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  • File : 1268357474.jpg-(223 KB, 1350x1800, 1268186325122.jpg)
    223 KB Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)20:31 No.8533726  
    The mask is cool to the touch, moulding seamlessly around your eyes and brow, framing your cheeks as you lift it into place. An emerald glow seaps from beneath it as the nanomechanical constructs that compose your face bond to the ancient artifact, making you whole.

    You are Xeno, formerly a mortal tau and now lord among necrons, ascended by your unwilling association with the Lady of Infinite Abyss, the incomprehensibly ancient entity that plucked you from an eternity of frozen stasis to serve her will. What began as a simple mission of survival has become a quest to rid the galaxy of the threat of your mistress' former lieutenant, the Dusk of Uncountable Suns... the same abomination that stole your daughter from you and turned her into a mindless killer.

    For the first time since your awakening, you feel hate. A hate like you have never felt before and, you hope, will never feel again. Drone was a part of you, born of your heart and hands and mind, the purest and most good to come of your transformation. That such a noble intention could ever be corrupted to so sinister a purpose makes your fluids boil, threatening to overwhelm the rational parts of your mind.

    Now that your ascension is complete, only one task remains; the complete and utter annihilation of the Dusk of Uncountable Suns.

    What do?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:32 No.8533757
    Embrace the Dark Side.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:35 No.8533806
    Didn't we stock up on delicious resources by cannibalising that oversized Necron before entering the sphere room and getting distracted by Drone²?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:36 No.8533838
    and we shat out a dozen drones as a result.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:36 No.8533841
    Didn't we turn it into more Drones?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:37 No.8533853

    suck on my own nipple
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:37 No.8533860
    Investigate area
    Remember that hate clouds reason
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:37 No.8533861
    hrm are we still locked inside the astrolobe room?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:38 No.8533888
    No, that necrodermise was acquired from surrouning environs
    Have yet to use necron acquired necrodermis
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:40 No.8533929
    Either make stealth-usable synthskin (SEXY synthskin, mind you), or MORE DRONES.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:41 No.8533939
    Since stealthskin has been shot down the answer is Iron Man Gauss weapons
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:42 No.8533952
    oh god I hate WH40K
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:46 No.8534018
         File1268358360.jpg-(136 KB, 550x680, XenoSpiralPissed.jpg)
    136 KB
    Find Dusk and tear him apart.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:48 No.8534057
    What does the mask DO for us?
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)20:48 No.8534059
    Oh man, do I have to draw the mask on my current image as well?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:49 No.8534066
    Find Dusk and kill him beyond dead.
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)20:50 No.8534086
    The illusion of high orbit persists as you stride down the causeway towards the chamber's exit. Nothing of significance remains here and given the choice you'd see it sealed for all time in memory of your Drone's sacrifice.

    As you approach, you cast a single glance at the obsidian portcullis sealing you into the vault of twilight, willing it to retract and allow you to exit. Freed, your scarabs swarm out the portal to secure the area, preceding your echoing hoofsteps down the corridor.

    Roll 1d100
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)20:51 No.8534100
    rolled 80 = 80

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:52 No.8534115
    and so the bad rolls begin
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)20:52 No.8534119
    Well shit...
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:52 No.8534127
         File1268358753.jpg-(44 KB, 350x341, wryyyy.jpg)
    44 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:53 No.8534140
    Nah, you can leave it off
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:53 No.8534145
    Just as planned.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:56 No.8534178
    Hey, she got some pretty spectacular rolls last night
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)20:58 No.8534215
    rolled 39 = 39

    A phalanx of the Dusk's warriors awaits you as you exit the vault, their impassive visages cast in a sinister light, soulless optics reflecting the green on energy channels in the surrounding onyx.

    As one, the assembled warriors open fire.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:59 No.8534226
    This is karma. Our god rolls last night must now be balanced by shit rolls. So please, Please don't try and rip apart a hoard of necrons with just our disruptor claws
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)20:59 No.8534229
    Ah, crap
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:00 No.8534236
         File1268359210.jpg-(171 KB, 600x800, XenocronWings.jpg)
    171 KB
    Dodge and TEAR THEM APART!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:00 No.8534247
    Run and hide run and hide
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)21:01 No.8534261
    A cascade of emerald fire washes over you carbonizing your chassis and setting off the pain-response of your nanites' tactile receptors. Roll 1d100 to resist.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:01 No.8534262
    Take to the air
    Dodge and strafe with drones
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:02 No.8534277
    do we still need to breathe? if not fly away and cut a path threw the walls with are disruptor claws.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:02 No.8534278
    A personal forcefield would be just grand right about now.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:02 No.8534280
    ...You will never, EVER use Wryyyyy in that context again. Do you understand me? It's a warscream, not a misspelling of 'whyyyyy'.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:03 No.8534284
    rolled 84 = 84

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:03 No.8534289
    rolled 15 = 15

    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)21:03 No.8534294
    rolled 96 = 96

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:03 No.8534299
    rolled 1 = 1

    run, hide, send drones. in that order
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:03 No.8534303
    welp. it was fun guys.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:04 No.8534312
    You suck. :(
    >> dice+1d100 Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:04 No.8534314
    I rolled the "hilariously low" roll and the 1 that cut down Drone2 last night. Let's see what Eris has in store this time...
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)21:04 No.8534318
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)21:04 No.8534321
    rolled 9 = 9

    >tactile pain receptors
    So, it hurts, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:04 No.8534323
    Quick, everybody above this, delete your posts!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:04 No.8534328
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:05 No.8534340
    Well, at least I got pre-empted, so don't look /completely/ stupid.

    I'd say "wasted 1 up there", but it appears to have been rolled "noko". Buh?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:05 No.8534342
    Eris is a capricious Goddess it seems.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:06 No.8534351
    how the hell did i pull that off

    (all praise the dice gods)
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:07 No.8534365
    sadly we're still fucked it seems :[
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:07 No.8534367
    Doesn't matter, you got beaten. First response was an 84.
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)21:08 No.8534388

    The warriors strip you apart molecule by molecule, every one of your nanites crying out in alarm as it's obliterated. Setting your jaw, you lean into the torrent as your chassis dissolves, polymerized skin peeling away from the shining silver of the skull beneath.

    Declare an action and roll 1d100.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:08 No.8534389
    And how. Rumour has it that she does it for the lulz.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 03/11/10(Thu)21:08 No.8534393
    We have a daughter?
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)21:09 No.8534404
    rolled 42 = 42

    Take to the air, dodge an strafe
    Have drones run fire support
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:09 No.8534413
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:10 No.8534422
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:10 No.8534429

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:10 No.8534431
    There goes the last bit of our physical tau identity
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:10 No.8534438
    rolled 30 = 30

    Seems your mind is broken. Not enough sleep last night?
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)21:11 No.8534446
    Keep up here Stalker
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 03/11/10(Thu)21:11 No.8534451
    It's a girl?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:12 No.8534459
    rolled 6 = 6

    i will now roll for shits and giggles.

    may (your god) be with you child.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:12 No.8534464
    What do you seem to be up in arms about I see no such post
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)21:12 No.8534468
    Nah, we can fix that with a polymer skin substitute later
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:12 No.8534476
    the drones have copies of part of are soul so yes
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:12 No.8534477
    Go ahead, lie to the DM about your die rolls. I'm sure that'll work out just great.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:13 No.8534487
    Our skin? Gone?

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:13 No.8534491
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:13 No.8534492
    rolled 79 = 79

    and now the dice gods are with me!

    rolling again to confirm
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)21:13 No.8534501
    We'll fix it later
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)21:15 No.8534528

    With nowhere to flee except into the vault, you instead run headlong into the warriors' unending onslaught! Conduits rupture and armor shatters, threatening your structural integrity, but the furnace pounding in your breast drives you forward!

    You're among them in moments, maneuvering between the arcs of their gauss flayers, too close to be fired upon.

    Declare an action and roll 1d100
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)21:15 No.8534533
    The dice gods are fickle, no?
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 03/11/10(Thu)21:15 No.8534539
    Oh right.

    Also. Inb4 we take someone else skin.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:16 No.8534545
    rolled 73 = 73

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:16 No.8534547
    rolled 48 = 48

    dice them
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)21:16 No.8534554
    rolled 55 = 55

    Air strafe
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:16 No.8534563
    rolled 73 = 73

    Claws, drones attack from above.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:16 No.8534566
    what we got those claws for a reason
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:16 No.8534567
    rolled 58 = 58


    Whip out the Staff of Light!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:17 No.8534574
    How low was
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:17 No.8534575
    ah shit, sorry guys
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:17 No.8534580
    bad end bad en
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:17 No.8534582
    Who was doing the betting about karmically bad rolls tonight?

    This is even worse than expected...
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)21:17 No.8534583
    We have not come
    this far
    To die
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:18 No.8534590
    80 something.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:18 No.8534596
    73, 48, 55, 73, 58...
    >> Tzeentch !OJ4s9gRCow 03/11/10(Thu)21:19 No.8534606
    Just as planned.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 03/11/10(Thu)21:19 No.8534616
    rolled 16 = 16

    Doo Dee Doo
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:20 No.8534624
    at lest my roll wouldn't have killed us>>8534547
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)21:20 No.8534625
    Oh Omnissiah,
    Blesseth this engine of rolling die to show favor unto thy disciples and to shower thine rage on their enemies
    Taketh this plea in base 2, and deliver us from spammers
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:22 No.8534664

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:23 No.8534684
    I wish to hurt you.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:23 No.8534686
    That'd be assuming quite a bit at this point ._.
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)21:23 No.8534693
    rolled 7 = 7


    Sparks fly from your solenoids as silver fluids ooze from distressed fiber-bundles, severely hampering your ability to mount a reasonable counterattack. Your reactions are slowed, limbs weighing down like leaden weights. Even your claws seem dull, catching on the armored warrior-forms and leaving only shallow grooves in their hardened necrodermis.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:24 No.8534698
    already punched myself in the face a few times.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:24 No.8534706

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:25 No.8534717
    Well, the DM rolled low. That's good, right?


    They're not rolling for the counterattack, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:25 No.8534720
    fight to the last breath, then curse the capricious gods.

    . . . . .manly tears
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)21:26 No.8534736
    We're gonna need a deus ex machina...
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:26 No.8534742
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Tau Quest is over due to death and horrible rolls. Dammit.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:26 No.8534744
    use the rez orb
    >> Tzeentch !OJ4s9gRCow 03/11/10(Thu)21:26 No.8534746
    rolled 29 = 29


    Incase you wish it.
    >> /d/eviating Ca/tg/irl 03/11/10(Thu)21:27 No.8534750

    NO. We. Are. Not. DONE. FIGHT. ON.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:27 No.8534758
    Uh, no, that's bad. That's their attack roll. And low is good in this quest.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:28 No.8534767
    well then . . . .
    good game guys.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:28 No.8534774
    Told you guys to upgrade the drones but NOOOOOO, Y'all had to go for the stupid claws!
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)21:29 No.8534785

    The phalanx closes in around you, bludgeoning you with their gauss flayers until you fall to the ground in a ruined heap. Silver teeth grit in a half-rictus, the bare necrodermis of your skull laid bare. Forced to your hands and knees, you're filled with horror as you see your Drones crushed underfoot by the Dusk's soulless killers. Blow upon falls on your back, blinding you with damage warnings as entire systems begin to fail.

    Roll 1d100.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:29 No.8534799
    rolled 85 = 85

    play dead
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:30 No.8534804
    Kick the power core into overboost. Use the last of the necrodermis to heal crucial systems. Kill them all and drain their lifeforce.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:30 No.8534809

    this guy . . . this guy right here . . .

    I hope you feel good about yourself.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:30 No.8534812
    rolled 18 = 18

    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)21:30 No.8534813
    We got a natural 1 on our attempt to save our daughter. The memory of her will drive our survival instinct!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:30 No.8534814
    Upload into the hivemind.

    Abandon body, become One With The Undying Swarm- they've got enough distributed parallel processors to hold us, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:30 No.8534815
    rolled 82 = 82

    One last chance.
    >> Terminator !iSsP9f7qHA 03/11/10(Thu)21:30 No.8534821
    Minus the "play" it seems.
    >> NuBlackAnon !!z6ldXGL61Wm 03/11/10(Thu)21:30 No.8534822
    rolled 87 = 87

    Here we go!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:30 No.8534825
    You just had to roll before me, didn't you?
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)21:31 No.8534830
    rolled 89 = 89

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:31 No.8534832
    Yeah, great.
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)21:31 No.8534837
    This one please. It's a response to Shas' post!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:31 No.8534843

    ...If we fail at playing dead, and we're seriously injured, wouldn't this technically improve our odds?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:32 No.8534853
    damn, I'd forgotten they had to actually be replies.

    oh thank god.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)21:32 No.8534854
    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
    It can't end like this
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:32 No.8534855
    Bad end T_T
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:32 No.8534860
    rolled 51 = 51

    Rolling to spit in the face of the dice gods.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:32 No.8534862
    Now you know that dosn't matter. We're boned. And after such a touching scene too.
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)21:32 No.8534863
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:33 No.8534873

    Jesus christ!

    This is like . . . fate or something. The dice just ain't having it.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:33 No.8534874
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:33 No.8534883
    Goddamit Shas, what the hell do you want from us?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:33 No.8534886
    rolled 9 = 9

    So I herd you gais liek 100's?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:34 No.8534888
    This wasn't a reply and Shas used it.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:34 No.8534890
    well fuck me.

    can we have the option of choosing between the first two rolls since we now have a complete necron set?
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)21:34 No.8534894
    You summon the last of your strength for a desperate counter-attack, but the damage is to severe. Another strike forces your knees give out beneath you and you; you fall, sprawling to the ground, static filling your gaze as your optics whir stutteringly to focus on the silver-shod foot that crushes your skull.

    Signal lost.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:34 No.8534895
    Poor Xeno...
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)21:34 No.8534907
    Please, use the response that rolled 18!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:35 No.8534912
    Quick, remaining Drones!

    Backup copies engage!
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)21:35 No.8534922
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)21:35 No.8534925
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:35 No.8534926
    So, retcon?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:35 No.8534929
    For the last god damned time, that is a house rule for Frost Giant Quest. It does not now, nor has it ever, applied to Tau Quest. Stop getting people's hopes up.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:35 No.8534930
    rolled 49 = 49

    we'll be back roll
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)21:36 No.8534938
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:36 No.8534939

    USE IT.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:36 No.8534947
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)21:36 No.8534949
    An error occurred during start up. Do you wish to continue?

    Y / N
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:36 No.8534956
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)21:37 No.8534959
    It should be a houserule in every quest.
    >> Tarvus 03/11/10(Thu)21:37 No.8534964
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:37 No.8534965
    Please define error.
    >> Tzeentch !OJ4s9gRCow 03/11/10(Thu)21:37 No.8534966

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:37 No.8534967
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:37 No.8534968
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:38 No.8534975
    run a scan diagnostic then boot if possible
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:38 No.8534978
    rebooting without a head? I figured this quest would fall to a railroad of some kind, but seriously.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:38 No.8534982

    Hold on there, we're not diving in to the unknown.

    Open the Help menu
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:38 No.8534984
    Y to the thousandth power!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:38 No.8534986
    just want to say, OP

    this has me on the edge of my seat, and staying at work late so I don't miss what's happening during my drive home.

    I JUST installed Dragon Age last night as well, and I've been dying to play it all day.
    >> Tarvus 03/11/10(Thu)21:38 No.8534993

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:38 No.8534996
    What kind of error?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:39 No.8535005
    call tech support, make sure we have our service tag handy
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:40 No.8535015
    Each drone is basically a backup of us so,,,
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:40 No.8535017

    Yeah, our OS has to have a help menu!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:40 No.8535019
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:40 No.8535021
    Nah, Shas is throwing us a bone- one of the rolls didn't count but he used it by mistake, so now the last three or four posts have been retconned
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:40 No.8535030


    USE IT
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:41 No.8535037
    It should be. however, it was asked that it be instated and OP never replied (See Shas, that kind of thing would be great for you to respond to with a yes or no answer and would not disrupt tyhe quest at all, instead of leaving it vague and making people think that it is in effect.).

    Point is, it isn't a rule here.
    >> Tarvus 03/11/10(Thu)21:41 No.8535043
         File1268361699.jpg-(6 KB, 260x166, POINTAN.jpg)
    6 KB
    >tech support

    NO. That's why all the Necron'tyr died in the first place, they were waiting for tech support to get back to them on their life support.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:42 No.8535052
         File1268361722.jpg-(29 KB, 300x375, putinnotamused.jpg)
    29 KB
    everyone who has rolled so far will be banned if they try to roll again.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:42 No.8535062
    The roll counted, you are thinking of a different quest thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:42 No.8535065
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:43 No.8535073
    It may be a rule here- I think shas may have gone with the rule before, but usually the role in question was pointed out before it could be ised
    >> Terminator !iSsP9f7qHA 03/11/10(Thu)21:44 No.8535098
    "Hello, this is Void Dragon Techsupport. The owner is not awake at right now, so I am afraid we cannot aid you at this moment. Please hold"
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:44 No.8535107

    we are being reborn as the swarm itself

    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)21:44 No.8535111
    'Wake... up, Xeno. Wake up and smell... the ashes.'

    Your vision flickers, resolving into a complex diagnostic pattern of necron runes as your optics recalibrate. Wherever you are, you have been tampered with - neither your arms nor legs respond, bound to an enormous slab and somehow disconnected from your primary neuromotor system.

    A skeletal figure stands before you, tatters of green silk swathing its ancient chassis. It seems to regard you as something of an anomaly, cocking its head to one side as if it were examining a particularly unusual insect pinned to a board. The irony of the analogy isn't lost on you.

    'It is... a pleasure to make... your acquaintance. I am called the Dusk of... Uncountable Suns.'
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:45 No.8535130
    . . . .
    . . . . .

    . . . . .

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:45 No.8535131

    Moments later, the temples of Mars collapse as the slumbering Void Dragon awakens.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:45 No.8535132
    This quest is just surreal. How did you come up with this shit, OP?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:45 No.8535135
    No, for the last. Fucking. Time. He has not now, nor has he ever, used that rule. He has taken non-linked rolls dozens of times throughout the quest. Get over it.

    And seriously Shas. Say something about it either way. FFS, a simple "No, the rule does not apply" will put an end to this. We're wasting posts talking about it.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:45 No.8535136
    rolled 1 = 1

    rolling for BS
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:46 No.8535155
         File1268362001.jpg-(58 KB, 355x341, putinrapeface.jpg)
    58 KB
    see? what the fuck did I tell you?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:46 No.8535156
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:46 No.8535158
    Oh noes! Captured!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:46 No.8535159
    Hiya Gman.
    Hey, have you lost weight?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:47 No.8535168
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:48 No.8535187
    can we call him Gman for short?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:48 No.8535193

    "I am Xeno, or possibly the Undying Swarm. It's strange to meet one that I've become familiar with through the obstacles they've placed."
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)21:48 No.8535200
    I am confus
    >> Terminator !iSsP9f7qHA 03/11/10(Thu)21:49 No.8535214
    The creatures and aliens in half-life come from another dimension. That dimension could be the warp.
    >> /d/eviating Ca/tg/irl 03/11/10(Thu)21:49 No.8535226

    Well, now he's right there. get loose, and kill.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)21:50 No.8535233
    "Rust take you, you miserable pile of bolts"
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:50 No.8535242
    Oh screw you for that!
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 03/11/10(Thu)21:50 No.8535250
    G-MAN! G-MAN! G-MAN!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:51 No.8535255
    And then Gordon Freeman comes in and wacks the Dusk dude off with his Crowbar (+4).
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:51 No.8535256

    Yep, let's attack and insult when we can't move our limbs...

    We should let Dusk monologue as we set ourselves free
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:51 No.8535260
    Goodbye Tau brain! Hello all-Necron Xeno!

    ITT: Quest gets raped to death by pseudorandom number generator. 85, 18, 82, 87, 89...
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:51 No.8535262
    Of course, all this is accomplished despite your lack of a head.
    You don't know how you hear the voice since you have no ear canals anymore. Even telepathy seems like it would have trouble since your brain was smeared across a floor.
    Your eyes, although they were separated from your noggin, mushed and probably left behind when you fell, can still see the figure in front of you...somehow.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:51 No.8535274
    >wacks the Dusk dude off with his Crowbar
    Xeno approves
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:52 No.8535275
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)21:52 No.8535283
    The Dusk approaches, taking your chin in its vice-like grip and turning your head, first left, then right, analyzing you like some sort of faulty mechanism.

    'I took the liberty of... relieving you of your weapons... Most of them... were my property. As for the rest, I think... you've earned it...

    'The tomb is... in our control, for the time being... thanks to you. Quite a nasty piece of work you managed. I... am impressed...'
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:52 No.8535284
    Look around. What is our surroundings? How are we being held? What is the status of our powercore and necrodermis supply?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:52 No.8535287
    Still doesn't explain why Gman contracted Freeman instead of a commando trained to fight and kill. Also doesn't explain -

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:52 No.8535293
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:53 No.8535309
    What about weaver?
    What about the lady?
    What about drone?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:54 No.8535313
    >and turning your head

    WTF. How do 'crons regrow heads?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:54 No.8535314
    He's going to rape us isn't he.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:54 No.8535317

    "I should have known...

    What are you going to do with this ship, to the other lords, to me?"
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:54 No.8535323
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:54 No.8535324
    "But how is that possible? I got things for the Lady and helped her, and hindered your forces on several occasions. How did that let you take over the ship? Unless the Lady was all a lie and it was just you all along. Was that what happened?"
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 03/11/10(Thu)21:54 No.8535328
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:54 No.8535331
    I think we We'll Be Back'd right into the Dusk's clutches. :O
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:55 No.8535335

    >>Implying one couldn't make a replica head to transfer data into
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:55 No.8535339
    "Are you here to make your offer again?"
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:55 No.8535343
    So he made us a new head? How kind of him!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:55 No.8535349

    Wait, he's NOT going to rip out the Orb, Power Core and Death Mask? The very things he's been searching for? Something's not right here.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:57 No.8535381
    wait, wait wait weapon that we "earned" as in he doesn't want it or can't remove it?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:57 No.8535385
    >Implying we know that we still have them.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:57 No.8535391
    Don't listen to this guy!
    He either is keeping us alive because
    A) we're useful- which is unlikely sonced we turned him down once
    B) he can't remove the arterfacts from us without our consent
    I think b is more likely
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:58 No.8535406
    has he removed are hidden claws?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:58 No.8535409
    We regenerate. Xeno has melted into a puddle of nanite liquid before and come back
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:59 No.8535417
    This is the Gman. I doubt he'd have trouble removing them if he wanted. He's a gaming man, and he seems to really like playing games. He's keeping us alive because it amuses him, it would seem to me.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:59 No.8535423
    Probably can't
    Death mask
    Disruptor claws
    Power core
    He's trying to get us to somehow surrender the items to him
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:59 No.8535424
    What has dusk taken?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)21:59 No.8535431
    run a background scan to see exactly what the "errors" are.
    >> /d/eviating Ca/tg/irl 03/11/10(Thu)22:00 No.8535444
    If we can do ANYTHING, try and format a weapon. I recommend drill, but, really, drill that fires a GAUSS round once its jammed in him.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:00 No.8535451
    Also we need a drawfag in here STAT!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:01 No.8535473
    This is the gman- a plan man
    Remember Shepard- put on ice because he doesn't fit into his plan
    We're not a certainty
    He would destroy us if he could and eliminate the unpredictable factor,, but he can't risk destroying the artefacts bound to us
    >> Terminator !iSsP9f7qHA 03/11/10(Thu)22:02 No.8535494
    A necron version of the bolter round.

    That's...kind of awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:03 No.8535502
         File1268362997.png-(8 KB, 400x400, Bad End.png)
    8 KB
    I have no idea what to draw in this situation.
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)22:03 No.8535511
    The Dusk lays a hand on its breast and the throbbing power core installed there, its malign luminescence refracting through the resurrection orb piercing its palm. 'I really must thank... you for retrieving these... trinkets. That meddlesome... insect took great... pain to ensure that I would... not find them.

    'Now, I suppose you... are wondering why I've brought... you here...'

    The chamber brightens, not with the greenish illumination of a necron tomb, but the clean, bright light of a tau medical bay. The room seems mostly intact with only cursory signs of conversion behind deck plates or between bulkheads. Row upon row, rank upon rank of transparent vertical cylinders stretch off farther than you can see, in each one floating a familiar form.

    'I must show you something that... you need to know.'
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:04 No.8535522
    That is adorable. Is it wrong that it causes me tears?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:05 No.8535538
    We have to remember- Xeno is alive
    That's the important part
    We can work the rest out as we go along
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:05 No.8535547
    This is bullshit, I'm out of here.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:05 No.8535558
    Is that our crew? Or maybe clones of us?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:06 No.8535564
    necron Gman standing over a Dismembered Xeno like in the torture scenes from Metal Gear Solid. Go!
    >> /d/eviating Ca/tg/irl 03/11/10(Thu)22:06 No.8535565

    I was thinking of the time Simon used his core drill to make a giant hole in Lordgenome, really. It just seemed to fit.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:06 No.8535568
    Shas can we just delete the thread and start over?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:06 No.8535571
    so we lose.


    way to roll, guys.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:07 No.8535579
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:08 No.8535597
    Final Destination MAN!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:08 No.8535604
    What's the angle he's working?
    The gman always works an angle- he doesn't do anything for shots and giggles
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)22:08 No.8535610
    Your captor turns away from you, surveying the banks of gestation capsules. 'Your mistress has been busy...' the Dusk grates. 'Did you really think... yourself so unique? You are a... tool, Xeno. A weapon.'

    Roll 1d100
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:09 No.8535616
    Remember that each limb is completely detatched and scattered in braces around the room.

    And what a nice http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ItsAWonderfulFailure we're being treated to!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:09 No.8535620
    Xeno clones I bet
    But really shas
    Fuck you
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:09 No.8535621
    rolled 29 = 29


    Search the room!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:09 No.8535623
    rolled 39 = 39

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:09 No.8535632
    rolled 57 = 57

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:09 No.8535634
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:10 No.8535648
    You shut up.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:11 No.8535656
    rolled 68 = 68


    SAN check.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:11 No.8535659
    rolled 12 = 12


    OK, let's try that again.
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)22:11 No.8535660
    Not too bad.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:12 No.8535671
    thank you dice god(s)/goddess(es)
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:12 No.8535675
         File1268363533.png-(7 KB, 400x400, OH BOY.png)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:16 No.8535766
         File1268363797.jpg-(17 KB, 482x428, cut it out.jpg)
    17 KB
    Stop deleting posts FAGGOTS!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:17 No.8535785
    I didn't roll anything higher than a 20 yesterday, and I just got here.

    Bring it awwwwn.
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)22:17 No.8535792
    You tune out the Dusk's tiresome monologue. For an entity with no longs, he's incredibly long-winded. Instead, your mind turns inwards, focusing on your body and every single nanite that composes it. Diagnostics run for every conceivable element of your configuration, trying to ascertain your level of functionality.

    You've been stripped of the Lady's artifacts; the power core, resurrection orb and death mask have all been violently removed, leaving scraps of stray interface code to clutter your subconscious processes. One remains, however, although whether by intent or oversight you're unsure; your staff of light remains bound to you, waiting to materialize at your command.

    A block has been placed between your primary neuromotor vertebra, blocking all communication with the rest of your body. There's no way to override it mentally, the hardware itself has to be destroyed.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:17 No.8535794
    Can we please play out the next few posts WITHOUT ROLLS?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:18 No.8535795
    Agreed. Don't you get it? Shas catches it every time.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:19 No.8535813
    Well, isn't this a kick in the pants?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:19 No.8535814
    No, wait, listen to what he's saying. I want to know what is in the capsules. Is it the rest of the crew or just clones?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:19 No.8535827
    Run simulations to determine course of action?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:20 No.8535836
    Well the quest is taking a downturn so why not fuck around with it a bit. I'm not even the anon doing it, I'm just reading.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:20 No.8535838

    We'll need to materialize the staff at an opportune time.

    Let's listen to the Dusk's monologue while we wait.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:20 No.8535842
    Clones. Definitely clones.
    >> Princess Angelique Dominique 03/11/10(Thu)22:20 No.8535845
    Have nanites destroy it.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:20 No.8535849
    Look to find where the items went. Then call the staff to destroy the blocking thing. Do so when Dusk is unaware. Grab the goods and prepare for a boss fight.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:20 No.8535854
    Reminds me of the theory that Chell is a clone in Portal. Plus Xeno being a clone would make sense seeing as we woke up in a fluid thingy.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:20 No.8535856

    Manually deconstruct the hardware implanted into our spine with nanites?

    More than anything, though, we need to know if we're capable of an escape, or of fighting.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:21 No.8535873
    Shas, if this ends the way I think you're planning on ending it I will find you and-
    Complain at you!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:23 No.8535904
    Giga drill breaker time?
    >> Tarvus 03/11/10(Thu)22:23 No.8535909
         File1268364212.png-(113 KB, 245x280, OMGGAAAAAAAUGH.png)
    113 KB
    What about our drones?
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)22:23 No.8535915
    Background processes run through every conceivable scenario, trying to pick out some sort of weakness to exploit - but without the power conferred by the Lady's effects, each potential outcome ends with your messy destruction at the hands of the Dusk of Uncountable Suns.

    Roll 1d100
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:24 No.8535919
    rolled 9 = 9

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:24 No.8535920
    Materialize staff in such a way the the energy blade part (it has that, right? Since it's a power weapon?) slices through the thing blocking us from our body. Yeah, it'll slice our head off, but we're necron so we can reattach it.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:24 No.8535930
    rolled 4 = 4

    I got this.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:25 No.8535942


    Time to get our toys back
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:25 No.8535953
    Mebbe we has win now?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:25 No.8535957
    rolled 60 = 60

    Goddamn overkill. Could have saved one of those.
    A bomb's a bad choice for close-range combat.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:25 No.8535960

    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)22:26 No.8535966

    A code-blurt tickles the back of your mind, buried deep in the subconscious link you share with your scarabs. Get ready.

    You feel something click as sensation returns to your body.

    Roll 1d100 and declare an action.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:26 No.8535985
    rolled 48 = 48

    take a defensive stance!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:26 No.8535988
    I think Shas may have been planning something like this-Thw bad rolls were just a bonus
    We wanted to destroy dusk, but had no real dramatic way of getting to him except through kill everything in the ship
    This is much more Dramatic
    >> Tarvus 03/11/10(Thu)22:27 No.8535991
    Drone =/= bomb, bro.

    Also, confirmed G-man is a necron'tyr.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:27 No.8535995
    rolled 68 = 68


    Form Scarab armour?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:27 No.8536011
    We used all our luck on the 4 and the 9, damn you.
    >> Tarvus 03/11/10(Thu)22:28 No.8536020
    rolled 71 = 71

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:28 No.8536022
    rolled 36 = 36


    Defence mode, get the Scarabs to watch for intruders.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:29 No.8536029
         File1268364544.jpg-(66 KB, 640x360, deusex.jpg)
    66 KB
    What a shame.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:29 No.8536034
    ...are we going from god-awful high to sweet-jesus low rolls?
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:29 No.8536038
    It's sad that I now consider a 48 a success
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)22:29 No.8536039

    You slip free of your restraints and drop to a crouch behind the Dusk, ready for a fight! Taken by surprise, your foe turns to face you, a hateful glow blazing in its hollow eyesockets.

    'Curious,' he observes, manifesting an enormous staff in one hand.

    Roll 2d100 and declare an action.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:30 No.8536059
    rolled 4, 12 = 16

    Summon our staff and get ready to dodge.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:30 No.8536068
    Oh wow.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:30 No.8536071
    Then why is the gman acting so much like Dr. Breen?
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:31 No.8536085
    Back in business baby!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:31 No.8536090
    You should of said 'kill him with a spoon'

    it would of worked.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:31 No.8536091
    holy shit!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:32 No.8536097

    Fuck dodging, with a roll like that parry his thrust and stab him in the eye
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:32 No.8536103
    Next time
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:33 No.8536109
    Should have called down the swarm on him
    >> Tarvus 03/11/10(Thu)22:33 No.8536116
    I think we made him stab himself or something.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:33 No.8536119
    >Implying next time won't be 84, 97
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:33 No.8536125
    Remember- without the power core, the staff is strictly melée
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:33 No.8536127
    We're going to need to deconstruct him piece by piece.

    Mask seems easiest, then Power Core, then Orb
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:33 No.8536128
         File1268364822.jpg-(46 KB, 650x613, FUCK YEAAAAAAAH.jpg)
    46 KB
    You are a god among men.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:34 No.8536133
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:34 No.8536139
    rolled 87, 52 = 139


    Fight cautiously. Do not charge.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:34 No.8536142

    Xeno should back the fuck down and ask the funny tin man what he wants. Short and simple like.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:35 No.8536150

    Good thing I didn't roll first.
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)22:35 No.8536153
    Your staff coalesces into your hand with its customary emerald spark, held forth in a defensive stance as you brace for the Dusk's attack - but even as the lord lunges toward you, the deckplate underneath buckles with an enormous impact! A massive, silver form forces its way through the floor, screeching with a sound like a hull breach as it bludgeons the Dusk with one of its massive foreclaws.

    Drone has arrived.
    >> /d/eviating Ca/tg/irl 03/11/10(Thu)22:36 No.8536168

    It's that time. At long last. Drill right trough him, don't stop untill you HIT THE WALL ON THE OTHER SIDE.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:36 No.8536169
    o fortuna, ego deprecor subrideo.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:36 No.8536171

    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:36 No.8536173
    Ah crap, what if this was his plan all along- to get us to summon the staff so he could steal?
    Knew the gman was working an angle
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:36 No.8536175
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:36 No.8536183
    rolled 66, 47 = 113

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:36 No.8536185
    Holy fuck! Is that what I think it is?!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:37 No.8536194


    Looks like she's been upgraded to Tomb Spider.

    Quick, jump on top!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:37 No.8536198
         File1268365027.jpg-(69 KB, 374x600, fuck yeah.jpg)
    69 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:37 No.8536201
    Shit, I didn't mean to roll.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:37 No.8536205

    It seems as though Drone has evolved into........Tomb Spyder!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:38 No.8536213
    Was Drone screaming OH YEAH as he came through the floor?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:38 No.8536218
    good thing shas didn't ask for a roll
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:38 No.8536224
    It's tomb spyder Drone!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:38 No.8536229
    Spare no time. Go for the kill. Leap off drone's back and remove Dusk's head.
    >> Tarvus 03/11/10(Thu)22:38 No.8536230
         File1268365126.jpg-(5 KB, 124x154, nrrr.jpg)
    5 KB

    More like a WRAITH, amirite?
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)22:39 No.8536249
    The tomb spyder hauls itself through the rent in the floor, hissing like a steam valve as it charges headlong into the Dusk! Your legs uncoil in a mighty bound, propelling you through the air to land lightly atop Drone's forecarapace, its enormous wings spread out behind you in an attack posture.

    Roll 1d100
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:40 No.8536254
    nope the floor broke a wraith wouldn't have done that
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:40 No.8536256
    Oh, so NOW we can have Tomb Spider Bob. Ah well, better late than never. Good show OP, good show.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:40 No.8536260
    kill the dusk //keep head as trophy
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:40 No.8536263
    Do it!
    End Dusk once and for all!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:40 No.8536275
    rolled 47 = 47

    >> Tarvus 03/11/10(Thu)22:40 No.8536276
    rolled 18 = 18

    >not a wraith
    >wait, surfing drone?

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:40 No.8536278
    rolled 85 = 85

    slice and dice
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:41 No.8536289
    Meh, ever-so-minor success.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:41 No.8536291
    not bad, but not the worst.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:41 No.8536301
    good thing I was too slow
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:42 No.8536307
    Not bad. Not good either. At least it was less than 50.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:42 No.8536308
    rolled 14 = 14

    Strike, search for useful information within him
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:42 No.8536321
    Damn, too slow.
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)22:43 No.8536340

    Drone crashes into the Dusk, but the necron lord is faster than it appears and manages to shift his weight just far enough to the side to avoid the full force of your loyal construct's bull rush. Dusk crashes to the ground, but he keeps his grip on his staff.

    Roll 1d100 and declare an action.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:44 No.8536349
    See how he responds, if still hostile FINISH HIM!
    Or interrogate HIM on that bloody table.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:44 No.8536350
    Kill the Bastiche!
    Rip his phylactey out!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:44 No.8536358
    rolled 62 = 62


    Disarm him of his staff with our staff
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:44 No.8536362
    rolled 77 = 77

    Have drone bust open Dusk's head.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:45 No.8536371
    rolled 57 = 57

    Dive for his staff.
    >> Tarvus 03/11/10(Thu)22:45 No.8536372
    rolled 37 = 37

    Catch Dusk with disruptor claws, feed to drone.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:45 No.8536374
    rolled 54 = 54

    We'll try this whole "diplomacy" thing once he's crippled beyond retaliation. Turnabout is fair play, amirite?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:45 No.8536377
    rolled 63 = 63

    Question his loyalties!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:45 No.8536393
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:45 No.8536395
    rolled 62 = 62

    Kill the Bastiche!
    Disruptor claws
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)22:46 No.8536413

    You leap through the air with the intention of plunging your staff through the prone necron's breast, but he turns with blinding speed to deflect your blow with his own weapon! Your blades clash, emerald fire burning between them as you struggle to regain the advantage!

    Roll 1d100
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:46 No.8536419
    What's that you said? Let him grab our staff?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:46 No.8536420

    Christfuck the shit rolls we have
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:46 No.8536421
    rolled 10 = 10

    Fuck this guy
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:46 No.8536423
    rolled 3 = 3

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:47 No.8536433
    Not literally, kick his ass.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:47 No.8536436

    Except where it counts, apparently
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:47 No.8536439
    Question his loyalty?
    What- you want to guilt trip him into submission?
    >> Tarvus 03/11/10(Thu)22:47 No.8536440
         File1268365661.jpg-(5 KB, 124x154, baugh.jpg)
    5 KB
    rolled 67 = 67

    >fuck him
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:48 No.8536454
    who wants to bet the dice gods knew what Shas was planning and fudged the earlier rolls?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:48 No.8536462

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:49 No.8536468
    rolled 27 = 27

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:49 No.8536477
    goddamn railroading dice gods. as if they didn't have something better to do with their divinity.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:49 No.8536481

    ...Rape is a rather interesting way to disable a Necron Lord.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:49 No.8536486
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:50 No.8536497
    It seems they may have a flair fore the dramatic.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:50 No.8536498

    stabby rip stab stab!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:50 No.8536502
    Spyder better be ready to start omnomnom-ing
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:51 No.8536507
    rolled 88 = 88

    Goddamit Now I wanna know why he defected in the first place.
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)22:51 No.8536508

    A fire builds in your phylactery, spilling out in an aura of emerald light as you tap into reserves of energy you didn't even know you possessed! Unable to resist the strength behind your blade, the Dusk's staff twists to one side, allowing you to plunge your weapon straight through the abomination's black, mechanical heart!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:51 No.8536511
    What, in the middle of combat? I mean, sure it might be distracting, but do Necrons even have the necessary equipment any more?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:51 No.8536514
    shas use both
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:51 No.8536530
    Take our shit back, eat him, and make more Tomb Spyders.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:52 No.8536534
    Rip and tear!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:52 No.8536544
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:52 No.8536549
    Ask him this: Any last requests?
    >> Tarvus 03/11/10(Thu)22:52 No.8536558

    Interrogate. Then let DRONE rip him to bits. Ask about drone2.
    >> Tzeentch !OJ4s9gRCow 03/11/10(Thu)22:52 No.8536559
    A rule: If you've rolled higher then 66 today, stop rolling, period.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:53 No.8536575
    Die you Bastard die!
    Tear him limb from limb!
    >> Tzeentch !OJ4s9gRCow 03/11/10(Thu)22:53 No.8536584
    Also, I predict Dusk's last words will be " WE'll see about THAT."
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:54 No.8536588
    meh, I got an 80-something a while ago, but also the 3 a few posts back.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:54 No.8536590

    Pop out the power core and stick it in us, then rip off the death mask, then tear his arm off and take the rez orb!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:54 No.8536599
    go down the paragon path: This is why we can't have nice things.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:54 No.8536602
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:55 No.8536613
    Relevant to the whole "oh shit we're dead...no wait, we got this"
    >> Shas'la !SmBgj8cDoQ 03/11/10(Thu)22:55 No.8536614

    I agree, we need to just remove the items and be done with him. He is too dangerous to leave be however and must be consumed, for the Greater Good.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:55 No.8536626
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:56 No.8536638
    I vote we just absorb whatever information we need, this guy takes too long to talk.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:57 No.8536654
         File1268366243.jpg-(12 KB, 291x212, 1261876120947.jpg)
    12 KB
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:57 No.8536655
    After interrogation
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)22:57 No.8536665
    The Dusk of Uncountable Suns sputters in surprise as you twist your staff in the wound, wrenching his phylactery free from its moorings. Light drains from his eyes as his optics lock on you, his hate almost palpable.

    'You... are insignificant! Just another... construct! Something she built!'

    His next words are cut short as you pull your staff free, along with a significant chunk of his inner workings. Casually, you stoop to retrieve your power core, tearing it out of his chest.

    'This is... not the end! I am eternal! I am the... Dusk of... Uncountable... Suns!'
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:58 No.8536667
    But we like hearing his sexy, dreamlike voice!
    >> Shas'la !SmBgj8cDoQ 03/11/10(Thu)22:58 No.8536668

    As you wish honored one.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:59 No.8536678
    It's time you slipped beneath the horizon.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)22:59 No.8536679
    What is it?
    I'm on a mobile, so I can't follow the link
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:59 No.8536682
    interrogation do not kill!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:59 No.8536684
    Take the items guys, we can't interrogate when our captive still has a 'gun' pointed to us!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:59 No.8536687
    Install core. Drain his necrodermis.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)22:59 No.8536689
    Annihilate entirely. Allow drone to absorb as appropriate, gauss-flay the rest into oblivion.

    Appropriate musical stylings. It's Murder. We chose this path.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:00 No.8536696
    Force of Mind, from Dragonaut
    >> Terminator !iSsP9f7qHA 03/11/10(Thu)23:00 No.8536699
    Some sort of music.

    The video goes by the title: Force of Mind ~Dragonaut The Resonance~ Main Theme.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)23:01 No.8536720
    Oh, my, yes
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:01 No.8536726

    Now he's just a deactivated husk.

    Take our items, feed alongside Spyder.
    >> /d/eviating Ca/tg/irl 03/11/10(Thu)23:01 No.8536736

    Eating him might be bad, what if he could attempt to overpower us from the inside out?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:02 No.8536739
    its nothing special, a two star piece at best.

    NOT XENO material
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:02 No.8536741
    How is it murder? He tried to kill us! REPEATEDLY!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:02 No.8536746
    are you familiar with the end scene in Mass Effect? It's similar in theme to the "From the Ashes" track that plays during that.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)23:02 No.8536748
    Then kill
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:02 No.8536749
    Hug drone.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:02 No.8536751
    Now absorb his memories. Pay special attention to those about a certain "Gordon Frohman". Not Freeman. Frohman.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:03 No.8536759
    No. No it is not.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:03 No.8536767
    not directly... until we jumped out of our binds
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)23:03 No.8536773
    "Why did you do it dusk?
    Betray the lady? Torture Drone?
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)23:04 No.8536780
    You plant a hoof on the necron's spinal conduit, preventing him from squirming away as you slide the power core into its proper receptacle. The resurrection orb comes next as you tear his arm right out of his socket, casting it away like a broken toy once the artifact is returned to you.

    'She's using you! Open your eyes to see! What do you think will happen when I'm gone?'
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:04 No.8536784
    Evidence indicates that his previous effort has merely been to restrain us. We escalated. Taste of blood.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:04 No.8536795
    if he answers "shits and giggles"
    ima gonna die laughing.
    >> Tzeentch !OJ4s9gRCow 03/11/10(Thu)23:04 No.8536798

    " Destroying her."
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:05 No.8536801
    just fucking probe his memories while he's dead. no need to interrogate.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:05 No.8536808
    Indirectly trying to kill me is STILL TRYING TO KILL ME.

    And considering he immediately attacked us instead of trying to talk when we escaped, I consider that pretty obvious intent.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:05 No.8536814
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:05 No.8536817

    Pull off the Death Mask and place it where it belongs (our face).

    let him rant
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:06 No.8536822
    Implant him into a drone, and make it loyal to you.

    Hells yeah, slavery.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)23:06 No.8536827
    Pick up phylactery
    "Dusk, I think it's time we had a little heart to heart,"
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:07 No.8536855

    Shas, find a way to do both of these
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:07 No.8536858
    oooOOOooo i like that idea.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:08 No.8536883
    Bastard killed our daughter, bet he can't give us a good reason not to end him like he ended her
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:09 No.8536904
    Yeah, because he totally won't fight it off and turn on us at an inopportune moment.

    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:09 No.8536907
    Brace for M. Night TWEEEST
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)23:09 No.8536913
    "I dunno really- maybe the lady will try to kill me, maybe We'll team up and bring the greater good to the living metal.
    A better question is why I should care about what you have to say?
    Why warn your destroyer of her betrayal?"
    >> Tzeentch !OJ4s9gRCow 03/11/10(Thu)23:10 No.8536923

    That is just as planned.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:10 No.8536938

    This, don't kill him yet, interrogate.
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)23:10 No.8536943
    Tendrils of emerald lightning course across the Dusk's shattered form as he begins to phase out, but a simple gesture from your resurrection orb binds him in place. His ravings become more desperate, more panicked as you clench your fist, his body responding to the gesture by crumbling into dust!

    You draw the necrodermis into you, a surge of power fluctuating your systems as you consume the lord's superior form, radically reconfiguring your own chassis to meet the exceptional specifications of your defeated foe. In an isolated corner of your mind, the Dusk rants and struggles, maddened by the loss of his body and mental confinement.

    You delete the worthless waste of processor cycles without a second thought.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:11 No.8536952

    this is more appropriate music for this quest.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:11 No.8536968
    "I don't know. But I do know one thing. You're not going to die here. Oh no. Death is far too good for you. I have plans for you Dusk, big plans. I will incapacitate you, and once I'm finished with the Lady I will do such things to you that the very universe will quake with fear at what atrocities I am capable of. For what you did to my daughter. You will pay."
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:11 No.8536981

    Well, let's get to producing some more drones.

    Lots of them
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:12 No.8536985
    We are Mistress of the Undying Swarm.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:12 No.8536992

    Or maybe you will die here. Whatever.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)23:12 No.8537001
    Hey, we were going to interrogate him!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:13 No.8537003
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:13 No.8537007
    I approve of this straightforward and free-of-pretentious-speeches approach to the eradication of those who oppose us.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:13 No.8537010
    Hooray for swarms of upgraded drones!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:13 No.8537025

    lol railroadan
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:13 No.8537029
    anybody want to set up an IRC next time the quest pops up?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:14 No.8537036
    We should take a look around the room we're in.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:14 No.8537039
    I think the overwhelming sentiment was to destroy the bastard.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:14 No.8537040
    Dusk: not as planned! Not as planned! Not as pl-
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:14 No.8537045
    Drones! We need more Drone!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:16 No.8537081
    Take a moment to appropriately adjust to new components.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:16 No.8537096
    Damn straight. It's about time we got the shoulderpads.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:17 No.8537097
    The two weren't mutually exclusive!
    We could interrogate him, then destroy him!
    Heck, we could interrogate as we destroyed too!
    >> /d/eviating Ca/tg/irl 03/11/10(Thu)23:17 No.8537103

    Ooh. So, new body type?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:18 No.8537119
    No shoulder pads!
    Hand canons!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:18 No.8537123

    should be just about time for another involuntary spasm of drone birthings.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:18 No.8537133
    I call railroad
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:18 No.8537136
    please be sleek and sexy, please be sleek and sexy!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:18 No.8537138

    We'll need to reconfigure it to fit more with our Undying Swarm theme.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:19 No.8537150
    Drone2- mother is sorry
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:19 No.8537155
    Drones (and Spyders if we can).

    We must keep up the Swarm
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)23:19 No.8537157
    As you return your deathmask to its proper place, a familiar voice insinuates itself into your mind. 'Mmm...' the familiar presence reverberates, oscillating in pitch and tone, 'my little insect has done well. I was right to choose you.

    'The betrayer is destroyed and you stand victorious, a creature of divine grace and beauty and death. How far you've come. I imagine you must have many unanswered questions.'
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:20 No.8537168
    I should imagine that much of the mass has been spent on repairing the damage caused by our hilarious gauss-whipping, along with the previous unspent reserves.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:20 No.8537176
    Xeno is now bulky, complete with bulky pauldrons.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:21 No.8537189
    Do not want.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:21 No.8537192
    Sleek and sexy pauldrons!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:21 No.8537195

    "First off, what are you going to do now that the Dusk of Uncountable Suns has been removed?"
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:21 No.8537199
    Sleek, graceful
    Carry over traits from Tau design
    Incorporate scarab motif
    Keep blue hair and skin polymer
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:23 No.8537223
         File1268367792.png-(964 KB, 1086x664, fortress.png)
    964 KB
    Xeno is going to wear bulky pauldrons and will enjoy them thoroughly so.
    >> /d/eviating Ca/tg/irl 03/11/10(Thu)23:23 No.8537225

    We also need to do up some skin replcement. Skin look alike, at least.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:25 No.8537268
    You bet your sweet non existant metal ass I do Korst'la
    Why did Dusk rebel against you?
    Why did you pick me?
    Are those clones of me being held in stasis over there?
    What will you do now?
    Why weaver?
    Who are you- really?
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)23:25 No.8537279

    'I would be lying if I didn't consider claiming your body as my own, but somehow I doubt that I would succeed. You're much more powerful than I imagined.

    'No, now that the last of my affairs are concluded, I can finally rest. You will let me rest, won't you little insect?'
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:25 No.8537281
         File1268367944.png-(26 KB, 900x900, Tau15.png)
    26 KB
    so we don't look like this anymore? can we keep the clothes and Drone hat?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:25 No.8537282
    Who the hell is she calling an insect?!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:25 No.8537289

    no means no

    and on another note let the birthing spasms begin!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:26 No.8537295

    For some reason, I'm imagining Xeno with massive necrodermis and nanite storage containers on her chest instead of pauldrons.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:26 No.8537313
    answers then rest.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:27 No.8537319
    I approve wholeheartedly of this idea.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:27 No.8537321
    so Xeno has HUGE tracts of nanites?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:27 No.8537324
    I think it's because we're so scarab-themed.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:27 No.8537328
    "Indeed. Still, I imagine I can find the answers once I rip them from your consciousness after I've done to you what I did to Dusk. Really, if you didn't see this coming I am disappointed."
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:27 No.8537331

    > You will let me rest, won't you little insect?

    "You know, calling me an insect, however fitting it may be, is not the way to get me to leave you alone."
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:27 No.8537336
    "Oh, so nice of you to show up- so, honey, how was your day?"
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:28 No.8537354
    with the amount of necrodermis it shouldnt be impossible graft a new "skin"
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:29 No.8537358
    Remain silent. She also must be consumed and destroyed.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:29 No.8537359
    "Who am I-Or at least, who did I used to be?"
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:29 No.8537365
         File1268368159.jpg-(69 KB, 500x481, XenoBattleDamage.jpg)
    69 KB
    Make her answer our questions.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:29 No.8537371
         File1268368175.jpg-(389 KB, 626x841, trollyuuka.jpg)
    389 KB
    Oh boy, we're gonna teach the Lady a different kind of womens' wrestling.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:29 No.8537375
    NO, we did only what we had to, we let Weaver rest and if her Lady wants to as well then so be it
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:30 No.8537387
    I don't know that weaver would be so thrilled with us consuming the Lady.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:30 No.8537391
    No, I think that is what we look like
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:31 No.8537399
    protip everyone: this is not a RIP AND TEAR QUEST
    we have those moments but a little diplomacy is key
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:31 No.8537400

    "Taking my body would result in the end of one of us, you made the right decision.

    Your rest will be allowed, but I still have questions.

    What happened to the rest of the crew, who am I really?"
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:31 No.8537415
    I see what you did there.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:32 No.8537417
    Guys... don't kill the Lady. She just wants sleep
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:32 No.8537421
    Don't attack lady
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:33 No.8537447

    I agree. We have the chance to be one of two necrons in this quest who doesn't act like an irrational dick all the time. Let's not waste it.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:34 No.8537450
    Yes, this
    Don't listen those lolsoevul faggots
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:34 No.8537452
    We grow more powerful with every victory. We must continue to destroy and assimilate, for the Greater Good.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:34 No.8537457
    >> Why did Dusk rebel against you?
    Why did you pick me?
    Are those clones of me being held in stasis over there?
    What will you do now?
    Why weaver?
    Who are you- really?

    Who was I before I was put in Cryostasis?
    Will you let me leave this station?

    Shas, answer these!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:36 No.8537484
    Are we sure that the Lady is what she seems to be? I've got a terrible feeling that Dusk had a contingency in place, and she's either the key or pivot of it.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:36 No.8537502
    Observation: Thread is autosaging; does not appear to be archived; Tau Quest does not appear to have a 1d4chan page.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:36 No.8537503
    Dude, just no. Even when we thought we'd *have* to fight her some of us wanted to leave her alive, for Weaver's sake if nothing else. If she's offering a peaceful resolution to this we fucking take it.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:37 No.8537508
    Fuck you- it was never about power
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:37 No.8537515
    second and thirded
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:37 No.8537525
    Xeno is probably the height of a Fire warrior now
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:38 No.8537531

    Let's not, we're not evil, we're just trying to survive this and figure out what's going on.
    >> Tarvus 03/11/10(Thu)23:38 No.8537540
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:38 No.8537541
    "Why shouldn't I destroy you right now?"
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)23:38 No.8537548
    >Why did Dusk rebel against you?

    'Why does any being seek to overthrow their betters? Because they covet power. The Dusk of Uncountable Suns served as my lieutenant since before your homeworld coalesced. After so many millions of years, perhaps he became so demented as to believe he could take what was mine.'

    >Why did you pick me?

    'You were there.'

    >Are those clones of me being held in stasis over there?

    'In a manner of speaking. Your physiology is not entirely compatible with our technology. These forms did not accept the phylactery.'

    >What will you do now?


    >Why weaver?

    'I don't remember. She fascinated me, I suppose, and so I remade her to suit my whims.'

    >Who are you- really?

    'I am the Lady of the Infinite Abyss, She Who Lies Dead and Dreaming. And I am tired.'
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:40 No.8537574
    Do you mind if we take this tombship for our own? We won't disturb you and Weaver while you sleep.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:40 No.8537583
    >>Who was I before I was put in Cryostasis?
    >>Will you let me leave this station?

    Psst, you need to answer these too


    "If I can't leave, what shall I do here?"
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:40 No.8537588
    >'In a manner of speaking. Your physiology is not entirely compatible with our technology. These forms did not accept the phylactery.'

    Right, so, are they clones? Was I ever an individual, or am I simply the first successful clone of some other Tau? Or are they just the rest of the crew, who weren't able to accept the plycantary? Please, can you be more specific?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:42 No.8537607

    "What should I do?"
    >> Tsunder Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)23:42 No.8537613
    >Ma, can I borrow the car?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:42 No.8537615

    why not cannibalize the entire ship?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:43 No.8537632
         File1268368999.jpg-(158 KB, 500x667, XenoUndyingswarm?.jpg)
    158 KB
    We are a badass and have sweet new digs. Plus we have enough necrodermis now to make our swarms. Let the bitch sleep.
    >> Tsunder Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)23:44 No.8537644
    No more schemes or tricks fromthis point forward?
    Promise me you won't destroy all life in the galaxy.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:44 No.8537648
    Oy vey. Let's just get a small pod and get the hell out of this death trap. Lets get a "fly off into the space sunset" ending already.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:45 No.8537671
    This. This is the W40K universe, for crying out loud. Every moment we're not getting stronger is a moment wasted.

    With any luck, the incessent questioning of Lady will annoy her sufficiently to force her hand anyway.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:45 No.8537677
    smaller shoulders, maybe drones around us?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:45 No.8537679
    If we eat the ship how will we get offplanet?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:46 No.8537691

    Epilogue: On a forge world, a shooting star is seen streaking through the sky. Deep within a crater, chittering can be heard.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:46 No.8537697
    Add a drone swarm in the background and our staff, and that will be perfect.

    We're so beautiful...
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:47 No.8537703
    I must have missed the thread where we pledged ourself to Khorne.
    >> Tsunder Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)23:47 No.8537705
    How long do you plan on sleeping for?
    Where you and weaver ever- well, you know?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:47 No.8537715
    So I'm pretty sure I remember some talk from earlier threads about going back to Tau space and sharing this awesome new technology with them for so as to help them be even more awesome than they already are. Is anyone still up for that?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:48 No.8537722
    Shoulders? I assumed that those were extended wings, which normally cover our back like a beetle shell but look like shoulder pads due to perspective.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:49 No.8537734
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:49 No.8537742

    I believe so
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:49 No.8537744
    Yeah. Those are the wings. The shoulders are just the thin point blue parts. It is just a rough sketch.
    >> Tsunder Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)23:49 No.8537745
    Our little unholy abomination of science is all grown up!
    I'm so proud!
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:50 No.8537757
    Could a small pod hold all our drones and a tomb spider?
    >> Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/11/10(Thu)23:50 No.8537760
    You explore the clone bank as the Lady attempts to answer your many questions, although whether she's willing or able is still a question. Every vat you examine contains a dead, deformed replica of your mortal coil, each one possessing varying degrees of hybridization with necron technology - apparently, the trauma caused each one to expire in turn.

    The Lady's answers are growing more frustratingly vague and you perceive a yawning abyss that seems to be swallowing her up. This isn't at all like the stasis that the Weaver entered - this is death, the last vestiges of consciousness slowly unraveling.

    'You have made me proud, my little insect,' she seems to whisper, her voice fading from your mind. 'Perhaps one day I will be able to thank you for your service properly.'
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:51 No.8537780
    Indeed. This is the launching platform from which to steamroll the universe.

    Because if we don't, the 'nids or 'crons will. That sound like good times?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:51 No.8537791

    Tau Space sounds good. They're the most accepting anyway. If they don't like us, they're small enough for us to eat up.

    Wish Shas would hurry with the other questions
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:52 No.8537794
    Perhaps she wasn't so bad after all. Thank her and wish her good rest.

    Then begin our life as Mistress of the Undying Swarms.
    >> Tsunder Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)23:52 No.8537795
    Not just Tau space- the entire damn Galaxy my friend
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:52 No.8537799
    Oh I see it now. And it's beautiful.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:52 No.8537806
    Not at all. Maybe with all this cool new technology, the Humans and Eldar will finally join the Greater Good!

    /excited naive idiot tone of voice
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:52 No.8537808
    Actually, just letting the reasonable people take control would be a good start.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:52 No.8537809
    Is insect a tem of endearment amongst the necrons? I mean alot of their stuff is bug related.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:53 No.8537826
    but, I was so sure the Lady was the real BBEG, why am I crying?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:53 No.8537837
    I think it started out as a sign of her contempt for us, but since we became Scarab Queen Taucron chick, I think she's just calling us that because we're half mecha-insect.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:54 No.8537845
    Um, why would we give our technology to the other species in other areas of space? I don't mean going to Tau worlds and assimilating them, I mean going back to Tau space and showing the techs and Ethereals everything so they can adapt it for the Greater Good.

    Last thing I want is for us to become the Borg, assimilating people without their consent.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:54 No.8537854
    it probably just refers to our scarab theme
    >> Tsunder Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)23:54 No.8537855
    "Thank you for all you have done
    Goodbye mother,"
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:54 No.8537861
    In the grim darkness of the 41st Millenia, the Tau are the closest thing there is to that. And we're Tau. The steamrollering is, naturally, for the Greater Good.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:55 No.8537866

    "Until then, I have your gift of life."

    After she's faded, hook up with the ship archives. We're going to be busy processing things for about a minute.
    >> /d/eviating Ca/tg/irl 03/11/10(Thu)23:55 No.8537869

    First we have to go explane ourselves, though, and that we are still tau. There is a high chance they will lissen.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:56 No.8537883
    So we rename this ship to "The Greater Good," and spearhead the expansion of the Tau empire armed with vastly improved technology?
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:56 No.8537892
    We should join the farsight enclave. They're the only reasonable tau.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:56 No.8537893
    I believe the consensus from earlier threads is to head back to Tau controlled space, and a few years later the Mistress is one of the terrors of the Eastern Fringe, but also one of the few who might leave you alive.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:57 No.8537901
    With an inconceivably massive swarm of drones accompanying.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:58 No.8537920
         File1268369901.jpg-(44 KB, 700x509, run you fool_bak.jpg)
    44 KB
    Sounds like a plan.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)23:58 No.8537923
    Correct. And once ready, set course for Terra, ramming speed. We've got a corpse on a chair to displace.
    >> Tsunder Anubis 03/11/10(Thu)23:58 No.8537931

    And for the future- don't put all of your eggs in one basket
    Network with everyone
    Be reasonable
    Remember who you are-Fio Korst'la Mesme,
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:00 No.8537976
    Hey Shas, since so many of the earlier threads were full of spam or didn't get archived, when this is done can you just put all of your posts in a text file or on 1d4chan?
    >> Tarvus 03/12/10(Fri)00:01 No.8537989
    Go away, Abbadon.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:01 No.8538002
    This- the Tau Ethreals scare me
    Keep independent
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:02 No.8538005

    We could turn the Emperor into a Necron, or revive him, or let him die.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:04 No.8538049
    >>turn the Emperor into a Necron

    Not even a 40kfag and this made me do a double take.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:04 No.8538051
    That would never work. Do you have any idea the defenses they have around Sol? We'd get atomized long before we even made it into Earth's atmosphere.

    No, again, you've got it wrong. We report back to Tau space. We talk with the Ethereals. We show them the new tech, give them samples, show them how to make it. Then we report for duty as part of the Fire caste. God, what is it with you people and wanting to be all gung-ho and a loner?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:05 No.8538061
    We become something like the lost and the damned- going in and out where needed most, rescue the dead and the dying
    Offer chance to join greater good
    No real tie to the Ethreal mind control, just the promise of a better future
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:05 No.8538065
    What is 'CC'?
    >> Tarvus 03/12/10(Fri)00:05 No.8538068
    No Abbadon, you can't come with us.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:06 No.8538085
    close combat, Tau normally suck at melee but we are not a normal Tau
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:06 No.8538093
    The Imperium would never trust an Emperor touched by Necron tech I think.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:06 No.8538098
    Ah, thanks.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:06 No.8538107
    I like this. Gather reasonable people from all species, without mind controlling them.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:08 No.8538138
    Ethreals are scary man
    Might try to destroy to see what makes us tick, or because we're no longer under their wacky pheremone control
    Keep off the radar untill Xeno has enough support so that she won't end up on a dissection table
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:09 No.8538150
    I'm not talking about literally crashing one ship into the surface. Christ. Even if we /did/ reach the surface, I doubt we'd exactly make it to the point where we drone-blend the throne.

    I'm talking about sending a Necron-tech-enhanced Tau army that way at some future point once it actually becomes plausible.

    And then drone-blending the throne.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:09 No.8538154
    I think the best thing here might be to just say that exactly where we went next is unknown, but it wasn't long before the Ordo Xenos decided to investigate rumors of a roving tombship full of modified scarabs. That way half of us won't end up butthurt that we did/didn't go back to the Ethereals and did/didn't this that and the other thing
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:10 No.8538169
    So no definite answer on who xeno may have been
    Or at least who here genetic predecessor was?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:11 No.8538184
    What are you talking about? You can trust the Ethereals. I know, because they told me so. And they wouldn't lie, would they?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:13 No.8538219
    You now want this to be your next Dark Heresy campaign.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:13 No.8538227
    I'm not sure if it was true or not, but I remember reading something about some off shoot of 1k Son marines actually working as mercs with the Tau before. If that's any indication, I think we'd be safe joining back with the Tau Empire.
    >> /d/eviating Ca/tg/irl 03/12/10(Fri)00:14 No.8538237

    There is no PROOF of mindcontrol, or pheromones. rumors, only, because any race that will work for their own good without threats in 40k, well, that's what it looks like.
    >> Epilogue Shas'o Tau'quest !!iHDhHidYFJx 03/12/10(Fri)00:16 No.8538267
    As the Lady's consciousness finally fades away, you're finally given a moment to relax. It seems like you've been fighting forever, and while you no longer tire like a mortal, the sheer volume of experience you've accumulated these past few hours has been singularly exhausting. So it's no surprise, as you settle against the reassuring bulk of your Drone spyder, that the fluctuations in your perception go unnoticed.

    * * *

    'What's it doing,' the white-robed overseer asks, leaning over a console to examine the spurious data output. Lines of complex code scroll rapidly by, too much information for even the powerful data engines to make sense of.

    'Memory dump, I think,' replies a technician, checking the connections to your spine and cranium. 'Maybe it's dreaming?'

    'Fool saal,' grunts the first, 'machines don't dream. Not even machines like this one.'

    'As you say, Aun, so it is.'

    'Indeed,' the Ethereal agrees, approaching the confined form, feminine and statuesque, clearly built for war. He leans in close, examining the grey, composite polymer flesh of its face. 'What secrets do you keep, I wonder...

    'They will be ours, of course. For the Greater Good.'
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:16 No.8538268
    For know, Xeno should work to stay under the radar though
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:17 No.8538283
    Hug Vas Paus!
    "You did good drone; you did good,"
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:17 No.8538294

    Heh... Let's start everything all over again.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:18 No.8538301

    Even in victory...there is only death
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:18 No.8538306
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:18 No.8538310
    So we were the lady, and have been overwritten by tau code? Wut?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:19 No.8538315
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:19 No.8538319
    I am confused and sad. I have no idea what just happened but I don't think it was Good End
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:19 No.8538328

    You mean expand the Tomb ship into the Tau ship/installation, have a lesser creation rebel, and create another Xeno?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:21 No.8538351
    Oh, fuck! I think the entire thing was just a dream/memory while Tau engineers try to hack our brain. :O
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:21 No.8538352

    I'm going to assume that what we just went through was our memories. We've already done that and somehow been captured by the Tau, who will kill us and tear us apart to get what they want.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:21 No.8538363
    D'awwww. I don't know why I'm d'awwwing, but I am. Semi-good end. A bit unclear, and if you'd be kind enough to explain exactly what happened I'd be very grateful, but still good.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:21 No.8538365
         File1268371315.jpg-(16 KB, 300x390, m-night-shyamalan.jpg)
    16 KB
    Did you rike it?
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/12/10(Fri)00:22 No.8538371
    I am ignoring the last part of the epilogue
    Xeno is not dreaming,
    She is not being mentally conditioned by the Tau
    She goes on adventures with Drone and eventually weaver
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:22 No.8538380
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:22 No.8538387
    I like the way you think. Awesome adventures. With Six.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:22 No.8538388

    This ending is... incredibly disappointing.
    If this trend continues Frost Giant Quest's end will be that we were sick and dreaming all along , our weakness to heat being our psyches reaction to our fever. :(
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:23 No.8538400
    And on one of those adventures she gets captured and it's up to Drone and Weaver to rescue her!

    Guys, I think we have the plot of Tau Quest 2!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:23 No.8538401
    some other stupid tau are checking us out in are sleep. we are sleeping because off the damage we got on are way to dusk.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 03/12/10(Fri)00:24 No.8538416
    Good game everyone!

    The ending ending is good- leaves Xeno's future up to the reader
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:24 No.8538420
    And that's why you only ever enter hibernation on a tomb world, silly Xeno!
    >> Tarvus 03/12/10(Fri)00:24 No.8538424
         File1268371494.jpg-(15 KB, 225x164, omjection.jpg)
    15 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:25 No.8538428
         File1268371510.jpg-(24 KB, 208x210, nicefuckingjob.jpg)
    24 KB
    >"yeah! go be a robot! it'll be awesome!"
    >I'm telling you guys, we're doomed to wind up as a science project for the greater good.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:25 No.8538438
    Didn't you think that Xeno was going to be some mind-raped Tau curled up in the corner of the Lady's tomb somewhere? I don't think this is that at all.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:26 No.8538446
    I blame the sissies who forgot they were in the 40Kverse and wanted to /talk/ to our enemies.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:27 No.8538463
         File1268371647.png-(185 KB, 600x600, Xeno Rough Sketch.png)
    185 KB
    Throne damn it Shas. You just had to give it a gray ending. Fuck you.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:27 No.8538465
    Come up with a better ending or I'll cone up with one for you
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:28 No.8538475

    "You have awoken, insect. I am the Mistress of the Undying Swarm, and I have a task for you. One of my subordinates, the Hive Mind of Mandibles, has rebelled against me. Destroy it. Succeed, and you will become greater than you can imagine. Fail, and you will become another feast for my children."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:29 No.8538496
    Well at least we're still fuckin' adorable.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:29 No.8538503
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:30 No.8538510
    Fuck you
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:30 No.8538526
    You were the troll in the original thread- weren't you?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)00:31 No.8538527
    this is how its started. some stupid tau messing with unknown tech with out its permission. just wait till we wake up and find someone digging in are head.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)01:05 No.8539098
    Would troll again

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