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  • File :1196220689.jpg-(52 KB, 644x455, group.jpg)
    52 KB Nine 11/27/07(Tue)22:31 No.845735  
    ITT, We MSPaint what the other players in our group look like through spiteful caricature.
    Marked for deletion (old).
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)22:35 No.845752
         File :1196220934.png-(33 KB, 644x455, 1196220689642.png)
    33 KB
    now its an accurate depiction.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)22:54 No.845832
         File :1196222063.png-(35 KB, 644x455, kp'k'kl.png)
    35 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:01 No.845864
         File :1196222470.png-(57 KB, 544x2246, anonslife.png)
    57 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:08 No.845886
         File :1196222925.png-(30 KB, 865x516, Imtheoneonthefarright.png)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:14 No.845915
         File :1196223260.jpg-(59 KB, 644x455, wau.jpg)
    59 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:14 No.845917
    An accurate depiction of most of our tabletop games
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:14 No.845918
         File :1196223289.jpg-(39 KB, 477x427, lol.jpg)
    39 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:15 No.845923
         File :1196223345.gif-(9 KB, 400x400, myexaltedgroup.gif)
    9 KB
    They're cool people, just...
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:17 No.845928
    Oh fuck I'd hate to play in this group
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:17 No.845930
    What are you playing, Shark Attack?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:18 No.845934
    Yeah, I mean, what the fuck are "freinds" anyway?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:18 No.845935
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:19 No.845937
    ahahaha just noticed that
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:20 No.845942

    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:21 No.845947
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:22 No.845950
    This is an accurate depiction of my group. Metaphorically speaking.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:23 No.845954

    third from the left looks vaguely like Skeeter.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:24 No.845958
    how do they roll?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:24 No.845962
    Suck n' blow.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:26 No.845967
         File :1196223985.png-(127 KB, 600x600, MSPAINTtabletop.png)
    127 KB
    Even in real life

    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:28 No.845977
         File :1196224113.gif-(31 KB, 462x239, 0046_03.gif)
    31 KB
    God I wish.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:29 No.845982
    the empty table... *sob*
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:30 No.845985
    ...black leaf looks kinda cute there.
    >> Nine 11/27/07(Tue)23:32 No.845991
    After the asses shitting into themselves, I wouldn't be surprised.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:33 No.845997
    Dude, this guy's awesome. Shit, if I were a Solar Exalted I'd spend half of MY time making over-dramatic speeches while backflipping off my First Age motorcycle onto the head of a Dragon-Blooded and twisting the fucker right off, then using my foot to slam my daiklave into a Fae while SLAMMING A DEW.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:39 No.846020
    He is awesome. I just wanted to be mean.

    My character is a pussy compared to his. His is all dramatic and has like, 20,000+ followers. I work as his spymaster and I'm in charge of intel. That and it's my character's responsibility to school the two God-blooded children in sorcery.

    But hey, at least I have two lolis on my side. I'm hoping they exalt into Lunars and Solars for the purposes of breeding. :]
    >> Nine 11/27/07(Tue)23:39 No.846021
         File :1196224765.jpg-(67 KB, 853x640, 1173404677956.jpg)
    67 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:42 No.846030
    ITT: Exaltedmon.
    >> Uruk-HaiFive !PsoW9dZWZI 11/27/07(Tue)23:42 No.846034
    >> Age Forcedprison !ozOtJW9BFA 11/27/07(Tue)23:43 No.846036
         File :1196225026.jpg-(44 KB, 620x391, Game group.jpg)
    44 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:44 No.846037
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:47 No.846049
    No one ever comes to Ham-Hand's Christmas parties.

    Because of the horrible, horrible ham hands.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:47 No.846053
         File :1196225274.jpg-(85 KB, 727x361, 1181823363661.jpg)
    85 KB
    I hate the DM she is such a bitch.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:52 No.846071
         File :1196225523.jpg-(38 KB, 686x324, untitled3.jpg)
    38 KB
    Left to right:
    My sister who is harpoonable, plays angsty, feminine male characters with tragic pasts. Likes emo music.

    Best friend who likes to make his fantasy of being a "real (weeaboo) man" a reality in D&D. Also likes nigga beats and is a btard. Constantly feels the need to draw the spotlight to his character who babbles on mindlessly about memes which have no connection to the setting.

    My best friend's weeaboo girlfriend. Plays magical girl-types and her characters are always tsundere sluts that typically end up being the "real man"'s whores.

    >> Anonymous 11/27/07(Tue)23:58 No.846097
         File :1196225937.jpg-(148 KB, 552x1605, pyro birthday 2.jpg)
    148 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:03 No.846119
    What about those of us who can't even make a good MSpaint? D:
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:04 No.846122
         File :1196226243.jpg-(445 KB, 552x1758, PyroDawww.jpg)
    445 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:06 No.846136

    nope. I don't even have a spy who disguises himself as a spy on my team to backstab me.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:08 No.846143
    Do you have a flamethrower?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:10 No.846148

    I have a lighter and hairspray.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:11 No.846153
    Why does your sister have a mustache?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:15 No.846168
         File :1196226933.png-(45 KB, 1145x573, gaming group.png)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:17 No.846174
    Sadly, this is my case. Fucking fags bearly do anything.
    >> Player 1 11/28/07(Wed)00:20 No.846191
         File :1196227256.png-(78 KB, 1145x573, trendy faggots.png)
    78 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:22 No.846199
    Also acceptable
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:23 No.846201
    This reminds me how ms-paint isn't as much a drawing program as a school of expression. Just look at the copy-pasted faces: that communicates so much more than drawing the same face five times over.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:24 No.846210
    Because its a double chin.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:27 No.846225
         File :1196227679.png-(7 KB, 386x374, Ionlywatch.png)
    7 KB
    I can't even get the nerve to join an online game, thats how pathetic and sociely inept I am.
    >> Player 1 11/28/07(Wed)00:29 No.846231
         File :1196227760.jpg-(27 KB, 236x500, zip_chad.jpg)
    27 KB
    Chad unmasked.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:29 No.846232
    So I get to lord it over you that I'm running an online game?
    >> Twitch !VADL0E5Xs. 11/28/07(Wed)00:31 No.846240
         File :1196227862.jpg-(124 KB, 904x755, DnDgroup.jpg)
    124 KB
    I haven't played in a while, but my last group was this. Left to right:

    -One of two guys who never made it. Half-giant psychic warrior and a Doppleganger-turned-elf cleric. Would say they would, then they make us sit around for hours waiting til we call and get an "lol forgot".

    -The Werebear druid. Big guy who incessantly and loudly eats or breathes. Nice guy, but he always tends to do retarded things in game then wonder why he gets in trouble or causes conflict, then thinks the DM is out to get him.

    -The DM: I don't know how, but this guy could roll a 20 on a d10. I've seen it. Great storyteller, great DM-- but has a nasty tendancy to throw in Deus Ex Machina NPCs to solve all our problems. Also has a habit of being a total minmaxer when PCing. However, he's got a great mind when it comes to homegrowing or customizing characters and classes.

    - The human bard. The only sane character in the game, good player and roleplayer, but ALWAYS... ALWAYS rolls ones. It never fails.

    -Me, tiefling rogue/barbarian with balor bloodlines. I was pretty quiet.. mostly cause I was stuck doing college level trigonometry to calculate the damage every time I swing my weapon. So many papers.. notes.. numbers..

    All and all, a pretty chill group. Just a bunch of nerds doing nerdy things.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:31 No.846241
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:35 No.846260
    You draw good. :o Are you a drawfag as well?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:35 No.846261
    I like your drawing. Let me suck you cock.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:36 No.846265
    I'm waiting for my group to pop up. I know it's going to happen. I KNOW ONE OF YOU LURKS! JUST GET IT OVER WITH AND POST!
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:37 No.846268

    This will be me in 3 days. :3
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:37 No.846270
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:39 No.846278
         File :1196228348.jpg-(74 KB, 690x518, D&DGroup.jpg)
    74 KB
    Man, if I thought anybody from my group lurked /tg/, I would never post this.
    >> not another fucking anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:39 No.846282
         File :1196228383.jpg-(131 KB, 1260x872, group.jpg)
    131 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:40 No.846283
         File :1196228404.jpg-(26 KB, 627x533, DnD group.jpg)
    26 KB
    This is my group. I am the eggshaped man.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:40 No.846287
    You scared them off.
    >> Twitch !VADL0E5Xs. 11/28/07(Wed)00:41 No.846289
    Yessuh, I am.
    Ehehehe.. I know one of my group does. I dun care.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:42 No.846295
    You only have three people?

    Yeah, but eventually my girlfriend would catch wind of it, and I would hear no end of shit for it.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:43 No.846301
    We are aiming to get more, but we don't know many people who like to play. Plus I am a new fa/tg/uy. I might get my girlfriend to try it.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:49 No.846332
    If the joke about the fat jew wasn't forced it would have been funny.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)00:53 No.846357
         File :1196229193.jpg-(34 KB, 627x533, DnD group(fixed).jpg)
    34 KB
    I changed the pic a little bit, now you can see my denim egg shaped jeans and how the hunters jacket is actually a vest.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:06 No.846438
         File :1196229965.jpg-(76 KB, 960x568, My Group.jpg)
    76 KB
    Too many people to really draw, so I just drew the four big mainstays at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:07 No.846445
    What's a "fuckler"?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:10 No.846454
    In joke.
    It is one who fuckles. A take off of the word Fucker.
    That player makes a habit of boning the rest of the PC's.
    The standard playing procedure is: Find out what he is making, then make make a character that can beat that character in a fight in ANY given situation
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:10 No.846457
    clearly, one who fuckles.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:10 No.846458

    Someone who fucks others over. As in, "Jim is a party fuckler, because he fucked the party last night when he did X, Y, and Z!"
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:11 No.846464

    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:11 No.846465
    So which one are you? Busty or Really Poor?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:13 No.846470
    DM actually.
    I could have also drawn myself face palming due to /b/ shenanigans.
    And all of my players lurk on /tg/ in fact I believe it was we three who just did the hivemind.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:15 No.846473

    Busty one here. That third fuckler definition was, in fact, mine.
    >> The Pirate King 11/28/07(Wed)01:17 No.846480
         File :1196230648.png-(25 KB, 879x358, bawwww.png)
    25 KB
    I didn't have room in the drawing itself, so here is the info:

    1: A fucking ass who insists upon substituting his homemade battle system in the middle of combat in order to boost his already overpowered, rule breaking character

    2: I don't have trouble with this one. He's pretty enthusiastic and knows the difference between player knowledge and character knowledge. Thinks the fastest in combat situations, often taking the lead in group battles.

    3: A self proclaimed emo and narcissist(Note his homemade crown). Makes the same goddamn character no matter what the game. Always a misogynistic, unhelpful, straight-to-violence, taunt-his-teammates prick. In other words, he plays himself.
    (Also, his best combat plan to date: throwing rocks at a ROCK GOLEM. 'DURRR, LETS USE ROCKS AGAINST AN ENCHANTED CREATURE MADE OF ROCKS!!!')

    4: The only female in the group,and a good friend of mine since high school. Also current group tank. She can be a bit slow at points, but with proper encouragement, she's often the most clever of the group, often evading and defeating foes considerably stronger than herself.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:17 No.846482
    Party Fuckler inspired by this video.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:19 No.846493
    ...4's cute. Have you been hitting that?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:20 No.846496
    You're full of shit, there are no women on the internet! Enjoy your poor!
    >> The Pirate King 11/28/07(Wed)01:21 No.846501
    She's got a boyfriend.

    Besides, we've been friends too long for anything along the lines of intimacy to seem other than weird. It would like be making out with a sister.

    And incest straight creeps me the fuck out.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:22 No.846505

    Well, goddamn, you caught me, /tg/. I am enjoying my poor...
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:25 No.846517
    From one poor guy to another, I feel your pain brother. Keep on truckin.
    >> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 11/28/07(Wed)01:25 No.846518
    Damn. That is some impressive roneriness right there, anon.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:30 No.846533
         File :1196231418.jpg-(70 KB, 750x550, untitled.jpg)
    70 KB
    A: Neckbeard A - Belittles all the other players with his extensive RPGing experience. Tells all of us about his FF7 DnD homebrew campaign. Follows us when we flee.

    B: Neckbeard B - Bisexual balding ginger. Comes up with awful character concepts that draw from about 10 different supplemental handbooks. Makes it a point to antagonize all the other players under the guise of roleplaying except for his lover, Neckbeard A.

    C: Me, the furious DM - I am beautiful and brilliant, it is a waste of my abilities and talents to be DMing such a game with such ungrateful players. I am understandably upset being forced to cater to such an underwhelming group, someone please rescue me from my sorrow.

    D: Bible Thumper - E invited this guy, you can tell he's constantly thinking about Jesus because THATS ALL HE FUCKING TALKS ABOUT. Plays a Paladin of course. Tries to evangelize on the side.

    E: Surrogate Cho - Tacticool gun obsessed guy, probably will shoot me someday. Doesn't enjoy the game because he picked a Rogue and yet he doesn't understand how to play a rogue without getting one-shotted by the enemy. Constantly brings down the group with grumbling and muttering.

    No Letter: Airhead who is responsible for having invited A and B. He doesn't know what a Gary Stu is but that doesn't stop him from playing one. Likes to pat himself on the back whenever he kills a monster, as if it held some sort of real life merit.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:31 No.846538

    You honestly never just think about it?

    Is she attractive?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:32 No.846544
    Neckbeards are fucking disgusting
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:33 No.846546
         File :1196231600.jpg-(58 KB, 1280x800, my group.jpg)
    58 KB
    This is what I have to put up with every week. And his doesn't even begin to scratch the surface...
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:33 No.846549
    Lol'd at Gary Stu
    >> The Pirate King 11/28/07(Wed)01:35 No.846554
    She is pretty attractive.

    Honestly, it has come up before, but I declined. Like I said, Anon, she's like a sister.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:36 No.846556
    Ballista guy here. I swear, it seemed like a good idea.

    Who'd bother trying to look for rogues sneaking around a town when there's a siege weapon on the hill wrecking up the place.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:36 No.846557
    that only makes it hotter
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:37 No.846558
    >Like I said, Anon, she's like a sister.

    You're on 4Chan,
    sister = stick it in her pooper.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:39 No.846566
         File :1196231956.gif-(22 KB, 940x599, group.gif)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:39 No.846568
    Before (or perhaps after, I've been posting kind of laggy lately) the disparaging comments from other anonymous about not hitting that proper, I would like to say that I respect your decision here.
    >> The Pirate King 11/28/07(Wed)01:41 No.846572


    This is why I steer clear of the other boards...
    >> The Pirate King 11/28/07(Wed)01:43 No.846579

    Thank you. Such a rarity here on 4chan is appreciated.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:44 No.846583
    this is 4chan, if we pass up a loli or incest joke we get our membership taken away
    >> Fish Nipples 11/28/07(Wed)01:45 No.846585
    It's okay, I know a guy just like you in one of my gaming groups, pretty much to the letter. He's probably one of the best we've got.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:45 No.846587
    Alright, stfu with the moralfaggotry already. We get it.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:45 No.846590
         File :1196232347.gif-(21 KB, 940x599, group2.gif)
    21 KB

    And this is my other group.
    >> Twitch !VADL0E5Xs. 11/28/07(Wed)01:46 No.846591
    Gonna second this comment, Mr. King of the Pirates.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:46 No.846593
    yeah we don't take kindly to people who don't molest their little sisters
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:46 No.846594
    Hey, look, namefags acting like pretentious cunts!

    Just another day in /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:47 No.846595
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:47 No.846596
    Shorty, Chewbacca, emo, homosexual, needs a sammich, Nigga.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:47 No.846599
    I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic or not. All I want is the namefag circlejerking to end and the thread to get back on track.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:50 No.846606

    I wish I had enough pussy to turn down attractive roleplaying girls.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:51 No.846611

    You need to. They're a blast.

    should get you started.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:52 No.846613
    the assumption is that 4chan attracts pedos and other dubious types, also that /tg/ attracts trolls which means 3 possible outcomes for such a statement. 1 incest pedo voicing his opinion, 2 a troll getting feed, or 3 a troll who is voicing his opinion in such a way that he will get feed. After this response what do you think now?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)01:57 No.846630
    im too fucking lazy to do MS paint right now. My usual group consists of:

    A: Anime obsessed DM/houseowner. He is pretty cool but he uses anime posters as wallpaper

    B: The Twinker, me and him work pretty well as a team because we both enjoy jewing up our characters too much. Has encyclopedic knowledge of every rule ever

    C: That one guy who is everyone and nobody at the same time. He was usually the fighter or the wizard or whatever me and twinky needed to fill out a party

    D: DM's friend from away, came occasionally usually played females. Had this huge ass chibi mini that he insisted on using always. Didn't like melee.

    E: Myself, I only started awhile ago and now since I moved off to College I don't get back very often. I have fond memories and I usually tey to get a game in whenever I go home. Good times were had. I like roguish twinked out chracters. I also enjoy making that one bizzare guy you know SHOULDN'T work but does.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:01 No.846642
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:01 No.846644
    In b4 "Dave? Is that you?"
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:11 No.846675
    Hows dating an alien working out?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:13 No.846683
         File :1196234005.png-(17 KB, 400x400, WhyMe.png)
    17 KB
    My worst session. We play a dark future kind of scenario, just so you know. And yes, those were a couple of their lines.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:15 No.846692
         File :1196234156.jpg-(31 KB, 945x595, mspaintgroup.jpg)
    31 KB
    1: Fat nice guy, though at times morbid and foul. Comes with unpopular ideas. Me.

    2: Two years younger buy three years smarter. A classy and nice person who is full of usefull and trivial knowlege. The DM.

    3: Biggot who thinks that he is above many people. Thinks that he is kind of cool and charming when he is neither. Can't stand losing. Huge ego.

    4: Has some sort of image to protect. Too cool for certain things, also thinking he is above things. Talks alot about his characters and has big plans and plot for each of them after they are created. Huge ego.
    >> Harriet 11/28/07(Wed)02:16 No.846696
         File :1196234188.jpg-(60 KB, 500x400, groop.jpg)
    60 KB
    1st one is me, GM.
    2nd is Stoner1, he's a good gamer, but sometimes I feel like he's the guy from the D&D skit who isin the bar and says "If there are any girls there I wanna DO them!"
    3rd is Stoner1's friend, Stoner2. Stoner2 is also a huge hippy.
    4th is Jock, he's a football player.
    5th is Skinhead, though he's possibly the nicest guy in the group.
    6th is Rules Ass, he knows the most, but god, I want to fucking punch the kid sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:21 No.846714
         File :1196234478.jpg-(42 KB, 840x525, 123.jpg)
    42 KB
    1.me GM , apparently makes creative and indepth sessions , also taller than everyone else
    2.Best friend , can min max if wants to , always plays the mage cause no one else knows the rulz, good at RPing makes good character decisions
    3. makes attempts at min max with chaotic stupid characters
    4. need help with rules and character creation , but can RP decently occasionaly lapsing into 'lol random XD'
    5.goth chick , wants to play effeminate young nubile male boys
    6. Min maxs but always dose something stupid leading to character getting killed , like standing in a doorway and getting shot at
    7.rarely there , but RPs ghoul decently
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:21 No.846715
    You look like Jeff Andonuts.
    >> Dave 11/28/07(Wed)02:22 No.846718
         File :1196234544.png-(31 KB, 633x515, gaminggroup.png)
    31 KB

    And I haven't even posted yet.

    Guy at the bottom behind the DM's screen is me. Around the table from left to right:

    Girl from overseasland. Is a pretty good player as far as I can tell, but the fact that her only connection to the game is through two webcams and a laptop means that she tends to miss stuff. Knows a lot of stuff about non-core content.

    Cool guy. Used to be a crazy Christian fanatic a while ago, not so much in the last year or so since he joined. Plays an LG-without-a-stick-up-his-ass dwarf cleric and a crazy-ass barbarian interchangably. Is probably the second most rational of all the players. Also, doesn't know the rules perfectly - well enough to play, but he occasionally accidentally tries to cast 3.0 spells and stuff.

    Kid. Isn't that bad a player, except that he is SO NERVOUS, SO VERY NERVOUS and NEVER DOES ANYTHING and NEVER TALKS ABOVE A WHISPER. When he actually plays it's pretty fun though.

    FAT GUY. Is pretty good-humored about it, though, and is probably the best player in the group and the most rational one. Is slightly weeaboo. His character has a very long-standing drinking habit.

    Serial rules lawyer and general asshole. Also reasonably cool outside the game, but when he's playing he's just a dick. Always plays CN, usually plays it as CE. Also, tends to ignore anything not happening to him.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:24 No.846722
    a ghoul? how does that work in your group?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:25 No.846725
    He does.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:26 No.846726
    Well its technically a secret and only the mage character knows about it , but the mage character is a very open minded person , but if anyone else found out it would likely be the end of that character
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:27 No.846729
    I see you too are a master of the weeaboo fightan magic. The setup for the girl seems pretty neat too.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:33 No.846746
    adendem to that is was kind fun have him sulk around in the shadows every now and then killing hobos in major cities, and how he always wore a balaclava
    >> That Damn Mouse 11/28/07(Wed)02:34 No.846753

    >>only connection to the game is through two webcams and a laptop

    People actually play like that? I thought it was just a joke.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:37 No.846759
    Did you draw yourself as a fucking kangaroo or something? ಠ_ಠ
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:37 No.846763
    mabye he is a kangaroo
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:37 No.846764
    >> Dave 11/28/07(Wed)02:39 No.846769

    She joined back when it looked like there was a serious chance of the group being just me, kid, and rules lawyer, and rules lawyer wouldn't be there half the time. Her own gaming group in overseasland had broken up ages ago, and she was an online friend of rules lawyer. We all agreed it was a dodgy and imperfect way to play but that it wasn't quite "no gaming is better than bad gaming" territory. Then other people joined and we didn't really *need* a fifth player playing over the internet and missing some of what everyone did but that wasn't a reason to kick her out or anything. I think she's actually got the highest-level character right now.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:40 No.846772
    Is she HOT?

    Because playing like that takes some serious commitment. I wouldn't be surprise if she wants you in her pants.
    >> That Damn Mouse 11/28/07(Wed)02:41 No.846776

    Is lag an issue?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:45 No.846788
    She wants Rules lawyer.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:47 No.846794
    I was lazy and tired, so I didn't care how badly I drawn it.

    Wait, you have a problem with me, the furry. What about my other-kin friend who's all "I want to eat people." Or are other-kin more excepting these days?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:48 No.846796
         File :1196236112.png-(96 KB, 2121x581, MSTable.png)
    96 KB
    Eh, my crappy MSPaint. Hope the font doesn't kill eyes too badly.
    >> Dave 11/28/07(Wed)02:48 No.846798

    Not really; the images are a bit choppy but the sound goes through well enough and if it's a problem stuff can always just get typed. The real problem is range of vision; even with two webcams she can only see about 2/3rds of the table at any one time and if there's a combat we have to make a stack of books so than one of the webcams can look down onto the grid or get someone to hold it up every time it's her turn.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:49 No.846799
    I was wondering why the girl had wings. Dragon, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:50 No.846802
         File :1196236214.jpg-(19 KB, 495x279, mspaintgroup.jpg)
    19 KB
    1. DM. Scottish guy. New to it, but really good. Also does good accents.
    2. Me. Playing cantankerous old elven Ranger who hates fey.
    3. Nice guy, kinda weaboo, has yellow fever like mad. Playing a rogue.
    4. Currently lives away making ridiculous amounts of money, so plays barbarian chick via laptop.
    5. Girlfriend of DM. Hot asian chick. Plays CN Bard willing to grenade goblin children.
    6. German Chemistry Post-Doc. Playing wizard who suggested grenading goblin children.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:50 No.846804
    >we start at 2PM

    What kind of faggot starts a game that early? Jesus Christ. Don't any of you have jobs or school? And shit, on my days off, I sleep until four.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:51 No.846808
    /r/ing MSPaint comics from your big breasteded woman

    comics about boobies
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:52 No.846811
    Ah, 4chan.
    >> That Damn Mouse 11/28/07(Wed)02:53 No.846813

    Talk about determination to your craft.
    >> That One Grey Guy 11/28/07(Wed)02:53 No.846814
    Actually, no. We don't. Except for the store assistant at least.

    That and the sessions tend to get lengthy enough that we end up leaving around 11pm.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:54 No.846825
    I can't MSpaint for shit, so excuse the lack of drawings.

    Alright, brief run down of my group.

    Our DM is a very "By the rules" kinda guy. What you roll is what you roll, what you did is what you did, etc. Ironically , hates rules lawyering; if you try to pull one of those "By RAW it works" kinda thing that obviously shouldn't work that way, he won't let you do it.

    DM's little brother. Kinda hooked along one day and has been surprisingly pleasant ever since. Really quiet, but at times he's created some memorable moments.

    Next we have our magefag: Only plays Wizards with the occasional sorcerer thrown in for a "change of pace." Despite admitting it's not the strongest, he loves blastymages.

    GRIMANDDARK Roleplayer. Loves to play big tough manly men, and loves to get into the grimmer sides of his character. 50% chance he'll have something related to torture in his character.

    Goth Chick: Kinda like GRIMANDDARK but much more about the tragedy than the cruelty. Normally plays some kind of anguished young boy. Starting to get creeped out at her characters constantly making advances at the DM's younger brothers.

    I'm not sure how to peg myself, unfortunately. But I've probobly got a bit of moralfag and in opposite of GRIM AND DARK I'm normally all over all sorts of Heroism business.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:56 No.846831
    You should put the webcam on a hat, and force one of the players to wear the hat every session. That way, she sees what they see. And also camera hats are hilarious.
    >> That One Grey Guy 11/28/07(Wed)02:57 No.846834
    Sorry, she's sleeping. Which is what I should be doing.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:57 No.846835
    lol goth girls playing young boys , what the hell is up with that?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:58 No.846839
    Their fantasy man, I guess.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)02:59 No.846840
    they're playing out their shota fetishes
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:03 No.846857
    If I had known, I'd have been picking up goth chicks 15 years ago.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:09 No.846876
    ...holy shit it all makes sense now. When I was little some gothy chick with blue hair tried to talk to me and stuff at the playground. I may have missed the context but in retrospect... she may have actually been hitting on me. o.o
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:13 No.846897
    How old was she and how old were you?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:15 No.846903
    I was around 9ish and I'd have put her at about... 14 or 15? I think she said she was 15, it's been a while since it happened.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:20 No.846920
    i think you need to report this to your local police station , or track the goth down and bone her
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:21 No.846925
    You totally shoulda hit that

    But I'll let it go seeing as you hadn't hit puberty yet.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:26 No.846944
    >> That One Grey Guy 11/28/07(Wed)03:29 No.846953
    lol we will. Eventually.
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 11/28/07(Wed)03:38 No.846986
    I lol'd
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:43 No.847001
         File :1196239401.jpg-(36 KB, 720x450, comp-game.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:47 No.847008
         File :1196239620.jpg-(43 KB, 840x525, lulz.jpg)
    43 KB
    1. GM, blames me for everything, also a troll, also is out to kill my character(s).
    2. Experienced RPer, can do everything, doesn't want to so the newbs learn, facepalms when shit goes down. Plays mage cause they're cool also very powerful when used right.
    3. Me, I give a shit about rp, until it gets boring, then I'm just in it for the lulz

    </nerd rage>

    5.goth chick, plays young boys/cat boys if she had her way
    6. Knows how to make characters fairly well, also knows how to have fun, we team up often cause we can get shit done (sometimes) in hilarious ways, even when not meant to be hilarious.
    7. There sometimes, really likes to play his characters, and get his face blown off while saving my gassed ass. Sucka.
    >> my group Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:47 No.847011
         File :1196239637.jpg-(35 KB, 597x498, DnD.jpg)
    35 KB
    1 - Our DM. Knows a lot about the game and the has clever ideas for our campaign but she has a tendency to lose control and cannot keep the group on track.

    2 - Boyfriend of 1. Very good at RPing, unfortunately he plays a Half-Orc fighter with a nasty attitude, and subscribes to the 'hit now, ask later' theories of life. Frequently breaks things the group desperately needs later on.

    3 - Five year old son of 1. Doesn't always play, and when he does he's a barbarian with a drinking problem. Oddly enough, he's very convincing in this role.

    4 - Our resident cleric. Tries to help us stay on track, and diffuse the many OOC arguments.

    5 - 4's husband. Paladin. REALLY into the 'holier-than-thou' attitude and "smiting evil".

    6 - 4's 13 year old brother. New to the game, frequently dies and has to be resurrected for doing stupid things. Then he cries and pouts.

    7 - Me. Also new to the game. Playing an elf sorceress which is a lot of fun. Usually arguing with 5 and being exasperated by 6.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:51 No.847024
    Yup. Though, that would be a he. He's growing his hair long and has some, feminine features, lol.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:51 No.847026
    well played #2
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:54 No.847030
    shit im mean #3 , also screw the delete and edit !
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:54 No.847032

    #3 eh?
    Is that L?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:56 No.847035
    you know i think it is, what a bad cosplay
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:57 No.847037
         File :1196240230.jpg-(173 KB, 1080x572, MachaNote.jpg)
    173 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:57 No.847041

    You know vhat?
    Fuck shoes, troll.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)03:59 No.847045
    ahahahaha and what walk around with pajamas?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:00 No.847048

    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:03 No.847056
         File :1196240627.jpg-(36 KB, 462x469, Our RP group.jpg)
    36 KB
    God, I fucking hate northern sweden sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:05 No.847061
    Goth chicks dig the shota styles

    Totally gonna use this to my advantage this weekend at 'Sin'
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:08 No.847065
    That DOES suck. Pretty hard.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:09 No.847067
    I'm too fat to be a shota. Alas, those halcyon days are long gone for me.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:10 No.847070

    I have shota looks, but goth chicks don't like me, only clingy, overwhelming, horny teenagers. Is this awesome [y/n]?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:11 No.847073
    I'm rolling with the blonde hair and big eyes.
    I also have a shotastic skinny yet toned body-

    most goths are way smelly though. I might have to reconsider this
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:13 No.847079

    clingy overwhelming teenagers are a waste of time, older chicks who have shit going on is where it's at
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:16 No.847082
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:19 No.847087
    You're all ugly virgins, stop pretending.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:21 No.847091

    Pretty much, yeah, but for some reason i attract these...annoyances...ugh
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:22 No.847092

    Goddamnit, I can hate northern sweden ALOT sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:29 No.847102
    My Paint skill is borked, so:

    DM - Awesome guy (designs and playtests games and has done voice acting work in the past), is disabled so has to use a wheelchair and has become like a mountain of man. We game on his lower slopes.

    Me - Newest guy to the game, playing an Orc with strength enough to rend a man asunder. Currently in charge of the party (I punched out another player's Minotaur character and tied him to the bed of a cart for eight sessions for being such a stupid character choice - you can't hide horns in a helmet, dumbass - and he's only just been released, on the week I missed). One of the two main active players.

    Mobile Hedge - Claims to be a druid *in real life*, but I can't tell what he is in game, as he's decided to record everything we do in notebooks. SO he never gets anything done. Things live in his hair.

    LOUD MAN - Socially inept, incapable of being quiet. Picks ridiculously stupid characters that are hated by every single NPC we encounter (thanks, DM) Is also a 'nice guy', especially notable whenever something with a vagina approaches. I own his first character's severed arm, enchanted as a force blast-projecting weapon. He's currently the Minotaur.

    DM's wife - plays a seamstress (hem hem) who can heal. Hates my character's race. The only other player who does stuff (LOUD MAN would like to, and suck during it, but he should be tied to the cart again soon).

    Armourer - Makes armour in real life. Is getting there with the lack of invisiblity while playing and he's doing stuff in game, just needs LOUD MAN to stop leching over his girlfriend.

    The Rest - Rabble of often changing numbers, being switched in and out as they can bother to show and mostly watch the rest of us make decisions.

    Magic Man - Also a RL armourer, left my city to live with his girl a while ago, which sucked. Introduced me to the group, played the only competent character, and enchanted my severed arm for me. Oh well.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:31 No.847106
         File :1196242265.png-(53 KB, 1090x706, d&d.png)
    53 KB
    My group.

    Me: I love playing, but I'm the only one who is any good at DMing, so they make me do it. SIGH

    Stoner Buddy: Easily Distracted, but hilarious. Usually plays huge barbarians or tiny rogues.

    Angry Short Man: Very good RPer, but gets into arguments with other players a lot.

    His GF: Completely clueless about D&D, but always willing to listen to our explanations again.

    Quiet guy: Makes great characters and can DM pretty well, but has trouble opening up sometimes.

    Gentle Giant: Awesome guy who smashed furniture with his bare hands at a bonfire. Super nice for some reason. Seen here making cookies.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:36 No.847114
         File :1196242570.jpg-(68 KB, 893x359, Riding Dirty.jpg)
    68 KB
    This is my group right now. I am guy number one. Everyone except Acoustic Motherfucker is really cool; Acoustic has a habit of breaking into a goddamn singer-songwriter hippy fit when we've half an hour of session left.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:56 No.847136
    I motherfucking hate novice guitar players who have to practice around PEOPLE WITH EARS
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)04:59 No.847140
    He's actually pretty proficient. It's just that he's in the habit of playing the goddamn thing when I am trying and he is supposed to be trying to game.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)05:20 No.847160
         File :1196245205.jpg-(29 KB, 700x450, Gamers united.jpg)
    29 KB
    Here we are. I have identified myself with a pink bow even though I never wear one. I am so short in these pictured because they're all taller than me. Bah!

    I end up both GMing and playing. I wish my campaigns went more smoothly and that I was better at improvising. I am a moralfag and usually try to take a proactive lead in a game (Paladins, Clerics, usually what I end up picking in D&D).

    These are the three dudes who've been in/Gmed most of our games these past few years. Left to right:

    1. Bearded friend (his girlfriend likes his full beard so naturally the rest of his friends poking fun at it because we're dicks) who is usually my biggest fellow collaborator as we have similar views about many things, especially RPGs (ROLEPLAYING, NOT ROLL-PLAYING, FOREVER! STORYFAGS UNITE!) Great GM/Player.

    2. Electrician Guy - Good guy if he has the right character to play with. Sometimes gives the GM helpful advice like "That stairway should have had grease cast on it to send adventurers to their deaths". While I sometimes yell at his PC characters, his NPCs are always spot on and hit the right tone. Excellent GM.

    3. Red haired Guy - Fun player, only GMed once come to think of it. Possibly loves bombastic, ridiculous character moments as much as I do. Came up with one of my favorite PCs ever, an over the top mix of Duke Nukem and Zap Branigan with a hint of Arnold Schwarzeneger. He's out east right now, I wish he'd come back so we can start on a Planescape campaign I've always wanted to do.


    That's one of the sweetest things I've ever read here.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)05:34 No.847177
         File :1196246043.jpg-(37 KB, 702x456, dndcaricatures.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Masterwork Bastard !wl59mComes 11/28/07(Wed)05:37 No.847188
         File :1196246222.jpg-(10 KB, 600x350, me.jpg)
    10 KB
    Here's me and the guy I mostly hang out with. Really nice guy, awesome memory and knows pretty much every game trough and trough. Silent at times and sometimes doesn't agree with me all that much, but dammit he's fuckwin.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)05:37 No.847189
    I love how this conveys everything perfectly without needing to say anything.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)05:38 No.847192

    if you let me live at your house I'll totally come play with you.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)05:40 No.847203
    I dunno, I think it needs more beard.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)05:46 No.847217
    Flytta söderut, sök upp spelföreningar eller starta en själva genom sverok. Spela Mutant:Ua och gråt av lycka. FIN
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)05:47 No.847221
    What name do you call the fleshthing by?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)05:51 No.847226

    Must eat humans... hmmm, sounds like my character in Waste World.
    >> Masterwork Bastard !wl59mComes 11/28/07(Wed)05:52 No.847228

    That would be me.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)05:54 No.847231
    I'm flattered!
    I just forgot to post details...
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)05:57 No.847236
    well post some details now then
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)05:59 No.847238

    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)06:02 No.847242
    Clockwise from bottom:
    Me (not pictured): mean egotistical bastard. Smartest one there.
    Unhappy stick: my best friend. Usually nervous, has incredibly low self esteem.
    Happy humping-blob: best friend's gf. Has been playing for at least two years, still does not know the function of a d20. I only tell the guys to put up with her because she's fuckhot.
    Demon: the gm, of course. Likes to make certain rules apply to NPCs and certain rules apply to PCs, consistently to the party's disadvantage.
    Penis: big, loud, lecherous, irritating guy that thinks his constant sex jokes and racist jokes are charming.
    Angry blob: Kind of rules-lawyery. Usually chill and patient. Heavy neckbeard.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)06:18 No.847268
    What's up with #2's The Crow make-up?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)06:56 No.847308
    There seems to be a sizeable section of those here who appear to despise their gaming groups... It makes me wonder why they bother playing?
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)07:07 No.847325
         File :1196251672.jpg-(14 KB, 480x600, Wilds, Samuel Hugh Front P(...).jpg)
    14 KB
    better friends you hate than no friends at all, I suppose.

    It's never been my situation however.
    But i've always found it remarkable how such a social activity like role-playing seems to attract the most unsocial and socially retarded individuals.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)07:27 No.847346
    >This is why I steer clear of the other boards...

    This is why you shouldn't be here. This is 4chan.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)08:44 No.847436
         File :1196257449.jpg-(81 KB, 1017x427, DNDGround.jpg)
    81 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)08:44 No.847437
    Ok . . .

    Me - Fat guy with long hair, gets called 'silent bob' alot. Don't use the rules as much as I should, but more interested in getting the players to roleplay instead of minis combat all day. Sad face is cause nothing really gets done on game day.

    1 - Tiny ex-girlfriend who is in town only a couple months a year. Currently plays a skyfolk (elf with wings basically) and is the navigator of their airship. Has way too much energy and enjoys sitting on my lap to fuck with 2,3, and 7 who flirt with her non-stop when I'm not around.

    2 - Giant guy from high school. Unfortunately is a bible thumper, but knows better in my house. Plays a Human Bloodhound and is always willing to hunt down bounties instead of helping the rest of the group. Besides that, has a red jew fro and is a rather good roleplayer.

    3 - Best friend and rules nazi of the group. This man serious can tell you what page shit is on in almost any WotC book. Plays 2 characters cause the campaign started with only 2 players and I havent gotten around to killing one of them off yet. One is a Human Aristocrat/cleric with insane diplomacy, owns the groups airship and snooty to boot and the other is a Human Ranger/Druid with an unhealthy obsession of sicking his wolf on 4. Great roleplayer, but has a hard time dealing with the fact that I don't follow the rules of the books 100% of the time. DMs on alternate weekends, giving me time to play a character, yay!

    4 - Girl #2, cannot start playing without food and ranting about her bf that she hates and loves and hates again every week. Usually sidetracks the group with random chat and get pouty when yelled at. Plays a Halfling rogue that does nothing most of the time but get thrown at 'trap' doors and windows due to 2's insane strength. Has high ranks in tumble, but is horrible at roleplaying and doesn't know what the scribbles on her character sheet mean . . . still.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)08:45 No.847438
    5 - Last girl in group. Ex-roommate and friend, doesn't know how to play dnd very well and hardly shows up. Plays a Human Swashbuckler that always gets tied to a chair and left for weeks on end.

    6 - Newest member of the party, playing with us for less than a month. Plays a Human Warmage. Has alot of roleplaying experience and has gray hair even though he's not even thirty. Use to work with him. Has saved the party's ass twice already with his amazing ability to 'reason.' Likes making fun of jesus and all things christian.

    7 - Last player in the group. First time he's played since AD&D and still has a problem with the new rules. Plays a Human Samurai/Fighter who is a very obvious knock of of Kinshin. Great roleplayer, but sometimes goes to extreams with acting in character and messes up things alot.

    1's older brother is going to start playing in the group with a character from a previous campaign I ran years ago. Sadly, another samurai, but is a Samurai/Sky Slayer and should make airship combat exciting. Didn't draw him cause he hasn't started playing yet.
    >> Nine 11/28/07(Wed)11:19 No.847669
    No one really hates their groups, but it's also impossible to find one without at least something to poke fun at.
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)14:12 No.848129
    I'm too lazy to draw, so here goes.

    Me - Quiet when the other players have plans, take charge when no one else knows what to do. I try to play characters that will help round out the group, so I end up playing the sorcerer, which I don't particularly care for. I usually have to run for my life when anything comes towards me. Have a hard time role-playing because it feels melodramatic and embarrassing sometimes, that and I'm a slow thinker.

    Storyteller - A small guy that looks remarkably old for his age. He's quiet and has trouble getting us back on track when we start ranting about cunts or something similar. He's a really cool dude and is currently running us through the most fun campaign I have been part of.

    Party Leader - Funny dude who knows a lot about the game we play. Hates Christians and Jews a lot. Likes to stunt a lot and give dramatic speeches that make me think of Roman generals. He once specifically aimed for a bosses cunt with his sword.

    Healer Dude - A little awkward. He is obsessed with making his cult of followers bigger and bigger. Likes to give dramatic speeches also, but his are really cheesy and embarrassing.

    Cunt - our favorite word ever since the leader dude severed a boss bitch in half from the cunt upwards. Just say it once. "Cunt."
    >> Anonymous 11/28/07(Wed)18:22 No.848966
         File :1196292124.gif-(15 KB, 468x355, soronery.gif)
    15 KB

    Do not worry, because I am with you, always. Reading /tg/.
    >> sage sage 11/28/07(Wed)21:34 No.849654
    That you rasamune?

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