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  • File : 1270619254.jpg-(147 KB, 1280x843, Standoff_by_Chase_SC2.jpg)
    147 KB Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:47 No.9031381  
    I need some "Fuck you, I'm not going gentle into that good night" music. A friend of mine's character is having his last stand moment in about thirty minutes when the gang gets back for snacks. I figure a little bit of music might lighten the mood for all involved.

    Picture closest thing I have to related.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 04/07/10(Wed)01:48 No.9031396
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:48 No.9031404
    What setting are we talking here? Future, Classic or Contemporary?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:49 No.9031408
    Baroness "A Horse Called Golgatha"
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:49 No.9031410
         File1270619343.jpg-(216 KB, 1280x1590, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.jpg)
    216 KB

    Will this suffice?
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 04/07/10(Wed)01:50 No.9031423


    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:50 No.9031426
         File1270619419.jpg-(75 KB, 450x338, PRESIDENT BLAIR.jpg)
    75 KB
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 04/07/10(Wed)01:52 No.9031451
         File1270619527.jpg-(89 KB, 750x600, 1255491824703.jpg)
    89 KB

    Forgot my pic

    Last stands
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:52 No.9031454
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:52 No.9031462
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/07/10(Wed)01:52 No.9031464
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:53 No.9031481
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:54 No.9031483
         File1270619641.jpg-(112 KB, 634x302, 07.jpg)
    112 KB

    one of its favourites, anon
    >> Radak !!sPwhkEnc+DX 04/07/10(Wed)01:54 No.9031495
    Hellsing OST has some interesting music.


    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:54 No.9031497
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:54 No.9031498
    Contemporary becoming future. Kinda hard to explain, but singularity is going down.


    Potent. Thanks!
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:55 No.9031504
    Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:55 No.9031512
    Hell March 3?

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:56 No.9031513
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:56 No.9031517
         File1270619789.jpg-(251 KB, 545x846, ThePowerofChrist.jpg)
    251 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:56 No.9031525
         File1270619819.jpg-(1.32 MB, 2048x1024, Mass Effect - Galactic Core.jpg)
    1.32 MB

    This ought to do it, I think.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/07/10(Wed)01:57 No.9031539
    What kind of last stand are we talking about here?
    Are we talking about some poor bastard with 3 holes in him ruthlessly blasting anyone who comes down a hallway to finish him off while his buddies run?
    Here, you'll like this.

    If we're talking brutal KILL DEATH MAIM before he goes out, hell march is the fuckin' shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)01:58 No.9031548
         File1270619880.jpg-(778 KB, 1680x1050, TooBright.jpg)
    778 KB
    And there's more!

    In inadequate thanks, here's some more art I downloaded from /tg/ earlier. Also, I really probably should go through and listen to some of the links.
    >> Radak !!sPwhkEnc+DX 04/07/10(Wed)01:59 No.9031578

    this as well.

    A little more info on how hes going out would go a long ways though.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/07/10(Wed)02:01 No.9031605
    Here's a longer version of east hastings.
    East hastings is like 17 minutes long and I think fits what you need in terms of feel and length so if you want to use it make sure to grab the full version real quick.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:01 No.9031612
    I feel happy about that image as the ruskies obviously have no idea where Ottawa is if they think its where they labeled it on their maps. I always figured ottawa would be safe from a nuclear strike as no one would care or even know where it is, and everyone would just nuke toronto thinking that it was the capital.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:02 No.9031613
         File1270620130.jpg-(50 KB, 300x300, star2.jpg)
    50 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:04 No.9031648
         File1270620259.jpg-(325 KB, 1920x1200, Valkyrie_Marek_Okon.jpg)
    325 KB
    Ehhhh, long story, but to make things short, guy makes deal with techno devil (Recursive AI) in order to bring about ascension, but upon learning of certain factors that brought about his decision for the deal, wants out. Violently. Freeing the rest of us in the process, but pissing off an intelligence spread across the computers of roughly Texas to Florida in turn.

    Session left off when we heard a droning buzz and something blotting out the sun. He's the only one of us that doesn't have a uncompromised escape vector, so he's decided to fuck up things as much as possible before he falls.

    Probably doesn't get the gist across, but whatever. Your music was awesome. Thanks.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/07/10(Wed)02:05 No.9031657
    Yeah make sure to download the 17 minute cut from somewhere because I know the 3 minute cut won't, well, cut it.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:06 No.9031679
    Breaking Benjamin - I will not Bow

    7 Days Away - Take Me Away

    Godsmack - I Stand Alone

    Normally I'd be with /tg/ posting instrumental, but, figured this was more needed for variety.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:07 No.9031685
    Fort Minor - Remember the Name

    >> Gaow? 04/07/10(Wed)02:07 No.9031691
    The Bubba Ho Tep soundtrack is oddly appropriate for this.


    Pretty much perfect.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:08 No.9031713
    Not really last stand music, but pretty epic fight music in general.

    Nine Thou- Styles of Beyond

    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/07/10(Wed)02:08 No.9031716
    Also, for the comedic pause in gaming
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:09 No.9031728
    What the shit. This song is physically painful to listen to.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:10 No.9031737
         File1270620626.jpg-(497 KB, 800x965, TyrWalks.jpg)
    497 KB
    He'll probably be running from base to base in the false city, blowing away puppet simulacra and dropping grenades in server rooms while trying to dodge hellfire missiles from a swarm of UAVs.

    Doesn't really sound epic, but in our game it fits. Also, I don't really have good last stand art that fits this kind of spiteful moment unfortunately.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/07/10(Wed)02:11 No.9031762
    If the AI is named amadeus you should totally go for this one.

    Otherwise sounds like it's time for HELLMARCH
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:12 No.9031777
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:13 No.9031779
    Frank Klepacki - Rocktronic

    Sounds like you need electronic sounding stuff.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:13 No.9031791
    Ignore the weeaboo amv. Listen to the song. JUST LISTEN TO THAT GODDAMN SONG!

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:14 No.9031800
    The Shadow - Prodigy

    More electronic sounding.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/07/10(Wed)02:15 No.9031818
    For sad funeral/he will be missed shit, you can't beat maggot brain.
    You can't get sadder than a song inspired by one of the artists finding his brother's head cracked open and infested with maggots in a hotel in which the other artist on guitar was told to play as if he had found out his mother had died
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:16 No.9031830
         File1270620980.jpg-(418 KB, 1680x1050, GDIMovement.jpg)
    418 KB
    Heh. Well, I think I got a pretty good playlist from you guys. I didn't get much of a chance to listen and check out the music, so I'm piling in everything at once, and hitting play once the action starts.

    This should make some fun listening, when Rock Me Amadeus comes on. There's probably going to be some more random stuff in there.

    Thanks everybody, starting with Hellmarch. Also, Klepacki's got solo albums? I'll need to follow this up.

    Shutting /tg/ now.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:16 No.9031834
    You, sir, have given me a new favorite band.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:16 No.9031839

    That's Twenty Minutes In the Future/Postcyberpunk/specfic. You take something in the news and speculate what would happen if it became ubiquitous. Say...

    >scientists have discovered a chemical which converts all known mammalian muscle it contacts into a more advanced form of muscle (the unique muscle type found in tongues, to be specific. 3 times stronger than the strongest bicep of equal size, just as fast as facial twitch muscles, and far more efficient in energy usage than any other known muscle in the body). Exposed to this chemical on a regular basis, a human being would quite literally be capable of superhuman feats of strength (ironically, the scientist who tested this chemical on mice compared the results to a 'Captain America' comic). When combined with conventional steroids to increase muscle mass, this would lead to humans capable of easily ripping apart metal objects with their bare hands, and easily leaping dozens of yards from a standstill.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:17 No.9031841
    Something with a more classical bent, but no less epic then anything else here.

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:17 No.9031850

    A surprising source for an awesome song.
    >> Sauber !f1v85QnTcU 04/07/10(Wed)02:18 No.9031865
    >Using rock me amadeus
    fuck you must be the best DM ever
    good luck and post a fucking result when it's all over
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:19 No.9031885
         File1270621175.jpg-(948 KB, 1600x965, DigIn.jpg)
    948 KB
    Alright, I lied earlier. I was getting around to it, but one more f5- nice choice there.

    You don't have to, but if you have more songs, might as well pile it in here for the benefit of /tg/. I know after this game ends, I'm going to be checking on this thread first thing, and I would be pleased to hear the tastes of my fellow fa/tg/uys.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:21 No.9031920
    ...Is that real?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:21 No.9031921
         File1270621303.jpg-(182 KB, 600x1349, 1269810292933.jpg)
    182 KB

    another favourite, tender ears may bleed
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:22 No.9031939
    Lifeforce - Further (cover of VNV nation)

    SADMUSIC. Got some good use as an ending coda to a Dark Heresy game.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:23 No.9031948
    >Werewolves vs hoplites

    Why did I never think of this?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:24 No.9031968
    Libera me From Hell becomes even more potent when you look up what the Latin means. I mean the first line is 'Grant them eternal rest, Lord'
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:25 No.9031986
    That's, uh, VERY metal.

    On the softer side,
    Faunts - M4 (part II)

    This was used as the ending theme for the first Mass Effect
    >> Anonymous. 04/07/10(Wed)02:26 No.9032003
    Ace Combat 6 OST - Siege on Silvat

    The Fountain OST - Death is the Road to Awe

    Probably two of my favorite "Yeah, this is going to be the end of SOMETHING, I just don't know if that's going to be good or bad for us..." tracks.

    Just... don't use these.

    As far as songs from TTGL go, I think this one is probably a lot more fitting.

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:26 No.9032018
         File1270621596.jpg-(431 KB, 747x958, 101.jpg)
    431 KB

    it doesn't work free, anon. you would provide food, yeah?
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:26 No.9032019
         File1270621599.jpg-(12 KB, 415x329, CommanderShepard.jpg)
    12 KB

    M4 Faunts. Mass Effect ending music. Always nice.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:27 No.9032033
    Nothing gets more epic than this song
    however for a last stand it may be too epic
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:28 No.9032061
    Some Guilty Gear music

    Burly Heart - dark and ominous


    Pride and Glory - more FUCK YEAH and up beat


    Holy Orders - Organ intro, then onto the rock

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:29 No.9032071
    Some Rammstein


    >> Sorain !VReP2N9ezw 04/07/10(Wed)02:30 No.9032078
    Well, lets see.

    Oddly enough, the Evangelion Rebuild 2.0 OST
    In my spirit.

    want to recal the spirits of those who were utterly screwed but fought on anyhow?
    And Then There Was Silence>

    They take your land? No, they wont.
    March Of Cambreadth

    Its already over?
    Apocalypse Now
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:30 No.9032082
    FFVII boss battle music:

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:34 No.9032126
         File1270622053.png-(24 KB, 749x470, Polandcannotintospace.png)
    24 KB

    I approve.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:35 No.9032143
    Not sure if it's been posted, but I find this to be appropriate.
    Megalith - Agnus Dei (Ace Combat 4 OST)
    >> Ghost !4u16FlNpwo 04/07/10(Wed)02:35 No.9032144
    Cançao do Mar, the theme from Southland


    The full song is on Youtube as well but the intro fo the show is pretty much dramatic police brutality in song form
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:35 No.9032145
    Iron Maiden - The Trooper


    You'll take my life but I'll take yours too!

    You fire your musket but I'll run you through!
    >> Cockslap 04/07/10(Wed)02:36 No.9032155
    E.S. Posthumous - Kalki

    Anvil - March of the Crabs

    Sagisu Shirou - The Beast II

    Yatsunori Mitsuda - Omega, Escape

    Yoko Kanno- Dance of the Curse
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:38 No.9032183
    >Made a playlist


    I want to make a playlist of everything in this thread, and just spend about two hours feeling like the baddest fucker to ever mother.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:38 No.9032187
    No Duel of the Fates? Really?

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:39 No.9032196
    Not that I'm in any rush to let my inner weeaboo hang out, but I do feel compelled to list some Eureka Seven tunes. The soundtrack is spotted with J-pop and trance music, but there are some awesome instrumental tracks in there too. These, for instance.

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:40 No.9032204


    Ending songs for Megaman Zero 1&2. A non 8(?)-bit version of the Megaman Zero soundtracks would sound amazing.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:40 No.9032212
    Audioslave - Cochise

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:41 No.9032223
    Europe - The Final Countdown

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:44 No.9032267
    Silversun Pickups - The Royal We
    For some reason, I think this song best suits a futile last stand or a TPK.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:45 No.9032282
         File1270622755.gif-(25 KB, 100x100, song.gif)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:46 No.9032296
         File1270622813.jpg-(25 KB, 488x332, 1269145001491.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)02:56 No.9032476
         File1270623402.jpg-(240 KB, 502x760, Last_Breath_by_jeffsimpsonkh.jpg)
    240 KB
    Forgive the mass effect video, but this is the most satisfying mix of the song that I've come across. More for the last leg, when it's basically over.

    The Day the World Went Away
    >> Anonymous. 04/07/10(Wed)03:10 No.9032706
    You accidentally copy/pasted the link from >>9032267
    instead of what you actually wanted to put there.

    Just FYI.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)03:14 No.9032758
         File1270624445.jpg-(148 KB, 600x600, rsenter.jpg)
    148 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)03:14 No.9032774
         File1270624490.jpg-(195 KB, 700x990, Mordin.jpg)
    195 KB
    Damn it! Thank you.

    I MEANT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xh-ubwMfRzc
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)03:19 No.9032840
    Also this off their latest album.

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)03:19 No.9032841

    Mostly from 6:19 onwards
    >> Sorain !VReP2N9ezw 04/07/10(Wed)03:23 No.9032908
         File1270625020.jpg-(102 KB, 704x396, [yesy]_Magical_Girl_Lyrical_Na(...).jpg)
    102 KB
    think you meant

    Blood Shot

    Battlefield of Steel

    the ever popular Unlimited Blade Works (Emiya)


    Comet Song (especially the solo at the end)

    Volcanic Rim
    >> psydpope 04/07/10(Wed)03:27 No.9032966

    Plan to use this in a "shit just got real. Run like fuck" situation in a near future campaign.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)03:28 No.9032969
    little quiet, but Johnny Cash is always boss.

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)03:28 No.9032979
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)03:32 No.9033031
    what sorta character we looking at here? soulful rogue or RIP AND TEAR brawler?
    >> The Spoiler 04/07/10(Wed)03:34 No.9033050

    It may be that I'm just madly in love with it right now, but this song might strike your fancy.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)03:37 No.9033085
    Shuhia Taibia, Battlefield 2142.


    Verdun: Battlefield 2142.


    CoD4: Mile High Club

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)03:41 No.9033135
    I prefer this one.

    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)03:50 No.9033228
         File1270626610.jpg-(413 KB, 1680x1050, LibertyNuke.jpg)
    413 KB
    Hey, OP here again.

    So. I only got through Hellmarch before the character took a less expected road.

    There's a lot of background, but basically, people can get uploaded to computers, but the initial crop turned out poorly. The character had a hard drive of the failures- some of the players were hoping to recover them, get them back to sanity.

    The last stand player decided to shove them into the AI's server banks, making sure to put separate copies in as many sites as he could, bleeding out his last as bullets and shrapnel filled him, hoping enough shotgun crazy into the godlike intelligence would give it a torturous slow death as the virus intelligences corrupted it into uselessness. Last stand player's final action was to forcibly impart his hatred and last thoughts to the data mess.

    I didn't know quite what to think of this, but the other players freaked out at the thought of the most intelligent (if somewhat malicious) entity on the planet with a bot net encompassing a good chunk of the globe went crazy, and decided that nuclear warfare would be the only way to save things.

    At least I have a bitching soundtrack to listen to while trying to think of what the fuck to do for the next session.

    tl;dr Things went to Hell in a way that didn't match the theme of music. But music was still awesome. Grats!
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)04:03 No.9033376
    Hell March 2 is better
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)05:04 No.9034027
         File1270631090.jpg-(50 KB, 495x700, RobotandBalloon.jpg)
    50 KB
    This thread is good, and you should all feel good.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)05:32 No.9034183
    Find a download for this:
    Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero

    There's also
    Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero IDEA (Zero 2)
    Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero TELOS (Zero 3)
    Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero PHYSIS (Zero 4)

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