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    184 KB Fate/Quest Storytime 3 Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)21:29 No.9155653  
    Alrighy. As we seem to have a bit of a mess on the front page(Furry junk, and a troll thread or two), instead of being a jackass, and sageing them, its story-time.

    Old threads.


    As normal, a short comic shall be dumped, then we shall get started.
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)21:31 No.9155695
         File1271122285.jpg-(148 KB, 471x650, HT01.jpg)
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    Humm...alright, TWO very short ones. First up for the night is Saber Haet game System.
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)21:33 No.9155723
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    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)21:34 No.9155752
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    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)21:36 No.9155784
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    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)21:37 No.9155807
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    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)21:39 No.9155833
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    >> Anonymous 04/12/10(Mon)21:41 No.9155872
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    Holy Manjaw, Saber!
    >> Anonymous 04/12/10(Mon)21:44 No.9155919
    Sader is woe~
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)21:45 No.9155925
         File1271123104.jpg-(168 KB, 300x857, 01.jpg)
    168 KB
    And, thats the first one. The second one lacks a name.

    Ah, if you guys have any questions from past threads, toss them in, before we get started, and I'll answer.
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)21:47 No.9155969
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    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)21:48 No.9155992
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    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)21:50 No.9156020
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    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)21:52 No.9156048
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    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)21:54 No.9156091
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    And, that's it. short break, then, It's go time.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/10(Mon)21:57 No.9156121
    Er... well... okay, I'll bite.

    What is F/QS about? And what was it SUPPOSED to be about?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/10(Mon)22:00 No.9156168
         File1271124016.jpg-(151 KB, 1024x720, cxmudeevgunquzxf.jpg)
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    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/12/10(Mon)22:01 No.9156200
    It is a game he has been/is running based on the Grail War idea from Fate/Stay Night.

    He has been posting the logs of the sessions and talking with us about them. There are links to the previous threads in the first post.
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:04 No.9156258

    Yeah, he hit it on the head. It's just Fate/Quest when I'm running it, but, the Story-time is added as it's....well...story-time.

    ANYWAY. We are at log 10. Battle ended, Archer down. And they are getting WAY too used to this.

    James pushes up from the bed, yawning as he streaches, bones popping and cracking as he starts to get up. **

    Saber: "Morning Master." Saber reveals herself from behind your feild of vision...

    James: "Hey, Saber." He reaches out, giving her arm a squeeze. "How long was I out this time?"

    Saber gives a beaming smile to James. **

    Saber: "Ooh, only about ten hours."

    James: "What, really? It...it was a lot longer last time."
    James pulls on a shirt, as well as a pair of flenal pants, giving his leg one more shake **

    Saber: "You're getting better at it, what can I say?" She offers you a helping hand to bring you upstairs...

    James: "Yeah, I guess so. I did a LOT more last night, too." Even though she can likely tell he does not need to, he leans on her as they walk up.

    Saber: "Yes, but you are more adept at what you are doing... I think your body is becoming much more accepting of what you are doing..."

    Mor Rioghain: As you enter the kitchen Morrigan is setting food on the table... French Toast, with a small omlet and canadian bacon...

    James: "Hey, Teacher. Got enough for me ready?"

    Mor Rioghain: "And who do you think this is for?" She says in an irritated tone, "I'll tell you who it's for - a man who can not accept the words 'limit' or 'impossible' that's who."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:07 No.9156305
    Bit of domestic bliss, before he gets ready to run out and shoot lighting at someone. To be fair, she DOES have a shield.

    James: "Yeah, well....thanks for thinking I'd be up faster, this time around." He leans forward, giving her a peck on the cheek, before grabbing his seat. "So, any thing you hve planned for me, today?"

    Mor Rioghain: "I would tell you to rest, but I might as well try and fly to the moon for all the good it would do..." She doesn't respond to the thanks aside from a bit of blush. "So the least I can do is make sure you eat before you do whatever it is you plan on..."

    James: "Yeah, I had an idea or two while I was out. Mio just blew off my danmaku like it was nothing last night, so, had a few ideas to work on with her." He takes a massive bite of french toast. "Hell, she even just ignored the spiral shells from the smaller revlover."

    Mor Rioghain: "Danmaku?" She looks confused, "Er.. Never-mind, you can see her when you meet with the War's Proctor, the priest whom oversees the war."

    James: "Oh, alright. Danmaku, it translates roughly to "Bullet hell."

    Mor Rioghain: "Fair enough.. I will not question how you know another language..." She puts up her finger, "When you finish breakfast get dressed and you can meet with the Proctor.. This next thing is important, tell him absolutely nothing he does not ask you, He is a magus and always going to be thinking of things in give and take.. any extra information is like a gift he would feel you are trying to make him give you something in return, understand.."

    James: "Um, alright. And I don't really know much of it, just a word here and there of moonspeak. Not even enough to ask where the bathroom is." he starts to tear into the bacon.
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:09 No.9156349

    Bla,bla, bla, more chatting. Morrigen disproves of the field of computers, big shocker there.

    Mor Rioghain: "I do not want to be mysterious, I must be." She says with arms crossed, "Now, you call me if anything is going to delay you on your way home or if you decide not to come straight home."

    James: "Yes, mother dearist. I don't think there is going to be. Oh..right. School starts in like 3 days. Just a heads up with that."

    Mor Rioghain: "School.. right your college courses.. and you are studying.. computer's right?"

    James: "Yeah. mostly. Got some general studdies classes, but, I made it so I've got less of them now."

    Mor Rioghain: "A rather useless feild for an aspiring magus but oh well," She sighs.

    James: "Well, it was kinda chosen BEFORE all the magic crazy started."

    Mor Rioghain: "No, before you NOTICED your 'crazy magic' it started before you were born, at your moment of conception. but that is less important."

    James: "I stand by my point. I didn't start healig like this until just like month ago. Before then, I had to walk with a cane, because I had gotten my knee smashed up."

    Mor Rioghain: "You are no differant from when you were born." She says without an altered facial expression, "Now soon as you finish breakfest I expect you to do what needs to be done.." She heads for the stairs, "And don't overexert yourself, alright?"

    James: "it's just sparring. Don't worry...I don't WANT to hurt her."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:11 No.9156384

    To the church, and to surprise the overseer with the fact that he's not all...dead.

    Saber: "If you will hold here for a moment, master? I will see if he's ready for us."

    James: "Sure, yeah." He leans against the wall.

    Saber knocks on the door. **

    Jotham Shealtiel: "Yes?" The deep voice asks from the other side of the door.

    Saber: "May I enter?"

    Jotham Shealtiel: "You may." As you enter, he is sitting at the desk with a variety of sets of paper in front of him...

    Saber: "Do you have time for a meeting, at the moment?" She pushes the door open, stepping in.

    Jotham Shealtiel tosses the paper down, "If it helps distract me from this yes, but why are you here while your master is in need of bed-rest?" **

    Saber: "Oh, the meeting is not for me. It's for him." She waives a hand, as he steps in, shutting the door behind him.

    James: "Ah, good afternoon."

    Jotham Shealtiel: The Priests eyes go wide, "You are walking about already?"

    James sratches at his head. "Yeah, Morrigen was the same way the time after Rider. More or less fine, now, just a ach here or there." **
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:12 No.9156414
    At any time, toss in a question, and, I'll gladly answer, it's bot amusing and informative to me.

    Plus you know. Ideas.

    Jotham Shealtiel: "Sit, Tell me of how you came to be Saber's Master.."

    James sits, and a moment after Saber does, as well. "Don't really know, myself. Finnished dinner, there was a glow in the basement, went for a peak, and, BAMB, Saber was there. That's the long and short of it." **

    Jotham Shealtiel: "What were you thinking about when you ate dinner?"

    James: "Um..school, mostly. One of my Exes, and..well, a Video game I had been playing a bit ago."

    Jotham Shealtiel: "And what would your last name be?"

    James shoots a look at Saber. **

    Saber gives a nod. **

    James: "Fish. Nothing impressive, I'm afraid."

    Jotham Shealtiel shrugs. **
    Jotham Shealtiel: It's truely incredible a Magus like youself appearing from nowhere and not of a Magi House..."

    James: "So I've been told, yes. Sorry if I'm making a bit of a mess of your war."

    Jotham Shealtiel: "It is your war not mine," He puts his hands together leaning forward in a manner you would refer to as the Gendo Pose... "You must choose what to do, in the end I'm only here to ensure the public is not made aware of teh happenings, the rules are followed, and the winner gets the grail."

    James: "Right..if you want to call it that. Oh, ah..we kinda REALLY messed up the mall. What's going to be done about that?"

    Jotham Shealtiel: "The public things there was a gas explosion due to natural causes, money will be issued from the mall's insurance to handle the damages."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:16 No.9156468
    Finds the girl, girl is scared. Oddly not of him, even though he was the one with the massive drill made from lighting. Ah, well.

    The church is not hard to navigate, it is not long before you find Mio kneeling on a ruler in front of the alter with a large book held open as far from her body as her arms can strech...

    James: "You know, it's REALLY not the best idea to tease nuns, easpecaly when you are living in the place." He grabs a seat, perching on the edge of a pew, as Saber stands at attencton beside him.

    Mio Nostromo does not turn but her body visibly tenses to the point of near shaking... **
    Mio Nostromo: "I-I rather be here than in the hands of the Adelaide House's heir."

    James: "Really? Her cooking's really good." He gives a shrug that she can't see. "But, each to their own."

    Mio Nostromo: "I hear those old houses that trace back to roman rule are as vile as they come - That they make their children kill their teachers and use their bones for making chairs..."

    James gives Saber a wave, and she moves forward, gently taking the book from her grasp, and turning her around, to face him, as she revently places the bible on the alter. **

    Mio Nostromo has a rather terrified face, eyes darting for Morrigan... **

    James: "She can be kinda bitchy, but, I don't think she'd make a chair of someone..." He tents his fingers together, resting his chin on them, as he leans back. "Don't worry. Just me and Saber."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:17 No.9156494
    While normally the guy would be the harem builder, Saber has decided to say "No, fuck that. I want one!"

    Mio Nostromo: The tension seams to leaver as she stands, knees a bit wobbly.. "They are also masters of manipulation..."

    James: "She also knows there is a good chance that me alone could take her, and with Saber...well. Besides, we are kinda used to one another. Bit surprised you are more afraid of her then me, really. Evangaline about had a heart attack, when we were fighting."

    Mio Nostromo: "I think I've got you pegged as one of those noble guys based on Saber... You won't harm a captive and defensless girl, but you'd kill an enemy without a problem."

    Saber gently propells her forward, to a seat beside him, her hand dipping low, out of sight behind her, giving her ass a testting squesze, befoe gently pushing her into the seat. **

    James: "Heh. Alright, you got me pretty well down. You should know I won't let Morrigen hurt you either, then. Just don't give her any trouble, and I don't think it will even come up."

    Mio Nostromo jumps, "Hey!" She calls out as she spins to glare at saber. **

    Saber looks blankly at you. "Yes?" **

    James: "Huh?"
    James: "Mio?"

    Mio Nostromo turns around with puffed out cheecks mummbling something about her ass. **
    Mio Nostromo: "So is that all you came for?"

    James: "Oh, no. How are your mana levels?"

    Saber 's hand reaches out once more, the slightest touch traching your ass, before she moves back behind her master, hands demurly clapsed before her. **

    Mio Nostromo: "I'm at about 30% this church has amazing mana flow, I mean ten percent in a night! For me - Thats unheard of!"

    James: "That's....ten is a lot?"
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:20 No.9156546
    Of course, he's no idea that 10% should be a lot, as the guy hits his max every night, even if he used up more then 100%.

    Mio Nostromo: "Yeah, silly" She shakes her head as if you'd made a bad joke, "I know it almost sounds unbelievable healing a full ten percent."

    James: "So..you mean...oh. Going to have to be really easy on you, then."

    Mio Nostromo: "Huh? I only used 15% percent of my total mana last night..."

    Saber pats his shoulder. "Well, as you are not going to try to kill her, I think she will be alright." Looking back at Mio, she adds"After over-stressing his circuit, he is back to full combat readiness. If he was not careful, he might harm you." **

    Mio Nostromo blinks at saber.. **
    Mio Nostromo: "Wait, you mean you want to actually plan to use your circuit after what you did last night!?"

    James holds his hand up, and lighting starts to crackle between his fingers. "It's as ready as it's ever going to be." **

    Mio Nostromo takes a step back as if she'd just scene a murder take place... **
    Mio Nostromo: "W-w-w-what are you!?"

    James gives a shrug. "Hey, it's not fully working. I managed to be a bit dumb with the healing part of it, and It's going to be like another week until I can patch Morrgien up completely. Just got to wait an hour or two after I get up, is all." **

    Saber: "He is master. I was not joking when I warned of the danger you were in last night."

    Mio Nostromo: "Wait, You can heal too!?"

    James: "Not at the moment, but, yeah. It's not hard...hell, I got it working before I got my circuit working right."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:22 No.9156579
    And...Mio goes into over-load. Poor girl.

    Mio Nostromo shakes her head to try and make sesne of what she is hearing... "I'm dreaming right, that's it.. this is a dream.." **

    James: "If it helps, I only got the damn thin working...what was it, three days ago?"

    Saber: "5 days. The amount of time you spend unchsoist may have warped your time sence."

    James: "What, really? Could have sworn it was sooner then that."

    Mio Nostromo faints, falling backwards to the floor... **

    Saber dashes forward, grabbing her before she smacks into the ground. "Nice job, master." **

    James: "It's always me you blame...." He gets up with a sigh. "I'll go grab a nun."
    James padds out, looking for someone to help **

    You find one without trouble...

    James: "Um, hello. Ah..Sister? I'm sorry, I don't know how to adress you." He gives a helpless shrug.

    She gives a smiling nod, "Sister or Sister Alice is fine, how may I help you?"

    James: "Ah, I think I just overloaded Mio with information. She sort of just passed out. Saber grabbed her before she hit the ground, though, so, no head indugerys."

    "The wayward child fainted? Oh the poor misguided child." She walks with you... "What did your you say your friends name was, Saber? What a strange name."

    James: "She..she's my bodyguard. It's not her real name." He starts to lead back to chapple.
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:23 No.9156605
    They wake her ass up, and she is rather..unhappy about his existence, and the impossibility of him.

    "Oh heavens dear, What need has a young man like you with a bodygaurd?"

    James: "It's....complicated. That's what she calles herself, anyway. She's more of a servent, but, she's more then capable of fighting." He gives a helpless shrug.

    "So your a rich young lad? It's strange we've had influx of old nobles in town it seams"

    James: "No..not rich. Like I said...it's a bit hard to explane. She's..more like a freind, that...I really don't know HOW to explane it."

    Saber is waiting when they arive, Mio streched out across the pew, her head in her lap. "Ah, Master. Sister." **

    Sister Alice walks over checking mio before bringing out a bit of smelling salts to wake her... When mio stirs the Nun nods and leaves.. **

    Mio Nostromo: "Ooh.. I can't believe the dream I was ha-" She stops the moment she sees you and Saber..."

    James: "Thank you!" He calls after her, Saber's voice ecoing agrement.
    James: "If it helps, I should be like, dead. About 3 or 4 times, by now." He ofers a smile.

    Mio Nostromo: "That does not help!" She almost screams at you. "You should not be able to do that!"

    Saber bursts out laughing, as she helps her up. **
    Saber: "Oh, master. Doesn't this sound familure?"

    James: "it..rather does, yeah."

    Mio Nostromo narrows her eyes at you. **
    Mio Nostromo: "Tell me, are you betrothed?"

    James: "Huh? To marry someone?"

    Mio Nostromo: "Yeah, are you promised?"

    James: "oh. Well, no. I mean, Saber and I have an...understanding, and. Morrigen...well..."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:26 No.9156650
    A surpise marriage perporsal, that is shot down almost as fast as it is made.

    Saber: "And Morrigen is unable to make up her damn mind as to what she wants."

    James shoots a glare at her, but she just shrugs. "It's true, and you are well aware." **

    Mio Nostromo: "Grandfather told me I needed new blood in the line, What do you say, I can promise you an easy life if you wish it."

    James: "wait, what?"

    Saber snickers. "she is being rather clear." **

    James: "I..uh. Wow. I..don't know? I mean, there's still a lot to get done, and I.don't even know you."

    Mio Nostromo: "You're better looking than my other canidates..." She says with a nod, "You should now Magi never select someone for love, that comes after if fate allows for it."

    James: "Yeah, well...I've been a mage all of a week. I'm not used to thinking like that, and, well....I don't think I ever will be."

    Mio Nostromo: "Nonesense, you need to adapt or you will be a fish out of water," She moves up to you and puts out her hand, "Come on now, I am acctually wealthier than the Adelaide House's Heir and I can promise would travels with diplomatic immunity if you wish it."

    James: "well...I'll think about it. 's not like we don't have time. I mean, you are gonig to be with us for the next couple years."

    Mio Nostromo looks down at her hand.. **
    Mio Nostromo: "What is holding you back?"

    James: "Like I said, I don't think like that. It's not just advantages, or disadvantages. It's happyness, too. Yours, and mine, and a whole mess of other things."

    Mio Nostromo: "Happiness is a privilage of the overly advantagous position,"
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:29 No.9156722
    James: "No. It's not. You can find happyness just about anywhere, if you will let yourself.I'll get to know you. I can promise you that. If it goes somewhere, then, it does. IF not, I'll try and help you find someone that suits you. Thats the best I can promise." He shrugs.

    Mio Nostromo blinks looking almost insulted... **

    James: "I've gone from worrying about the start of school, to fighting in a damn war. I've found a sort of happiness. Not everything is as you think."

    Mio Nostromo: "Not a single man has ever told me no.."

    James: "Saber! What is it I seem to have a skill with?"

    Saber grins behind Mio's back. "Atepmting, and, at times, doing things that no one else ever has." **

    James: "It's not a no. It's a maybe."

    Mio Nostromo: "What do you need of me then." She says sounding somewhat dejected.

    James: "You are the perfect counter to me. I mean, it was my first try with it, but, you had no trouble with my Ice-sickle fall."

    Mio Nostromo: "It's what My crest is made to do."

    James: "Yeah. It wasn't until I used the drill I got through. It was really impressive."

    Mio Nostromo: "Well centuries of work were what it took to do what stopped you..."

    James: "Anyway. I wanna train with you, some. Try some different effects, see what to do. I mean, I can't hurt you, as long as I don't try any really nasty things."

    Mio Nostromo: "Very well... Where do you plan to do this training?"
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:31 No.9156758
    And, they are off.

    James: "Uh..good question. Saber?"

    Saber: "Ther forist perserve has some wide open spaces, however there tends to be no one around, and the trees will keep anyone from seeing thigns."

    James: "Then, there. Anything you need to grab before we go?"

    Mio Nostromo: "I have nothing else but what you see here."

    James: "Alright. Let's get going, then. You want the front or back?"

    Mio Nostromo: "Back," She says without thinking....

    James nods. "Alright. hope you like Saber's driving." He starts of, and saber gives Mio a gentle push. **

    Saber: "Let's go..Mio."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:32 No.9156775
    They arrive, bla bla bla. He's as creative as ever in naming his spells...Touhou is a favorite, here.

    At the forest

    Mio Nostromo streches when she gets out the car.. **
    Mio Nostromo: "Good Lord, who ever thought to make a car with only two doors..."

    Saber is setting up a small spot for herself, the case before her clicking as she opens it, and draws out a set of short swords, she had taken from James's things, and slowly takes a stone to the first, starting the slow process of shapning it. **

    James: "Yeah, well, the motor on it is good. If it came to it, we could out run a LOT."
    James shuts the door behind her **

    Mio Nostromo walks about fifty paces from you. **

    Mio Nostromo: "Well do what you you came to do..."

    James: "Right." His arms start to move in a pattern, leaving crackling sigles in the air. "Let's try something new...." He finishes drawing, ending with a sweep of his hand, encleicing the things. "Perfect Cherry Blossom!" The odd signs shatter into gliterling bits, flying at her in a fluxuating pattern.

    Mio Nostromo simply stands there with her arms crossed as the pattern hits the now visible red sheild... **

    James: "How effective was that aginst your sheald?"

    Mio Nostromo: "As effective as your attack from last night..."

    James: "Huh. Really? I put more power into that one....wait, witch one?"

    Mio Nostromo: "The lighting arc i wasn't prepared for. I have keep mana in this sheild you know..."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:33 No.9156801
    Another spell...and...trouble.

    James: "Huh..good. Makes a good second attack then.' he thinks for a moment. "Alright. Let's try a mix." One hand starts to draw words into the air, as his left starts to jab his finher, leaving a sparkel behind."Scorched Earth Mandala!" The words break into pointed dagger shapped lighting, although tiny, there were a number, as the sparkels gathered along the edges of the false blades. With a sweep of his hand, they are lanched, targating not her, but the ground around her. As soon as they all have impaced the ground, a single arc joins them all together, and explodes into blidning light, as well as the crackal of spent electicaty.

    Mio Nostromo: The arc slams into the sheild and you can almost see it ripple like a wave for a moment but it holds...

    James: "How was that one?"

    Mio Nostromo: "Better..."

    James: "well, most of the people I'm going to go agaisnt don't have sheilds. How do you think it would work against someone else?"

    "What's all the racket over here?" A woman seams to walk from the shadows not so far from you... her skin is pale as snow and her eyes seam to glow red.. as soon as she appeared the light in the forest seamed to dim and you can hear no more sounds of nature other than the now chilled breeze...

    Mio Nostromo was about to answer but stops, staring at the new commer... **

    James: "Just...just a bit of prtace...." Saber is besde him almost imedatly, the short blades in her hands.

    Saber: "And you? Why are you here?"

    Morana Ansgar: "I felt the heat of battle, it called to me, like a drop of blood in the water for a shark." she gives a rather loud cackling laugh and the sky seams to cloud over... "What I found was much more than a simple hurt fish, I've found a school of tasty things..."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:35 No.9156833
    And...she's got a Reality Marble. Fuck.

    Saber: "If you mean to cause harm to either of them you will find far more then that." she hefts the twin short-blades.

    Morana Ansgar: "Your a fiesty one aren't you?" She seams almost thrilled at the thought of fighting saber, her eyes still hidden behind her length of hair.. "Come now, Why are you being so restrained?"

    Saber 's armor solidfiys around her body, some of the damage still raw, other parts having mended. The fixed parts look..diffrent, smooth lines, less bulk, compared to the rest of her heavy suit. Here and there symboles now rest, on one of the sholder plates. "I am Saber. Your name?" **

    Morana Ansgar: "My name? Morana Ansgar, but you won't be saying it right now," She tilts her head and from undnearth her hair one eye stares into Saber's, atering her mind to be like that of a small child... her armor and such disappearing..

    Saber looks in wonder at the small blades still in her hands, dropping one, as she touches the edge of the other. At the sharpness, she lets out a cry. **

    James: "Wait..what..what the hell did you jsut do!?"

    Morana Ansgar: "She had such a childish thought, fighting me that is, I thought I'd make her fit it better." whe lets out a laugh as the blades turn into stuffed animals.

    Mio Nostromo runs over to James's side and he feels a bit of envigoration as the sheild move to encompass him. **
    Mio Nostromo: "I don't think that's Caster..."

    James: 'You could have at least left the blades alone.....she JUST got those sharpend." He leans into her. "No, can't be, Saber had no idea she was there."

    Saber gives a delighted giggle, hugging the thing to her. **

    Morana Ansgar: "What use does a child have of a sword?" She shakes her finger at you. "Now that's just not bright at all,"
    >> Anonymous 04/12/10(Mon)22:35 No.9156835
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:36 No.9156851


    Mio Nostromo: "What do we do?"

    James: "Yeah, but, she put work into them..." His hand is on Mio's belly, slowly pushing her back, backing past saber. "Guns in the case, we shoot the bitch."

    Morana Ansgar: "Now, now. I think she enjoys them more now.. Mayhaps I should acctually turn her to a child.."

    James: "I sort of need her. Like, badly....I'd rather you not do that."

    Morana Ansgar: "Oh you need her? So you want to be her child then? Or mayhaps a pair of children hmm?"

    Morana Ansgar: The woman gives a step forward, her body swaying this way and that as she laughs her twisted sounding laugh.

    James: "She is Saber. She'll be fine in a moment....and, no, I'd not really like to be her child."
    James keeps Mio backing up, not looking backwards. **

    Mio Nostromo trembles slightly at the woman's laugh.. **

    Morana Ansgar: "Shouldn't you just run for the guns?" Her smile widens and you first see her teeth clearly, it's clear there are too many the all of them reminding you of tiny spikes, the tips stained red...

    James: "Or..this." He throws his arm up, as she steps near the spot Mio was, the arc jumping almost insitatounsly, as he grabs her and sprints.

    Morana Ansgar Laughs as the lighting blasts through her chest, creating a hole about two inches across and yet it does not seam to hinder her laugh... **

    "Fuck fuck fuck we got a damn Lordgenome....." He all but tosses Mio on his back, as he sprints forward.
    Morana Ansgar: "That tickles!" She calls out seaming to disappear from where she was and appear five feet closer to you with one step...

    Mio Nostromo: "What the hell is she!?" She says pulling off the diamond from around her neck...

    James jams his hand into the case, yanking the auto-pistol out, levling it at her. "So fucking dead." He pulls the trigger, holding his arm stedy. **
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:38 No.9156914
    Well, that just worked wonderful....wait. Damn bitch is still walking, even filled with holes.

    And her head gone.

    James jams his hand into the case, yanking the auto-pistol out, levling it at her. "So fucking dead." He pulls the trigger, holding his arm stedy. **

    Mio Nostromo: "Get ready to charge up," She says to James as she pulls out the diamond as before errecting her invicible pyramid.

    Morana Ansgar takes the bullets into her laughing mouth and her neck. **

    James: "Sure." Lighting starts to run up and down his arm, as he lets his eyes close.

    Morana Ansgar: With a spin of her hair around her, the evidence of the shots disappears.

    Mor Rioghain: With the finish of the spin of the vampire's hair, a huge bang is heard and it seams like the vampire's head explodes... After only a minute from when the body hits the ground, Morrigan runs into the clearing, sholdering a large firearm on the left and a small oval case in her right hand...

    James: "You plan on standing in my way. You plan on blocking the tommrow I wish to create. If a wall stands in my way, I will smash right through! I won't let the choices YOU make be the ones to control me! Arch Drill! Spin up!" The lighting corses up and down his arm, forming into a very familure green shape.

    Morana Ansgar: The Body Lurches back to it's feet, blood pouring from the headless neck as it walks toward the pyramid, opening it as if the side were tent flaps...

    James jams his arm forward, face locked in a snaral, as he drives it into her chest. "Die you damned thing!" **

    Morana Ansgar seams to evaporate int a bloody mist with the strike of your drill... the Mist falling low to the ground as it finishes her body off...' **

    Mio Nostromo let's the pyramid drop, as she falls to her knees, "What the hell was that!?" **

    Mor Rioghain points the gun toward James's feet. **

    James: "Hell if I know. Deader then dirt, now.
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:39 No.9156933
    And turned into a pink mist. Fucking regeneration.

    Mor Rioghain: "She's Not Dead! We gotta get outta here while we can!"

    James: "I..I just turned her to MUSH. Hell do you mean, not dead!?" He shoves the auto-pistol into the case, clicking it shut anyway

    Mor Rioghain: "She's a Dead Apostle - A Vampire!" She takes aim at the mist as if waiting for some sort of ill movement.

    James shoders the case. "please tell me you are pulling my fucking leg." He strides for saber, who looks wide eyed up at him. "And there's something really wrong with Saber.." **

    Mor Rioghain: "Get Nostromo outta here - I'll get saber. Corpus De Vis!" She runs over to saber, moving to pick up the now child-acting warrior...

    James: "Mio, let's go." He grabs her arm, case over his sholder.

    Mio Nostromo: "Y-Yeah, gotta run before the bitch gets back up..." She nods as she moves to run with you...

    Saber just giggles, happly smacking you with her toy. "ride!" **

    Morana Ansgar: "Bitch am I?" A voice comes seamingly from the air around you while the mist spins up and like a tornado reforms into the Vampiress... "Well if a Bitch is going to chase something - it should be a cat, don't you think?"

    James spins, fingers tracing the air. "Just stay DEAD!" He jabs his hand into the symble, tiny shards flying at her. "Hailstorm!" **

    Morana Ansgar laughs as your attack hits through her like before.. **

    James grabs Mio's arm again. "Go!" **

    Mio Nostromo falls over with a cry of pain and you seam to be unable to note anything except the long new appendage from her back... **

    James: "..fuck." He picks her up, and just runs, flat out, keeping his body low to the ground.

    Mor Rioghain stops running puting saber down. "Saber we're gunna play a game ok?" **
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:41 No.9156971
    And the game is run the fuck away!

    And Morrigen tries something dumb as hell.

    Saber: "Oohh~ yesyes, Gin!"
    Saber grins up at you **

    Mor Rioghain: "Ok, first you give me the car keys and then we have a race to the church ok? But to make things more interesting, I'm gunna count to 50 before I start running and you have to carry James and Mio, Sound like fun?"

    Saber: "Whatta get if ah win?" She looks at you with wide eyes.

    Mor Rioghain: "I will buy you ten new toys, of your choice."

    Saber: "Yeah!" She gets up, looking ready to go.

    Mor Rioghain: "Ok, Car Keys?"

    Saber pats herself, finding it, and jingling it at you. **

    Mor Rioghain grabs it, "One... Two... Three..." **

    Saber takes off, moving impossibly fast. **

    Morana Ansgar: "So, three away, leaving just you~"

    Mor Rioghain pulls out her autoshotgun. **
    Mor Rioghain: "Well now, tell me what is you want, maybe we can make a deal?"

    Morana Ansgar: "Just to have fun. Its not really that hard an idea."

    Mor Rioghain: "Can't really have too much fun with that Church in town, now can you?"

    Morana Ansgar: "No, that's why it's so delightful people came to ME!" She lets loose another laugh. "Did not like the feel of that "Saber" though....all....nasty."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:43 No.9157014
    Mor Rioghain: "Well then, How about this deal, If you make me a dead apostle like yourself, I'll take care of the church."

    Morana Ansgar: "oh, really now, little miss Rifle? and what makes you so sure you could do that?" She leans back into a tree, eyes still vailed.

    Mor Rioghain: "I may have the materials and connections to be inside it and plant them and for tradeoff as a Dead Apostle I ahieve my gaoals much easier

    Morana Ansgar: "And be hunted, just as well. Gives me another rivel, as well. " She tapps her chin. "Not sure it's worth it."

    Mor Rioghain: "Rival? Nonsense! We could be allies you and I."

    Morana Ansgar: 'and your little friends?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Thralls, I prefer claiming the boy and girl and While I'm not fond of Saber, I can take her.

    Morana Ansgar lets out a laugh. "You really think you could take the boy? He would have gone through many of my kind." **
    Morana Ansgar: "Besides...are you even so sure you could survive the attempt, to become one like me?"
    Morana Ansgar: "Cat got your tounge?" She lets loose a trully nasty laugh at that one

    Mor Rioghain: "They already belong to me, so unless you've got more to offer in your deal, I can't part with them just yet. However if[ I become a dead apostle you may find the boy gifted to you as a sign of our alliance." She smiles, "Besides I've got the strength to do anything I want, becoming a dead apostle is no bigger a hurdle than anything I've already suffered."

    Morana Ansgar: "Perhaps, perhaps not~" She starts to cercil you. "How can you be so sure he's yours?'

    Mor Rioghain: "He is sworn to me."

    Morana Ansgar: "Oh, ho! This sounds fun. Humm." She snapes her fingers. "You might have a bit more fun, now.."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:45 No.9157057

    Mor Rioghain: "Oh, Also, I am a capable Magus, I'd be a very potent ally as a Dead Aposle."

    Morana Ansgar: "Perhaps...I'll have to think about it. but...for now. magus...hum. swap this." She traces a mark on your skin. "With this."

    Morana Ansgar: "Ah, well...i can test your foucus...." She lifts the back of your shirt, tracing anoter symbple at the base of your spine.

    Morana Ansgar: "Humm. Not cat..I did that already. What animals do you like?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Wolves and Foxes? Why is that important?"

    Morana Ansgar claps her hands. "Just a moment....humm..." **
    Morana Ansgar: "What colors do you like?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Black, Navy and Violet.. What is this about?"

    Morana Ansgar: "This." She claps her hands over your ears. Pain shoots troughout your body for just a moment. "There we go, almost done~"

    Morana Ansgar: "Humm. Should I do anything else....I should..but...what..."
    Morana Ansgar: "Ah..I know. You came after him, like a little dog, so....perhaps I should keep the two of you together." She lets out a laugh, and taps your nose.

    Mor Rioghain: "I am not a dog..." She says slowly still not notcing what the vampire has done to her...

    Morana Ansgar: "oh, no...you are such a cute little wolf-girl now. Wolf and cat! Oh, what a lovely pair." She claps her hands, giggling.

    Mor Rioghain: "What?" She looks confused...

    Morana Ansgar giggles again. **
    Morana Ansgar: "look at your hands, feel your ears!"

    Mor Rioghain moves her hands to her ears, before she looks at her hands and gives a shocked yelp **
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:47 No.9157111
    Morana Ansgar: "oh, you look SO cute like that...I wish I could keep you. But, you need to go..you will be in an utter panic soon~" She dances arund you, petting your head. "let's see how well you handle this...if you do well...well, we shall see!"

    Mor Rioghain: "What the hell did you do to me!?" She almost growls as she speaks...

    Morana Ansgar: "I made you like your favriot! A little wolfy girl. Heheehe!"

    Mor Rioghain growls, starting to feel her need for James's presence... before she runs off toward the car... **

    Morana Ansgar: "Don't forget your gun~"
    Morana Ansgar is beside you, waiving it before you like a stick. **

    Mor Rioghain stops, surprised she could forget her sniper rifle, staring at it in Morana's hands. **

    Mor Rioghain: "Give it..."

    [Tue Mar 23 18:45:02 2010] : ** (1) Morana Ansgar giggles, slowly raising from the ground. "Jump, girl, jump!' **

    Mor Rioghain gives a bit of a twitch. "You can not honestly think I'm going to jump like a dog can you?" **

    Morana Ansgar shakes it again before your nose. "if you want your pretty gun, jump like a good girl!" **

    Mor Rioghain gives a bit of a growl before attempting to jump for it... **

    Morana Ansgar lets you have it, the moment your feet leave the ground. "Now best get going, the painic is REALLY going to set in, soon...and it won't have a warm up, next time!" **

    Mor Rioghain starts running off with a bit of a whisper of "this better be worth it..." **
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:49 No.9157139
    Double fuck!

    On the way to the holy ground:

    James reguards his new..changed comapion from Sabers back, even as she sprints madly forward. "Ar..does...are you ok?" **

    Mio Nostromo: "I Ttthink sso... My moutthh feelsss funny..." She says her fangs messing with her speach as she holds onto Saber...
    Mio Nostromo looks at you with her slit like eyes and you can see her new larger ears twitch... **

    James: "You..you've got...oh....man..."

    Mio Nostromo: "Wha?! what do I got?!"
    Mio Nostromo: She seams in panic and scared of what might have happend to her...

    James: "You...you..you're...you're a cat girl..." He absoulty can not belive he is saying this.

    Mio Nostromo: "Wha?!" She looks confused and paniced, on the verge of tears, "What did she do to meeee!?"

    James reaches arwkardly out, and sraches her behind her ears. "Sush, don't worry. I'll..I'll figure something out." **

    Mio Nostromo rubs her face against your arm before she jerks her head away, "Why ttthhhe Hellll is ttthhat comfortiing!?" **

    James: "She..she must have changed out some of your persinality...like she did with saber..." Said Servent is giggling about toys and such, as she spints madly forward.

    Mio Nostromo: "First you get my archer killed, now you've got me turning into a cat! This is ppuuuurfect..."

    James: "No..it's not truning into a cat..I think that's as far as it's going to go." He just keeps slowly sracthing her ears, trying to get her to relax. "Saber has the mind of a child right now..this is so not good."

    Mio Nostromo: "How does ttthhhe heir of the Adeelllllaide House know what that thing was!?"
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:51 No.9157185
    James: "She's studdied a LOT of old shit. Must have been something ni that...dead apsole...sounds bad..."

    Saber reaches the ceurch, kicking the door in, before starting to slow, blinking. "What...what just occroued?" **

    James: "Oh..thank gods..." He lets out a sigh, slumping into her.

    Mio Nostromo: "Ssssaber! Ttthhank God your back!" She gives a hug to the woman holding her...

    Saber blinks. "Ah...thank you, Mio. Your speaking is off, were you struk in the mouth?" **
    Saber: Without waiting for the oerder, she heads for the overseer's offace.
    Saber does not knock, but pushes the door open jamming a chair under the knob as soon as she reshuts it, her riders dismounting **

    Mio Nostromo: "I can't helllllpp it!" She squeals into Saber's back...

    Jotham Shealtiel jumps tossing some papers into the air, "What in the Blazes is this!?" **

    Saber: "Dead Aposle." She turns, and lets out a gasp at Mio.

    Jotham Shealtiel: "You encountered a..." He simply trails off at the sight of Mio...

    Mio Nostromo: "Its bad isn't it?" She looks at the ground not noticing her swaying tail...

    James: "Yeah, whatever the hell it is. I ground the bitch to hamberger, and she was up, seconds later."

    Saber: "it is..difrent."

    Jotham Shealtiel: "You can't Take on a dead apostle... Not without spirtial equipment designed for the purification and destruction of Vampires and Demons." He says with a shaking of his head at Mio... "I've already called in a Member of the Burial Agency, one of our best men... but this... I'm not sure I can do anything about this..."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:52 No.9157214
    James: "Yeah, I kinda got that when she just broke Saber's mind, and then got up from being a THIN RED MIST."

    Jotham Shealtiel: "Did he - er, she hurt any of you or is it just this... transformation?"
    Saber: "No. However, Morrigen might not be as lucky. she...she used my aured state of mind to send me off with them." She turns a bight crimson.

    James: "aww..mannn...."

    Jotham Shealtiel: "Morrigan- The Heir to the Adelaide House tried to take on a dead apostle alone? I find this hard to believe."

    James slumps into a chair. "Damnit...damnit damnit damnit. Why the hell...she SAW it just get up from nothing..." **

    Saber: "She...she used the lure of a..of buying me...toys, to get me to grab them and run." She will not look anywhere but the floor.

    Mio Nostromo: "She took out Archer alllllllllone, maybe she has a plan?"

    James: "it..it wasn't really alone. Saber got his mana down, at least a bit..shit. Damnit girl..doing dumbass things is MY job, not yours."

    Saber shakes her head. "Is there any holy weaponrey on the grounds? I shall deal with this." **

    Jotham Shealtiel: "Nothing that can deal with a Vampire." He sighs, "As I said, I have called a member of the Burial agency."

    Saber: "Then I shall deal with her as I am. Perhaps if I sneak attack her, I can manage to save Morrigen." She pulls the chair from the door.

    Mio Nostromo: "You Ttthhhink it will be any differant ttthhan before?"

    Saber turns, stark fury on her face. "YES." **
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/12/10(Mon)22:53 No.9157239
    Gurren Lagann, Fate Stay night, and Psychotic Dead Apostles...

    I love this game of yours.
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:53 No.9157242
    Mor Rioghain knocks on the other side of the door. **
    Mor Rioghain: "Saber, Stop yelling and open the door."

    Saber blinks, and truns, almost ripping the door from it's hindges. **

    Mor Rioghain: "You need not be half so forceful.

    James: "Oh sweet...Morrigen! You....are..a.live.."
    James sighs. "Son of a bitch." **

    Mor Rioghain walks in non-chalantly, standing next to James, giving a small cough. **

    Saber also lets out a sigh. **

    Mor Rioghain: "Shealtiel, Time to make good on your word to heal things done by the Vampire in town."

    Overseer Shealtiel: "I..can't do everything. I..can do your old wonds, but...not....all of that." He waves a hand helplessly.

    Mor Rioghain give a true growl as she slams her hand onto the desk, claws maring it.. "The Hell do you mean you can't do anything!?" **

    Overseer Shealtiel gives a helpless shrug. "Do you know what makes a Dead Aposle so dandrous?" **

    Mor Rioghain: "Reality Marble." She answers without even a second of hesistation eyes still staring into The Overseers.

    Overseer Shealtiel: "Yes. Your fundimental reality is altred. The only thing to do is hope it wears off...or find someone else who can do the exact same thing."

    James: "Oh good gods." He reasts his head in his hands.

    Saber: "Had you just had me take you as well, this would have been avoided, Morrigen..." It's just bairly a wisper, almost too light to hear.

    Mor Rioghain: "And if we kill her?" Morrigan's ear tilts slightly at Saber's Comment, "She's Faster than you are Saber."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:55 No.9157282

    It is rather fun.

    Mor Rioghain knocks on the other side of the door. **
    Mor Rioghain: "Saber, Stop yelling and open the door."

    Saber blinks, and truns, almost ripping the door from it's hindges. **

    Mor Rioghain: "You need not be half so forceful.

    James: "Oh sweet...Morrigen! You....are..a.live.."
    James sighs. "Son of a bitch." **

    Mor Rioghain walks in non-chalantly, standing next to James, giving a small cough. **

    Saber also lets out a sigh. **

    Mor Rioghain: "Shealtiel, Time to make good on your word to heal things done by the Vampire in town."

    Overseer Shealtiel: "I..can't do everything. I..can do your old wonds, but...not....all of that." He waves a hand helplessly.

    Mor Rioghain give a true growl as she slams her hand onto the desk, claws maring it.. "The Hell do you mean you can't do anything!?" **

    Overseer Shealtiel gives a helpless shrug. "Do you know what makes a Dead Aposle so dandrous?" **

    Mor Rioghain: "Reality Marble." She answers without even a second of hesistation eyes still staring into The Overseers.

    Overseer Shealtiel: "Yes. Your fundimental reality is altred. The only thing to do is hope it wears off...or find someone else who can do the exact same thing."

    James: "Oh good gods." He reasts his head in his hands.

    Saber: "Had you just had me take you as well, this would have been avoided, Morrigen..." It's just bairly a wisper, almost too light to hear.

    Mor Rioghain: "And if we kill her?" Morrigan's ear tilts slightly at Saber's Comment, "She's Faster than you are Saber."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:56 No.9157305
    Overseer Shealtiel: "The change has happend, I don't think it would make a differnce...I've never heard od this before."

    Saber: "I..I would have done something."

    Mor Rioghain: "You'd have done Nothing but play with those stuffed animals and you know that." She sighs, "So we've got to capture her to return to normal?"

    Overseer Shealtiel: "Yes. Well, even that might not do it. You would have to convince her to change it back, not an easy task, because what's to stop her from just using it to do anything else she wants?"

    Mor Rioghain: "You have a better suggestion!? Let's ignore that No one as been able to do a Reality Marble in centuiries, but we need to not only find a Magus whose not only capable do such but that has the reality marble that is the exact same thing."

    James: "Morrigen..just..stop yelling. We'll figure something out."

    Overseer Shealtiel: "I..I will isnstruct the Exicutor to bring her in alive, if at all posible. That is the best I can do. I am sorry."

    Mor Rioghain: "Will you at least heal the old wound?" She asks not expecting him to heal a wound that's known to already have been present...

    Overseer Shealtiel: "Come over here. Clearly it got reopened in the strugle."

    Mor Rioghain raises an eyebrow before realizing it would be a bad idea to kick a gift horse in the mouth... **
    Mor Rioghain moves over standing next to the overseer... **

    Overseer Shealtiel: He lays his hands apoen your sholders, and intiones a short chant in Latin.

    Mio Nostromo moves over swatting at the busy tail comming out of Morrigan... **
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)22:58 No.9157330
    James gives a short tug to the cat-girls tail **

    Overseer Shealtiel finishes his chant, and a golden glow washes over you. "There." **

    Mio Nostromo hisses toward James before moving back, tail swating back and forth. **

    Mor Rioghain shudders... **

    Overseer Shealtiel: "Feel better?"

    James: "well, see, not to nice, is it?" He gets behind her, and starts to give the base of her ears a good rub

    Mor Rioghain: "I'm glad we're done with that," She cracks her neck but then her eyes flicker with the rubbing of her ears, tail moving back and forth happily... Though after a momeht she jumps away, "Hey! stop that, I'm not a dog damnit!"

    Mio Nostromo stays giggling on the other side of the desk but jumps back at the quick growl from morrigan... **

    James: "Hey. Just a bit longer, and I could have done it." He crosses over, and does the same to Mio, right at the base of them

    Mio Nostromo begins letting out a purr at the touch, no longer seaming to note her cat like reaction... **

    Saber: "So. What steps do we take, now?"

    James moves one hand down her back, strokeing from neck to ear, while the other hand stays toying with her ears. **

    Mor Rioghain: "If the overseer can't do anything I say we call it the end of the day

    Saber nods. "What of her?" She points to the currently purring girl **

    Mor Rioghain: "What about her?" She gives James's massaging hands a narrow eyed leer, "She's fine here isnt she?"
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:00 No.9157378
    And, New house-mate gained! *Level up music plays*

    Saber: "I sapose. We will be in, on the morrow to see how she is adpating to her changes, then."

    James nods, giving one more sratch behind the ear. "Sorry about all this, Mio. I had...no way of knowing..." **

    Jotham Shealtiel: "I can not hide her here," The Priest says without giving a moment's pause. "You shall have to hide her in your own whereabouts."

    James sighs. "Well..we do got spare rooms." **

    Mor Rioghain gives a low growl.. "Fine..." **

    Saber nods, before leaveing, then comming back. "Hallways are clear." **

    Mor Rioghain follows after James not letting herself be more than a foot from His side... **

    Mio Nostromo follows the group almost bouncing with her walk... **

    James: "Do you need to get anything, before we go? or, are we good to go?"

    Saber is on point, making sure the way STAYS clear. **

    Mio Nostromo: "What You see is what I have here.."

    James: "..what, no change of cloathing?"

    Saber pulls the car door open, ussinging the arnimal girls inside."Stow the weapon case, then in." **

    James nods, popping the trunk, and shoving it in, before getting in. **
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:01 No.9157404
    And, sleeping arrangements must be made!

    Saber starts back to the house. **

    Mor Rioghain gets in the back, giving Mio a growl so that she waits for James to get in before getting in.. **

    James: "Allright. Sleeping arnagments...what are we doing?"

    Mor Rioghain: "There are two bedrooms in the Basement and all three Magi should be down there..."

    James: "Yeah....That's what I was thinking. We got a bathroom, and a minture living room down there, too. Too bad the damn kitchen is upstairs."

    Mio Nostromo: "S-so who am I bedding with?"

    James: 'Uh...well, I..Morrigen?"

    Mor Rioghain leans over to James, "I don't think we should either sleep with her... She is the enemy after all..." **

    James: "She's not the enemy any more..she's out of the war, right?"

    Mor Rioghain: "She didn't use up her command spells, she could rejoin..."

    James: "I...would the grail accpet that? I mean, you said it's refused people before.."

    Mor Rioghain: "Regardless, she could try."

    James: "Then what the hell are we going to do? Drug her? Tie her up? Both of those ideas suck."

    Mor Rioghain: "Lock her in your room at night and share mine?"

    James: "Wha....really? Ar...are you sure? Couldn't we just set Saber to guard her?"
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:05 No.9157491
    Mor Rioghain: "And Have her lighten her defense from intruders?"

    James: "yeah..but, what good is a locked door going to do? She's a mage, after all."

    Mor Rioghain: "Have you seen what that weapon case can do? The entirety of you worshop is much better made than that, It could survive being ground zero for anything short of nuclear..."

    James: "Alright..if your sure..damnit. I'm going to be on the floor, arn't I." He gives a sigh.

    Mor Rioghain: "I'll be on the floor." She says before he finishes sighing. "It IS your house."

    James: "I..what? No, it's fine, I was just bitching. U..well. If you reall wanted, we could share the bed. You could be under the covers, I could just sleep on top of them."

    Saber gives an apolgetic smile to Mio. "They are normaly not this sirative. Are you having any issue sitting?" **

    Mor Rioghain: "I will be fine on the floor." She says again..

    James: 'f-finne. But, if you want the bed later, tell me."

    Mio Nostromo: "A Bit.. it's a pain..." She pokes saber with her tail. "I dunno what I'm going to do..."

    Mor Rioghain: "I doubt it, but I will if necessary."

    Saber: "Modified seats in the car."

    James: "Alright. Mio, sorry about this, but, you are getting my room. B..because you still have your comand seals, we..we gotta lock you in."

    Mio Nostromo: "Wha?! I'm not a pet to be locked up when you go out!"

    James: "it..It's just while we are asleep. I..I'm really sorry."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:06 No.9157504
    Mio Nostromo sighs... **

    Mio Nostromo: "Well I could be dead..."

    James: "If you need anything, just bang on the wall. Saber will hear."

    Saber pulls into the gragge. "We are home." **

    Mio Nostromo: "If I'm getting your room, where will you sleep?"

    James: "Her room. I get the bed, she's insisting she's taking the floor, even though I offred to do that."

    Saber gives a gental snicker. **

    Mor Rioghain: "Hey what are you laughing at?!"

    Saber: "Same as always." She fishes the case from the trunk.

    Mor Rioghain gives a bit of a growl and narrows her eyes, "What the hell is that supposed to mean!?" **

    Saber absnimindly pats your head. "Nothing. Mio, this way. I have to strip the room of weapons and ammo from the room, and then it's yours....and the computer. Will have to move that." **

    James lets out a groan. "That thing takes ages to set up..." **
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:07 No.9157538

    Saber stands at the door. "If there is nothing else, i shall go to watch." **

    James: "No, I'm fine..."

    Mor Rioghain: "Then Go," She says fluffing up her beding at the foot of the bed..

    Saber bows. "Just a word of advice. If you plan on coecting any other masters, try to keep them human. We don't have much more room." **

    James throws a pillow at her. "Get going, you!" **

    Mor Rioghain: "Maybe I'll have to stop by toys'r'us for your new teddy bear, hmm?"

    Saber: "You DO owe me any toy I wish..I won the race." She matches your gaze.

    Mor Rioghain: "We'll see. If your good and don't cause Mommy and Daddy to be upset with you" She says in a mocking tone.

    Saber: "Humm. So you would back out of a promise?" She is gone before you can awnser.

    Mor Rioghain: "Ugh! People should not be held accountable for doing what needs to be done!"

    James: "it's fine, I mean, what's the worst she could want? Some fancy cooking stuff?" He swaps out his shirt, before sitting back on the bed.

    Mor Rioghain: "Dildos existed long before even her time." Morrigan says without looking at James.

    James gives a sigh. "Yeah...showing her the inerntet was a mistake." **

    Mor Rioghain: "Well then, I shouildn't have to say this but I will - I trust you will not be attempting to slip into my bedding on the floor here..."

    James relaxes on the bed, leaning forward, frond dangling off the bed. "When have I done anything without asking?" **
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/12/10(Mon)23:11 No.9157617
    Dear god... Is this game still ongoing, or did you finish it up by the twentieth session?
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:11 No.9157623
    Talking, talking. And, suprise, talking.

    James: "Yeah, a bit. Damnit, I feel bad about all this." he gets a grip on her hip, giving it a sqeeze.

    Mor Rioghain: "I wonder if we should get her a cat toy or if letting her have one would be detrimental for her position..."

    James gives a snicker. "Oh, man...I don't know. Poor thing...I..yeah. The last two days have been rather rough for her. First she gets her ass beat, then I make her faint when I explan what all I've been upto the last few days, THEN I turn down her offer of marage, and now she's a cat-girl. Just..shitty luck." He Inches her shirt up, at the back, slightly, hands falling into the falilure pattrn of tracing her crest. **

    Mor Rioghain: "Stop." She sits up and looks at you, "Go over that part about Marriage again."

    James gave a sigh. "yeah, too much to hope that you would miss that part. She asked me to marry her, after we got her awake from the shock of...well, me." **

    Mor Rioghain: "And you turned her down?"

    James: "Well...mostly truned her down. I said I'd get to know her.I mean, she's going to be with us for the next couple years. I did warn her it was likely nothing would come of it, but, yeah. Something about her family needing new blood." His fingers start to trace a bit harder

    Mor Rioghain: "And here I thought you wanted to be with Saber."

    James: "I..do. It's..it's complicated. she...does not have a jelous bone in her body.I swear if I did not know better, she was trying to get me to build a harem." He sighs, leaning into you. "And then there is you, too. things are just..complicated."

    Mor Rioghain: "M-me?! You couldn't want to be with me.."

    James: "Why not?" his teeth graze her neck.

    Mor Rioghain shivers at the touch... **
    Mor Rioghain: "I'm going to be so busy with my house and you're a free man, why marry into so much political maneuvering when you could have the simple life?"
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:13 No.9157669

    Still going on. Hell, outside of Archer and Berserker, everyone is still running around.

    That, and there seems to be another Servant running around, Gilgamesh Style.
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:14 No.9157682
    More jabber....wait, what?!

    Mor Rioghain makes a small 'ahem' cough as she continues. **
    Mor Rioghain: "Say for example this man was to have something like oh, the Holy Grail, then I could accept him..."

    James: "I was guessing." his lips twist in a smile. "enough power to blow up a house not good enough for you?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Oh given preperation I can do that." She waves her hand, "So, do you swear to, upon possesing the grial to offer it as your dowry cost?"

    James: "I..well, it's not like I had any real plans for it, i guess. Could I have a wish from it first, though? Or, is it just the one wish?"

    Mor Rioghain: "It's a wish granting machine."
    Mor Rioghain smiles and face turns bright red with her tail moving franictly back and forth **
    Mor Rioghain: "Well then, I give you permission to propose, should you want to that is..."

    James: "Heh. But..what...what about Saber? I..I won't lie to you. I do have..well, feelings for her, too." he gives a sigh. "I'm..I'm not trying to make this more compilcated. But I'm not going to lie to you."

    Mor Rioghain: "Men of rank have been known to support concubines from time to time and she doubles as a bodygaurd..."

    James: "Heh. true enough. Not looking forward to telling this to poor Mio, though."

    Mor Rioghain: "-Ahem- I don't recall you asking anything yet."

    James gives you a grin. "Perhaps. " He flips you over, being cafrul to get your tail out of the way, pinning you, resting his body atop yours, settled btween your body, almost as if in the misonay postion. "Wil you, at some time, perhaps in the future, marry me?" **

    Mor Rioghain sneaks in a quick kiss. "Yes, I will." She closes her eyes as she rests her head back down. "I suppose we can share the bed then, of course you know we won't be doing anything until AFTER the cerimony. **

    James: "Right. NOW, this is going to be a nightmare to explane to poor Mio. I mean, maybe to no, and loosing AGAIN to the one that killed her Servant."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:15 No.9157710
    Mor Rioghain: "Acctually it's still a maybe... We have one other person to seek the approval of..."

    James: "Ah...yes, of course. Still. Oh, gods. Saber will just tell me to take her along with us, anyway." He rolls his eyes. "Sometimes I'm not sure if she's trying to bulid ME a harum, or build HER one."

    Mor Rioghain: "Who knows?" She calmly snuggles against you.

    James: "True. what, you don't have an opion, though?" He gives a nip at the hollow of her throat.

    Mor Rioghain: "An option? what do you mean?"

    James: "About Saber, I mean. Harums? And the fact that she might be slowly making us all into hers?"

    Mor Rioghain: "I'll be part of no harem!" She says firmly, "If Saber wants to be your lead harem girl, I say let her."
    Mor Rioghain: "She has the ability to keep the other girls in line."

    James: "True...very true." He gives a chuckle, before slowly pushing up off of her.

    Mor Rioghain sits up quick. **

    Mor Rioghain: "You aren't leaving.." She half asks as you move.

    James: "Huh? No, corse not." He grips her side, rolling her over.

    Mor Rioghain lays back down resting her head upon you.. **
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:16 No.9157722
    James runs his fingers down her back, digging his fingers in. "Well, as you are on your front, mind if I take your shirt?" **

    Mor Rioghain: "If you take off my shirt, you're gunna get me all worked up again and we can't go anywhere with that..."

    James sighs. "Can I lift it a bit, then? So I can reach your back easyer?" **

    James: He digs into a spot, right above the tail, working it. "Please?"

    Mor Rioghain: "A-alright," She lets the oohs and aahs begin again as you work her..

    James slowly brings her nightshirt up, stopping the pulling at about her sholders, or a bit below. "Thanks....I just love to beable to see, when I do this.." he starts to work your back, massaging the parrtens of your crest. **

    Mor Rioghain: "You really seam to like my Crest..."

    James: "It's..wel, it's like you. Highly detailed, lovely to look at, usefule, and more then a bit hard to understand." He focues around the Yin-Yang sign for a moment.

    Mor Rioghain: "I doubt you understnad any of what you are looking at."

    James leans in, and gives her ear another chew. "No...but you dn't have to be mean about it. **

    Mor Rioghain: "I have yet to be mean about it." She says with a sigh, "No one can simply look at a crest and understand it... If They could, I'd only have had to look at Mio... The Magic Crest is one of the most complicated things that exist..."

    James: "Well, there might be a way to figure it out quicker. Just got to FIND that. Anyway, what I meant, as you doge around it, it's you. Lovely and complicated."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:17 No.9157751
    Mor Rioghain: "So, tell me what you think of it?"

    James: "Humm?" He traces over one of the circles.

    Mor Rioghain: "No I can not see out of it." She giggles a bit, "What does it make pop in your head."

    James: "Humm. Brings to mind....nothing, really. I've not seen anything like it before." He moves to trace the part peaking down from the sholder.

    Mor Rioghain: "None of the immages of it provoke thought?

    James: "Ah..well, sort of. I find it...relaxing, really. Calming to my mind. It does not really provok trought, but, makes it easyer."

    Mor Rioghain: "That seams odd to me."

    James: "Yeah, well, we do tend to think a bit...diffrently." He leans in, and gives a kiss to the cneter of the crest. "Oh, so, Mio didn't want anything for me to marry her." He goes back to a slightly rough massage, working every kink from her back.

    Mor Rioghain: "Because she's weak." Morrigan stifles a yawn before letting out a new set of oohs and ahhs..

    James: "Oh? Weak how?" He starts to step it up, attacking the places that get reactions.

    Mor Rioghain: "She does not have the position I do, She is too weak, her house is smaller, her stakes in the war are gone, her family's crest is about to be taken by another. She Lacks anything she thinks could offer her the ability to make any condition, you marrying her would have been charity or foolishness to other's eyes."

    James: "Humm. Perhaps. Wait, take? Is there no way to make a copy or anything of it?"

    Mor Rioghain: "There is, I plan to copy it, but if I let her live and she returns to her house I should remove it from her."

    James: "Why? You got it, at that point. You..ok, fine. I'm not going to argue with you on it, right now. We can wait until after the war to debate it." He slips from her back, running his hands down her body, skipping touching her ass, and going for her re-formed legs. "You know, the hair suits you. The additon of the tips, I mean."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:18 No.9157771
    And, this says a lot about the guy, really.

    Mor Rioghain: "Blue tips suit my hair how?"

    James: "Well, perhaps not the blue. But, I mean the idea. Colored tips, perhaps add some streaks...." he digs his fingers in around her toes.

    Mor Rioghain: "Blue not considered, what color would you put it to?"

    James nibbles on your toes for a moment. "Humm. I'd say, die the whole thing black, red tips, with a few white streaks." **

    Mor Rioghain: "While that does sound rather cool looking, You realize I am supposed to remain presentable... How I look reflects my entire house."

    James: "Mrghp." he's busy on your foot, teasing at the thick pads, as well as your toes, hands one the odd arches of your leg.

    Mor Rioghain: "Mmm that.. that feels kinda nice acctually..."

    James leans up, some drool attating his lips to your foot."Heh. I DO know what i'm doing. Never told you this, because it never came up. What do you think I enjoy?" **

    Mor Rioghain: "What do you mean by Enjoy?"

    James: "Enjoy, like. Have fun with. If you think for a moment, it's rather obvious." He starts in once more, on the other foot, teeth, fingers, tounge and lips all working in tandum.

    Mor Rioghain: "For fun? I'm not sure what you like for fun other than that computer of yours..."

    James lets you foot free. "Alright...for pleasure then." He starts to work your tail, gently massaging **

    Mor Rioghain: "What all men like, staring at, feeling and entering a woman's body..."

    James: "Alright. Riddle me this, then. When do I tend to get an erection?"

    Mor Rioghain: "When blood flows in the proper manner caused by your subciouncious mind realizing there is something you may wish to mate with,weather it realizes if you have a chance or not or if such a thing is even real."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:19 No.9157782
    James gives you a swift swat on the ass. "No, bad girl! No cookie!" He gives a sigh, and starts to work her hips. "With you, when do I tend to get one?" **

    Mor Rioghain: "Whenever my ass or my breasts get too close?"

    James: "No.....you rember the time your head was in my lap, and I was rubbing you, all over, and did not get one?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Fluke?"

    James: "And earlyer, when you hopped on my lap, I did not? And two days ago, when I was in your room, and had your top off, I did not get one?"

    Mor Rioghain: "You didn't let youself think about sex maybe?"

    James: "no...still not getting it, are you? There was always a trigger. Every time." He starts to dig his hands into her thighs, working the skin.

    Mor Rioghain: "Huh?" She turns her head to look at you.. "What's the trigger?"

    James lays a hand on your presneted rear, fingers finding the spots, and squeezing. **

    Mor Rioghain gives a bit of a moan at his grip, not expected the enhanced senation.. **

    James: "And...that's it, right there."

    Mor Rioghain: "Wait... What? A moan?"

    James: "Moans, groans, squeeks...any sign you re enjoying it. That's what get's me going. Hearing that you are enjoying what I am doing to you, that's what I enjoy."

    Mor Rioghain: "Do you enjoy being confusing?"

    James: "Eh, sorta. it's not that hard of an idea, though. I enjoy the giving of pleasre."

    Mor Rioghain: "No you enjoy being the strangest person I've ever met."

    James: "Heh. No, that's what you clearly do."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:20 No.9157810
    Ooh, what fun. After a bit more playing(No sex, or even true foreplay), he slips up, calls her Tusnudere. Whoops.

    Mor Rioghain: "You can't rush a girl into saying that..."

    James: "Well, if it was at first sight, what is there to rush into?" his hands start to scratch behind your ears, as you get another nose rub.

    Mor Rioghain: "A Woman says it when she's ready" She says softly.

    James: "Ah...so, you can force it from me, when I was unsure to say it, but, gotta wait?" He looks deep into your eyes. "Damnit, girl. Why are you so tusndere all the time?'

    Mor Rioghain: "I didn't force you to say you love me, I wanted to hear 'I care for you' or the like." She then stops, "Wait Tsundere? why are you speaking in another languge on me?"

    James: "Because I told you before, I know a few words, and what they mean, and I tend to use them as such."

    Mor Rioghain: "Do I want to know what it means?"

    James: 'It...it's not bad, persay. It..it's a persoinality type."

    Mor Rioghain narrows her eyes... **

    Mor Rioghain: "Are you using a foreign word to describe me so I don't hurt you for what it means?"

    James: "I'll show you on line tommrow, or, I an get my laptop and show you right now. I'm not hiding." He tumps his head softly into yours.

    Mor Rioghain: "Then I'll ask you again, d-do I want to know what it means?"

    James: 'Humm. Not sure...I don't think it will upset you..but, it's so hard to tell with you."

    Mor Rioghain: "Well it's up to you if you want to show me..."

    James: "well, I trust you to not hurt me." he sits up, leaning over the bed to dig into his bag.

    Mor Rioghain: "I'm allowed to hurt you," She says with a bit of a smirk.
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:21 No.9157833
    So....to TVTROPES!

    Wait, bad idea! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?

    James: "I'l fight back." he gently knocks his head into hers.

    Mor Rioghain: "Hey what happened to chivilary?"

    James: "Never really followed it. Got in a fistfight with a chick back in highschool. She punched me, thought I would do nothing back." he shrugs. "Everyone is equile to me. In all ways."

    Mor Rioghain: "If that wasn't getting me hit I'd call it noble."

    James: "Heh. Don't worry...as long as you don't hit me first..." he opens it, clicking it on

    James: "And...here." He passes it to her.

    Mor Rioghain: After just over half an hour of being stuck clikcing on TVtropes she reads out from a completely unrelated page, "The Evil Overlord List? This one is actually useful..."

    James: "yeah, the advice is some rather good stuff, that you might not think of. Did you rember to read the FIRST link, though?"

    Mor Rioghain: "I opened all of the links in seperate Tabs and read them when I finished the first."
    Mor Rioghain rolls her eyes. **

    James shrugs. "It tend to jump around. "Oh, what's this? Huh, an...and this, and this.." Read a bit from each." **
    James: "It's addicting."

    Mor Rioghain: "I noticed... Also, I've really been wanting a root beer for some reason. Do you have any around here?"

    James: "Huh? Um, I might. I'll go check the fridge." He pushes off the bed.
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:22 No.9157847
    And an odd want for root-beer.

    Mor Rioghain ends up following seconds after James leaves... **

    James: "oh, hey. That bad, huh?"

    Mor Rioghain: "I am not following you because I want to... I swear that vampire needs to die..."

    James leans in, kissing you. "Yeah, I know. That's why I was saying that bad. I thought you woud be ok for a moment." **

    Mor Rioghain: "So did I..." She leans up against you as you look in the fridge.. "Do... Would it bother you if I ended up looking like this forever?"

    James: "No, not really. " He rummages a bit.

    Mor Rioghain: "Even if you end up married to a wolf-woman?"

    James: "Yes. Without hestation. That's why I was more then slightly worried for Mio....I mean, she does not really have anyone for suprot and such right now, it's a nasty shock." I find a bottol of it at last, twisting the top off, and handing it to her.

    Mor Rioghain: "Ah, thanks.." She takes it and once the brown liquid touches her tounge her eyelids flicker and without stopping she downs the bottle.. a spectical you'd never have expected from her..

    James: "Hey...watch it...you...man, you are SO going to get carbon burn."

    Mor Rioghain blinks for a minute looking at the empty bottle.. **
    Mor Rioghain: "Carbon Burn?"

    James: "Yeah..you know, that burning feeling, when the bubbles from the carbonation get all up your nose?" He takes the bottle, rinsing it out in the sink.

    Mor Rioghain: "Can't say I do." She says for a moment.. "Ok... this is a bit werid but.. do you have another one?"

    James: "Yeah...I mean, I got a couple more. saber and me got them when we were shopping. Why?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Can I have another?"
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:23 No.9157870
    James: "Uh..yeah. Sure, just give it here, I'll get it open."

    Mor Rioghain pulls another from the fridge handing it over to James. **

    James twists it in his hands, handing it back. "But, yeah. Like I was saying about Mio, from your reaction, not many mages will really..ah, want her, nor will many normal people. She'd get a lot of fetishers after her, but, no one that would bother leanring about her." **

    Mor Rioghain: "Uh-huh," You get the impression she is half listening because once again the bottle ends up without liquid rather quickly...

    James: "Ar....why...what's with the cravings?"

    Mor Rioghain: "I-I dunno..." She goes into the fridge for another messing with the top for a second before passing it to you..

    James: "...a.." He twists it off, befor handing it to you.

    James: "Saber!"

    Mor Rioghain: Another bottle once again taken in rather swiftly...

    Saber appears in the kitchen **
    Saber: "You called Master?"

    James: "Go check on Mio, make sure she's not having any really weaird cravings, and can't tell anyone or anything like that, would you?
    James pats Morrigen on the back. "Done, or, are we going to have to go to the store?" **

    Saber nods, heading downstairs.. **

    Mor Rioghain: "I want.. no I need more..." She looks a bit anxious...
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:24 No.9157884
    James: "..shit. Ok, um..wow. I..I've got some cloatihng in my room, might be bulky enough to cover..." He grabs her hand, taking her down stairs.

    Mor Rioghain: "Bulky Enough to cover what?"

    James: "Your tail, Mio's ears. And YOUR ears, too. Don't thnik we have to worry about her tail...we can curl it up, it flexes more then yours..."

    Mor Rioghain: "Oh right..."
    Mor Rioghain looks a bit nervous, biting her lower lip, eyes darting from side to side **

    James: "Man, school starts in two days...what...what are we going to do?" He stops outside his door.

    Mor Rioghain: "Wouldn't it be faster to just send you or better- send saber to get the rootbeer?"

    James: "You really think you could stay here wihout me?"

    Mor Rioghain: "You could lock me in my room..."

    James: "..like that could end well." He knocks on the door. "Mio? Saber?"

    Saber slips through the door. "She is already asleep." **

    James: "Alright. I guess we can leave her here, then. I'll be right back. "He slips into the room, trying to quitely get to the cloest.

    James grabs a few thigns, then slips back out. 'Alright, here." He shoves a bulky pair of jeans, as well as a bucket hat at you. **

    Mor Rioghain: "Huh?" she catches the things without trouble "Why the bulky Jeans?"

    James: 'How much control you got over that tail?"
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:25 No.9157916
    A quite moment with Saber...

    Mor Rioghain: "Uh..." She puts her fingers together "About none.."

    James: "Right. That should be big enough you can shove it in there, without it being too noticable or hurting." He gives her a small push twards her room. "Go get changed."

    Mor Rioghain lets herself be pushed along... **

    Saber: "Master... What's going on?"

    James: "Hell if I know. She seems to have some crazy bad cravings for root beer. Oh, and we might be getting married."
    James thinks for a moment. "The two are not related." **

    Saber: "It would worry me - us getting married and Morrigan wanting rootbeer being related."

    James: "Yeah, it came out a bit wrong. wait, us?"

    Saber: "You said we may be getting married.. I'm not exactly one to be told who I am to wed but I am going to assume it was more of a thought than question."

    James: 'Ah..I ment me and Morrigen. But, it, ah, does not seem she's aposed to ...well, you, as well. You staying with me, I mean. If...if you wanted." His face is slowly heating up.

    Saber: "She's not apposed to you having a Misstress?" she gives a bit of a chuckle at the notion, "But why the proposal?"

    James: "she's...well, she said she would be fine if I had a whole damn harum. She said you could even be head of it." He gives a helpless shrug. "It...we were talking, and..well, i ..it got a bit..confrontational, she..she got the idea in her head that I did not care about her, and..well..I..I told her I was falling in love from there. It.ah, kinda snowballed."

    Saber: "I see. So you go from telling you are falling in love to asking her to Marry you."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:27 No.9157967
    Until someone charges back in.

    James: "Yeah...it...well, it was...it was more SHE hinting I should ask. "
    James: "I'm..hopping it has nothing to do with Mio's offer. I'm not eniterly sure, though. Oh, and she asked for the grail as a dorary, but, we can both have our wishes first. I..could not see a flaw in that, really."

    Saber: "Oh? So you've promised her the grail in exchange for her hand in Marriage.. does that mean she's given up her stake in the war?"

    James: "I..don't think so. But, honistly, i think she's betting that we have more of a chance then anyone else."
    James offers his hand. "I mean, it IS us, after all." **

    Saber: "So if you've told her the dowry and she said yes to your proposal AND you know we will win, why is it a might get married?"

    James: "Her dad or something has to say yes, or something. Plus, it's her, she might change her mind in the morning."

    Saber: "Her father? As I understood it, she is already the head of her house in all but name... Now since she's been telling me to think of Magi Houses like nobles, the only way for that to happen were to be if her parents were incredibly incompetent and she was not, at which point she'd forgo their thoughts OR Her parent's are already deceased and she is waiting for Marriage to properly claim the title. Either way who else would have to give her permission?"

    James: "....h..good question. Very good question. Huh....she's been away a bit, too. perhaps the "has to be arond me thing" was not that bad, after all." He leans in, bumping his head into Sabers. "You do know I care a lot about you, too, right?"

    Saber: "I do." She slips her hands around your waist, leaning in for a kiss.

    Mor Rioghain runs back into the room, nearly tackling you with a hug.. **

    James 's lips almost smash into Sabers. he pulls back, with a grunt. **

    Saber: "Now She seams like she isn't so happy with it..."

    Mor Rioghain nuzzles up against your back.. **
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:28 No.9157984
    And then SOMEONE has to be a pig.....

    James: "I think I was more wrong with the being fine about being alone, or, rather, away from me."
    James: He reaches back, srachting your ears. "Wanna tell Saber wha's going on?"

    Mor Rioghain: "No! I want a Rootbeer is what I want!" She seams ready to nip at your hand... her eyes darting still and she seams ready to run..

    Saber: "Girl is half in a panic..."
    James lets out a groan. "Oh, damnit. Alright, lets get going." **

    About an hour later.

    James: "I..I still can't belive you drank that two leiter before I could get it payed for. I...I mean, come on."

    Saber: "I'm surprised she can drink two liters..."

    Mor Rioghain gives a quiet burp from the back seat. **
    Mor Rioghain: "Sorry... I couldn't help it..."

    James: 'Yeah...yeah. are you alright now, at least? Enough to tell Saber what's going on, with the..well, lack of wanting to be even 3 inches from me, right now?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Ugh, now I feel all bloated..." She says under her breath before speaking up and explaining the panic that over takes her when She is out of speaking distances from James...

    James: "So, yeah. That was what was up with the tackle, I had been hopping it was not as bad as we tought, for a moment there."

    Saber: "And here I thought I sparked a bit of Jealousy between the betrothed." She speaks in a rather wry tone
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:30 No.9158057
    And, with that, we close out log 11.

    James grabs the bags from the trunk. "man...are you sure we needed TEN of these things?" **
    James: "Well, acording to her, all of a week ago, you ARE me, as far as she is concerned...so....yeah."

    Saber: "So Does that Mean little Morrigan Agreed to Marry me too?"

    Mor Rioghain: "Heaven's no."

    James: "Well...acording to what you said...you kinda did."

    James starts to stock the fridge. **

    Saber: "Unless you have further need of me, Master, I Shall return to my Gaurd duties.."

    James: "Yeah, sure. Feel free. Thanks for coming." He gives her a quick kiss.

    Saber gives a return kiss with the slightest touch of long before roughly grabbing your ass and disappating **

    James: "Son of a..." He rubs at himself. 'She forgets how strong she is, attimes." He turns back to Morrigen.

    Mor Rioghain: "Well She is a servant and a saber at that, it's too be expected."

    James: "Any idea why she's always hitting on you, though? I mean, it's not like I mind, but, it's gotten...well, noticable, i guess. Only really started noticing it, but, thinking back, I can rember a few times.." He stops infront of you, stooping down, grabbing your arms, and pulling you onto his back.

    Mor Rioghain: "Not really.. sure WHY whe does it..."
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:34 No.9158120
         File1271129640.jpg-(194 KB, 704x1000, 1270890729858.jpg)
    194 KB

    Questions, comments, anything?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/10(Mon)23:35 No.9158145
    I would totally want in on your group if it wasn't for all the sexual shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/10(Mon)23:36 No.9158178
    And all the spelling errors.

    My god...the horror.

    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/12/10(Mon)23:40 No.9158258
    I love this game so much...
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:44 No.9158326

    There is a lack of a spell-checker. we all know one another well enough that we know what is being said.


    It's Fate/Stay Night. Really, now.


    We have a master-list of everything she can do. One moment.
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:45 No.9158349
    Master List-
    1-7: Addiction
    8-14: Personality Trait (Change)
    15-21: Personality Trait (Add)
    22-28: Change to Circuit
    29-35: Size Alteration
    36-42: Color Alteration
    43-49: Body Shape Alteration
    50-56: Racial Change
    57-63: Age Alteration
    64-70: Addition of a Phobia
    71-77: Addition of a Phillia
    78-84: Object-Trait Synthesis
    85-98: Animal Tranformation
    99: Roll Again Twice
    100: Roll Again Three Times

    Addiction list
    1- Type of Soda
    2- Bacon
    3- Toast
    4- Milk
    5- Random condiment
    6- Cheese
    7- Type of Candy
    8- Type of Fruit or Vegetable
    9- Raw Sugar
    10- Ramen

    Strength of Addiction
    1-25: Negligible annoyance
    26-50: Moderate need
    51-75: Strong Need
    76-100: True Obsession
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:45 No.9158361
    Personality Traits
    1: inventive
    2: curious
    3: cautious
    4: conservative
    5: efficient
    6: organized
    7: easy-going
    8: careless
    9: outgoing
    10: energetic
    11: shy
    12: withdrawn
    13: friendly
    14: compassionate
    15: competitive
    16: outspoken
    17: sensitive
    18: nervous
    19: secure
    20: confident

    Change to Circuit
    1: Switch Affinity
    2: Additional Affinity
    3: Less circuits
    4: More circuits
    5: Lower Mana per Circuit
    6: Higher Mana per Circuit
    7: Lower Mana Capacity
    8: Higher Mana Capacity
    9: Slower Regeneration
    10: Faster Regeneration

    Size Alteration
    High: Height Increase
    Low: Height Decrease

    1d24 Inches, higher or lower
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:47 No.9158389
    Color Alteration
    #-#: Hair color
    #-#: Skin Tone
    #-#: Eye Color
    #-#: Roll Again - two colors for the roll

    Body Shape Alteration
    1: Increased Hour Glass Shape
    2: Willowy build
    3: Increased Pear Shape
    4: Increased Apple Shape
    5: Increase over-all weight
    6: Decrease over-all weight
    7: Breast Increase
    8: Breast Decrease
    9: Increased Hip width
    10: Decreased hip width
    11: Larger Ass
    12: Smaller Ass

    Racial Change
    1: Human (or if human roll again)
    2: Elf
    3: Dwarf
    4: Halfling
    5: Gnome
    6: Haruman
    7: Dryad
    8: Nymph
    9: Ork
    10: Ogre
    11: Goblin
    12: Hob Goblin
    13: Satyr
    14: Cyclops
    15: Troll
    16: Giant
    17: Minotaur
    18: Centaur
    19: Lamia
    20: Re-Roll
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:47 No.9158407
    Age Alteration
    1-2: Mental Progression
    3-4: Physical Progression
    5: Total Progression
    6-7: Mental Regression
    8-9: Physical Regression
    10: Total Regression

    1d10+2 years, Up/Down

    Phobia List
    Roll 1d132 and look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_phobias

    Phillia List
    Roll 1d76 and look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_paraphilias

    Object Trait Synthesis

    Animal Transformation Body Part
    1: Hands
    2: Feet
    3: Ears
    4: Eyes
    5: Tail
    6: Lower Half
    7: Senses
    8: Distinguishing traits (Lion's Mane or the like)
    9: Roll Twice
    10: Roll Three Times

    Animal Selection
    1: Cat
    2: Dog
    3: Wolf
    4: Fox
    5: Bunny
    6: Cow
    7: Horse
    8: Monkey
    9: Snake
    10: Roller's Choice

    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/12/10(Mon)23:49 No.9158427
    That is one HELL of a Reality Marble.
    >> Shanker 04/12/10(Mon)23:53 No.9158478

    She's really a True Ancestor. So, yeah. She's crazy.

    She can make just about ANY change to you, that she wants, as long as it's a CHANGE or ADDITION. She lacks the ability to take things away.
    >> Goddamn Sandwitches 04/12/10(Mon)23:55 No.9158527
    A True... At True Ancestor?! FUCK, that explains why she was able to effect Saber! I was wondering about that. I'm assuming she is one that has given into the Bloodlust?

    I have to say, I am incredibly impressed by the work you have put into this. Good show so far. I cannot wait to see where this goes next.

    And seriously... You seem to be an awesome GM.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/10(Mon)23:56 No.9158544
    >we all know one another well enough that we know what is being said.
    I understood everything perfectly fine. It's just "one of those things" ya know? Just irks me.
    >It's Fate/Stay Night. Really, now.
    Still. The sex was shoved into the game so it would sell decently. I applaud the fact that they're not using game time to have cyber sex - at least that we've seen.

    They're not really too different than one of my current online groups. The spelling errors are just more plentiful and, more often than not, more glaring.

    You're having fun either way so fuck it. Looking forward to more stories.

    And, before I forget, weren't you going to upload the logs in their entirety?
    >> Shanker 04/13/10(Tue)00:08 No.9158814

    We both have fun with it. And, yeah. I was browsing the Type-Moon Wiki, and then thought about what she was doing, and then it hit me with the power amount she had.

    She's more of just a wandering random encounter...there's shit we can DO to her. There are only a few hard fast rules we got for her. One, is that there are two types of changes. One is a cycle, for Morrigen, that means when the full moon hits, she's back to wolfy-girl. The other is a trigger change.

    Mio as an NPC, her change is permanent.

    Also, I can not claim everything for this, I have a Co-DM. He knows Type-Moon far better then I, and it was he that got this all rolling.


    >I understood everything perfectly fine. It's just "one of those things" ya know? Just irks me.

    Oh, no, I know. I WISH I was better at spelling.

    >Still. The sex was shoved into the game so it would sell decently. I applaud the fact that they're not using game time to have cyber sex - at least that we've seen.

    True, but, Duis Sex mechana is part of the setting(mana bonds, and the like), so, it is part of the game, and the point is to tell a story, not just cyber.There has been a bit of sex with Saber, but, for the most part, it's glossed over, and I just did not include it in the telling, because there was no need, and I know /tg/ well enough to know that we would hear crys of "Stop shoving your fetish on us!" soon enough.

    But, the stuff with Morrigen and him is oddly part of their relasnship building up, and, so, I have included it, so you can watch the feelings between them grow.
    >> Shanker 04/13/10(Tue)00:19 No.9159015
         File1271132346.jpg-(541 KB, 2174x960, a933f7b2b9be0b6f4ed74cb9b70da0(...).jpg)
    541 KB
    I'll pick up with log 12 either tomorrow, or the day after. Look for me around 9, EST, if you wish to be in the thread, otherwise, I promise that there will be archival, either way.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)00:19 No.9159020
    >But, the stuff with Morrigen and him is oddly part of their relasnship building up, and, so, I have included it, so you can watch the feelings between them grow.
    Figured as much. It's why I've just been quietly reading instead of whining like a little bitch.

    Gotta say though, I am envious as hell. I could never run this with either of my groups. They either wouldn't be able to do it well or don't know/care/like enough about the universe involved - if not some combination of both.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)00:24 No.9159105
    Perhaps they would be willing to run another Fate/Stay Quest with a bit less over-shown Sex?

    As I understand it there is only two people- so if they'd be willing to run again I'd jump in though I'd prefer they just do some fade-to-black.
    >> Shanker 04/13/10(Tue)00:27 No.9159156
         File1271132821.jpg-(188 KB, 674x964, Rider Rin.jpg)
    188 KB
    Oh, and, the archive for THIS thread.


    I'll stick around, if you have any questions, and I do think my Co-DM is here, so, ask away, and one or both of us will answer.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)00:31 No.9159226
    I know I'd be up for it. My only issue would be availability - for now at least.
    >> Shanker 04/13/10(Tue)00:32 No.9159236

    Yeah. I know the feeling...trust me. It was really just saying "Fuck it" when we relised we both wanted to go for this, and slapped a quick system together, and ran with it.

    And, really, thanks for not whining like a bitch, /tg/ has been getting a bit better about that. It's starting to really be a pleasure to share, rather then "Oh gods, THIS again".


    Eh, possibly. You'd be surprised how much char growth happens like that, but we fully understand how it's not for most groups.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)00:32 No.9159237
    What do you guys run it on?
    >> Shanker 04/13/10(Tue)00:37 No.9159319
         File1271133467.jpg-(125 KB, 700x483, Rider FIGURE.jpg)
    125 KB

    Second thought is the size of the group might make it a bit tricky, as well as availability. would likely have to go with some players as Servants, so we can try and keep it a condensed group, although PvP is possible. It's not really OUR thing, that's why we rolled with the "Beserker gets dropped, join forces" plot. All in all, things to think about.
    >> Shanker 04/13/10(Tue)00:40 No.9159387

    We use Open RPG. As we have had a tendency to glitchy servers, I normally host it, can be a bother at times, as my nets cut every 7 hours.

    Also slow as hell. Fucking 24.0 KBPS.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)00:41 No.9159391
    Well You could have two masters and maybe two servants, and if he/she ever shows up the church executor guy as a player...

    Sure availability might be a bit of an issue, but groups of six or so meet up for internet play all the time right?
    >> Demo 04/13/10(Tue)00:43 No.9159431
    We've had problems even with groups of four in the past. But if Shank wanted to I'd be up for another go when we finish this one.

    >> Anonymous 04/13/10(Tue)00:43 No.9159432
    >You'd be surprised how much char growth happens like that
    Not really surprised, no.

    We avoid it in one of my groups because the majority lacks the maturity apparently while it's been a method of characters becoming enlightened about one anothers' motivations/background/whatever in the other. We just don't go into detail in the one that does involve it.

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