain coughs several times at Rin's comment. **

    Rin: "It Is winter, there, you should try not to catch the flu."

    Mor Rioghain: "I am fine," She lies, "How do you think I should deal with the Dead Apostle? I know the Church has called for a member of the Burial Agency but you know how slow the church moves on things..."

    Rin: 'Stay out of the way? That's really the best advice I can give. Why, have you run into it?"
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/20/10(Tue)00:44 No.9306327
    It's simple Rin. He is a Gurren Lagann Fanboy, they are all (myself included) freaks of nature.

    Also, I have to say this... I keep imagining the Executor being sent by the Burial Agency being a Getter Robo Fan, with Black Keys that look like Axes instead of Swords. And said Executor becoming a Rival of sorts to James because of the Whole Getter vs Spiral thing.

    *Note: there is something Else I want to actually ask you about, but I am going to wait till you are done posting logs to do so.*
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)00:45 No.9306344
         File1271738737.jpg-(335 KB, 841x1200, 23.jpg)
    335 KB
    Do de dum. Comments are very welcome, I love chatting about this as I post.

    Mor Rioghain: "Unfortunately I have, Her Marble Phantasm is not something I can deal with..."

    Rin: "Just set Saber on her, if you do again. I can't imagine that would not work. Attack, and the sprite for..wait. His saber CAN use spirit form, right?"

    Mor Rioghain: "She can... but Saber was defeated in seconds by the Dead Apostle..."

    Rin: "In..seconds."
    Rin: There is some disdain in her voice. "What a pathetic Saber."

    Mor Rioghain: "The Dead Apostle used her Marble Phantasm as a surprise attack."
    Mor Rioghain: "Also, I will not hear such an Insult of Saber, She may be not human but she's stood up to a demi-god without problem."

    Rin: "Perhaps...perhaps. Still, her resistance to magic was not enough to stand up to that? It should have been, if not enough to negate it, then enough to slow it down."

    Mor Rioghain: "Are you familiar with the Nostromo Family's Barrier Magic?"

    Rin: "Y..es. I think. "

    Mor Rioghain: "They've got a barrier that can within-stand nuclear forces, that any kind of attack only strengthen it." She sighs, "I watched as the dead apostle simply used her Marble Phantasm to simply ignore it. It allows her to Re-write other people's realities."

    Rin: 'such a thing IS possible to resist..and even break. I've seen it happen." She thinks for a long moment. "Perhaps you need to..wait. saber WAS defeated, and yet you are asking me about changes to her."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)00:48 No.9306388

    Heh. Oh, we should get to the Executors appearance tonight. It's..not like that, but, simpler. You'll see.

    Mor Rioghain: "Saber's mind was turned to that of a child by the Marble Phantasm, but once she was returned to Holy Ground she was alright."

    Rin: "Why in the would would that have anything to do with anything? A reality marble like that would not just wear off due to being somewhere else."

    Mor Rioghain: "I believe it's an ability of Saber's"

    Rin: '...that's a rather odd one. What, can fix herself near a church?"

    Mor Rioghain: "I believe so."

    Rin: "Huh. Well...that's five points from your next test."

    Mor Rioghain: "What Why!?"

    Rin: "Because, you thickheaded girl, it's simple enough. Trick the bitch into a graveyard, and Saber can kill her."

    Mor Rioghain: "She Avoids Holy Ground like the plague, I am no so idle-brained to have not thought of such a thing!"

    Rin: "She avoids the larger churches, and large graveyards. Look for something small. Or take a relic that sanctifies an area with you, that would work, as well."

    Mor Rioghain: "I don't have the like, and the smallest graveyard in town is a full block..."

    Rin: "Well, get creative. Take a nun with you, or something, I don't know. Is there any thing else odd about Saber?"
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/20/10(Tue)00:52 No.9306468
    One thing that I need to say is this...

    The way you have the Reality Marbles and Noble Phantasms working in this is not quite in line with Cannon. Nothing wrong with that, but I did want to point it out. I've been working under the assumption that you know as much and are doing your own thing for your game, but I just wanted to point out that I've been getting confused on the way have been getting handled.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)00:53 No.9306482
         File1271739193.jpg-(318 KB, 822x1200, 24.jpg)
    318 KB


    Also, more awkward!

    Mor Rioghain: "Aside her want to sleep with me, there is nothing odd about her."

    Rin: You can almost HEAR the shrug. "Nothing to odd with that."

    Mor Rioghain: "What?!" She almost drops the phone "What do you mean 'Nothing to odd with that'!? What isn't odd about a woman wanting to sleep with me!?"

    Rin: "You can be so thick sometimes...you are an attractive young woman. What's so odd about that?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Still a woman, especially one as chaste as Saber is supposed to be!?"

    Rin: "Who IS Saber?"
    Rin: "and, no. Nothing odd about a woman having an attraction with another one. Who knows, you might like it."

    Mor Rioghain: "Teacher... I can not just tell you that over the phone-" She stops dead at the you might like it part - giving a bit of a growl as she speaks "I DO NOT think of women like that!"

    Rin: "You'd be surprised. Sometimes it's not about male or female...although it usually is. Sometimes it's just about WHO that one is."

    Mor Rioghain: "T-teacher... you don't think of women that way do you?"

    Rin: There is a rather awkward silence. "Ah..."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)00:56 No.9306530

    Oh? We've been trying to keep them as close as we can, although with the True Ancestor, it's a marble Phantasm, not Reality marble. What's wrong with the NPs?

    Mor Rioghain: "O-oh you a-are.. You don't think of me like that do you?"

    Rin: "I do try to avoid thinking of students in an unprofessional manner."

    Mor Rioghain: "T-Teacher! You might as well say yes with such an obvious avoidance!"

    Rin lets out a sigh. "It's not any different from idol fantasy about someone you see. I've never acted on it, so it doesn't matter." **

    Mor Rioghain shudders, "Everybody seams to want me..." **

    Rin: "Normally..I would not. I like a slimmer, more muscular build. Hell if I know why....something just reminds me of someone else, I guess. but, Like I said, I've never done anything about it, so, I don't see the trouble."

    Mor Rioghain: "It's been a bit overwhelming with everybody trying to sleep with me..."

    Rin: "Everyone? How many is everyone?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Berserker, Saber, Lancer, Saber's Master..."
    Mor Rioghain: "Even the Dead Apostle seamed to want to..."

    Rin: "Berserker? Really. How big is your war's one?"

    Mor Rioghain: "About eight feet tall. Why?"

    Rin snorts. "Because you are tiny..It's an amusing image. still, that's a bit shorter..ours was 10, 11 feet tall. Massive brute." **
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)00:58 No.9306569
    Also. I have another comic I can post, this one porn. Want me to, or save it for next time?

    Mor Rioghain: "Eeeh!? You're not picturing - " She cuts off and takes a deep breath, "Come on! Stop teasing me."

    Rin: She giggles. "Just be glad you don't have an extra wandering around. We had to deal with...oh, gods. Utter. Jackass. I don't even want to talk about it." She sighs. "But...it sounds like at least Part of it is to plan, at least...Saber's Master, I mean. "

    Mor Rioghain: "I can't sleep with anyone till I marry, you know that!" She takes another calming breath.. "The Overseer of the war thought there might be an extra... I still believe that to be the Dead Apostle..."

    Rin: "Oh, Motherfucker. If Its Gilgamesh...that dick had best be dead. If he found some trick to say alive...." Her voice is a low growl.

    Mor Rioghain: "Gilgamesh?! How could your father's Servant still be around!?"

    Rin: "How....how do you know that? At all?"
    Rin: Her tone is very quite.

    Mor Rioghain: "He acquired the discarded snake-skin a few years before the war." She says matter-of-factly. "Kotomine Kerei summoned Hassassin as Assassin, and your teacher Lord El-Melloi II, aka Waver Velvet summoned Alexander the great as Rider. I know all of the Masters and how they acquired their servants from the first through forth wars."
    Mor Rioghain: "I've been preparing for the Holy Grail war since I was a child."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)01:01 No.9306630
    Note: There is no real plan to use Gigimsh, but, he DID do a crazy amount in UBW, so, some uncertainty about him is nice.

    Rin: "Well, clearly, you still don't know enough. Gilgamesh was a rather large part of the 5th war."

    Mor Rioghain: "My information of the fifth war is limited... The overseer died and did not file proper reports."

    Rin: "Yes, no surprises there..."

    Mor Rioghain: "And YOUR reports on the incident are mostly held on restriction where I could not access them."

    Rin: "Again...no surprises there. I had thought ALL of them were, I shall have to speak to the archivist. Suffice to say, I would not be unduly shocked if it was that golden jackass. I shall be much happier if he is truly dead, however...no, I don't even want to think about it."

    Mor Rioghain: "If it is him I'll put him to his final rest"

    Rin laughs, shortly. "No. I doubt it. We only managed to defat him simply because we had more swords." **

    Mor Rioghain: "I'd need help from Saber and her Master. But I can eliminate him."

    Rin: "I still doubt it. But...if it is him, and you do, I'll not take those 5 points off your test."

    Mor Rioghain: "If you are this worried about someone and I defeat him I expect some extra credit." She says with an arrogant tone.

    Rin: "The idiot ate A class spells. Like Candy. He almost defeated a REALITY MARBLE. Just..for you to think about."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)01:03 No.9306677
    Oh, the more you know: What she whispered, was, "Like last time".

    Mor Rioghain: Her eyebrows raise, thought Rin would not know it, "Oh ho? Then I might as well get a-lot of extra credit."

    Rin: "It would depend on HOW much you did. if Saber and her master did most of it" There is a cough, and something whispered, "Well, I'd have to give most of it to THEM."

    Mor Rioghain: "They aren't in the association, how would you give them any credit?"

    Rin: "I'm guessing you plan to make the master part, at least."

    Mor Rioghain: "I-I can't just let him run around on his own... I can bring him with me, But we will see. I know I do not have to tell you not to share this information at all."

    Rin: "Yes, yes. I know. I...I think what you have, though is...well, Saber is leaning. And listening. And Bettering herself. Has her fighting style changed any?"

    Mor Rioghain: "It has a bit..."

    Rin: "....w..what!? Really? How?"

    Mor Rioghain: "She's changing it up every now and then, altering as her Master has suggested."

    Rin: "Thats..that's almost utterly unheard of..."
    Rin: "Has..no, of course not. But..has she used any weapon other then the one she ...uh, "came" with?"

    Mor Rioghain: "No weapon other than her sword, as far as I know."
    Mor Rioghain: "Though her sword is not her Noble Phantasm..."

    Rin: "even so, that's something unheard of..unless your weapon is anything you grab. She listens to him THAT much?"
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/20/10(Tue)01:04 No.9306703
    Well the First thing is This: Marble Phantasm's are not unique to a being in the way a Reality Marble is. Any creature that has a Marble Phantasm can use it the same way as any other with it as long as they have enough power to do the effect they want.

    The Second part is MUCH more important. Marble Phantasms are essentially Reality Warping... But you cannot do something that is beyond the Scope of Nature. What Arc normally does with her attacks is create a Vaccum by fucking with the Atmosphere fro instance. Changing a Human's Body or Magic Circuts goes beyond the scope of Nature.

    Now a Reality Marble on the other hand COULD, BUT the moment the person effected left the area, the Reality would rebound upon the effect and negate it.

    Does that make sense?
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)01:06 No.9306725

    How do the phantasms seem different to you? I'd like to know, because we are really trying to keep everything as cannon as possible.

    Mor Rioghain: "She does listen to him far more than Berserker listened to me..."

    Rin: "From what you've said...more then almost any servant ever. Most of them are set in their ways, sure they know best....that is...stunning."

    Mor Rioghain: "He's... He got a magnetism to him, man can get you to do anything you wouldn't expect to..."

    Rin snickers. 'Perhaps you should start to wear a chastity belt, then. Even so...the pure WILL a servant can put forth...perhaps it's partly just...her, too. Most are set in their ways...but..some, if they were in life, like to learn, and adept." **

    Mor Rioghain: "He respects my need to wait for Marriage." She says embarrassed... "Maybe that is what it was... Saber is well, overly-stubborn at times."

    Rin: "what do you mean, perhaps that's what it was?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Her having a like to learn and adapt.."

    Rin: "Even so, though...the armor things is just..weird. THAT should not change."

    Mor Rioghain: "I know, How it has done such I do not know..."

    Rin: "Has..it's a change to her CORE BEING. Basicly a change to her soul....no, not basically, it IS. Look...those...do you know exactly how the grail works?"

    Mor Rioghain: "I know better than I believe you do."

    Rin: "Oh, really now."
    Rin: "Fine, then, what does it pull up?"
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)01:10 No.9306809

    Ah, I see what you mean. There was one Cannon True Ancestor, Chaos, I think, that had something sort of like what Morana has.

    >As the Japanese name implies (空想具現化 Kuusou Gugenka), Marble Phantasm is the ability to materialize a phantasm, a vision.
    It is the ability of an Elemental or True Ancestor to connect their will to nature, to interfere on probabilities, and to transfigure the surrounding world at will according to their vision of the world. As the user is part of nature, he can change the world as he wishes, but in the end, what an elemental can act on is only something within the scope of nature. A transformation independent from nature (such as transforming a human) cannot be realized, unless done indirectly (animals can be managed).

    So, we went with the idea that she's only making changes that occur in nature, IE, animal parts, things like that.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)01:14 No.9306867

    Damnit, where did the rest of my text go?

    Basically, she has a mix between Phantasm and reality Marble.

    In this part, Rin....mostly tells the truth. Just changes the names.

    Mor Rioghain: "What do you mean by pull up?"

    Rin: "The Servents."

    Mor Rioghain: "Yes, It pulls the Heroic Spirits from the Throne of Heroes." She sighs. "Everyone entering the war would know that."

    Rin: "Outside of your new little friend."

    Mor Rioghain: "Correct, Why bring that up?"

    Rin: 'Oh..it..just brings back memories. Someone not knowing, I mean."

    Mor Rioghain: "Did Shirou not know?"

    Rin: You can almost hear the smile. "Good girl. I knew you were one of the smarter ones."

    Mor Rioghain: "The only thing I had not figured out was how your serving girl Arturia fits into it... I know she had something to do with the war by how you talk of her but she was no master."

    Rin shrugs. "Oh, we picked her up during the war. She came acorss a battle btween my Archer and Lancer, and I just didn't have the heart to put her to death." **

    Mor Rioghain: "Did not have the heart or could not?"
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/20/10(Tue)01:16 No.9306906
    To Expand on this a bit:

    Marble Phantasm is a ability shared by Elemental Beings (Including True Ancestors) which allows them to use Nature and Natural Phenomenon as they wish... As long as they have enough power. Most True Ancestors would be unable to do some of the Higher Level Things Arc can do.

    Reality Marble's are unique abilities possessed by beings that allow them to create their own world within a Bounded Field and impress a single unique ability upon it. With Shiro it is his ability to copy and Replicate Weapons, while Satsuki can drain all Mana from an area, and Nero Chaos can merge animals and other things into his body.

    The major Weakness of a Reality Marble is that Reality itself fights against it. Because of that if the Reality marble is unable to be maintained, or if a being that was changed by it escaped the Bounded Field, Reality would negate the effect.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)01:18 No.9306936
    Rin: "I wasn't in the mood to just have Archer shoot someone in cold blood.....and, because it's also likely he would have refused. Erugh, he was STUBBORN."

    Mor Rioghain: "You have a surprising weakness, any Magus should be ready to kill another."

    Rin: "Another Magus, yes. Besides, I got a free serving girl for LIFE out of it. I utterly loath cooking...."

    Mor Rioghain: "Yet Shirou seams to do your cooking."

    Rin: "He is better then her at it, fair enough. But, I didn't exactly have him at that point. And how do you know what goes on in my house, Mor Rioghain?"

    Mor Rioghain: "A Magus must know as much as she can about all allies and enemies." She pauses for a moment, "How could I call you if I did know as much about you as possible?"

    Rin: "I'll thank you to stay out of my home life, however. Is this understood?" There is a note of displeasure, but, not as much as there might normally be. "Besides, at times, he needs a hand with things, as do I. The girl is utterly diligent, and will not stop until a task is done. I'd be rather worse off if I did NOT have her."

    Mor Rioghain: "Teacher, I've learned what I have needed to." She chuckles a bit, "You're a valiant and gallant woman... It's admirable but a bit unsuited for your profession - more suitable a heroine."

    Rin grumbles a bit. "Fine, just keep it to yourself. I swear, that idiot is rubbing off a bit." **

    Mor Rioghain: "I would not out such a powerful ally as you Teacher." She says softly.
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/20/10(Tue)01:22 No.9307015
    First off...

    Chaos is NOT a True Ancestor. He is a Dead Apostle Ancestor. They are NOT the same thing. He had a Reality Marble rather than Marble Phantasm. The only reason Chaos was even able to maintain his ability the way he was is because he normally kept it limited to his own body.

    I should also point out that quote you posted does not quite mean what you think it means.

    >A transformation independent from nature (such as transforming a human) cannot be realized, unless done indirectly (animals can be managed).

    It flat out states that humans cannot be modified, but animals CAN be. There is a VERY important reason for that. The first is because humans cannot spontaneously gain animal parts in nature. The other is Humans are not considered to be part of Gaia, but part of a different force, Alaya.

    Another point to part out is that a Servant would not be effects by such an ability either way as they are directly part of Alaya.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)01:23 No.9307023

    Right, right. Morana is..odd, to say the least. Her own broken mind breaks her magic to a degree. She also mixes the use of marble and Phantasm. In some ways, she's the inverse of James. Both of them see no reason why it should not work, and thus it does. Most of her effects wear off, although the 34.5% cat-girl for Mio is never changing, and Morrigen is only a wolfy-girl on the full moon. James gets something like it, you'll see in..either 17 or 18.

    It's a small break form what should be, but, an acceptable one, we felt.
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/20/10(Tue)01:25 No.9307068
    Either way, it is your game. Run it how you wish. I was just trying to point things out that I thought you might have missed.

    Before I drop this though, I would like to drop off an analogy I found on this subject:

    >When drawing a marble in a bag of black marbles with a 1% chance of drawing the one white marble, Marble Phantasm is the ability to raise that chance to 100% and definitely pick the white one amongst all the black ones; this remains within the laws of the world.

    >For comparison purpose, following a similar metaphor, a Reality Marble would be, on the other hand, the ability to turn all the marbles into white ones; this is something the world wouldn't naturally allow. While this can be considered to be more efficient, this is, however, the only one effect such a Reality Marble could specialize in.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)01:25 No.9307082

    No, I had said more then that.....but, for whatever reason, the damn thing did not post in full. And, it was a good bit, and I don't really wish to type it all out again.
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/20/10(Tue)01:26 No.9307099
    I understand, I was trying to make sense of it to myself.

    Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)01:30 No.9307173

    No, no. Any and all comments that can help are always welcomed. Morana, like a lot of things in the game, is an odd and unique thing. She's basically a plot device, there is no real way to deal with her.

    I was more surprised at the comment that the NPs were not up to cannon, as, as far as I was aware, they were.

    Rin: "Heh. Alright. Fair enough. But..don't forget. I HAVE survived this long, in our world. I CAN do what's needed. I just..well, I dislike dragging outsiders into it. Or killing, if possible...much better to make a servant out of them."

    Mor Rioghain: "I know Teacher, I did not say you were unable to" She sounds a bit smug, "But who would want or could afford to loose such an ally as you?"

    Rin: "Oh, don't forget dear. I know a bit about YOUR family, as well. Just so, you know. We are on even grounds."

    Mor Rioghain: "I would not expect anything less."

    Rin: "As for what we have talked about so far...You've told me almost as much as I've told you, so, we can consider it a null game. The information on your...friend..will be very handy to have over the others here."

    Mor Rioghain: "I look forward to your next class Teacher."

    Rin: "However. Over the last few years, I've dug up some...rather pertinent information. "

    Mor Rioghain: "Pertinent? Shall I assume you wish something large in return for it?"

    Rin: "Considering that only I, and the Enizberns know, I'd think so. The FIRST is you can not tell anyone about this, outside of PERHAPS your...ally. And even that is a maybe. Will you agree to this first term?"

    Mor Rioghain: "I will." She says hesitantly.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)01:33 No.9307222

    Not a problem at all. That's why I'm posting this, so others can comment, and hopefully enjoy.

    Rin: "A bit of back-story. It was not one family that started the wars. It was three." You can feel her slipping into lecture mode, as you hear the click of a lock on her end.

    Mor Rioghain: "The war of Fiyuki City was started by the Toshaka Household, Malkiri - or the Matou Household, and the Enziberns. The Enizberns started it but needed help, for the place, the Toshaka Family provided and for the spell to bind the servants, the command spells the Malkiri were tapped."

    Rin: "Ah, so, you do know that much. Well, we were all involved a bit more then that...we had to be. Each had access to more of the information of what the others were doing, out of almost necessity...one thing wrong, and the thing could have gone off like a bomb." You can hear her chair creak as she sits. "As in, there would be no japan now."
    Rin: "You can thank Aurita and Shirou for this next part. They were cleaning out the old family house, and somehow triggered a trap door. There was an ACHENT mage's shop set into the foundation of the house. It was utterly hidden...I'm still not sure how they came across it."
    Rin: "But, what was in it....oh, what was in it. Books. Notebooks, from that long time ago. Ideas, theory, and work on the grail."

    Mor Rioghain: "I assume work on the Grand Grail then, the one under the city."

    Rin sighs. "Damnit, girl. Stop knowing things that you should. Not. Know." **

    Mor Rioghain: "I'm just waiting for your pertinent information..."
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/20/10(Tue)01:35 No.9307262
    Bear in mind that I was only talking about the Marble Phantasm' and Reality Marbles. The handling of the Noble Phantasms is PERFECTLY in cannon as far as I can tell.

    I do wish that they didn't all have such similar names though. It makes things quite confusing.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)01:37 No.9307291
    I had been under the impression that Reality Marbles and Marble Phantasms were two different translations of the exact same thing until now.

    So I assure you, there are those far more confused than you.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)01:37 No.9307292
    Dun dun DUN. And, also true. It caught me by surprise, when reading the wiki.

    Rin: "Anyway. There were a few of them heavily encrypted. One of them I'm still working on, the other I managed to crack about a year ago, on the servants."

    Mor Rioghain: "Alright.. And what about the Servants? Teacher you aren't one to make mountains of molehills, so I wonder what is it you would call pertinent."

    Rin: "Well...true. To be short, they are not copies, Like I thought at the time."

    Mor Rioghain: "They are not copies?" She sounds confused.

    Rin: "It's not just a copy of the soul in the Throne. Each hero IS that HERO."

    Mor Rioghain: "So you are trying to say that The Grail actually Pulls the soul from the Throne?"
    Mor Rioghain: "Teacher you can't be just telling something like that, if you must lie make it something believable, thats just plain impossible."

    Rin: You can hear her voice stiffen. "I would not lie pointlessly. Now you understand why I was shocked at the change to that Saber...it's utterly Impossible, on so many levels."

    Mor Rioghain: "Such a thing is preposterous!" She sounds rather heated, "How could the Grail do that?!"

    Rin: "I'm not sure. But, think on it for a moment. if it was just a copy, what good would the personality be? You just need the fighting ability....think of the ego your saber has. You called her stubborn. why would that be of any use, if we were just using a copy?"

    Mor Rioghain: "And How does this change anything?"

    Rin: "The grail seems to change things. I'm sure with all you know, you know what happened with the Fuiyuki City one, and the reason for my first response. I hope, that yours is not like that, but, that is besides the point. Were you able to get ANY of my reports?"
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)01:40 No.9307345

    Ah, that makes sense. My bad.


    Right. So was I, when Morrigen's player used them both, I had to go look them up, and was shocked when I realised that Morana was a LOT stronger then we had planned.
    Mor Rioghain: "None of your own reports." She sighs, "Kept under such lock and key that I'd never have been able to access them."

    Rin: "Well, then, I'm sure you want to know who Archer was."

    Mor Rioghain: "I would like to, but such a thing is now only a passing interest, I must focus on my own war for now." She sighs, "And I do have a Grail to win."

    Rin: "It's still pertinent to this conversation. The point I'm trying to make, is that he was no hero from the past."

    Mor Rioghain: "I suppose that is possible..the throne is outside of time, so it makes sense that such a thing could happen."

    Rin: "Right. Past and future, all the same.It already is impossible..and the grail just taps into that. you have the REAL whoever in your house."

    Mor Rioghain: "What does that truly change about things though?"

    Rin: "I'm just trying to impress on you the utter impossibility of her...changing her armor like that. Her SOUL is changing. I..if it's her, or her master, it does not matter. The willpower involved..."

    Mor Rioghain: "I understood that when you explained it..." She sighs, "So, why does the grail summon the true Heroes?"

    Rin: "That part...I am less clear on. There is a bit in the other book, something about something. I should have it in a week or so....I hope. Something about it being necessary for the grail."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)01:44 No.9307420
         File1271742290.jpg-(192 KB, 800x600, 1269373624831.jpg)
    192 KB
    Mor Rioghain: "Well please keep me informed teacher." She sighs, "But I must go and make dinner -- It's my turn after all."

    Rin: "Alright. Go. I'll decide what I want later for this."
    Rin: "Oh..and try not to get your ass killed."

    Mor Rioghain: "I will win this war, you best have my extra credit ready." She giggles a bit, "I will talk to you later."

    Rin: "That's ONLY if that...one is still alive. And you kill him. Or, perhaps if you do manage to take the Dead Apostle. but..I shall be very upset with you if you die."

    Mor Rioghain: "Dying would be an inconvenience I can not allow. So I shall not allow it."

    Rin: "Good girl. I shall call you if I find anything else." Her phone clicks off.
    And that closes out log 16. Comments, before we start 17 up?
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/20/10(Tue)01:47 No.9307472
    Actually, there is a very "Easy" way to shut down her power combo.

    See, if there are two people who can make a Reality Marble in an area, The second person to Activate it can override and cancel the other. Someone doing that would not only cancel her Reality Marble... But Cut her off form Gaia and Stop her form using her Marble Phantasm.

    Of course you could always go Deus Ex MEoDP, and Have Shiki randomly show up and save the heroes asses. Those fucking eyes of his are connected to Akasha... the only way someone could fuck with those is if they had access to the Akashic Records. Hell, Shiki could just kill the Reality Marble itself...

    Then again I am now getting off topic...
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)01:54 No.9307609

    yeah....we try to avoid such things. And, even if you do that, she still will not DIE. She's not Arc levels of power, but, bitch is still strong. And, if Shiki showed up, well, that would not end well for anyone. Just...would get messy. Although it's cannon MEODP do not work on Servants, so, kinda curb stomply if anything does go south, and they can keep him away from the masters.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)01:56 No.9307631
    Not exactly familiar with Fate and such but the Marble Phantasm and Reality Marble thing I think I know how it could work. So long as the universe considers Evolution a part of Nature.

    Basically The reality marble makes it so that evolution can be done in seconds to a living creature - then with the Marble Phantasm she uses evolution to change a person into a new evolved form using animal parts or other things that could exist. Since the Reality Marble wears off they can no longer evolve outside her radius but her Marble Phantasm did the actual changes so that they stay.

    Also I'm only in this for the legitimization of Cat Girls.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)01:57 No.9307644
    Quest threads get shittier and shittier, and thats pretty bad since they've always been shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)02:00 No.9307699
    Not a quest, it's logs of a F/SN campaign.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:01 No.9307713
         File1271743267.png-(492 KB, 780x702, rider Ready to go.png)
    492 KB
    Alrighty, if there are no questions, I shall start up log 17. After a sammich and bathroom. Post any questions, and or comments, and I will answer swiftly.

    Rider will keep you company while I am gone.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)02:01 No.9307716
         File1271743280.jpg-(57 KB, 636x476, 1270107632348.jpg)
    57 KB
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/20/10(Tue)02:02 No.9307742
    If Mor can take down a Servant, she can sue as hell take down a True Ancestor that lacks it's MP.

    As to Shiki... I know that he can't kill servants. I should also point out that I never said ANYTHING about Shiki getting involved with the Grail War, JUST the True Ancestor.

    I should also point out that the EXACT reason Shiki cannot kill Servants is the same Reason that The True Ancestor Reality bending should be unable to work on a being like a Servant

    Um... Evolution does not work like that. AT ALL. You could probably fuck with a persons kids with a MP, but not the person themselves.

    There is a difference between a Quest thread and a Story time dude.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)02:06 No.9307811
    Spontaneous mutations occur to DNA throughout a lifetime, it's part of Evolution, This makes it much more powerful.
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/20/10(Tue)02:11 No.9307885
    Not to the point of growing Cat Ears and a tail. DNA mutation is one thing, but it is impossible to get features like that on a human naturally. Primate features sure, but not Canine or Feline Features.

    On top of that, That does not explain how it can fuck with magic circuts, an PURELY soul based thing.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:12 No.9307910
         File1271743938.jpg-(68 KB, 650x765, Eider Chainsaw.jpg)
    68 KB

    Well....damn. Yeah, fuck yeah. Add in that she's the only one crazy enough to TRY it, and that it is as strong as it it, because she thinks it should be, and...yeah. Damn, thanks.


    Normally it would not, but, she's insane. She thinks it should, and knows a bit about genetics, and...yeah. It's better then just "Plot device!"

    And, she only took a servant due to the Servant killer shell. She's got only one other, and it gets used ...later. Add to the fact that the SK shell was not holy, it would have been dust, and back up five seconds later, just like with the drill.

    And, no, I know you did not. I was more meaning, that if say, James got wind of the killing and stuff that Shinki has gotten up to, in the past, it could get....ugly.
    With that, Rider on a stick, and we shall get 17 started.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:14 No.9307950

    Not purely, as breeding can effect the number you can have, so, some genetic things are working there.
    Mor Rioghain closes her phone and lays back, body relaxing while her mind tries to take in and truly process what Rin has said so far. **

    James knocks on her door. "Morrigen? Mio's starting to really get hungry....if you are still busy, I can get a start on it, though." **

    Mor Rioghain: "No, no I will go and do make dinner." She gets up starting to move toward the door with a bit of a lazy stride

    James pushes it open for her. "Oh, and, um, have you seen Saber? I tried calling for her a few times, but...she...she won't answer." **

    Mor Rioghain: "I have not." She says confused, "You should try and find her, don't want her to miss dinner now."

    James: "Dammit...I think she's still upset with me..." He gives a sigh, and plops onto the bed. "I think I've got a handle on it, now, at least mostly...it's not very strong, but, they don't break any more."

    Mor Rioghain: "You will keep practicing until you go to bed tonight, with a break for dinner of course."

    James: "Let me find Saber first. Please? I'm really starting to worry."

    Mor Rioghain: "Go on, I did say to find her didn't I?"
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:16 No.9307976
    And, Saber is all mopey. Wonder why.

    James slips over to her, and steals a kiss. "Thanks, Teacher. Oh..um, how did your call go?" **

    Mor Rioghain: "It was an informative call, I've yet to sort out all of the information."

    James: "Alright. We can talk about it later. " He heaves another sigh. "Saber? You round here?"

    Mor Rioghain: "I doubt she'd sit and spy, thats not her way." Morrigan says as she leaves to head upstairs.

    James wanders throughout the house, calling for saber, before looking upstairs. He checks each room, before at last checking his extra one. **

    Saber is sitting in James's original room on the edge of the bed. **

    James: "Oh..there you are. Can..ca I come in?"

    Saber: "I can not bar you." She says softly.

    James: "That's not what I asked. I asked if I could come in. You can say no."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:18 No.9307999
    Saber: "I can not bar you means that I have no reason to say no or perhaps you would say it more as 'I don't care.' Either way, I have already answered what you asked."

    James: "Ah." He grabs the chair, and sits before her. "You know...if you want a room of your own, you can have this one."

    Saber: "It is nice, but I have no need of a room, I do not sleep after all."

    James: "No, but, you can have a place that's YOURS. And you can put your stuff here, and the like. I mean, if you'd rather share with me..um, that's fine, too. But, it's YOUR house, too." He's mumbling here and there, and flushed in the face, clearly worried.

    Saber: "I do not see such a need at the moment but so be it Master."

    James: 'look..I..I just want you to be happy."
    James: "and...you don't have to call me master. I don't deserve it."
    James 's face is glowing red, as he looks down. **

    Saber: "I am your Servant, I am to call you Master it is only proper." She does not look up, "I know you wish me to be happy,"

    James: "No. You're not JUST my servant.' At last, he does look up. "you..you're my friend."

    Saber: "I did not say I was just a servant, but I AM your servant regardless of anything else I am."

    James: "I..I know I got you upset. Is...is there anything I can do for you? To make it up? Please? I..I hate seeing you upset."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:21 No.9308034
    Feel free to keep the conversation going, I like hearing opinions and the like, even arguments can help the thinking.

    Mio is the moment killer.

    Saber: "I will be fine in an hour or two, I just need to think for a while." She does not look up her right hand in front of her opening and closing as if to test something.

    James: "Alright. Saber. Susan. Whatever name you do chose. I..I love you. If you...if you need anything. Just..just ask me."

    Saber: "I love you too Master.."She speaks softly, sitting and looking at her hand.

    James leans in, and kisses the top of her head. "I..I really didn't mean to insult you. I just had an idea I had thought you would have liked. Um, if you want, we can go shopping tomorrow, for more pants for you, if you want." **

    Saber: "I might enjoy that.." She speaks, still softly

    James sits beside her, slipping his arm around. "You..if I can, I'm going to stay here a while. you can keep thinking. I just...I just don't want to leave you, right now." **

    Saber: "If you wish Master," She stays put moving her hand every once in a while but otherwise silent.

    James slips behind her,legs to either side, his chest to her back, and just holds her, as she thinks. He'd keep doing so until told to stop, or interrupted by someone else. **

    Mio Nostromo: After almost an hour Mio knocks on the open door, "Sorry to bother you if your in a 'moment' but uh... food is done."

    James: "No, you can come in, we're not doing anything."
    James slowly starts to disentangle himself from Saber, standing and stretching. **

    Mio Nostromo: "Well are you two coming or can I start eating?"
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:23 No.9308068
    Da de dum.

    James: "Go ahead and start..we'll be there in a bit."
    James slowly takes Saber's face in his hands, tilting her face up. **

    Saber 's face is flush and her eyes look somewhere between confused and contemplating. **

    James: "Saber. What's wrong?" He kneels down before her, looking worriedly up at her,his hands on her lap.

    Saber: "Nothing is wrong Master, I am just in need of more contemplation."

    James stands, and hooks her arms over his sholders. "you can do it at the table. Come on....Morrgen made something special for you." He hooks her legs around his torso, giving her a ride **

    Saber: "Why would she do that?" Saber asks not moving any more then necessary to stay on your back.

    James: "Because I asked her to." He simplify carry's her, as he slowly meanders down the hall.

    Mor Rioghain: "About time you two come down, I swear you make it seam like you want to let my work go cold!"

    James: He kneels before her seat, sitting her into it. "Oh, so. Since there's no room downstairs for her, Saber's room is my old one. Unless Mio would rather sleep upstairs."

    Saber regards the plate blankly, for a moment, before starting to eat at a pace far slower then her normal one. **

    Mio Nostromo almost choaks on her current bite, "A-and miss out on the mana flow of the workshop?! No sir!" **
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:24 No.9308086
    More boring stuff at the table. Sorry...they like to talk.

    James: "Humm....well, we could try converting the closet...I'd rather her have a place with us, but, her HAVING her own room is the most important part." he too starts to eat, more slowly then normal

    Mor Rioghain: "Well she has one, and really it is no more removed from out rooms so much as placed above them, in times of old it would seam like she was given a seat of power."

    James: "True, I guess. It's still more away from us then i like, though. Perhaps we can see about making a new room down there, later."

    Saber just keeps macanicly shoving the food into her mouth, not looking up. **
    Mor Rioghain: "If that is what Saber wants we can look into it."
    Mor Rioghain: "Though that is a bit of a task to do during the war."

    James: "Well, i meant more for after, but, that's an option too." He pauses for a moment, before adding "Oh. and we are going shopping tomorrow."

    Mor Rioghain: "You know we will not be here once the war is over don't you?"

    James: "No..not really. I mean, you kinda implied it, but, never really said anything about it."

    Mio Nostromo looks between the two expectantly **

    James looks at her. "Yeah, true...she needs to know, too." **
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:26 No.9308111
    And, arguments start so small...

    Mor Rioghain: "Why should we stay? You are my apprentice and I have duties to my estate so we shall be taking to living there with regular trips to London."

    James: "uh..huh. and where is your estate?"

    Mor Rioghain: "I have estates in both New Orleans and Chicago. The latter being my primary estate."

    James: "Oh...fun. Dammit. Timezone changes." He gives a sigh. "But, you bothered to buy this house. So..why..?"

    Mor Rioghain: "When I say Estate, I do not just mean house, there is a lot involved in a true estate. I have houses all over the country, and a place in London as well."

    James: "Oh...ah. Seems a lot of work." His eyes flicker to Saber. "And what about Mio and Saber?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Saber is free to follow you as she sees fit or do what she wills. Mio will follow me around and do as I say until I release her." She eats mechanically as she speaks

    James: "Do as WE say, and I say that she can have free time and the like."

    Mor Rioghain: "If it fits into my schedule." She says plainly.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:27 No.9308122
    And...yeah. Mages, huh.

    James: "Oh, no. No, no, no. Because you'll work her to the bone." he's looking up, now, a flash of anger across his face. "We BOTH beat her. Had it been just you, they would have won."

    Mor Rioghain: "If I have no use for her I do not care what she does, but when I have a use It will be done post-haste, end of discussion." Morrigan's tone gets more and more irritated as she speaks.

    James: "Unless I need her then." His gaze does not waver.

    Mor Rioghain: "My needs will work her towards freedom, and thus I believe she'd correctly see them as more important,"

    James: 'Mine do, as well. You are not the only decider in this. If it was just you, she could have tossed her sheld up, taken your blast, and then Archer could have just walked up and stabbed you with an arrow."

    Mor Rioghain: "IT does not matter how she was captured, she is my prisoner and she will do as I say." She puts down her silverware and heads away from the table, leaving an awkward silence in her wake.

    James: 'No. you don't have to. If she tells you do do something crazy, you tell me. Alright?" he looks at Mio.

    Mio Nostromo: "You realize you are basically making the Adelaide woman look so weak as that I should simply kill her in her sleep and take her crest instead?"
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:29 No.9308138
    He makes her see some sense, at least.

    James: "You DO relise that if you tired that, I'll kill you first, and a lot slower, right? You have rights. I'm going to make sure of that. But, you will NOT abuse them." Power crackles between his hands, as he looks at her."I'll take care of you, but only as far as you do not try to betray me, or Morrigen, or Saber."

    Mio Nostromo chuckles dryly, "And here I was expecting good cop bad cop not an test to see which of you two was scarier." **

    James: "I want you to be my friend. but, I'll let you use that only so far. I'm TRYING to make this easier on you, but, nether of you are helping me. If you do, I can try and do it so you can keep your crest, and get out of this alive."

    Mio Nostromo: "I hope you do not let the Adelaide woman use you up or jade you James, you are a rather noble man, the world of Magi is not for you."

    James: "I'm not going to be anyones tool. Me OR saber." He gives a sigh, leaning back, anger draining from him. "and..yeah. I can see that. I promised Morrgien I'd help her, though. And, I'm making the same to you. I'll do what I can, to make your life easier. but, you've got to give up this idiocy, here. Not with Morrgen, not with me. Hell, if you want help against others, I'll help you. Just..not us. Not in my house."

    Mio Nostromo sighs getting up. "I will do what I can, but I can not stop with Morrigan for if I do she will use me up into nothing before you know it is even happening." **

    James: "try. You...you don't have to stop, all at once. But, ease up. I'll get her to, as well." He gives another sigh, pushing his plate into the place of saber's empty one, and she starts to eat from it. "You're welcome along for the clothes shopping, tomorrow."

    Mio Nostromo: "And how can I go out hmm!?" she tugs on her ears, "With These things!?"

    James: "I've got a bucket hat. It'll fit over them."

    Mio Nostromo: "And my tail?"
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)02:29 No.9308146
    This thread is getting on my nerves. Keeps bumping actual /tg/ threads off the main page. Get the fuck out.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:31 No.9308159
    James: "Well, there are some pants you could use, or a longer skirt. I think it would fit over your normal stuff." He picks up Morrgen's bottle, and plate

    James: "Look, its an offer so you can be out of the house a bit. It's up to you."

    Mio Nostromo: "I shall think on it.." She moves downstairs seaming to go off on her own to what was your room...

    James carrys the plate and bottle to the shared room, pushing the door open. "If you want to yell at me, now's the time to do it." **

    Mor Rioghain: "The girl is going to kill me in my sleep you just wait for it!"

    James: "No. She's not." he sighs, putting the stuff onto the tray in the room. "She knows that if she tried that....Saber would be..upset. So would I."

    Mor Rioghain gives a bit of a growl, "You would think that, and yet that does not make me more secure." **

    James: "I've talked her to the point where she is willing to try and get along with you. I've offered her the same promise I made you. To help, but, only if it's within my boundaries."

    Mor Rioghain: "And if we ask opposite things?"

    James: "I won't work against either of you. But, if it's opposite things, that applys to someone else, well, I'll see what I can do. I'm hoping to get to the point where all of our goals can intersect."

    Mor Rioghain: "As my mother often told my father, it's not wise to oppose the woman with which you share a bed."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:33 No.9308177
    More talky. Will fast forward in just a bit, but, there is something important in all this.

    James: "I'm going to help. And I'm going to keep you from doing....things you'll regret. But, I'll only do it as your friend, not as your Tool."
    James smiles, softly. "And that's WHY you need me. I won't just roll over for you." He sits beside her, tray on his lap. **

    Mor Rioghain: "And so what you are saying is I need someone to oppose me?"

    James: "I'm saying, you need me, so I can stop you from doing..things. So you can look at yourself, in the morning, and not have to look away." He spears a bite on the fork, and offers it. "Because I won't let you sacrifice yourself."

    Mor Rioghain bites the food blushing a bit. "So you are to be my Jiminy Cricket?" **

    James: "Heh. Not seen that moive in ages. If you wanna call it that. I'll be your motivation. to do things the right way. Saber will pull from above. I'll push you on from behind. we'll get your family the power you want. But, we'll do it the right way."
    James scoops another bite, and starts to feed her slowly, offering the bottle every now and again. **

    Mor Rioghain eats silently, not speaking up simply blushing at the situation.. **

    James: 'well...once she's done being depressed or whatever. She's..worried about something."
    James: "she spent like the whole hour staring at her hands."

    Mor Rioghain: "What does she have to be depressed about?"

    James: "She's a person, just like you or me. And she's got a LOT more that's gone bad in her life....'

    Mor Rioghain: "I'm not exactly sure on that one James. She DID save a country and there are things worse than death."

    James: 'She also never got to see it be freed....and she got burned to death, and no one tried to save her. Like I said..I don't know. i just know that she's..confused. Or upset. or both."

    Mor Rioghain: "Then you could ask her about it ror just wait for her to either talk about it or move on."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:35 No.9308205
    And....here we go.

    James looks unhappy at this revelation, but does not say anything against it. "Well, fine. But, I think we can get Mio to WANT to help us. we just have to treat her like a person. Not a thing. Please. trust ME." **

    Mor Rioghain: "I've treated her as a person the entire time." She says with a huff.

    James: "No. You've not. you've been treating her like a tool."
    James: "Someone to scare, and browbeat. And use."

    Mor Rioghain: "A hammer does not need to be spoken to or scared." She says in an hushed tone.

    James gently forces her head up. "don't. Don't argue this with me. Not this one. Please. treat..treat her like you do me." **

    Mor Rioghain: "I can't treat her exactly as I do you..."

    James: "well..not exactly. But, you know what I mean. Treat her MORE like me. " he stares into your eyes, before his own go wide.

    Mor Rioghain 's dart away, "I will try.." **

    James: "Morigen...you..your eyes."

    Mor Rioghain: "Huh?" She looks back at you, "W-what about my eyes?"
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:37 No.9308225
    And, she's back to normal. Mostly. Ears are still a bit funny, but, yeah. FFing here, they play around a bit, and he gets her to orgasm, surprisingly, for once.

    James: "They...they're brown, again..."

    Mor Rioghain: "Wha?!" She seams half surprised and half thrilled.

    James blinks slowly, tilting your head. "Yeah....they...they're back to normal." **

    Mor Rioghain: "It's about time, I expected them to return to normal sooner."

    James reaches up, and freezes when his hands touch your ears. "Uh..mostly. Turn around." **

    Mor Rioghain turns around obediently... **

    James reaches up, and under the dress, taking a handfull of full rump, before checking the base of her spine. "No tail...and your legs are normal, again, too." **

    Mor Rioghain: "Yeah!" She gives you a hug, almost tackling you, uncaring of how her breasts rub into you.

    James falls back, gladly taking her weight. 'Good....that means Mio will be alright, too. It was upsetting her so much..." He wraps his legs around you rolling and pinning you. "Glad to see you happy again." **
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:38 No.9308244
    And, ON TO 18!

    James: He pulls the covers up around her, making sure the pillow is there for her.

    Mor Rioghain begins to fall toward sleep, "I -yyaawn - see.." **

    James: "I'll join you in a bit. Going to make the rounds. Hope you're up for buying saber some new stuff tomorrow." He leans in, kissing her forehead.

    Mor Rioghain: "o-k" she says softly falling truly asleep

    James brushes her hair, before slipping out, turning the light out, before going back to the kitchen, to see if Saber was still there. **

    Saber is now standing looking about, as if moving into her sentry mode for the evening... **

    James: "Have you thought enough?" He clears her plate, and his own, taking them to the sink, turning the water on.

    Saber: "For the time being I have collected my thoughts, I do have to make sure you, Morrigan and Mio can sleep safely."

    James: 'want to talk some, before you go? I'm not tired, yet." He pours some soap into the water, and starts to scrub.

    Saber: "What about Master?"

    James: "Well...what were you thinking?" He grabs a harder bristled brush, and starts to work

    Saber: "Metaphysical thoughts on my current existence."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:41 No.9308271
    More talky talky. There is some action in this one, near the end. Sorry about all the talky.

    James: "Oh, man. You wanna be careful on that...I tend to get a bit depressed if I do it too much." he pats the counter beside him, offering a seat.

    Saber takes a leisurely step over hoping up onto the counter. **
    Saber: "Yes... I realized that was happening." She gives a forced laugh, "So I've collected my thoughts and I shall let them work themselves out."

    James: "Dammit, girl. We are getting to be too much alike." he bumps his head into her chest, while he keeps scrubbing the dried food from the plates.

    Saber: "Is that a bad thing?" She puts her hand gently on the other side of your head.

    James grins up at her. "Never said it was." **
    James: He catches her hand in the crook of his neck, leaning his head to the side.

    Saber: "Tomorrow, despite her appearance, I want to go paroling with Morrigan."

    James: "Just her, or her and me?"

    Saber: "Both of you of course."

    James: "Well, there's a lucky surprise. She's mostly normal, again."
    James: He keeps scrubbing, her hand captured against his shoulder.

    Saber: "Mostly? What's that mean?" She slowly rubs her fingers on James's neck
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:44 No.9308297
         File1271745855.jpg-(102 KB, 550x625, 1252760717221.jpg)
    102 KB
    Finishing up in the kitchen, he pokes in on Mio, before bed.

    James: "Alright. Well, we'll figure it out. Although, I KNOw you'll just use it to tease me when no one can see. You eveil gril." He gives a smile and a waive, setting the bottle down at the door of the shared room, before heading to "his".
    James: He knocks, still holding the bag. "Mio? You still up?"

    Mio Nostromo: "Yes," She speaks groggily from the room.

    James pushes the door open, stepping in. "Just checking up, before I lay down. How are you feeling?" **

    Mio Nostromo: "I'm Fine James... No different than the last we spoke."

    James: "Really. Damn. " He gives a sigh, and sits. "Some of Morrgiens changes have cleared up, I was hopping yours had, too."

    Mio Nostromo jumps up, Checking herself over, obviously having not changed... **

    James: "yeah...It..looks the same, Mio. I'm sorry." He heaves another sigh, and offers a hand.

    Mio Nostromo moves up looking at your hand with curiosity... **

    James: "I..was..I was offering a hug. i figured you might want one." He shrugs helplessly.

    Mio Nostromo: "A Hug?" She quirks an eyebrow at you.. "Why would I want one?"

    James: "I thought you might be upset you were not..well, back to normality." He pushes off the ground sitting beside her, offering the bag of candy.

    Mio Nostromo: "I am a bit disappointed, but that is to be expected, but why the hug?"
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:45 No.9308314
    James: "Because it can make you feel better?" There is some confusion on his face at this point

    Mio Nostromo: "Embracing someone I barely know is supposed to be comforting?"

    James: "Alright, I guess it's true we still got a bit to learn about one another." He proffers the bag again.

    Mio Nostromo: That we do...

    Mio Nostromo rolls up on the bed like a cat would normally to sleep. **

    James: "Oh. One more thing. Saber....she's, like...molting, or something. Do you know anything about that?" He stands, getting off her bed

    Mio Nostromo: She raises her head "Huh Molting? Like a bird shedding it's feathers for a new coat?"

    James: "Yeah. Only, in this case, it's her armor."

    Mio Nostromo: "Her armor can't change... unless thats a special ability she has as a servant... but I know no hero who'd have that..."

    James: "Yeah. As far as she knows...she lacks that. That's why I was asking. I wanted to know how insane it was."

    James: "But...it is happening. So..yeah."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:46 No.9308326
    Mio Nostromo: "Look, Every servant is a Heroic Spirit, do you know what Heroic Spirits are?"

    James: "It's the..um, soul of a hero, right?"

    Mio Nostromo: "right. Every Hero whom becomes Legendary has their Soul taken out of the cycle or reincarnation and placed into the Throne of Heroes, when they are needed by the universe, they are copied and the copy is sent to earth. Saber is this copy of a soul, she can not change from the original."

    James: "But...she is. there can be no question that she is." He leans against the door.

    Mio Nostromo: "Well then You've got an impossibility on your hand, a thing you should keep an eye on."

    James: "So...just like normal, huh?" He laughs. "Alright. You can have a look at her in the morning, I would appreciate your thoughts as a mage on it."

    Mio Nostromo: "alright..." She doesn't seam too interested as she lays back down, tail moving back and forth...

    James walks back over, bring his hands down her back and spine, stroking. "Thanks. I'll leave the candy, if you want any." **

    Mio Nostromo: "Thanks.."

    James: "Night, Mio. If you need anything, Saber can help, or, come ask me." He shuts the door, heading into his own room, setting the bottle on the nightstand, before stripping down, and into bed, curling around Morrigen.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:48 No.9308362
    And, we jump into the morning, and hear more about the impossibility of what's going on. yay.

    In the morning.

    Saber stands around, looking almost board, clad in her rent armor. The left side is mostly destroyed, but, shows some changes, in the parts that are back. Rather then the solid plate that covers her right side, there are gaps in it, only the leg plating to the knees, as well as a single plate as well as the gauntlet on her arm and hand. The breast plate still bears the scars from where Arche's arrows struck, scored and broken. **

    James sits on the coutch, watching the two mages circal and prod at her. **

    Mio Nostromo: "Weird... I can't believe the differences... Though I suppose this is why only copies are sent from the Throne.." She moves about looking at close detail.

    Saber: "You can touch, if you must. " her face goes utterly blank at the talk of a copy.

    Mor Rioghain: "Saber's armor is part of her as a Servant, I suppose you've had such a profound effect on her James that even her form has started to change..."

    James: "Um..good?" He gives a shrug.

    Saber: "In throy, I will be faster, once it is all done. The plating is as strong as any, however, I shall be able to move more freely, as well as swiftly. had this happened before, there is a decent chance I would have done better against Archer." She regards her own guantleted hands.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:51 No.9308394
    James: "But..how long until her armor is fixed, at least? I mean, is it normal for it to stay damaged like this?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Not at all, it normally should be fixed as soon as she has rest."

    Mio Nostromo: "As long as she has adequate mana."

    They shaire a look. "Um.."

    Saber: "There is no mana issue.'

    Mio Nostromo: "Then it should have been fixed by now..."

    Saber regards the rents in her armor again. "Perhaps I am just over thinking, then." **

    Mor Rioghain: "That makes sense, If your alteration of thought caused the armor shift, your over-thinking might lead to a bit of inner conflict, keeping your armor at a standstill."

    James: "Huh. Well..I know I'e done some odd stuff to myself by thinking hard about it, before."

    Saber: "Perhaps. Oh, Morrgien, and or Mio. Would you be able to tech him to sharpen his spiritual perceptions?"

    James blushes, looking down. "I could have asked myself..." **
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:52 No.9308408
    Mor Rioghain: "It's not exactly anything easy to teach."

    Mio Nostromo: "It's a just matter of focus really... Do you meditate?"

    James: "A bit, yeah. I mean, I've not really had time to, since..all of this started. and, even if it's not that easy, I did pick up the basics of reinforcement in a few hours. I mean, yeah, I really still gotta work on it, but, still."

    Saber sits summons her sword, the long blade sitting heavy in her hands as she looks at it. **

    Mor Rioghain: "Meditate for four hours a day, after breakfast or after lunch, your choice, starting tomorrow."

    James: 'Four..." He sighs. "yes, Teacher."

    Saber gives a few experimental slashes. "I was right. My left side moves faster then my right, now. this will be awkward. Morrigen, will you come with us tonight?" **

    Mor Rioghain: "Tonight?"

    James: "oh, yeah. Saber thinks it's fine to start up our potroals again."

    Mor Rioghain: "Of course then I shall."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:55 No.9308439
    And, time skip.

    Later, that night, after a day of shopping.

    Mor Rioghain comes out of her room in a long dark grey trench coat with sleeves past her hands.. **

    James: "Oh, nice. What are you hiding?" He's still trying to decide what all to take.

    Mor Rioghain: "All of my weaponry is hidden with this outfit."

    James: "what...all of it? that's a lot..." At last, he makes a few choices, hidding guns onto his person, before throwing on his own coat, a black, slightly more raggedy version of the one she wears.

    Mor Rioghain: "All of the weaponry I am taking is hidden" She rolls her eyes with a sigh.

    Saber steps out, clad in some of her own new things, all black, mimicking her master as always, a shorter coat that goes to just a bit below her knees, slacks, and a red scarf rapped around her neck and lower face. "Are we ready, then?" **

    Mor Rioghain: "If you are."

    James: "Oh. Well, yeah, that's kinda the point." With a slight bit of agusting, his things are hidden too. "Really need to lean how to do the flick hand, gun now in it, trick, though." he tosses Saber the case, that she easily snatches from the air.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)02:57 No.9308456
    What the hell is going on here?
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:57 No.9308458
    And, off to the park.

    Saber: "So? Where were we going?"

    James: "Uh, well, we could start at the park...it tends to be popular."

    Mor Rioghain: "Fair enough..." She nods and heads towards the doors, her arms limp at her sides..

    James: "Uh..anything explosive I should know about?" he moves a good bit more naturally, following, as Saber takes the rear, case over her shoulder.

    Mor Rioghain: "I have three grenades, but thats not a reason to be concerned."

    James: "Uh..wonderful."

    Saber stows the case, and is in the car in a flash, starting it up. **
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)02:58 No.9308471


    At the park.

    James: "Perhaps we should have brought your bike...just in case."

    Mor Rioghain gets out the car slowly. "I rather not have, in case I need to use my eyes..." **

    James: "Huh?"

    Saber: "He WAS out of it for that part..." She removes the case, strapping it to her back.

    Mor Rioghain: "Well we can discuss it later. For now, be on the watch."

    James shrugs, walking beside Saber. "Fine, it can wait." **

    Saber walks at a leasely pace, almost relaxed. **
    Saber sniffs. "I can feel you....you might as well come out." **

    Lancer: There's a laugh from above, and over, up high in one of the trees. "Oh, dear. You found me."

    Mor Rioghain tenses looking about. **

    James grabs the case from saber, opening it, garbing his sword. **

    Saber: "Are you planning on coming down?"
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)03:00 No.9308496
    And, just a bit, and then curb-stomp. Badly.
    Lancer: "Oh, in just a bit. Hello, love. Nice to see you, again. Looks like I get my chance to win you, now..."

    Mor Rioghain: "Looks Like today's your unlucky day Lancer, I'm a thousand times more deadly than when we first met on the battlefield."

    Lancer moves, hanging from the tree by her powerful legs. "Oh, I'm not too worried. I'm MUCH faster then that old Archer." Her eyes take in the defiant stare of Saber, and the other one. "Ah, and you are the two I am going to fight." **

    Aidan: "This is your pretty Lancer?" The arrogant voice rings in the air, as he steps out from the shadows of the park, dressed in his pristine white suit with a mischievous laugh, "I Had thought you had better taste than such a pathetic woman."

    Lancer: "tch. Don't be too hard on her poor thing, Master. She's not that bad, at all. Got a fighting spirit."

    James and Saber let out an almost simultaneous groan. **
    James: "You got to be kidding me..."

    Saber: "Figures."

    Mor Rioghain silently begins crying... eyes fixated on the man before her... **

    Aidan: "What Fighting Spirit?" He chuckles. "Mor Rioghain Charlotte Elizibeth of the Adelaide House, I hereby order you to Forsake your stake in the Holy Grail War."

    James: "wait....what?"

    Saber throws a startled look, back and forth. **
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)03:04 No.9308532
    Lancer: "Oh, now...that's no fun." She gives a sigh, before dropping to the ground, standing beside him

    Mor Rioghain: With a quick fall to her knees, "I forsake all rights to partake in the Holy Grail War, Hereby surrender my command spells." The words seam dragged from her.

    James: "wait! WHAT!?"

    Aidan: "I already own her, You can take her any time Lancer, but fighting for her would be like a war over the tv remote - utterly pointless in the end."

    Saber 's armor fades onto her, still as broken and as half formed as it had been in the morning. She extends her blade, stepping before Morrigen, swinging down, slashing a line into the ground. "No." **

    James moves in front, as well, standing beside Saber. **

    Mor Rioghain: "Saber, James don't, Don't stand up to him." Her voice trembles slightly...

    Aidan: "I suppose a Formal introduction is in order, Ms. Susan and James, I am Aidan Viktor Raphael of the Adalheidis House. The Adelaide House is simply a branch house of my own, one of five actually."

    Lancer 's own forms over her. "Tch. A broken servant?" **

    James: "James. House of none." his hands clench. "You know Saber. Or, Susan. The name she's chosen."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)03:06 No.9308551
    Saber stares back, unblinking. **

    Mor Rioghain: "James, Stand down. This IS a matter of Magic and I am your Teacher dammit!" She speaks in a whisper to James, before calling out, "Aidan, The Boy is my Apprentice, You have no need to kill him."

    James grits his teeth. "What?" **

    Aidan: "What use is such an apprentice - No House?!" He laughs, "I can't believe you've gone and acquired such an apprentice. I am really starting to doubt your abilities as an Heir to one my branch families. You lost your servant the first night, this house-less apprentice and that body of yours. Nope, a Horrible Heir indeed, mayhaps your sister or one of your cousins should take your place."

    James raises his arm, and lighting crackles around it, before he forces it back down. "I don't NEED a house." His eyes lock on the man before him. **

    Saber slowly raises her own blade. "WE don't need a house." **

    Aidan gives a hearty laugh at James's display. **
    Aidan: "No need of a House? Lancer, I'll take care of these two, Versus Corpous De Vis."

    Saber is gone, sundnly, as is Lancer, a sharp gasp actually coming from her as she's forced back, although there is a large amount of dust kicked up, as Saber's imbalanced armor trips her up, the Prana Burst and the unwieldy half-formed armor actually bouncing her across the ground. **

    James: "Dammit...right side..." He claps his hands together, and brings them apart, lighting arcing up and down his right arm.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)03:09 No.9308574
    And, who else has to come? Oh..right.

    Aidan: "Divinus Celeritas" Aidan seams to disappear as he speaks and like a flash he is in front of Saber, "Amplus Creo Ignem!" Even as the words leave his mouth his hand is engulfed in flames shooting forth from his palm like a flamethrower, right at Saber's chest...

    James: "..son of a.. " The lighting arcs and jumps, swirling at him, even as Saber twists to the side, and kicks off the ground, strait up.

    Lancer lands behind Morrigen, tapping her spear. He HAS to take all the fun...." She lets out a sigh. **

    Aidan raises one hand toward Saber, "Rego Aero." with that the wind seams to try to throw Saber to the ground as he looks to James. "Perdo Terram." With that, the ground seams to erupt around James... **

    Lancer picks Morrigen up, and moves her to the side. **

    Mor Rioghain: "Why.." She barely manages to speak, crying at the sights before her...

    James: Several images and words flick trough his mind, until he settles on one, even as her throws himself to the side, hand moving in the air.

    Saber lands with a crash and a scream, parts of her armor shearing off from the impact. She forces herself to her feet, her blade pushing her up like a crutch. **

    Morana Ansgar: "OooOoo! What do we have here?" The words echo in the night, as the moon seams to visibly redden in the sky. The woman with the Red Hair seams to meld from the shadows behind the battlefield. "I did not think I'd see any of you so soon and you brought me new toys... But Where's my little kitty?"
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)03:22 No.9308715
    Saber looks up, horror dawning on her face. **

    James: "Oh..uh..Mio..is not here right now...." He slowly gets up, still tracing.

    Aidan: After a second of contemplation Aidan seams to vanish as he moves in a flash to Lancer. "Drop the bitch, we go - I've no use of fighting a vampire tonight."

    Lancer steps forward. "What is THIS? Master, Sh..." She spits. "Very well...." She lets go of Morrigen, stepping back. **

    Aidan: With Lancer's reply he disappears.

    Morana Ansgar: "Ooh! My little play things are running away, thats no good!"

    Lancer casts a longing look over her sholder, before kicking off the ground, blurring into nothingness. **

    Saber slowly stands, blade held before herself. **

    James finishes tracing, but, holds the spell, ghostly runes floating around. "Good...evening, Miss Morana." **

    Mor Rioghain runs up to James, tears still streaming down the sides of her face. **

    Morana Ansgar: "Good Evening... You're Ugly you know that?"

    James gently pushes her. "You go ahead and get going. Please." **
    James: "I..what? Well...um, if you say so..."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)03:24 No.9308737
    And...yeah. Everything starts going even more to hell.

    Saber slowly sheaths her blade, painfully walking around in a wide arch, to the couple. **

    Morana Ansgar: "Don't you want to be beautiful instead?"

    James pushes Morrigen again, while saber takes her arm, slowly leading her off. **

    James: "ah...I've..always kinda liked how i am...but..well, if you have a good idea of something to do, I'll listen..."

    Morana Ansgar: "Don't worry I'll make you pretty," Her eye shows through her hair for a moment and you suddenly feel a bit different. "No Leaving you two."

    Saber freezes. "Master?" **

    James: "No..best..best st-ay.." his voice cracks at that last word.

    Mor Rioghain opens her eyes wide as she looks at James's changed form... **

    James is...changed, although "he" can't see it. A few touches more delicate, although "he" still has the slight lean muscle about "him". The bulky coat still cloaks most of "his" form, so, not much else can be made out. **

    Morana Ansgar: "Better.." She surveys James, "Take off that shabby Coat"

    James grits her teeth, but drops it, shrugging it off. As far as you can tell under the clothing, she's a lot like saber. Just a mild swelling to the shirt, and the jeans hugging a bit tighter then they once were. "What..what did you do?" The voice still cracks as she tries to get used to it **
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)03:28 No.9308776
    Morana Ansgar moves closer looking over James. "I've made you much more beautiful... But these close don't suit you..." **

    James: "More..." she slowly feels around herself, growing more panicked. "My..what..." She thrusts a hand into her pants, and her eyes go wide.

    Morana Ansgar moves her hands over you, the clothes changing under her grip, pants pulling up into a pleated mini-skirt, shirt into a form fitting tank-top... **

    James: "ah...hey!" She gives a shiver, face beat red. "I..I liked those pants..." she tugs at the skirt, futilely trying to cover a bit more.

    Morana Ansgar: "Much better," She smirks, sharp fangs glinting red in the light.

    James reaches unsteadily down, drawing her glasses from the cello case, and slips them on, blushing harder as she looks down at herself. **

    Mor Rioghain moves aside James, "Get out of here While you can," **

    Morana Ansgar: "Now.." She speaks, turning to Saber, "What to do with you..."

    Saber staires unblinkingly at the vampire, clad in her broken armor. Plates have snapped from the right side, a few digging into her body, staved into the skin of her side, blood dripping slowly down the plate shards. **

    James gives Morrigen a push. "you...I won' leave Saber." **

    Mor Rioghain: "Take Saber and Run, I'll handle the Dead Apostle!" She speaks in a harsh tone, meant not to carry far.

    James: "Like that went so damn well last time. " her own face is in a snarl. "Just trust me!"

    Morana Ansgar lays her hands along Saber, Her armor evaporating and the wounds melting away as if they were never present. "We can't let you be marred by such things can we?" As she asks her hands slip over Saber's Hips, making them blossom out wider. **
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)03:32 No.9308816
    Saber blinks, touching herself slowly. "t..thank you?" **

    Morana Ansgar: "It's not often my victims thank me." She smiles, razor toothed maw reminding Saber of a shark...

    Morana Ansgar chuckles a bit as she turns around eye focusing on Morrigan, whom seams to fall into her clothing, and then down to the ground, clothes piling around her... "Still Think you can 'handle' me now?" **

    Saber blinks, at being let off so...lightly, compared to the others. **

    Mor Rioghain starts moving, pulling herself from her coat, standing head barley above James's Waist... "What the Fuck did you do to me!?" **

    Morana Ansgar: "Tsk, tsk, Watch your Tongue child."

    Saber almost compulsively slaps a hand over Morrigens mouth. **

    James slowly draws the younger-bodied girl close. "Can...can we go, now?" still her voice cracks. **

    Morana Ansgar: "Why do you want to go so badly? Do I scare you?"

    James grits her teeth. "y..yes. You do, a bit." She forces her gaze level, though, looking her in the eye. **

    Morana Ansgar: "But I'm not done playing yet" She Smiles again tapping James's nose.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)03:33 No.9308831
    James: The runes around her flicker out, sweat flecking her face. "Hey....why..why did....why could I not hold that spell?"

    Morana Ansgar: "And now for you.." She slaps Saber in the head, Her body changing like a ripple passing over her

    Saber drops in height as well, letting out a squeel at the hit, although unlike Morrigen she does not grow any younger, and her body is now proportional to it's new size. "Why.." She rubs her head. "Why did you have to hit me?" **

    Priscus Valerius: A Voice calls out from the night, "I've Found you, Vile Beast!"

    Morana Ansgar lazly turns. "Oh, what's this now? Another ugly toy?" **

    Priscus Valerius jumps from the distance, over the trees and down in front of Saber, Morrigan and James - blocking them from Morana **
    Priscus Valerius: "Fear not fair Maidens, I shall protect you from this Heresy!"

    Saber shoots back up, blinking, patting herself. "Huh...." She feels her hips, and gives a sigh, as that they are back to normal, as well. **

    James: "I..what? What is this?" She blinks.

    Mor Rioghain: "The Church's Executor!"

    Morana Ansgar looks over his shoulder. "What? Why...hey! You can't do that!" **

    Priscus Valerius: "Correct Little one, Now the three of you should Run along..."
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)03:35 No.9308859
    Saber looks back at her, and steps before Morrigen and James, Broken armor once more covering her body. "Respite of the Eternal Servant." The words are intoned in an almost prayer. There is a dull glow, and a shield now is on her arm. It is..plane. It's clearly been used in battle, and it bears the scars of it. "We shall be fine." **

    Morana Ansgar 's face twists into a scowl. "be small!....make that thing go away!" She gives an almost petulant shout. "Do what I said to do!" **

    Saber just stands, shield at the ready, watching, unblinking. **

    Priscus Valerius gives his wrists a flick as three sword handles move out of each sleeve and in-between his fingers, blades materializing almost instantly upon being in his hand, "You're mine Vile Wench of heresy!" he throws them into Morana, the holy blades burning her flesh... "Run - The battlefield is no place for women." **

    Saber does not even dignify that comment with an answer. "If we run, her Reality marble can again effect us. At the moment, I can block it." **

    Morana Ansgar gives a shriek, ripping the things from her skin. "stop that! This is no fun, STOP IT!" **

    Priscus Valerius: "Stupid woman." He sighs, pulling out a larger handle, as the blade of an over-sized great-sword forms. The blade turning the handle into the top of a cross. "Time to end your Heresy."

    Morana Ansgar glares. "NO." She snaps her fingers, the sound reverberating around the park. **
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)03:37 No.9308879
    Priscus Valerius: "I've taken--" 'He' stops talking as 'he' notes the change in 'his' voice. "Wha!?" 'he' drops the great-sword, blade fading away...

    Morana Ansgar turns around, crossing her arms. "I don't blame you, it's clearly "his" " You can hear the utter sarcasm dripping as she speaks. "Fault that my toy is not working. I won't be TOO rough on you, later." With that, she stalks off in a huff into the woods. **

    Priscus Valerius: "I-I-I" She falls over onto her newly shaped rump...

    James lets out a sigh. "Nice save, Saber." She claps her on the shoulder. "And..welcome to the club." She offers her hand. "I'm..was..James. Jamie, now, I guess." **

    Priscus Valerius: I-I'm Priscus Valerius" She says softly.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)03:38 No.9308895
         File1271749126.jpg-(89 KB, 400x564, Rider Read.jpg)
    89 KB
    And, that's it for log 18. Thoughts, questions, comments?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)03:42 No.9308931
         File1271749320.jpg-(32 KB, 600x360, y1pL-bXqZmH8a77iRffyRIzDfOrUZY(...).jpg)
    32 KB
    >works for the church
    >throwing swords
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)03:43 No.9308943
    As ridiculously similar to a bad visual novel as ever. Still, you guys seem to be enjoying yourselves, so good on you.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)03:45 No.9308968
         File1271749520.jpg-(33 KB, 176x199, goebels makes a face that diss(...).jpg)
    33 KB

    Why isn't this on /a/?
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)03:49 No.9309022
    It's a game a couple people are playing based on a Visual Novel, so it's /tg/ related and Some of us here enjoy it.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)03:49 No.9309024

    Because it's a roleplaying game. Thus, /tg/.


    I've heard worse. Thanks for not being all "BADWRONGFUN".
    That's better then normal /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)03:50 No.9309041
    I've tried to read this, I really have. But I look at it and my eyes just slide right off the words. Like trying to read Twilight or something.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)03:56 No.9309109
         File1271750219.jpg-(80 KB, 800x678, RIDER.jpg)
    80 KB
    Well, if there is nothing else to chat about, I'll get this all archived up. I'll stick around, though, so, if you have thoughts, questions, or comments, toss them at me, I'm happy to hear.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)04:05 No.9309187
    How permanent is the gender thing? And...it certainly seems like their chances of surviving this war just fell dramatically.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)04:12 No.9309232

    Why can't you just upload the logs onto some site instead of constantly bumping a thread?

    It'll be easier on you and easier on the people that are tired of seeing a 100+ post thread where most of the posts are made by you and that other guy.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)04:15 No.9309261
         File1271751331.jpg-(233 KB, 640x1024, 1271196783306.jpg)
    233 KB

    For him, it's a bit random. One week out of every month, and there is a trigger, as well. Saying something that implys he's feminine, or calling him a pussy, things like that will cause him to be female for a while. The reduction to his circuit does not last long at all, thanks to his retard strength regen.

    Pic related. It's more or less him as female, with Morrigen, in the dress. Her hair is longer, then in the picture, but, it's basically her.

    And...never count them out. Anything that does not flat out kill them...they tend to get around.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)04:18 No.9309285

    It's possible to just hide a thread, and I enjoy the back and forth. It helps me think, for example, the whole Reality Marble/Marble Phantasm conversation.
    >> Anonymous 04/20/10(Tue)04:28 No.9309385

    You're still taking the front page spot of threads where the majority of the posts weren't made by one person.
    >> Shanker 04/20/10(Tue)04:39 No.9309490

    When I started, there were three trolling threads and an edition war going on. Some people enjoy this, it's enough for me.

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