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  • File : 1271441424.jpg-(273 KB, 1280x1024, silent_hill.jpg)
    273 KB Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:10 No.9231221  
    Hey /tg/, I'm planning on trying out the nWoD rules using a Silent Hill campaign setting. Thing is, I don't know how to create encounters and monsters using the system. Anybody know how or have suggestions?
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:14 No.9231306
    thats why i like nwod, you can make shit up. just give something some stats and give it a name. it will work fine, every time in nwod
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:19 No.9231407
    I'm very interested in seeing what kind of story you have for your party. Could you some fluff details?
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:33 No.9231635

    Well, I have a general plan, but I'm going to let how the players play the game create the meat of the story. Here's what I have as the skeleton.
    1) The whole thing is a collaboration of subconsciousness, the players and perhaps even humanity. The characters inside it have more influence on it since they are more connected to it. Hell, they're in it!
    2) Since the nWoD is so nice as to supply the morality and virtue/vice into it's mechanics, going to play off that.
    3) How powerful the characters become depends on how much they understand about what's going on, their time inside, and their hope and will. This explains things like why things like plot devices, weapons, ammo, equipment, etc. seem to be "just laying around" in "random" locations.
    4) I'm also thinking about having a personal monster/persona for each character that becomes more powerful as the story goes on. Of course I'm going to have Pyramid Head, probably as an endboss or judge like being, but the projected "sins" can only be defeated by the one connected to it.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:35 No.9231663
    i like it so far, do tell more
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:38 No.9231707
    Get the Antagonists Book and the Slasher Handbook

    Both will help you create decent human antagonists and some creatures.
    >> scaredofshadows !!zxfRuuFd4v1 04/16/10(Fri)14:39 No.9231715
    nwod - proverbial monsters - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=E4LROYJQ
    >> scaredofshadows !!zxfRuuFd4v1 04/16/10(Fri)14:40 No.9231737
    nwod - antagonists - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YOVM2TH7
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:42 No.9231759

    Very much agreed. Also find out what personally your players are scared of warey of. Sometimes Lie to your players. If you tell them they see something, change it later. They walk into a lamp and there is a lamp in the corner, later it changes corners. Don't explain it. Just do it every once in awhile. Sometimes have something bang outside the door. If they open the door and look outside there is nothing there. Fuck with their heads. Fuck with their heads a LOT. Go look up the RPG "Normality". It has tips and tricks in the GM section. Use them.

    Also, for the love of God, use the silent hill soundtracks as ambient noise.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:42 No.9231760
    >Of course I'm going to have Pyramid Head

    Dont do this. Theres a damn good reason why he is in SH2, thats James' "personal monster". Leave him out, he isnt the end all "Make silent hill stuff cool" creature like homecoming and the movie would like everyone to think.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)14:42 No.9231772
    You know, I'm slightly irritated by your constant delivering, previously I was doing that. : D

    Keep it up.

    Book Of Spirits can help you a lot methinks. The Shadow is somewhat like SH, in some places called Wounds.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)14:43 No.9231795

    What an utter waste of my time that game was...
    >> scaredofshadows !!zxfRuuFd4v1 04/16/10(Fri)14:44 No.9231818
    nwod - book of spirits - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LW7K4X69
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)14:46 No.9231850
    SoS, upload Mysterious Places.

    The Whispering Woods is also a SH like place in WoD, in short it makes you become your Vice.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:47 No.9231864
    PH is more of an embodiment of a concept, that is to say, 'Punisher of the Guilty'. He appeared to James the way he did because James felt he had commited a great crime, and needed to be punished, which only a few SH characters do.

    However, it's been essentially stated that he's NOT a construct and rather an entity of Silent Hill.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:47 No.9231873

    For Pyramid Head, I would recommend you look at Slasher; a super-powered serial killer that Hunters occasionally turn into when they lose too much Humanity. He's a classic Mask (Jason-Voorhees style).

    WoD is quite system-light, so run with that. For instance, let's say you want something the players FUCKING RUN from. Not stand and fight. No matter what they do, don't give this thing stats or anything. They shoot it, it laughs. It attacks, whatever they roll to dodge JUST passes. If it hits them, it does MASSIVE damage, but not quite enough to kill them.

    Play free and loose.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:48 No.9231888

    If you do decide to include him. Make it a VERY subtle referance. Such as a distant scraping and dragging noise somewhere in the darkness. Or perhaps icons or imagery (portraits) of the executioners.

    But for the love of Samael, don't make him an opponent... Or worse a saviour...
    It's just cliche'd bad form.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:48 No.9231897
    Samefaggin my own post, but:

    Only have PH show up if one of the characters had done something they really, truly regret. Something like killing an innocent entirely on purpose. He's not a dude to swing around lightly.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:49 No.9231904
    Pyramid head would be a bad idea. What he can DO is awesome (a hulk of flesh made human witha sword so large it will destroy all). but just, you know, change things up. Instead of a butcher he could be a large at guy for a glutton, a smooth, sultry redhead to someone who lusts. Things of that variety. But in all cases he/ it does the same thing. Chases and sacrs and kills. Instead of constant rape, like from Pyramid head they could do other things associated to the sin. Oh.... and sometimes have only one character see them. Or all BUT one! Make the characters feel isolated, alone and like nothing is left. OCcasionally pass threatening notes to the players and grin. but most of all, seriously, FUCK WITH THEIR HEADS
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:49 No.9231915
    You should go play SH2 again and put your thinking cap back on.
    >> scaredofshadows !!zxfRuuFd4v1 04/16/10(Fri)14:50 No.9231919
    nwod - mysterious places - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QB2IEW8X
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:50 No.9231926

    Include "A pyramid head" not "THE Pyramid Head". By which I mean "have an OOC conversation with your players about their characters wants, fears and worries, then give said fears legs and a big fucking knife"
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:51 No.9231935
    and if they fail to get the fucking hint to run, kill off the most ignorant as an example.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:51 No.9231939
    If someone does something they regret, why would they see the same thing as someone else entirely unrelated? Go be creative and come up with something else. Pyramid Head was James' creation, no one elses.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:51 No.9231945
         File1271443907.jpg-(31 KB, 800x533, Smoking_by_Dynnnad.jpg)
    31 KB
    I agree with this poster. Even if PH is the poster boy for Silent Hill, I'd focus more on the visuals and the general feel of Silent Hill. Possibly design something with PH's aesthetics in mind.
    Hulking. Deadly. Silent. To me, this defines PH. Work with that, come up with something that inspires the same level of dread in your players as PH did in the Silent Hill 2.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:52 No.9231949

    Afterwards, yes. In SH 2 he was explicitly an expression of Jame's sexual impulses, which was why PH keeps raping monsters. Then the movie came along and for some reason PH can be fucking summoned by throwing the horns or something.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:53 No.9231973
    "It's big. Really big. About twelve feet tall. You always did say you hated dogs. It's covered in hair so long you can't really discern its shape, just that it's humanoid. You can't see any eyes or even a mouth, the head is just a lump on its shoulders. But its hands end in long, metal nails, rusted and jagged. With a huffing breath, it takes a step towards you."
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:54 No.9231987
    So where does all this take place, OP? Understandably, the world their going to running around in is really just an illusion of sorts...but...

    The subway? Apartments? Creepy hospitals? Locked in the room?
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:54 No.9231993

    Please tell me in what part states that PH is only James head stuff...seriously the painting on SH Historical Society just shows that the executioner aspect of PH is possible...
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:54 No.9232003

    Before game begins, have the characters be VERY fleshed out. This is going to depend HEAVILY on you knowing precisely what a given character fears and has lurking in their closet. You have to exploit that.

    What I would recommend if prior to play, have your players build their characters and then give them a questionaire. Ask them about things like "darkest secret", "deepest shame", "worst pain I've ever felt" and so on. If possible, try to make sure these motivations stay secret from each other.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:56 No.9232026
    This is the best way to handle it. Each person who comes to SH has different monsters.

    "They look like monsters to you?"
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:57 No.9232036

    Everything is dots.

    Failing that, use the ghost rules. I'm trying to make a SH setting and it's not working out because nothing is ever explained about the town.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:59 No.9232052

    >"They look like monsters to you?"

    Ooh. Possibly some monsters look one way to one character and another way to a different character. Say, if a monster represents Suffocation and only one character is specifically afraid of being smothered, they get a special description and perception of it.

    You'd need to do some hardcore note-passing - maybe write up some flashcards before hand to pass to the player who sees the monster. That includes stuff like how it gurgles and that face looks so much like your father's..
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)14:59 No.9232066
    Pyramid Head was a combination of things. To say he's purely just for James, is pretty ignorant of the rest of SH lore. He was a representation of many a thing.

    HOWEVER. I will say that if you include something like Pyramid Head, your players (If they are fans of the game and of course Pyramid Head.) will get more of a thrill than a scare of encountering him. Even a chase scene stops becoming scary and is just exciting...

    So create something new. Something that can and will disturb the players. There are many a thread on suptg archives which gives good ideas for SH monster creation. I suggest you search the tag listings there.

    Secondly. SH is all about personal psychological horror. Not cool for the sake of cool.
    If your players aren't creeped and chilled to their very bones by your own creations, then you probably shouldn't be DM'ing this session.
    >> scaredofshadows !!zxfRuuFd4v1 04/16/10(Fri)15:00 No.9232078
    ... think monster meant for me have rifles for arms, calling my name in soft tones
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)15:00 No.9232079
         File1271444428.jpg-(8 KB, 180x268, abstractdaddy.jpg)
    8 KB
    Damn, I just remembered this guy thanks to you.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:01 No.9232107

    Aren't you incredibly banned?
    Maybe your monster wields hammers.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:01 No.9232110
    I had dancing hollow limbless corpses in a game once.
    There was a good reason, I swear.
    Oh, and the heads were untouched.
    >> scaredofshadows !!zxfRuuFd4v1 04/16/10(Fri)15:03 No.9232129
         File1271444588.png-(790 KB, 794x680, 13.png)
    790 KB
    laughed and cringed same time, anon

    any thing else for uploading?
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:03 No.9232143
    Could also be a harrowing double edged sword to find out that perhaps the players might even consider one another to be monsters.
    How you do such a thing would be tricky, but it would certainly be a memorable experience if pulled off correctly.

    Much better than just saying the monsters were actually people and you were killing nameless NPC's all this time. Whoop de freaking doo...
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:03 No.9232149
         File1271444638.jpg-(528 KB, 641x859, 1261097356563.jpg)
    528 KB
    Seems to me like his tripcode is decidedly not banned.
    Also seems like he is contributing a hell of a lot more than you at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:04 No.9232150
         File1271444641.gif-(234 KB, 2799x2310, sng-ign_silent_hill_3.gif)
    234 KB

    There's so much already done for SH, all I have to do is piece it together. That's half the reason I chose this for a setting.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:04 No.9232168
    Keep reporting that piece of shit. Mail moot, fire up IRC, do everything to get his ban hammered home once and for all.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)15:05 No.9232172
    Asylum. It will be good for fleshing out the character psychoses.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:05 No.9232181

    Well, WoD has things like Morality, right? What about Sanity?
    How about as someone starts losing their Morality, Willpower or Sanity, they start percieving the world differently.. and being percieved differently. Someone who loses Humanity/Morality/Whatever starts seeing similarities between his teammates and the monsters. And they start seeing similiarities in him..
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:06 No.9232194
    There is a section on Derangements on nWoD

    I'm not familiar with the system linked to using them however.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:06 No.9232196
    Normally, he just namefags. He added his tripcode today. I'd simply add wordfilters to autoban *scared* and *shadows*, expandable as he goes through permutations.
    >> scaredofshadows !!zxfRuuFd4v1 04/16/10(Fri)15:06 No.9232202
    nwod - asylum - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2IO5KWO6
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)15:07 No.9232210
    Simply lowering Morality and adding derangements are just as fine, you don't need a separate trait, it would only mess things up. Interestingly, Changeling Clarity is a mishmash of sanity+morality in one. MIGHT be worth checking out.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:08 No.9232223

    Hey, faggot, I'm contributing.


    All me.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:08 No.9232229
    I wouldn't bother adding another mechanic like Sanity. Using morality is fine.
    The whole point is NOT to turn nWoD into RULESRULESCHARTSRULES
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:09 No.9232239
    With proper DMing the DM himself can affect the character's sanity by altering what he/she will percieve around them.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:10 No.9232250

    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:10 No.9232254

    Yeah, I know we shouldn't turn it into something like D&D. I just like the idea of there being something to represent that if you start acting monstrous, you might become a monster. Or at least seen as one.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:11 No.9232267
         File1271445078.jpg-(79 KB, 450x600, Smoking.jpg)
    79 KB
    Fair enough. It's why I added a caveat on my post.
    Carry on.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:12 No.9232278
    well then /tg/, lets help this guys out. this thread is now a monster factory thread. i'll start

    a snake, made of the spines and ribcages of humans. interlocked into a serpentine form. anothe ribcage s spread open like a head at the front of the creature.

    spiders that are human hands tied together. with a baby's head on top.

    a monster made out of all the animals a certain player has ever killed, with his favorite pet as it's head.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:12 No.9232282

    Yes? I admitted to it. No need to point that out.
    Do you stand on the side of Gay Pride marches shouting "FAGGOTS"?
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)15:12 No.9232283
    Lower social dice pools when loosing morality, add derangements and possibly natural abilities, powers when they degenerate to inhuman levels, let the powers mirror their vices.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:13 No.9232297
    The monsters are useless unless we have the characters. Let that be said.
    Otherwise it just becomes, a Wierd for the sake of Wierd type of monster and fails to hit the mark.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:13 No.9232306
    Who doesn't?
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:13 No.9232312

    A creature with a too-long torso, stretched and distended; the skin in patches appears almost translucent and you can see moaning faces pressing against it. No arms, or if it does have arms they appear to have been stiched across its chest as if wearing a straight jacket. As it walks, its over-long spine undulates like a wave. It attacks by slamming said torso on targets.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:14 No.9232341

    I personally go to hospitals and shout "DOCTORS"
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:18 No.9232388
    I used PH in a 4e game, but it was just cosmetic and none of the players knew who it was. Well, a couple of them did, but they thought it worked out well.

    Anyway, don't use PH directly if you can at all help it. It'd probably be best if he manifests when a PC has done something that they regret and they feel they deserve punishment for. But it still shouldn't seem right that PH does it.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:18 No.9232392
    I point at the people lying and beds and yell "YOU'RE A SICK INDIVIDUAL"
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:18 No.9232408
    I believe there should be interludes.

    Brief spells where the players find themselves back in their own home town, safe and sound.
    Although Silent Hill will still keep calling to them, bringing them back into the nightmarish Otherworld taking place within the town itself.

    And when it ends the players are back where they left off.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)15:19 No.9232409
    Some monster ideas.

    Wrath: a member of the character's family, preferably an abusive one. His/her body is ghoulishly grey, rusty barbwire tear into his/her skin drawing black ichor from rotten wounds. The veins on its forehead are glowing like embers and smoke is drifting out of its mouth. In its hand he/she is holding the character's favourite baseball bat, only bloodstained and burnt black / grotesque mace on which the character's favourite doll is impaled on, blood and guts coming out of the doll and is quietly groaning, then screaming when the blows come down.

    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:19 No.9232413
    >>9232392 in beds
    Oops. Ha.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:19 No.9232425
    I walk around the Old folks homes, point at random empty spaces and scream "DEATH!"
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:20 No.9232440
         File1271445628.jpg-(44 KB, 418x480, 1271189210172.jpg)
    44 KB
    Definitely look into some of the stuff about Centralia, the town Silent Hill is apparently based off.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)15:20 No.9232443
         File1271445635.jpg-(17 KB, 374x512, 1244651995318.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:21 No.9232461

    Well, there are some ways we could do that.

    How about there are rooms that are particularly close to the "other world", the twisted netherplace, perhaps because it is where something of note occured in the local history. The motel room that was built on the spot that the serial killer buried the bodies? Yeah, that'll act as a gateway.

    Sometimes, they'll be forcibly ejected from the otherworld, especially if they do something notable and traumatic to it, such as winning a bossfight.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:24 No.9232505
    In the Silent Hill games, there was always something that triggered it. When the players found a clue that linked them to their past or their sins, and then Otherworld attempted to condemn and punish them for it.

    Only if the player fought back hard enough did they conquer their demons. But if they failed to learn the truth, or feel guilt of their shortcomings then Otherworld would just keep coming.
    No matter where they would go.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:25 No.9232537

    Also, check out Pripyat. It's the town next door to Chernobyl. It got evacutated following the meltdown and was never re-populated. It's a ghost town to this day.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:26 No.9232548

    This'll be Silent Hill-esque but not necessarily Silent Hill. So it may be a little different.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:27 No.9232559
    To do that, Silent Hill, or some other circumstance, would erase their memory of the sin.

    In the respect, perhaps OP should tell his players to create the characters, but leave the sins and shortcomings to the DM. And the players have to figure out what they did and why they are being punished before it's too late...
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:28 No.9232578
         File1271446085.jpg-(109 KB, 500x583, 1265852035695.jpg)
    109 KB
    Some pictures of Pripyat to follow.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:28 No.9232591
         File1271446122.jpg-(174 KB, 500x624, 1265852391042.jpg)
    174 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:29 No.9232607
         File1271446187.jpg-(109 KB, 500x376, 1265852459957.jpg)
    109 KB
    This one is a bit better.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:29 No.9232609
         File1271446195.jpg-(24 KB, 300x300, RLU2VAPYQFY67NHRHJHQJLXHHSMNIB(...).jpg)
    24 KB
    OP here.

    Was thinking about personifying the characters Vices. I like >>9232409 as an example. Got more?

    Also, on PH, I know this might seem redundant, but read the Wiki on him. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_head
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:29 No.9232611

    Perhaps the sins are linked to their fears; someone is afraid of water because their baby drowned in the bathtub due to their negligence.

    This way, the players are participating in the events and it's not entirely out of their hands.
    >> scaredofshadows !!zxfRuuFd4v1 04/16/10(Fri)15:31 No.9232630
         File1271446272.jpg-(278 KB, 640x940, bad day.jpg)
    278 KB
    put my aim handle in email field for you, smoking-friend-anon

    any one welcome to scream at me over aim, and request owod / nwod stuff

    going to take a nap before going home tonight
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:32 No.9232646
    A large part of the SH atmosphere is making the player feel helpless and constantly like they're in danger. How would it be possible to get that across without arbitrarily jacking up the enemy difficulty?
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:32 No.9232660
         File1271446361.jpg-(152 KB, 500x667, 1265852609770.jpg)
    152 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:34 No.9232689
         File1271446466.jpg-(174 KB, 1600x1200, Rain.jpg)
    174 KB
    Have it raining nonstop.
    Have a woman like this pic standing in the rain silently.
    Every time someone tries to talk to her make sure she does nothing.
    If someone tries to touch her, end the game instantly saying that they all died. Be sure to warn them that their characters instincts tell them not to touch her.

    Make sure she stands there the whole game. In the exact same spot. Not even as a BBEG, just a trap to spring if they don't listen.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:35 No.9232698
         File1271446503.jpg-(90 KB, 500x375, 1265852654048.jpg)
    90 KB
    Well then, my ami, I may have to get AIM. Thanks.

    Anywho, this is my last Pripyat picture. I might dump some more generic horror images if ya'll want me to.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)15:41 No.9232820
    Sloth: a bloated woman (or man, it is hard to tell from all the quaking and rolling fat) sits in a pile of fecal matter and urine right in the middle of the room, staring at the static of a non-working television set infront of it with dead, empty eyes. You cannot decide which detail of it is more horrible, the putrid, maggot infested and corpulent flesh, the stench of dead animals that surround it, the clouds of flies, or the dirty goat head on top of its neck staring with a completely retarded look, its long blueish tongue lolling out and drooling acidic mucus on itself. Strangely you feel a weird stirring need to sit down next to it on the coach and stare at the TV with him (her?), the thing even pats the empty space next to it in a friendly way.

    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)15:43 No.9232843
    Damn, I still had use for you, oh well, I'll upload it myself then.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:47 No.9232931
    Write one for all the sins
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:47 No.9232936
         File1271447277.jpg-(14 KB, 270x289, 1264467667334.jpg)
    14 KB
    I encourage this Blackheart. Even if OP doesn't use it, I might.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)15:50 No.9232987
    Sure, also World Of Darkness: Inferno.


    For are your sinful needs.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)15:51 No.9233007
    It could be both, or neither. All of these are theories, nothing more. Silent Hill cannot be explained, and these intellectual flailings are futile against it's stark reality. It simply *is*
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)16:01 No.9233192
    Envy: the only seemingly normal person who was tagging along with the team till he disappeared not long ago stands before you in the bright lights of the soccerfield/football stadium/large open place you were headed. He promised escape but he delivered something else. In the light you can see that his countenance changed somewhat. His clothes are now bloodstained and dirty, the nails on his fingers became long claws, and patches of black fur covered his palms. His face seemed normal till he started smiling, then it basically ripped itself apart into a too wide grin showing off his mouthful of yellowish canines dotted with red spots, he snarls and growls at you. His catlike eyes glow with a deep green light and you can feel the waves of hatred pouring out of them and slamming against you.



    "*series of dog barks*"
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:01 No.9233206
    Someone with a Bebo account find out his e-mail address.
    >> Lace !Z8CM53dU66 04/16/10(Fri)16:03 No.9233246
    I don't have but half of them. Eventually I'll have a full 14.

    Each one is meant to be a boss and a minor enemy version.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:04 No.9233274
         File1271448265.jpg-(214 KB, 800x1323, No_smoking__by_tweee.jpg)
    214 KB
    Thanks Lace
    >> Lace !Z8CM53dU66 04/16/10(Fri)16:05 No.9233281
    Also, I haven't checked it in, like, almost a year.

    I should really start writing more.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:06 No.9233318

    The Seven Deadly Sins are pretty done to death, if I'm honest.

    AFTERWRATH: Representing jeaoulsy and the formation of grudges, Afterwrath is a purely reactionary creature. Simply, it will patrol a certain patch of territory. When it spots someone, it will observe them from afar until they do something that offends it. What this is will be usually mundane and something you wouldn't think not to do. Perhaps sitting on its favourite bench or hogging the shade under a tree. With the offense sighted, it will fly into a blind rage and attack immediately. Once killed, it will periodically ressurect and pursue the player until they find a way to permanently destroy the thing.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:10 No.9233393
         File1271448638.png-(39 KB, 257x362, 1268952180243.png)
    39 KB
    Really fuck with the players. Base your monsters off perversions of their *virtues*.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)16:13 No.9233474
    Gluttony: as you exit the building, a never felt before odour assaults your sense of smell, invading your nose and crawling up your nose to strangle your brain. Down the road, at the opening of an alley a trashcan rolls out spilling half rotten food, junk and trash on the ground, and after it a figure emerges. It crawled on all fours like an animal, and its pale form was covered only by brown filth. To say it was thin, or even gaunt, would be an understatement. Tiny amounts of muscle stuck to its frail bones, and that was that, skin hanged down from all parts, it like a too large coat thrown on a skeleton. It threw itself on the trash with surprising speed and vigour, and started to feast on it with disgusting loud slurps and cracks of metal as it ate even the can. When it was finished it moaned as in pain then suddenly looked up, right at you. The thing had the face of an old man, if with a slightly deformed nose (it almost looked pigish), and wide, too wide eyes. It licked it lips, the tip of its tongue opened up like some lamprey, then it started to crawl towards you.

    "PLEASE... PLEASE..."
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)16:15 No.9233499
    Hard to do since perverted virtues would be vices.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:15 No.9233501
    Silent Hill shouldn't really operate on reliable "rules" if you ask me.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:16 No.9233520
    Reported for Ban Evasion.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:19 No.9233564
         File1271449154.jpg-(71 KB, 600x600, Fisherman_by_bjorntoday.jpg)
    71 KB
    In most cases, I think it would be possible to make your monsters representative of the virtues without pushing it into the realm of vice.

    Temperance for example. I think you can represent that without going into the territory of sloth.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:20 No.9233591
    Temperance could be refusing to care about people, refusing to build attachments, that kind of thing.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:22 No.9233611

    That would be the opposite of Compassion.

    Temperance inverted would be over-indulgence. Gluttony. Lust.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:22 No.9233616
         File1271449356.jpg-(18 KB, 328x229, 1270583962927.jpg)
    18 KB
    I see them as a blank living barrier. They whimper and follow you around, drawing other, more dangerous virtues and blocking movement.
    >> Lace !Z8CM53dU66 04/16/10(Fri)16:23 No.9233624
         File1271449392.jpg-(189 KB, 486x798, The Bandaged Man.jpg)
    189 KB
    Oh, shit, I have a lot less than I thought. Here's the full list so far:

    Wrath - This guy. He's Sloth's foster father, and he not only hinders, but helps the main character. He shot himself and now his punishment is to be Wrath.
    Pride - Big guy, hunched over from a heavy rock chained to his back. He was a guy Sloth had a crush on, and he kinda liked her too, but he was too rich to want to ruin his status by doing anything and teased her.
    Lust - Rapist and child molester in life, he's kind of like Freddy Krueger in chains. He's also on fire.
    Sloth - Site says Helsing, but it's Sarah now. She had power and couldn't use it, so she punishes herself. She's the center of the town's troubles. She's grown inside of an ash tree.
    Envy - He's a normal looking guy who shows up every once in a while. In life he was a killer who murdered people and lived their lives. Because Sarah used him to kill Lust, he's been given a second chance, but in learning who he is, he sort of goes crazy. The black mold around the town reacts strangely to his emotions, and his 'final form' is a thorny mess of branches and mold.
    Greed - The guy who started it all, he made the crazy psychic girl, and then because of the money and power he could get, he took her back. His form is... I don't know. One idea was being chained to a wheelchair in the operating theater of the hospital, but another is that he's in a cage like Mary from Silent Hill 2 and his feet are on fire, because Simony's punishment in Hell is a lot more interesting than Greed's punishment in Purgatory.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:24 No.9233647
         File1271449469.jpg-(357 KB, 1137x1500, smoking_by_AndreaB_photography.jpg)
    357 KB
    But Temperance exaggerated is refusal of stimulation. Restriction, repression. All of those are applicable in a horror game, at least in my opinion.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)16:27 No.9233699
         File1271449677.jpg-(54 KB, 512x599, 512px-Gula-Demon.jpg)
    54 KB
    Greed: the scraping sound grew louder till the figure appeared around the corner of the hallway. It was a gaunt creature, its round stomach bloated like a very malnourished person's. The thing's face was a mess of melted flesh, no eyes visible, only a pair of distended slits that could have been nostrils and a wide mouth full of tiny fangs. Every now and then the thing's throat swelled up disgustingly, and it emitted a strange ribbiting sound. It blindly staggered forward towards your direction, the walls sending off golden sparks if the thing's hands scraped them. The creature had a seemingly golden chain nailed into its legs, and stuck or tied to it was a long mass of gibbering flesh, broken bodies still twitching, bits of material wealth sewn into them, a dollar here, a creditcard there...

    "*sniffing sound*"
    "*complete silence*"
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:32 No.9233784
    Oh god man what the fuck
    >> Lace !Z8CM53dU66 04/16/10(Fri)16:34 No.9233820
    Forgot about Gluttony.
    I have no Gluttony. I was thinking a drug addict, but I couldn't think of how to work him into the story. He'd be emaciated and smoking and have a big distended belly, and maybe look a little frog-like. But I don't know how to work him into the story, so I haven't much bothered in ages.

    Then there's the lesser ones:
    Sloth - six legged dog that only gets tired when it slows down.
    Gluttony - Thin frame, distended belly, leech head, large claw arms, always eating through their tiny mouth.
    Wrath - no idea. I was thinking little smoking beetles that claw and scratch and bite. And fight with one another. They might follow Big Wrath to get smoke in his eyes.
    Envy - An androgynous form bound in flesh, it's mouth stitched closed with wire. The broken stubs of wings poke from it's back. It's scream is so loud that it can disorient a person. They all look the same.
    Pride - Silent Hill nurses as maids.

    And that's all I got.
    >> Lace !Z8CM53dU66 04/16/10(Fri)16:38 No.9233896
         File1271450330.jpg-(218 KB, 495x900, Silent Hill - Six Cloppes.jpg)
    218 KB
    Meant to post this.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:39 No.9233923
         File1271450390.jpg-(125 KB, 2200x1464, whitehood.jpg)
    125 KB
    My kind of lady.
    >> Lace !Z8CM53dU66 04/16/10(Fri)16:42 No.9233985
         File1271450545.jpg-(166 KB, 1059x1500, 1264132493971.jpg)
    166 KB
    It's a lady?
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)16:42 No.9233986
    Lust: you follow the singing till you reach a pair of brown wooden doors. You can hear a woman gently singing and the laughter of a baby. You open the door but the sight greeting you is not so idyllic. The room is full of dead babies. Some hanged from the ceiling, impaled across the chest or head by huge rusty nails, or just thrown into a pile of rotting carcasses in the corner. You hear the most charming giggle in your life and a figure steps out from the shadows. It was a woman with well shaped legs. That was about the only part of her you could agree with as the rest came straight out of a nightmare. She was filthy, covered in fluids you'd rather not imagine, her body was full of scars and holes. She had two pairs of low hanging dark grey breasts stuck to her chest reaching down to her black, hairy crotch. Her head was a disaster area, no eyes, no face really, just scars, and very luscious lips. She smiled and you could see that her gums were black and rotting, her teeth knocked out and replaced by needles. Giggling she raised one of her breasts up to her mouth and bit on her nipple with a savage grin, black blood flow as she started towards you, a giant, rusty nail in hand.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:43 No.9234005
    I would very much like to continue exploring the use of the virtues.
    Sensory deprived Temperance is very interesting.
    >> Lace !Z8CM53dU66 04/16/10(Fri)16:43 No.9234009
    I think I threw up in my mouth a little.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:44 No.9234020
         File1271450649.jpg-(55 KB, 450x300, 1267054169321.jpg)
    55 KB
    I had intended that as a joke. Apparently it fell through.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:45 No.9234034
    This one's a little too over the top / silly, in my opinion.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:46 No.9234052
    I can see it. That'd be fantastic to fight with a clunky, camera-angle heavy combat system.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:46 No.9234065
         File1271450803.jpg-(104 KB, 740x507, _cigar_tradition_by_mi4.jpg)
    104 KB
    The traditional virtues, for reference.


    I have no ideas on what to do with Kindness.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:47 No.9234073
    I was talking about Temperance taken to it's most grotesque extreme.
    >> mr.mutant !OznYIH0S7Q 04/16/10(Fri)16:49 No.9234114
    think of a plaguebearer, oh so wants to share what it has, and only has diseases
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:50 No.9234141
    I was going to suggest a smothering kind of Kindness that wants to keep you secure and safe inside it.
    And then you suffocate.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:50 No.9234143
         File1271451031.jpg-(53 KB, 600x600, 1269573874206.jpg)
    53 KB
    I was thinking about that, but I think it misses the point a little.

    Plus, fits Charity better.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)16:53 No.9234191
         File1271451180.jpg-(22 KB, 678x384, ghouls-and-zombies-of-umineko.jpg)
    22 KB
    Lust has no quotes, she's too busy chewing off her nipples. The naughty vixen.

    Pride: the area you entered was a stark contrast to the rest of the area. Well furnished, colourful and clean, a friendly fire burning in the fireplace. But the main attraction was the man standing in the middle of the room. He looked like an imposing gentleman, dressed in a fine probably expensive suit, a pair of shiny black leather shoes on his feet and strangely cuffed together, and elegant cane in one hand and a lit cigar in his other, you could see his expensive golden Rolex glitter in the light. The only thing really off about him was the stuffed horse head 'mask' covering his head, the animal's expression frozen into one of timeless suffering. The glass eyes glittered smartly. He gentleman beckons you to enter. As the door closes behind you, you notice that in the shadows a number of goat-headed things lurk, dressed as finely as their lord.



    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:55 No.9234244
    Charity is a normal-looking thing, but it tears off chunks of itself to give to you.
    Because it doesn't have anything else, having given it all away.
    Refusing the gifts makes it chase you.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)16:57 No.9234265
    Themes I used were dead babies (careless sex, irresponsibility), 2 pairs of tits (cow, lust, /d/), rot and disease (STDs), nails (penetration) and the two bits of nice things that make her sexy (lips, legs), just for the "why not" aspect.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:58 No.9234296
         File1271451524.png-(143 KB, 348x456, kaiju.png)
    143 KB
    Obligatory cube "pyramid head" analog.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)16:59 No.9234301
    Slightly disturbing, but not dangerous.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:00 No.9234318
         File1271451606.png-(77 KB, 675x499, kaiju2.png)
    77 KB

    Now you can have a Pyramidhead-esque creature without completely ripping it from SH2.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:00 No.9234322
         File1271451626.jpg-(64 KB, 653x1024, 1269307960372.jpg)
    64 KB
    Needs an element of danger then. Parasites?
    >> Lace !Z8CM53dU66 04/16/10(Fri)17:02 No.9234356
    Temperance - a man who's shut himself off from the world. There's no way to give into temptation if your mouth is sewn shut, your eyes are removed, your ears pierced and bleeding, your genitals cut off and sewn up, your fingers singed until they can't feel anything. A lack of temptation has driven him mad. He seeks to rid himself of any temptations by cutting them off. Cutting away any temptation, big or small.

    Charity - You're cold, you're tired. You're sick. You're in pain. A long smile, a warm embrace. Food and comfort. She gives them all to you, blind to anything but giving of herself. She feeds you with her rotting flesh. She quenches your thirst with her blood. She keeps you where she can give you all you want. Everything except your freedom.

    Fortitude - Never give up. That's what the thing says. The thing that pushes you. It crawls along you, worming it's way into your skin. You can never give up. You can always continue. Continue forever. Keep pressing forward. The thing inside of you, burrowed into your skin, pulsing on your flesh, it drives you. You don't need sleep or food or anything. You can accomplish anything. You can keep going until you die.

    Love - Love is subservience. The way to be who your partner wants you to be. She gives. She wants to be held. To be killed. To be ravaged. To be cuddled. Anything her lover desires, no matter the depravity, for she is love. Unconditional. Little by little, she takes whatever she's given, feeding on scraps of affection, no matter how twisted, her body changing to be what her lover wants it to be.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:02 No.9234358
    Well, it wants you to eat your gifts.
    Like, right now.
    While it watches.

    ...Do you really want to take the sanity hit?
    >> Lace !Z8CM53dU66 04/16/10(Fri)17:03 No.9234376
    Faith- The angel knows there is more. It knows there is a plan. And so it makes people into the pawns and queens and rooks because they are part of the plan. The angel is part of the plan as well. He knows it doesn't matter if he's a pawn or a bishop. He follows the plan that comes to him. He follows without sleep or rest. The plan doesn't make sense, but he follows it. Carving himself up when it's his turn to move along the black and white squares of his reality, his body twisted and broken if that's the move he needs to make. Sometimes he helps the other pieces move along.

    Hope - Life will be better. The thing was frightening at first. A blue rash. Dead flesh. Itching, burning. Numbness. It spread across your body, but it wasn't scary. No, it was different. It made you feel better. You can do anything now, because it always feels better. You never stop smiling, even when your lips broke. It's always sunny. You know it will all be better. It feels so good to know.

    Prudence - Don't touch that, it's dangerous. Don't go there, it's dangerous. It spreads like a virus, but it keeps you from the viruses. It keeps you from the germs. It keeps you from the sharp objects and the trips and the falls and the animals and their teeth. It tells you when to put a knife into something to keep it from hurting you. It always knows when the best time to act is. It knows when not to act. You can't act a lot. But if you did, you know it would be dangerous. Never act unless it tells you. Perfectly still until the moment it tells you.

    I feel dirty. I just turned half the Seven Cardinal Virtues into insane monsters, and the other half into angelic infections.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:04 No.9234406
    Now restat it for the real WoD, not that shit imitation.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:05 No.9234415
    Lace, Blackheart, you two are sick motherfuckers. Thanks for the monster ideas top grade.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:05 No.9234424
         File1271451931.jpg-(40 KB, 470x639, 1270538507121.jpg)
    40 KB

    And I applaud you for it.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)17:07 No.9234455
         File1271452041.jpg-(474 KB, 1152x1152, 1265111744108.jpg)
    474 KB
    Do it for yourself if you play owod.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)17:12 No.9234560
    My pleasure, by the way.
    >> Lace !Z8CM53dU66 04/16/10(Fri)17:12 No.9234563
    I wanted to make them all monsters, but I couldn't really think of how to with Hope, Fortitude, and Prudence.
    Though thinking back, they could have been a man who's always happy, a man who never gives up, and a woman who always knows when to act, and never acts otherwise.

    In fact, I think I could also go back to a 7/7 minion/boss layout and have those three be the main versions of those Virtues, and then make the same mold/infection thing for Faith, Love, Temperance, Charity.
    Faith would be a disease that makes you believe in a plan, something bigger.
    Love makes you do anything for the person you love. Even if they don't love you back.
    Charity makes you give and give, until you can only give of yourself.
    Temperance makes you shut out the outside world. And stop any temptations that come near you. No one can make you smoke or drink or fuck if you kill them first.

    Hrm. I had originally wanted to make Ashcroft both Hell AND Heaven...
    But nah, this works better as a WoD thing.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:13 No.9234577
    This should be archived.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:14 No.9234588
    Agreed. Do so
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:16 No.9234620
    Has anyone ever told you that you're a sick fuck?
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:17 No.9234629
    Every sane person does, BTW.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:18 No.9234645
    Good stuff.
    I'm glad this was done.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)17:18 No.9234656
         File1271452710.png-(3 KB, 203x212, 1265481841491.png)
    3 KB
    No one tells me anything else ever. : (

    Good for you.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:18 No.9234660
    OP here.

    Thanks for the fodder guys. I'm probably going to make a questionnaire for my players to fill out, but what should I ask?
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 04/16/10(Fri)17:20 No.9234700
    "Would you be averse to the idea of getting raped to death by an undead horror with more mouths then hairs?"
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:22 No.9234728
    What is your name?
    What is your quest?
    What is your favorite color?
    Are you angry that I just made a Monty Python reference?
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:22 No.9234738
         File1271452953.jpg-(61 KB, 291x185, 1264635660973.jpg)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:22 No.9234743

    Personal fears, scariest movies they've seen and anything that you could glean horror from.
    >> Lace !Z8CM53dU66 04/16/10(Fri)17:23 No.9234751
    I love making monsters.

    They're not Sins or Virtues, but I also turned the Five Watchtowers from Mage into Chess pieces.

    The Stygian Rook is an emaciated archer. His jaw is gone. His skin is tight around his ribs and arms. He is nothing but muscle and bone. His chest heaves with effort, constantly on the edge of death. He wheezes, and pumps and tubes move up and down. They pump blood and bile into and out of his body, running up from his legless waist. He holds a bow of composite materials, far too many pulleys and levers to be used by a mortal archer. His sickening, decaying frame sits within a crumbling tower, eight feet tall. The stones seem made of lead and bone and granite and steel. Skulls of all shapes and sizes hang from the tower, some still with flesh and eyes. Within the broken tower sits the Rook, his body held together by machines and ticking along with clockwork gears. Beneath the tower are four massive arachnid limbs, forged of iron and ivory, the hydraulic tubes protected by metal and stoneworks. Gears grind along as he walks, and steam pours out of vents as the legs drive the Rook to it's destination. When he pulls back on the bow, his muscles creak with the strings, and yet he moves with quickness matched only by death.

    The second I described him for the first time to the player, I thought that I had to model it in 3d.

    Now I just need to get on that...
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:27 No.9234849
    Interesting. Please post the others, if you can.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:31 No.9234911
    If you write down some bizarre criteria that triggers either an alien invasion or a boss battle with a dog that controls the whole town, you will be the most awesome person ever
    Don't be forgetting the eight deadly sin: Acedia, meaning either melancholy or nihilism.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:33 No.9234963
         File1271453590.png-(19 KB, 352x351, enneagram.png)
    19 KB
    I like to use the 9 sins, which are the original 7 plus fear and deceit.
    >> Lace !Z8CM53dU66 04/16/10(Fri)17:33 No.9234970
    Will they be answering it as the players, or as the characters?
    This is an important distinction. Sometimes to scare the player, you start by scaring the character (think of James). More than that, if you're running a Silent Hill style game, you'll want to know what the characters are afraid of and have done wrong.

    1) What have you done that you've regretted?
    2) Have you ever blamed yourself for anyone's death?
    3) Who have you lost in your life?
    3a) If the loss wasn't due to their death, what happened?
    4) What was your childhood like?
    4a) What was the scariest thing that happened?
    4b) What lies did your parents tell?
    4c) Did you ever scar anyone for life?
    4d) What scars do you have from your childhood?
    5) Who was your greatest love?
    5a) If they died, what would you do to get them back?
    5b) Who would you kill for them?
    6) What is your darkest secret?
    6a) What would you do to keep it?
    6b) What would you do if someone found out?
    7) What are you most afraid of?
    7a) What would you do when confronted by that fear?
    8) What are you afraid that you will do?
    8a) What would it take to do that thing?

    Mostly, you'll want to look for overlap. I had an idea to run a Silent Hill type game, and I gave the players generic backgrounds, each with a little shard of something (you hit a girl when you were drunk, and buried her in the woods; your grandmother told you stories about Baba Yaga to get you to be good), and then I'd have there be a little overlap (you sent your sister home from a party and never saw her again, you blame yourself for her death) for some, and for some they weren't as they thought (you saw your grandmother torturing and chopping up a little boy). Some would have even got flashes of a fake truth during the town that was because they thought--or worried-that they did worse (you stopped and picked up a girl, then raped and beat her, and buried her in the woods).
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:33 No.9234971
    How would fear be a sin?
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:38 No.9235053
    Somebody archieve this shit. My english skills are too low to write a proper description :(
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:38 No.9235054

    Ever hear of fear mongering? If it controls who you are, it's a "sin". All sins pretty much come from too much of something, but that's just my opinion.

    How I heard it is that fear and deceit were originally going to be in the Bible, but they cut it out so they can use it.
    >> Lace !Z8CM53dU66 04/16/10(Fri)17:47 No.9235185
    The Aetheric Knight is actually not very scary.
    He's basically a mixture of Guy!Saber and Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night. He has golden hair that always sticks up, as if he's been shocked, only it's stylish instead of freaky. His eyes are like brilliant blue thunderstorms. His body is taught and muscular. He wears two stud earrings, both gemstones that are lightning and magic. His armour, when he wears it, is somehow strong and stiff as steel, but as flexible as cloth. It's golden and forged of light and thunder and celestial fire, hammered into metal. His sword is forged of thunder and the divine, a golden blade that can slice through air and daylight.
    He actually has a personality, and he's... not all that angelic. He constantly teases his master about her lack of a sex life. He also hates the Chessmaster of the pawn, and called him a corpsefucker.
    >> Lace !Z8CM53dU66 04/16/10(Fri)17:48 No.9235201
    The Pandeamonic Queen is beautiful. Her skin is pale, flushed red with lurid sexuality. Her hair is long and black, the light shining on it like fire. Her dress speaks of ancient civilizations of beauty and decadence. The cut of it goes all the way down to below her navel, almost showing the world her most intimate places. The fabric of it clings to her body like leather, but flows like silk. From her forehead are five horns, forming a crown. Her smile is lusty, and shows off bright fangs. Her nails are sharp, and red as blood. She begs to be taken, and to take, and demands nothing less than the world. She wants everything or nothing. And she will have them both.
    Her personality is basically that of a succubus. Her master is a stereotypical rich bastard Mastigos who wants to rule the world.

    I don't really have anything definite for the rest. I do know that the Arcadian King will have a gimp leg. Cause, you know, kings can only move one spot.

    The Pawns are little creatures barely touched by the Towers. They can be controlled by anyone with at least a dot in the Arcana of the Tower they represent, and they kind of look like Shadow Heartless, only with... well, metaphysical markings of the Towers. Aether's pawns are all covered in angel feathers and lightning and fire. Pandeamonium's are red and covered in whipping scars and smell like brimstone and have hard bony ridges that make them look demonic.
    >> Anonymous 04/16/10(Fri)17:49 No.9235232
    How delightful.
    Thank you for sharing this with me.

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